England Royals In Royal Mess, England Parliament In Parliamentary Crisis

Chaos in Parliament as Labour and Tories battle over Brexit mess.  At one point, a Labour member grabbed the Mace which is a medieval war weapon originally but then became this much bigger ceremonial item showing that Parliament controls the Purse and thus, all war matters.  Also, Meghan, the new Duchess, embarrasses the Queen openly, yet again, by appearing without warning at a fashion award show.  The ‘fashions’ at this show reveal the collapse of ‘fashion’ which has been a long running mess now, really ugly stuff being produced as people give up on fashion more and more.


A very peculiar thing is raging along in England which is of great interest to anyone studying history.  The English empire is long dead and the English Isles are now being shoved around by international powers which demand that the islands be invaded by hostile foreigners who intend to destroy the culture and society of that once-proud imperial ruler of many people, Hindi, Muslims, aborigines, etc.  Once upon a time, the ‘sun never set’ on the empire and now night approaches as even the collection of islands are now at war with the Throne more and more and invaders come ashore.


Parliament, pushed by voters, had to get out of the European Union.  The EU is now forming a private army run by the elites there which has already been used in Paris to put down rebelling citizens who are lower working class stiffs.  This private army run by the Bilderberg gang is there to shoot dead anyone contesting for power and note that this battle is all about ‘free trade’ and ‘global warming’ the two items I constantly harp on because these are literal life and death issues which the masses must fight if they want to survive.


It is no great secret that many elites like Attenborough, the ‘naturalist’ really want most humans dead and gone especially pesky revolting peasants in first world countries who get to vote.

The EU leaders who are mostly not elected by popular vote, are punishing the Brits for refusing to be increasingly ruled by Germany and France, two former empires that tried repeatedly to take over and rule Britain in the past, and a very recent past, too!  The Bilderberg rulers are losing power rapidly as citizens revolt.  The scheme to replace citizens with aliens is causing a great deal of hostility.


Supposedly, 200 million+ aliens want to invade the US and Northern Europe.  Religious leaders go to San Diego border to beg to let in these 200 million+ freeloaders:


US Border Patrol agents arrested 32 people at a migrants-rights protest on Monday evening at a border fence in California.   The protesters called for an end to the detention and deportation of migrants and for the US to welcome the caravan of Central American migrants who arrived in Tijuana, Mexico in November.


Note how no one in the fake liberal community is demanding Israel take in a few million Palestinians!  Well, more and more, the liberals who are Jews are seeing a problem with their fellow ‘pro-invaders’ openly pushing for exactly that.  Still, the Jews inside the DNC who have great power like Chuck Schumer of NY still play this double standard game because the invaders vote for Schumer…for now.


Not for much longer, though.  They hate him and want him and his fellow Jewish leaders dead or gone!  History is crystal clear what will happen next!  It is very foolish for Jews to play this game.  I was once married into a Jewish family who treated me like I had the plague and my children were dead last in anything including inheriting nothing, ever.


The Jews really think the Muslims they are importing to Europe and America will be grateful for this service.  Learning absolutely nothing from history, the painful lessons are only just now beginning to dawn on the Jews in Europe.  Muslims are extremely aware of religious bigotry in Israel and they don’t complain about this because they want to emulate the Jews as well as the Nazis when it comes to ethnic/religious cleansing.


Europe is collapsing morally, ethnically and financially.  Time to have a right royal mess in England!  The US Duchess of Sussex once again defied the Queen (why is anyone surprised) to pop in on a fashion awards ceremony where she hobnobbed with the Kardashians.  Meghan Markle now is outshining that crazy California clan.


So, in desperation, the K clan wore ridiculous junk that is utterly inappropriate in public outside of a stripper club.  And Meghan made a huge thing of her baby bump while yapping about female power.  That is, marry some poor stodge and then run riot, taking everything when divorced two years later.

The reception of this new ‘royal’ is causing chaos in England. The mother of the Duchess suddenly moved in right after the Queen, who happens to be the offspring of violent, greedy, self centered ‘royals’ who ran riot across the entire planet, taking over countries far and wide from east to west…well, the ‘black’ mother of the Duchess moved into the Palace and the Duchess drove out the two ladies the Queen assigned to ‘assist’ her so she wouldn’t appear on the front pages of the Daily Mail in ridiculous dresses…


Well, all that is now out the window as the Duchess flies off to flaunt everyone in public.  ‘We are not amused’ said the Queen, more or less.  So the Queen ordered the American woman to park her behind far from the palace in Frogmorton which is in this swamp.


There, she is to quietly have her baby.  Only she said the place had to be fixed up, first, so she is still in the Palace, running wild and sneering openly at the Royals all of whom deserve this very much.  I find it immensely funny, actually.


