China’s Trade War Hits Canadians In China

The Chinese are now at war with Canada.  As well as the US, China decided to double down on being nasty communists and voila: they will now have serious problems except they have allies in the US: the DNC and the Bilderberg gang who want the Chinese to rule us being too stupid to figure out that the Chinese hate them, too.


Theresa May wins support for her Brexit deal, keeps role as Prime Minister.  So Brexit rolls onwards.

Also from England is this analysis of PC Christmas commercials from last year in Britain:

It appears that the push to make up social issues to sell Christmas junk backfired so they dialed it all back a bit this year.  The ads still show the straight white males as fools but doesn’t do it to white women like in the previous year’s adverts.

Trudeau refuses to listen to warning that Muslim terrorists allowed back into Canada after fighting in Syria, are openly talking about doing terrorist attacks in Canada.


California Democrats want to tax text messages to give money to ‘poor people’ (sic).  This is funny because online stuff is a West Coast business and if this tax passes, the DNC will tax everything online.  The giant corporations won’t do anything so long as users are taxed but this is very much like the ‘window tax’ in Georgian Britain not to mention why we had a revolt here in the Americas: taxes!


Below is a video about the invasion of Ireland by people who are not Irish (lots of irony here!) has been determined to be too controversial so it can only be viewed by adults (WTH?) and I suppose it is that phallic medieval tower causing this age ban?  Anyways, this has been segregated and rendered nearly invisible by You Tube staff in California who obviously hate the Irish people.

Here he is commenting on this bizarre ban:

The crushing of any dissent on You Tube is worsening.  Google’s CEO was grilled in Congress which had the liberals freaking out and the GOP angry about Google spying on everyone all the time.  Note the evil laugh of the Google president when he has to admit he is spying on everyone.

We have seen a total role reversal between conservatives and liberals.  Liberals are now the ones screaming to end free speech and censor media and allow monopolies and who call workers ‘deplorables’.  This is most amazing to watch.


Google has gone totally evil now.  They are trying to form a monopoly.  This year, they conspired with fellow Bilderberg gang members to illicitly prevent competition online and have been deplatforming many, many systems and people so there would be only a dictatorship of fake liberals running everything ruthlessly.


And…this is backfiring badly!  Yes, they can win elections here and there but the anger of citizens across the planet is rising.  People are now aware they are being manipulated and lied to and that the liberals really hate fellow citizens and want to replace us with aliens who hate our culture, religions and language.



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16 responses to “China’s Trade War Hits Canadians In China

  1. California politician Ted Lieu wants to censor speech and eliminate First Amendment.

  2. Moe

    At least the US has a chance in a ‘war’ with China, Trump is there to combat them. Not so in Canada, where milquetoast Trudeau is at the helm.

    Canadians are even more apathetic than the Europeans.

  3. Moe

    @ 2

    Revise “..more apathetic and pathetic…”

  4. Jim R

    China is arresting Canadians (a reprisal, or mere coincidence?) after Canada arrested a Chinese woman who was (is?) an executive at Huawei corporation. Some sort of bogus ‘sanctions violation’ charge. All of a sudden, the mostly useless Canadian government is concerned about corruption.

    The Silicon Valley giants are scared shitless of Huawei, because it has adopted all their technology and is not only manufacturing it, but making improvements here and there. Chinese 5G chips are competitive with the ones from Qualcomm.

    I suspect that Huawei is also refusing to build-in the spook agencies’ back doors that we learned about through Wikileaks. And that this is why the MSM testimony about Huawei always makes vague allusions to ‘security risks’ without ever describing what security risks. Note that this is only a suspicion, as I have no direct knowledge of the issue.

  5. Melponeme_k

    I think a tax on Text messaging is exactly what we need.

    People need to get their heads out of the skinner boxes called cell phones. I see these zombies every day in NYC, stumbling around, walking into people, stopping in the middle of fast moving pedestrians causing pileups and even walking into moving traffic.

    A tax is just what they need.

  6. AT

    I guess the Iranians prefer equipment with Chinese backdoors to equipment with U.S. and Israeli backdoors.

  7. AT

    Lying to the police is a very broad way to go after criminals. But there should always be an underlying offense. Even if you can’t always prove it.

    Because otherwise, if the only crime you charge someone with is lying to you, then you are creating crime, not solving it.

    What crime does Mueller think Flynn was hiding?

    Soon even good Samaritans and innocent bystanders will only answer police questions in writing after a lawyer looks them over.

  8. Seraphim

    The Chinese apply the ‘Chinese drop’ technique.

  9. Ken

    The IRA fought for a free Ireland for many years. Protestants and Catholics fought each other in Ireland for many years. Group memory undoubtedly has retained these skills. All that is needed to save Ireland is to start doing some random bombings and attacks like the old days and the invaders will leave voluntarily. It isn’t even necessary to kill any of them. Just scare them a bit.

    This is not a difficult concept. And it is one the Irish are already good at.

  10. AT

    Looks like GCHQ had a spat with Huawei a month before the arrest, which would explain why Canada of all countries is the one that made the arrest. So the rest of it is all just the tail on the dog. This is about British intelligence maintaining its ability to piggyback on everyone else’s backdoors and intrigue.

  11. AT

    British collusion this time. Get Mueller on the case.

  12. Trump is exposing all the back doors.

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