French Workers Continue Revolt, DNC Continues Treason Policies

Once again, as always, Russian news shows exactly what is happening with no filters in France as the uprising against Macron continues to grow, demands he resign in disgrace.  But will this hand power to Le Pen who was cheated in the last election?  Nope.  This entire revolt began due to citizens rising up against New World Order Bilderberg gang demands that the French pay a ‘global warming’ tax to equatorial nations.  Note how cold it is this last month in Paris!

Mainstream liberal (sic) news won’t report on this at all.  They pretend this is workers angry, not why they are angry.  These workers are very patriotic, waving French flags, not communist flags.  They are now demanding the elites deport all the million illegal aliens who make France very dangerous.

UKIP has joined the French workers revolt which I find very funny.  The elites can’t understand this revolt at all.

They want protection from crazed Muslim fanatics.  They want lower taxes.  France, like all of Europe, is collapsing internally.  Britain, wanting out, is being forced to subsidize this mess if they want to be free of the mess.  The present march today is being heavily patrolled by troops but the troops know their ‘leader’ is highly unpopular and I suspect they won’t beat up protestors like last Saturday.


China surrenders to Trump, rolls back retaliatory auto tariffs.  The mainstream media won’t give him credit for this or any victory.  All previous Presidents surrendered to the Chinese.  Trump didn’t.


After China dashed hopes that a raft of macroeconomic data released last night would help reassert stability in markets, the Communist Party has, at the very least, finally confirmed post-G-20-summit headlines proclaiming that China’s Ministry of Finance would roll back the retaliatory tariffs on US-made autos imposed over the summer.


The rollback was first teased by President Trump after he returned from Argentina last week, before Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin hedged the president’s claim by saying rolling back auto tariffs had merely been “discussed.” But as many analysts have pointed out, most of the cars sold in China are made there already, which means that rolling back the tariff is a largely symbolic gesture. Also, the move is only temporary: tariffs will be suspended for three months, which means they could be reimposed if the US and China fail to strike a lasting trade pact. Tariffs will fall from 40% to 15%, back to their pre-trade levels.


Trump, of course, holds the winning hand.  The only way the Chinese can win is to have an alliance with the Democratic Party which is already howling with rage because of Trump fighting the Chinese over the grossly unbalanced trade we have suffered under for twenty years.

And fighting to change the very dangerous status quo which will bankrupt the USA, it costs money.  The stock market depends on this trade deficit running forever which it cannot.


This is called ‘the pot calling the kettle black’: the DNC leaders like the notorious Clintons, ran all over the planet, hell, Ronnie Reagan did this, too, collecting bribes.  I want this stopped.  The DNC doesn’t want this stopped.


The mainstream media certainly doesn’t want this to stop.  Selective reporting means they can be hysterical about Trump making deals while praising the Bushes and Clintons and the Obamas for much, much worse.  On to the subject of sex and how Trump has sex:


Like the MeToo movement blowing up on liberals as many more ‘liberal’ powerful men and women fell into that trap set up by liberals to attack the Republicans, this is even funnier.  Um…who goes about the planet begging for money from rich foreign powers?  Hello, Hillary and Obama!  Here is today’s catch:

The Hollywood sex fiend fun continues to destroy liberal males who hate Trump:

They are all corrupt.  Hollywood is infamous for this stuff.  Everyone knows about the casting couch!  Why do Democrats pretend to be surprised that there is a casting couch in DNC-supporter entertainment mogul offices?  Duh!  I said this during the Monica affair with Bill: all top people do this shamelessly and only if politically useful, does this show up as a ‘scandal’.


Dushku, who is best known for her role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, signed on for three episodes of Bull and was slated to be added as a full-time cast member before her interactions with Weatherly got in the way, according to a bombshell report from the New York Times.


The report claims that the two actors – who played love interests – got along well in the beginning and that Dushku thought Weatherly ‘seemed friendly’.


She was punished for complaining about a sex fiend actor male’s activities.  Note that he was NOT punished, she was.  This is typical of Hollywood fake liberals.  Nasty, nasty people, fakers, all.  This is wrecking business now!  CBS Morning show is dying of self-iflicted wounds:


CBS This Morning could be in for a complete overhaul after network execs are said to be ready to ‘nuke’ the show and ‘rebuild it from the ground up.’


