Macron Attacks Peaceful Yellow Vest Protesters In Paris Again

I watched the return of the Yellow Vest marchers in Paris.  Yes, I heard them repeatedly chant ‘We want TRUMP’ in French.  Also, ‘Macron resign’ was chanted frequently.  The police moved in and attacked the marchers yet again but I noticed the bravado was gone, they were just doing their job, more or less.  The French are revolting against ALL Bilderberg gang programs: replacing workers with foreign illegal aliens, global warming scams and anti-nationalism designed to turn world into a global Imperial Order operation like in Star Wars.


All these emperors want to use black stormtroopers a la Darth Vader to menace and control or kill citizens of countries disputing power with these globalist creeps.    We can see this in France now, quite openly.  Yesterday’s protest started, as usual with all the protests, the workers were quiet, pleasant and happy.


Then the black stormtroopers moved in and began to attack utterly peaceful protestors.  I watched the entire thing unfold over several hours via the Russian news services which are very much superior to EU and US news producers.  The Russians show the naked truth, no commentary, even, just the videos.

Here is the Arc de Triomphe in a fog of tear gas as the troopers attacked the peaceful citizens.  Repeatedly, vast amounts of tear gas was poured upon the citizens.  They refused to leave.

Santa Claus showed up and asked the troopers to stop attacking citizens but it was useless because many of the troopers don’t believe in Santa Claus.  Eventually, after nightfall, the troopers drove off the citizens as they did every weekend for the last five weeks.


Macron is even less popular now!  He doesn’t care, he is a dictator.  Calls for Macron to resign were alternated by protestors with chants supporting Trump.  I heard the chants!  This is not make believe news though our Real Rulers will scream that no one in Paris chanted for Trump to take over France.  But they did do this!


Now on to the DNC destruction of the USA: the Democrats want open borders, free trade and the destruction of cities so they can become DNC power sources after replacing workers with aliens who hate the US.

Desperate school children from Austintown Intermediate School write to GM to save their parents jobs:


Schoolchildren near Lordstown, Ohio, are sending “thousands” of letters and drawings to General Motors CEO Mary Barra stating their Christmas wish is for her to keep the GM factory there operating.


The handwritten missives from 20 school districts in the Mahoning Valley area were expected to be mailed to GM on Friday.


Many plead with Barra to give Lordstown a new vehicle to build so it can remain operating and save the 1,600 jobs there.


Mary Barra was in charge of ‘global human resources’ with GM before becoming the Big Boss.  It is obvious that the American worker ‘resource’ is of little use to GM who want cheap foreign labor.


This school is interesting.  Here is a photo of their Jazz band, for example.  They have a huge, huge full band, too.  They play very good for Jr. High students. I am amazed at their training and ability.

The school is well run, the students are happy and of course, liberals want to destroy it.


A FOREIGN student successfully shut down yoga classes claiming ‘cultural appropriation’ at AMERICAN University in sicko Washington DC, Home of Team Traitors.

The arrogance of invaders is so obvious.  They feel free to order citizens around, to abuse us and to mock us.  The ‘melting pot’ concept of yore is dead to the DNC.  They want race/religion/sex conflicts with people hating America and all it stands for while screaming that we have to respect all of them while they disrespect all of us in return.


This is going to ultimately lead to real conflict settled by guns.  We have seen many a country like Yugoslavia burn to the ground thanks to religious/racial conflicts settled via fighting.


The NEA (National Educational Association) has worked tirelessly to destroy all educational systems…now they want more destruction to please Hispanic illegal aliens.


The most urgent problem for the American education system has a Latino face. Latinos are the largest and most rapidly growing ethnic minority in the country, but, academically, they are lagging dangerously far behind their non-Hispanic peers. For example, upon entering kindergarten 42% of Latino children are found in the lowest quartile of performance on reading readiness compared to just 18% of White children.2 By 4th grade, 16% of Latino students are proficient in reading according to the 2005 NAEP, compared to 41% of White students.3 A similar pattern is notable at the 8th grade, where only 15% of Latinos are proficient in reading compared to 39% of Whites.4


With respect to college completion, only 11% of Latinos 25 to 29 years of age had a BA or higher compared to 34% of Whites. Perhaps most distressing, however, is the fact that no progress has been made in the percentage of Latinos gaining college degrees over a 20-year period, while other groups have seen significant increases in degree completion.


