Global Warmist Nazis Want To Freeze Poland To Death: UN Global Warming Meeting Today

Honey, I’m back from the Polish global warming summit! We saved the planet from warm weather!


This very same weekend when the French people rioted over the global warming taxes on fuel, the globalists and the Bilderberg gang had a global meeting in cold Poland to demand we make the planet colder and tax workers and others who use fossil fuels and transfer this money to equatorial nations that have nothing to worry about, there being no winters there!  These lunatics also want everyone in the very coldest parts of the earth to cease using fossil fuels.  Especially those pesky Polish people who insist on doing this! The Nazis on the left hate the Polish for using coal.  They want them to freeze!  Fix them Poles good!!!


The LA Times, the only other city aside from San Diego, Tucson and Miami Beach to have no freezing weather today, is terrified that we are all going to roast to death!


 Thousands of people from around the world marched Saturday through the southern Polish city that’s hosting this year’s U.N. climate talks, demanding that their governments take tougher action to curb global warming.
Protesters included farmers from Latin America, environmentalists from Asia, students from the United States and families from Europe, many of whom said climate change is already affecting their lives.


So, an army of Nazis from all over the place used fossil fuels to travel to Poland to demand Poland stop burning coal because it will make the planet warmer and it is freezing cold in Poland! HAHAHA.  YIKES.  This is high insanity.  Most of these horrible people who burned fossil fuels to invade Poland and demand the Poles freeze, are very young people born during the Warm Cycle.  Note that few people born during the previous Cold Cycle are not screaming about global warming.


These young puppies will learn the hard way, what a cold cycle really means now that the sun shut down doing business.


Marchers gathered in one of Katowice’s main squares before setting off for the conference center where delegates from almost 200 countries are haggling over the fine print of the 2015 Paris accord to fight climate change.


Funny things happened: some polar bear people were kicked out because they wanted nuclear power, too.  They were all wearing polar bear outfits and wanted nukes!  HAHAHA.  Nope.  No way.


The ‘haggling over the fine print’ is a total lie.  Mainstream media in Europe and America and wherever the Bilderberg gang haunts, is stupid.  They can’t tell a story straight if you put a gun to their heads.  This global warming scam is a rip off.  It loots northern nations suffering from increasing cold and transfers this to warm tropical countries.  Good lord, this is ending very badly in the future!


No sane leader in the future, even those stupid countries that let millions of aliens from warm places invading cold northern places, will volunteer to freeze to death so that people in warm climates won’t have their ice cubes melt slightly faster.


Yes, they want to freeze the people of Russia!  Russia has nukes.  I don’t see Russia surrendering to global warmist lunatics who want to loot Russia while freezing the people there to death.


Washington, DC and all of Virginia is having blizzard conditions!  Wow, talk about hot.

At 3pm in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day, look at how 80% of the USA is roasting especially the Great Lakes region, the Northeast and all the way down to the Deep South: a hot 30-37F degrees!  We are all going to die of the heat!  San Francisco is a roasting 50F.  Only Miami Florida is freezing cold a 82 degrees F so we have to cool the planet down even more to save the polar bears in Florida (an attempt at sarcasm).

Unlike the anti-global warming tax rioters in France, in Poland a bunch of SJW lunatics invaded Poland to march for stopping warm weather and replacing this with severe cold. It is quite cold in Poland today, too.  I suspect that the guards are there to prevent people from beating up the global warming lunatics who want to kill us.

The left has a very long history of being impervious to reality.  They are very good at this.  Poland, by the way, uses coal.  From Wikipedia:


Coal mining in Poland produced 144 million metric tons of coal in 2012, providing 55 percent of that country’s primary energy consumption, and 75 percent of electrical generation. Poland is the second-largest coal-mining country in Europe, after Germany, and the ninth-largest coal producer in the world. The country consumes nearly all the coal it mines, and is no longer a major coal exporter.[1]


Coal mines are concentrated mainly in Upper Silesia. The most profitable mines were Marcel Coal Mine and Zofiówka Coal Mine. In communist times (1945-1989) one of the most important and largest mines was 1 Maja Coal Mine.


The Nazi Germans who run Der Spiegel are angry with the Poles making Europe warmer than during the previous Ice Age, from 2012:

The Neo-Nazi German environmentalists marched this weekend to stop Poland from using coal:

The Polish people made it very clear, they do NOT want the Bilderberg scams.  They will riot if the Germans, for example, demand they freeze to death.  Whatever good relations Poland has with Germany will vanish now and I encourage this for the Germans very cynically are telling the Poles to go die.  Ahem…hello!  Don’t they teach the Germans in school the history of Naziism?