HAHAHA…I agree, blow it all up.  Then salt the earth.


The once thriving show has been beset by problems since former anchor Charlie Rose’s sudden exit following sexual misconduct allegations in November 2017.  On Wednesday it was announced that the show’s executive producer, Ryan Kadro, is negotiating his exit.


All those stupid sex fiends never thought their war against Trump sex was going to backfire.  Women did this to them.  Suddenly, all the females who slept their way to the top suddenly began whining about this.


Now on to the invasion of Europe sponsored by the Bilderberg gang and Soros:

The SJW gang is systematically destroying Europe and destroying the USA.  They target and destroy anything conservatives run or created.  Boy Scouts were ordered to have gay men participate and then viola: sex scandals are bankrupting the Boy Scouts.  The solution: have girls join and get raped, too!


Great solution.  Conservatives are creating a new Boy Scouts operation that doesn’t feature rapists.  I used to be a Scout Master many years ago as well as a Girl Scout Leader in New Jersey.  So I am very familiar with the rules.


One problem I had which is why I disbanded both activities was the parents treating me like a free babysitter and not participating.  The rules are, at least one parent has to be with me at all times.  Well, the rules back then!



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27 responses to “French Workers Continue Revolt, DNC Continues Treason Policies

  1. Petruchio

    Eliza Dushku was NOT written of the shoe “Bull”. She knew FULL WELL that she was signed onto the Cast for THREE shows. Dushku was told that her character MIGHT be expanded. It was NOT. Now she’s claiming that she was harassed while on the set of “Bull”. Regardless of what really happened, Dushku received $9.5 million as a Settlement It’s a safe bet that in this Settlement that is a Non-Disclosure clause. Dushku just violated it by making all this Public. Whomever made this payout to Dushku should sue her for violating Conditions and Terms of the Settlement. That all said, Dushku got $9.5 Million out of the deal. Isn’t that enough to keep you quiet and follow the Terms of the Settlement? YES!!! the #MeToo movement and its Spawn are actually waging WAR on Men. This is gonna backfire. As for Dushku, I winder if she realizes that NO ONE in the Industry is EVER going to hire her. Dushku’s career in Acting is OVER.

  2. Petruchio

    One more item. Erin Andrews, the NFL Football commentator, who appears on the Sidelines of televised Games, received a $134 million Settlement because someone secretly took a video of Andrews in her Hotel room. Changing clothes, going into the shower. That kind of stuff. This Football Bimbo got that much money merely because somebody took a cideo of Andrews and the video shows Andrews naked? In practical terms, that seems like a very good deal for Andrews. Seriously. Imho, any women who would turn down $134 million just to show her ‘puppies’ is an idiot. Of course, MeToo will say otherwise.

  3. Ziff

    i think the ‘right’ [ ie normal people] are reading things into the french revolt . The french are very left and not too fond of Lepen. If you can find a version of the yellow jacket manifesto , there is nothing about immigrants or ‘climate change’ there.

  4. Jim R

    I think the stock market correction will be significant this time. And I think the 24/7 hate campaign against Trump will continue, and will leverage this correction. Not that the modern ‘stock market’ has anything to do with the actual economy, mind you.

    The ‘news media’ will be running nonstop video stories from Winter’s Bone, Missouri, and blaming it on Trump. Whether this will work for them or not, I have no idea. Hardly anybody I know watches the stupid stuff any more. And of course, all that rust belt decay not only didn’t start with Trump, most of it is rooted in the economic destruction that started with Reagan, and has been continued by the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas.

    But that is my prediction for 2019.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Dushku is now old, he isn’t the young looking boy he was before that the Sabbatean Frankists love. He is starting to reject the hormones and his face is growing.

    All anyone needs to know is to study the skeleton. The skeleton will not lie. Once you see the hips smaller than the shoulders and know the differences between men and women…well its a whole new world.

    These lawsuits are hoaxes. Unless you personally know everyone involved from the main ACTORS to the judicial staff…it has to be looked at with skeptical eye. The elites have been working since HG Well’s time at least to destroy marriage and relations between the sexes. These lawsuits MeTOO junk is just another psy-op. Don’t be taken in.

