UKIP Mass Anti-Global Warming/Alien Invasion Rally Scares PM May

Russian TV carried this story!  Showed the entire demonstration by UKIP against the Real Rulers and their stupid European Union ‘peasants get no sovereignty’ scam.  May tried to kill Brexit by negotiating with her globalist buddies to enslave the Brits even worse than before.  This patriotic demonstration for Britain was huge, friendly and with an undertone of great anger about how the country is being destroyed by the elites including the Queen and her kooky clan of goofball ‘royals’.


The upper crust people and their buddies who are recent immigrants are furious that the Brits are doing the ‘patriotism’ thingie which is true in America: patriots are ‘evil doers’ for the elites who hate us with a passion.  Years ago, the elites would play the patriotism game but they tossed that all out when Obama was elected and now are openly contemptuous about patriotism and instead, want ‘inclusion’ which is Bilderberg-speak for ‘let illegal aliens invade’ which is treason.

If you look closely at the screen shot, you can see the hangman’s noose in the middle of the UKIP demonstration today in London.   Below is a better shot from the Russian Sputnik News site:

The march for UKIP was huge and very well behaved.  They also made it crystal clear, they aren’t going home to freeze to death, either.

Upper class leftist youth marched flying the Palestinian flag and setting off flares and throwing them at UKIP marchers.  It was smaller and all the signs were professional prints nothing personal whereas the vast majority of the UKIP marchers had homemade signs as we see above, for example.

Not one patriotic flag or sign in the anti-UKIP demonstration.  The Real Rulers saw what happened when the French rulers tried to turn the voters into peasants again.  A revolt happened.  The Rulers are now arresting and punishing people who demonstrated against the Bilderberg gang but this won’t work.


People are not going home to freeze to death, for example.  The lunacy of trying to convince everyone that we are going to roast to death unless we stop heating our homes is…fatal.  That is, you can’t fool people who are very, very cold and tell them they are really too hot.  It is impossible.


Even stupid children like the ones in the Sun photos (the Sun loves lunatic leftists) are going to change their tunes when their little toes fall off due to frostbite.

The PBS gangster TV news pretended that there would be riots today.  It didn’t happen because the cops were ordered to stand down and voila: no riots.  Macron wanted a riot so the military attacked the citizens and voila: a ‘riot’.


The EU is dying.  If France falls and it looks about to fall, the EU will be dead.  The Real Rulers are up against the wall now: their insistence that the peasants MUST freeze to death is key to this revolt: no one can be ‘in the middle’ if the choice is, freeze to death while paying high ‘global warming’ taxes or fight the elites and get rid of them.


I know the answer to that! It is obvious to me.  Very obvious.  Even the communist kooks won’t like freezing to death if given a choice.

Stabbing Attack at Train Station in France: 3 Women Injured – Reports
New German CDU Leader Intends to Overhaul State’s Migration Policy
Belgian PM: No Confidence Vote From Parliament Needed After Resignations


One by one, the elites are terrified in all EU countries seeing as they have near zero support for global warming and open borders.  These two schemes by our Real Rulers are dead ducks.  But who supports these crazy things?


The far leftists!  They want all countries invaded and we know all communist countries, the Real Rulers live in palaces and the People live in huts and go without food or fuel.

Cruz funds border wall.  Too late for Tucson which will be mostly Hispanic in 30 years as all other people are fleeing that city near the borders in Arizona.  Already, Tucson has the rich in the foothills and the vast bulk of the poor, criminal and crime raddled city with separate school systems and taxes.  Just like Mexico City, the children of the middle and upper classes go to private schools and live where they pay no city taxes…hey!  That is how America runs now, too.



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2 responses to “UKIP Mass Anti-Global Warming/Alien Invasion Rally Scares PM May

  1. Suusi M-B

    Stephen Yaxley-Lennon demo was outnumber 2:1 by protestors. I have met English Defence League (EDL) supporters in real life. They claim to be educated and not to be Hitler wankers like the British National Party (BNP). But they are of course.

  2. I would like to see proof. Also, Tommy Robinson is the proper name. I changed my name THREE TIMES in my life, for example. Nearly all sex change people do that, too.

    Unpleasant people like to yap about one’s older names which is frankly, rude.

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