The Nazis wanted ‘natural world’ in all countries they could conquer and they made it totally clear, this would be done via killing off the vast majority of humans leaving only some necessary slaves!  The global warming maniacs are really Nazis.

Here is old David Attenborough demanding humans cease annoying him and stop everything and make the world much colder, then we will have…evolution again?  HAHAHA.  YIKES.  The disaster we are facing is a colder sun leading to a much colder planet.  Too stupid to figure out the obvious, these lunatics march onwards.


We are ‘addicted’ to coal, for example.  Well, Attenborough is addicted to flying hither and yon, all over the planet, with a big film crew, talking about how we are all going to roast to death due to humans doing what he is doing all the time.  I want all these anti-human freaks to kill themselves so at least they can practice what they all preach.


But no, they go on and on and on and travel all over the planet to every possible corner screaming that people who travel everywhere and live in huge houses and have all sorts of high energy use, want the peasants to freeze to death in winter.  Yes, this is their odious, ugly plan.


At 6am, a coal miners brass band struck up and marched through the streets to celebrate the day of Saint Barbara, their patron saint.


HAHAHA…the miners knew exactly what they were doing.  It was a warning to their own leaders to not follow the fools who want to enslave humanity.  The Poles set up a special room celebrating coal at the conference:

I say, what Poland should do is shut off the heat in all the buildings where this stupid global warming conference is in and the hotels where the people are staying for this scam and let them experience what they are demanding!  Give it to them, in spades!  HAHAHA.  Globalists who scream about global warming are Nazis.  Period.  Ask and Pole about this.



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17 responses to “Global Warmist Nazis Want To Freeze Poland To Death: UN Global Warming Meeting Today

  1. lou

    At 3pm in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day, look at how 80% of the USA is roasting especially the Great Lakes region, the Northeast and all the way down to the Deep South: a hot 30-37F degrees! We are all going to die of the heat! San Francisco is a roasting 50F. Only Miami Florida is freezing cold a 82 degrees F so we have to cool the planet down even more to save the polar bears in Florida (an attempt at sarcasm).

    ..As we know, the (((media))) blacks facts out.

  2. Thank you for quoting me.

  3. lou

    2–why not. Its cold in the USA but the reports are about AGW, Climate Change and ‘Extreme Weather.’

  4. Mewswithaview

    Markowitz also notes that De Blasio sent his own kids to a white-dominated specialty school. Socialists, see, always have a little room for a nomenklatura activity, while shutting the less powerful and non-politically connected out.

    Loos like the whites and Asians will be abandoning NYC

  5. I was directly involved with that district in NYC, the Brownstone Brooklyn community, way back when I tried to run ‘Save Our Schools’ (SOS). The voters decided to do deception and pretend they were all for ‘integration’ while segregating the rich kids from the poor kids.

  6. tio

    “I want all these anti-human freaks to kill themselves so at least they can practice what they all preach” ..

    Amen Sister. Attenborough is an especially annoying old fart, cannot stand the man. Perhaps we can arrange a similar fate for Phil the Greek? Oh well if wishes were horses.
    “It is estimated that 20,275 Brits more than average died between December 1 and March”
    “According to the Office of National Statistics, one in 10 cold weather deaths are among under-65s, one in 10 among 65-75s and eight in 10 among over-75s.”

    Ahh .. the joys of currency debasement, not a nice way to go. If only the herd could understand this swindle.
    “We are the only country in the developed world where grandparents out-perform their grandchild.”

    Perhaps not.

  7. Cold everywhere except LA and Miami Beach. Thus: we are roasting to death. HAHAHA. Aren’t they funny?

  8. lou

    Los Angeles is not so hot. It is cool.

  9. lou

    8–That is Climate Change.

  10. Jim R

    I know, this is a really bad photoshop job, but it was still funny, —

  11. You ain’t seen nothing yet. It is gonna get so much worse. I’m looking forward to it.

  12. Jim R

    What are you talking about, Ken? The climate, or the hysteria?

  13. I’m only looking forward to it because I’ve seen it coming for a long time.

    Hey, let me tell you something hysterical. Today I was playing music so loud in my room that my glass desk top literally burst in front of my eyes. It was a site to see. It took me a few hours to properly clean up the mess of shards that spattered all over. A once in a lifetime experience.

    I think things are going to be tough, but we’ve survived worse.

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