    And anyone in Hollywood of any fame is bloodline. They were raised specifically to be that face. None of them will be hurting for money. The bloodline trog children will happily take part in psy-ops because it is just so damn funny fooling the masses. They will portray actors, politicians, cult leaders, murder victims and even serial killers.

    Just search the last names. You’ll see.

  6. Moe

    C. J. Hopkins on the Yellow Vests

    Excerpt: “Nothing scares the Identity Politics Left quite like an actual working class uprising. …This is what the actual working classes are … a big, contradictory collection of people who, in spite of all their differences, share one thing in common, that they are being screwed over by the ruling classes.”

  7. Moe

    @ 5 Mel

    She ain’t got no hips, that’s for sure. Square shoulders too: I would infer this since I viewed over a hundred photos and not one failed to have the shoulders shielded, either by tresses, pose, attire, companions, etc.

  8. Melponeme_k


    Dushku is very convincing which is why they were proud to push him. It makes me wonder what it takes to be an A list like Jolie. Jolie in comparison to Dushku is not as convincing. There has to be a question of bloodlines. Because it certainly isn’t talent.

    An interesting marker is the placement of the breasts. Male chests are larger due to larger lung capacity. Men were made to be physically active. Because of the larger chest, it makes the implants hard to place. If they place them the same as a natural woman, the implants hang too low. If they place them up further, they look unnaturally high. I notice that most of them don’t do implants until later in their careers. They just rely on the hormonal breasts that the estrogen boosters give them. It must be that they are waiting out the second male puberty that occurs in the late 20s/early 30s. Their bodies inevitably grow. The body then tries to repair the facial shaving (jaws, noses, brows) that was done while still in the teens or early 20s. This leads to the wonky faces and desperate plastic surgery procedures. If the implants are put in before this surge, it could lead them to look odd during the growth spurt. Then they must be removed (I.e. Angelina Jolie).

  9. Zeke

    Drudge posted an article about a week ago saying that some poll of residents of countries like Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and some Central African countries that about fifty percent of their populations wanted to move to the USA.
    That should be obvious that is not feasible.
    Every country needs strict border controls. They are not bad people and they are not evil and the US and other developed countries should do what they can to help make their lives better in their countries but
    immigration on demand will radically change the character and makeup of any country. All countries and peoples are entitled to act in their own best interest and in their own protection and preservation.

  10. Zeke, it is called ‘invading barbarians’. I know what that is: my own clan appeared on the horizon way back in around 850 AD, on ships with dragon heads. They entered all countries, swords drawn.

  11. Petruchio

    Jessica Biel is another example of a convincing fake female. I thought she was a female for a long time, but not so sure now. If you look at the right pics of Biel, you see some very masculine sights. Biel’s feet: HUGE If you see JB in a side pose, you note some very masculine looking arms. Now I think Jessica Biel is an convincing looking female–who is a male. What ‘m curious about is do males like Biel go through a sex organ change? I don’t know the details of sex change and how much they can do to convert a male to a female or vice versa. I know when Biel did a movie about a stripper (“Powder Blue”) they used a body double for certain scenes. Why? If Giel is a she and “she” has gotten him/herself into great shape, where is the need for a body double? And, BTW: the creative bankruptcy of Hollyweird adds a step. A re-make of “I Love Lucy” is now on TV.

  12. Jim R

    I had to go look up Jessica Biel on Wikipedia. Yeah, she isn’t all that cute.

    But you know, I tend to think all this Male/Female conspiracy stuff is a lot of nonsense, and some of us (cough, cough) have gone off the rails a bit around here. People come in all shapes and sizes.

    But basically, it doesn’t matter to me, because I quit consuming the output of Hollywood a while back, as it was all such a load of crap (otherwise than the fake plastic physiques). So I don’t much care, one way or the other. And yeah, there are a lot of Jews out there, too, but it isn’t antisemitism on my part. It’s just that their output is a load of crap.