After illegally entering the US, the Hispanics are collapsing rapidly into the doldrums where black communities dwell.  Hooking into DNC run welfare systems, the population exists in order to destroy, not build.  Bars on windows and doors appear as people desperately try to stop criminal attackers as looters, rapists and murderers run riot.


The DNC loves these riots!  They think, this will bring them power while all DNC leaders live in various sheltered enclaves protected by armed troops.  Eventually, the mobs created for political purposes will raid and destroy and kill the DNC leaders, too.


Anyone talking about Muslim intolerance and terrorism is banned from Twitter but Muslims attacking Christians and our own government are OK:  this Muslim politician won in a DNC district after defeating a JEWISH Democrat.  Lunatics like the very Jewish Chuck Schumer better wake up and smell the scheiss.


Ilhan Omar won a historic victory over 44-year incumbent DFL Rep. Phyllis Kahn.  Ilhan Omar built a vast coalition of East African voters to defeat the incumbent in Minneapolis.


Making fun of Christians is OK with Jewish leaders too.  But they should be somewhat aware that Muslim leaders want Israel destroyed and the Jews there, killed.  Unable to resist having a temporary alliance to enable Muslim invasion of Christian countries, the Jews are playing with fire here, big time.



Meanwhile, since illegal aliens and people who refuse to learn English and people who hate Christians and Jews are the New DNC Alliance, Pelosi says, The DNC leaders will close the government FOREVER rather than stop illegal aliens!

An illegal alien very small child was dragged across the border where the poor mite died despite US medical care. Here is how the DNC reacted to this event:


On Friday’s The Last Word show, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell gave California Democratic Rep. Norma Torres an unchallenged forum to claim that the Trump administration has “murdered” illegal immigrant children as the two discussed the recent death of a seven-year-old girl after she was transported across the desert illegally by her father.


Additionally, O’Donnell accused the administration of destroying water supplies left in the desert to help illegals even though Border Patrol released a statement condemning agents who were caught on film destroying water in an incident believed to have happened during the Obama administration.


Breaking news: A number of French generals and former French Minister of Defense, Charles Millon, sign letter warning Macron about ‘battered people rising in revolt.’


Looks like the Jupiter leader of France is now the Pluto of France.


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18 responses to “Macron Attacks Peaceful Yellow Vest Protesters In Paris Again

  1. OK, I’m going to explicitly give some examples of what I consider poor writing. Here is the text (from the article above):

    “We can see this in France now, quite openly. Yesterday’s protest started, as usual with all the protests, the workers were quiet, pleasant and happy.

    Then the black stormtroopers moved in and began to attack utterly peaceful protestors. I watched the entire thing unfold over several hours via the Russian news services which are very much superior to EU and US news producers. The Russians show the naked truth, no commentary, even, just the videos.”


    Comment 1: Since when have the workers in “all protests” started out as quiet, pleasant, and happy. Are you kidding me? Did I misread that? It seems ridiculous from the get-go. Do I need to say more and make it totally obvious?

    Comment 2: What is a “black” stormtrooper.

    Comment 3: You truly must be out of your mind if you are going to present the Russians at the epitome of unbiased journalism.


    I believe in an earlier post I suggested something along the lines of “fringe”, and this article just reinforces that supposition.

    Now, I’ll admit I could be missing something, but if you think there is any merit to what I say above, then you must agree – Elaine – can’t you do better than this?

  2. Jim R

    Ken, your SJW inspired objections are duly noted.

    There was an article the other day on this blog, and I posted a news story about the irregulars Macron is using to harass the demonstrators. He can’t count on the police, according to this story. I don’t recall exactly which terrorist group they recruited the irregulars from, but ‘black’ will do as a one word description. There are lots of other forbidden words to describe them, like ‘ragheads’, etc. but it all comes down to them being dark in complexion and clothing, and a whole lot more brutal than normal French police.

    Macron is doing things they said Assad was supposedly doing in Syria. He’s gassing his own people. And the “MSM” just ignore it. They barely mention it in passing .. “Oh, by the way there were a few rioters in France. We have no idea what they want or why they are rioting.” You have to go to RT to get any news about this. Like Elaine said, you won’t find any negative articles about Russia in there, we know that. It’s an information war, after all.

  3. I’m not a Social Justice Warrior and Jim I wasn’t kidding about what I said last time we talked.

    Why don’t want talk about are own country and stop wasting so much time on France. They helped us out and they sold us some good land, so we should support them.