Ever since Queen Victoria, worried about the French and American Revolutions which were recent events in her time, decided to court the middle class of England who were slowly gaining political power.  She and her German prince husband pretended to be a ‘normal family.’  They retired to an estate where the children did gardening, cleaned their own rooms and listened to Nanny.


All was well except the children grew up to have a very amazing future.  The Prince ran riot and had sex with actresses (ahem, this actress thing is very ancient and many a royal did this and are still doing this) and one Princess was shot dead along with her husband and children in Russia by communist revolutionaries.  The present Queen is highly aware of all this especially since another king was forced, after marrying an American divorced woman, to resign from the throne letting Her get onto it, Herself!


I bet she is grinding her teeth over all this now.  She always dressed, except in high official court occasions, in clothing a regular British matron would wear.  Now she has another fashionista female in her household!  One who is very nasty.  The Queen and Her court tried to play up this female as a ‘humanitarian’ but then when Meghan abused her elderly, ill father, this showed her as heartless and cruel especially since daddy raised her, paid for her special life and used his connections to get her inside Hollywood.


The Royal Family is a very cruel family.  They have a very long history of extreme cruelty including openly murdering each other, engaging in warfare using servants and others to fight each other for power and privileges, killing wives, killing nephews who are little children, etc. etc.  A very bloody mess indeed!

Blackadder has a very amusing take on royals which I have always loved.



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8 responses to “England Royals In Royal Mess, England Parliament In Parliamentary Crisis

  1. Melponeme_k

    The people in charge KNOW that the Muslims will destroy culture and Jewish people. THEY WANT THAT TO HAPPEN! According to Rabbi Marvin Antelman (via To Eliminate The Opiate), these are apostate Jewish cultists who aligned with Non-Jews to create a New World Order. They were behind “Enlightenment” (To destroy Monarch rulership/Church rulership) and Communism (To destroy democratic governments) and Socialism (these Sabbatean Frankists or All Seeing Eye Cult even had members in the NAZI party). They believe that they must adhere to then destroy the 6 major religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism). Then merging all of them into their mish-mash cultic beliefs.

    They hold blood rituals, child abuse and transgenderism as holy.

    Which brings us to the Royal Family. ALL the young ones are reversed. Mark is not pregnant because MARK IS A MAN. If a person has a male skeleton it is male. If he doesn’t want to be a male then he is transgender. I’m sorry but transgenders can not be named the opposite sex of what they are nor can they be intersex/hermaphrodite. They are simply transgender, that is it.

    But know this, this is a psy-op to destroy the sexes. The goal is to make females hate their bodies and their very being, their ability to procreate. The goal is to make men hate women because, subconsciously, they know they are being pushed to find male features attractive and they hate it. But mistakenly, they are blaming real women for this abomination.

  2. Petruchio

    I have always thought that Meghan, “The Duchess of Sussex”, is what a High Class Hooker should look like. Hell, I’d rent her services! That said, I’m sure that the History of the British Royals has many more examples of women of questionable character moving into the Royal “Family”. Ya better watch out Meghan!! Your hubby’s Grandma, The Queen, arranges things like car crashes for women she doesn’t like.

  3. Of course…my own family found out that being too close to Power in England can be fatal thus, the move to the New World.

  4. timothy carroll


    Yes, Pet, but the queen isn’t the only one who knows how to “dispose” of those she finds unpalatable. Look at the way our Real Rulers have “disposed” of the Kennedy clan over a fifty year or so period.

    Joseph Kennedy (eldest son of clan and heir apparent to the dynasty) dies in airplane explosion 1944.
    Kathleen “Kip” Kennedy (wildly popular socialite and sister of JFK) dies in airplane crash 1948,
    John F. Kennedy, 1963.
    Ted Kennedy survives plane crash while others on board die 1964
    Bobby Kennedy assassinated 1968
    John Kennedy, Jr. dies in plane crash 1999, after pledging to find the truth about his dad’s assassination.

    All movers and shakers among the powers that be. Bad luck? Kennedy curse? Diana curse? Yeah, maybe. But as our friend Chucky Schumer is fond of saying, “If the Intelligence Community doesn’t like you, they have six ways to Sunday for getting back at you.” Ya’ll don’t think Chucky made that up all by his lil’ self, do ya?

  5. lou

    The Kennedies were monsters.

  6. timothy carroll

    ***Kennedys*** sp….just say’n…..:)

  7. shawntoh


    You did what you could to warn them but they failed to heed your warnings.

    What can I say? Other than the classic, “…it wasn’t him, Charlie, it was you!”. Now, I don’t mean you, Elaine, I mean, the chuckie guy you referenced, of course!

  8. Except for two obvious assassinations, the Kennedys self-destructed. Just like the British royals.

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