    The real reason, and the bottom line is, all of ‘entertainment’ and ‘media’ nowadays is filtered through the deep state “Ministry of Truth”, and ends up sounding preachy and fake. And despite all their public shrieking about Russians hiding under every rock, they still can’t tell a story that keeps my interest for more than ten seconds.

  13. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    No, men and women do NOT COME in different shapes at the skeletal level. Women will always have larger hips because a baby’s head must fit. Women who had smaller hips DIED and were unable to pass on those genes. The center of gravity for a woman will always be at or slightly below her navel.

    A man has larger shoulders, straight spine and center of gravity at or slightly above the solar plexis. This is for strength, for fighting and for hunting.

    Simple example between the sexes and how different they are.

    Think about people coming out of a pool using the ladders. A male will LEAN FORWARD via the shoulders. This is because that is his center mass area. A woman will THROW HER HIPS FORWARD! This is because her mass is near the hips.

    If you see a man throw his hips forward when getting out a pool while using a ladder. That isn’t a man. If you see a woman lean her shoulders forward while getting out of a pool using a latter…that isn’t a woman.

    People act as if Hollyfreak people are so many many and they can’t find enough transgenders to fill those spots. That is a laugh. We only see the same 50 to 100 faces tops. They can transgender that many and they do. This is mind control. You may not know it consciously but subconsciously it is throwing your mind into confusion. When confused or in a state of fear, the mind opens up and lets down its guard. Then loads of amazing subliminal messages can be shoved into your head unbeknownst to you.

  14. Melponeme_k

    Study the picture in this video. REAL WOMAN vs. Transgender.

    The one in the pink is a real woman. THAT is what a real woman looks like. I have that same shape. ALL women have that shape whether scaled down to a more narrow proportion or scaled up to a wider look. Case closed. Look at the difference.

  15. Jim R

    Women will always have larger hips because a baby’s head must fit. Women who had smaller hips DIED and were unable to pass on those genes.

    This is no longer true, since about the middle of the 20th century. Before that, the statistics were appalling, the percentage of women who died in childbirth, or as a result of one failure or another in any emergency attempts to save them. Since then, we’ve had good antibiotics and anesthetics, and narrow-hipped women have been happily giving birth by means of C-section.

    Human heads are too big, anyway. If evolution were planned by some Deity and not simply random, we would either have smaller heads at birth, or a more efficient biological apparatus for gestation.

  16. Jim R

    Anyway, like I said, I quit caring about Hollywood freaks and news droids quite some years ago, so I’m not even gonna watch the video.

  17. Jim R

    For what it’s worth, and if it makes you happy, @Melponeme_k, I find the one on the left more attractive in the cover picture on that second video.

    I like the look of an hourglass figure. But I still don’t think those people are interesting. Their stupidity is far more repulsive than anything else.

  18. Um. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad I started off with a big head just like the rest of us.

    It does create difficulties especially during birth, but the price is worth it.

    It just you know the big head we have at birth ain’t the same as those who still have a big head in their own imagination when they are approaching death. Personally, I feel like my head gets a bit smaller every day at this point in my life, and I don’t have a problem with that.

    I’ve said this before and it wasn’t true, but I don’t care, I’ll say it again.

    Last post from me for awhile, especially if the writing here remains so poor.

    Good riddance.

  19. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Late 20th century is too, too recent to make a change that drastic for female skeletons. However a woman with a narrow pelvis will still look like the real woman in that video just with a smaller hip to shoulder ratio. There is no way a woman will ever, ever look like Joan Jett. That is because Jett is a man.

  20. Melponeme_k

    Also, everyone should care if this problem looks as massive as it seems. Because this is widespread, consistent CHILD ABUSE! Whatever an adult decides to do to change his/her body is his/her business. It doesn’t mean they should lie to potential lovers or spouses, but they have fully grown mental powers to make their own decisions.

    Children do not have that ability. Changing them before they reach puberty is one of the most heinous and grossest crimes against humanity. The ones in charge will try to weasel out of it because it is their religion and they have been trying their most to get cultural relativity option going for abusive religious acts (genital mutilation etc.).

    Also the very act of paying for entertainment, any entertainment with these people gives them the YES they need to go forward. They are cultists. As far as they are concerned they are telling us (however veiled) what they are doing. If we don’t bother to read the signs, we are giving approval.