    Really – is that what you imagined me. An SJW?

    Oh yeah, I reserve the right to respond to any posts in which I am directly addressed. So, who knows – maybe this ain’t my last post.

  4. Aurelius

    Ok, I may regret this, but….

    @Buffalo Ken,

    1. You should read more carefully. She said “all THE protests,” referring to the yellow vest protests, not all protests in history. This is probably “totally obvious” to the rest of the readers.

    2. Black stormtroopers — it means riot police dressed in black — again, totally obvious to readers. She was comparing them to Darth Vader and the stormtroopers in Star Wars (who were white). This is called an “allusion” and it’s a hallmark of good, engaging writing.

    3. She said that Russia Today is superior to the EU and US news media (which is a very low standard). And they show raw footage of the protests — which is true. She did not make the claim that you are asserting she did.

    EMS uses allusion, metaphor, other figures of speech, emotion, and colloquialisms in her writing. Together these are called “style,” and I would guess that her regular readers return to emsnews because of this style, not in spite of it. The grammar isn’t always perfect but who cares? This is a blog, not a literary journal.

  5. Jim R

    And little hand-drawn cartoons! Elaine may never be published in The New Yorker as an editorial cartoonist, but her cartoon metaphors are wonderful!

  6. The main thing that bugged me, which I could have misread, was when she said:

    “The workers were quiet, pleasant, and happy”.

    Aurelius – tell me something I don’t know.

  7. Zeke

    It just seems bad form to criticise someone’s writing style or punctuation, or grammar.
    If someone doesn’t like how what they’re reading is written – stop reading. Go to another blog.
    Or better yet – start your own blog – see how easy that is.(not).
    It’s tedious when people get tangled up in the peripherals and don’t deal with the substance of what is written.
    It’s the webmaster’s opinion. It reminded me of the NYPD white shirts (supervisors) attacking the peaceful OWS protestors in Zuccotti Park.

  8. Melponeme_k

    “An illegal alien very small child was dragged across the border where the poor mite died despite US medical care.”

    They don’t care about children of any race, creed whether they be citizen or illegal alien. They only care they get enough illegals to gainsay citizens.

    They are cultists and in their messed up world view, they look at the world as one big game. It’s just a chessboard. They even believe in reincarnation so we all just get spit back out again to be born anew somewhere else. That is their justification for doing what they do to everyone including themselves. Oh yes, they are also the products of extensive, ritualistic abuse.

    Abuse, fear and blood letting is what they think is their power.

  9. AT


    The writing and the content here are excellent. Granted they both used to be better. The writing has suffered from the ravages of father time, the content from Trump loyalty. But overall, the blog is far better than what a host of billion dollar news organizations give you.

  10. AT

    Racism is a cynical game for politicians.

    If you have two dogs and you throw more bones to one but not the other, then they fight amongst themselves and try harder to curry your favor, rather than joining forces.

  11. Ken

    Just so that everybody is clear on this point, I post occasional comments under the name “Ken.”. I am not the same person as ” Buffalo Ken.”.

  12. Petruchio

    @#8 Mel: When the members of the “migrant Caravan” said that if we (the USA) gave them each $50,000, you KNEW that this ‘Caravan’ wasn’t about “fleeing persecution” in their native countries! This “migrant caravan” story was just a diversionary tactic on the part of the elites. They don’t want a storyline making the headlines such as the US airstrike in Syria. Or the Stock Market plummeting.

  13. This is EXACTLY like the end of the Roman Empire: paying aliens to stay away.

  14. Hey Elaine – I got some new for you. WE are not the Roman Empire, so I could give a shit how they went down.

    However, your second article of my reading regarding some protest in Belgium was better written. I mean come on Elaine, you of all should know: Protesters are NOT quiet, pleasant, and happy and they never will be if they are really protesters.

    So, that is why I though what you wrote seemed sort “yellow” journalism, like we’ve all had so much of in the past. And I thought you knew better….

    Trump is going down.

  15. make that “news” and “thought” and I suppose “of like”

    with respect to how Trump will go down, I’ll keep my opinion to myself until I won’t. So that is my ace in the hole —– and my ace probably is the real Trump card if you wan’t my opinion!

    HYSTERIA on the way….

  16. I do COMMENTARY most of the time. When news happens to me, I write about that as a reporter.

  17. That is when I like it the most, but there haven’t been many new stories lately. Now on my end, let me tell you – the best stories are about to begin.

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