    Well, this is my way of saying NO. I’m putting it out there in the hopes that if this world is really one big living field, my one big NO can help to prevent the powers from abusing children.

  21. Petruchio

    So…..the Boy Scouts are facing Bankruptcy because of sexual abuse claims? Hmmmmm….I wonder why? Think maybe it is because the Boy Scouts (led by Mike Pence, yes the VP of the USA) demanded that the Scouts allow Gays into the Boy Scouts (literally and figuratively) ? Is anyone surprised that these sex harassment are happening? No, at least it shouldn’t be. I suppose the way they look at things, it’s a win-win either way. Either the Scouts become completely corrupted OR the Scouts have to go bankrupt. It should not, it IS not a surprise as to why Gay men want to become Scout leaders in the Boy Scouts. The same reason a nymphomaniac wants to visit a Football locker room when all the players are there and in various stages of nudity because they are hitting the showers. I guess proof isn’t essential in these “Politically Correct” issues.

  22. The ‘boy scouts’ did NOT ‘demand gays join’ they were FORCED by the DNC supporters to do this. Pence’s groups left the Boy Scouts over this very issue. Blaming him for this mess is stupid.

  23. Melponeme_k

    The Boy Scouts, as well as the Girl Scouts, were taken down on purpose. The elites are all about confusing the genders. They couldn’t have groups for children supporting natural gender roles. The Boy Scouts were especially anathema in their eyes. It teaches boys to be industrious, self reliant, strong and compassionate.

    Just look at any entertainment of the last 10 to 20 years that mentions the Scouts and you will see it makes fun of them and denigrates them. It implies they are “gay”. Now, you may think this is nothing but it is definitely not.

    Everything from the sets to the music to the strange actors are working to open up the mind for suggestion. And while you were watching “comedy” about Scouts or any other subject….you got loads of propaganda nonsense pushed into your head. One of them being Boy Scouts are useless.

  24. I am married to an Eagle Scout.

  25. Petruchio

    Mel: The Industry (Hollyweird) and many who develop ads that appear on TV are relentless in portraying White males as clueless incompetents AND that Black Males are really well educated and devoted Family Men. Both images are FALSE even though you can find examples of both. The truth? Almost 90% of black kids are born to Single Mommies and most white males are better educated than the typical black male. Usually this propaganda just irritates me on a low level, but I watched yet another ad that had this propaganda garbage n it. It was an ad for a Canadian whiskey and the ad was about taking a “water timeout” from consuming only alcohol. So this ad shows all the Patrons in the bar stopping to take a drink of water. Of COURSE they show a black dude with his date: a white chick. Hollyweird and the media constantly promote this image. Very annoying. Reveals a hate driven agenda towards white people in general and white males in particular.

  26. Petruchio

    @#16 Jim R: You should care about the crud coming out of Hollyweird. YOU don’t believe what they say, but you live in a Country where a lot of people DO. That makes it your problem and mine whether we like it or not. Breaking up the Media Monopoly is critical here. Getting opposing viewpoints into Public View is important.

  27. Melponeme_k


    Of course the “white men are stupid” portrayal is an MK Ultra narrative they are pushing. It may take only 10 more years for it to be true in reality and not in film. Because when you are told something over and over again, it becomes your reality. But this narrative isn’t only for white people. If you watch family narratives of other races, the Father is almost invariably shown to be a buffoon.

    Some other MK ULTRA narratives, women are as physically strong as men, intact families fight with one another relentlessly, Gay Couples are hilariously happy (never yet to see one couple that happy to be honest), one parent households (either female or male) are well adjusted environments, we are KILLING the earth, the earth is getting hotter, we are the product of outer space alien genetic engineering…we all need to be transgendered cyborgs.

    Know this, we all self select our “Narrative”. You like Sci-fi? You are chock locka full of Outer space alien nonsense. You like feminine rom coms and sexy flicks? Guaranteed you are a woman who is full of sex kitten Beta programming.

    It goes on and on.

    Luckily many of us are aware of the programming narratives. Once enough of us know, it will create a protective barrier for the regular people. Its like viruses and innoculations in a very real way.

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