Belgium Uprising! New York Times Wants Us To All Die Because We Are Bad For Planet

Here is the entire event in Brussels and I watched it, it was MASSIVE.  It was nearly 100% young males who are quite angry.  They waved Medieval flags and banners.  There was considerable anger.  The demand: the government resign due to being TRAITORS.  Like all the French marches, there were no politicians nor speeches but lots of explosions and people milling around.


I have considerable experience in my long life with this!  In Europe as America: these spontaneous, energetic, determined demonstrators with few leaders are capable of overthrowing governments.  They just have to be determined!  And to talk with each other as equals, discussing what to do next via generally following anyone who has a good idea.


Like in Paris, the Bilderberg rulers unleash tons of chemical explosives upon citizens and then shove them out of the city center via using military vehicles.  When I was in Europe during the wild 1968 Summer Uprisings, I saw military tanks clanking down cobblestone streets…chank…chank…chank…and the popping sound of shooting tear gas.


The speakers at the uprising in Brussels talked about ‘our fellow citizens in France are rising up and we must, too!’  Calls for ending the alien invasion was very loud and had the biggest cheers.  ‘Nationalism is our answer to the EU.’  These speeches were delivered on the doorstep of the EU headquarters.

I saw German flags in the demonstration as well as French flags.

The Medieval Lion Rampant flags of the royals of Belgium were everywhere.

This video shows the police smashing into the demonstrators.  Unlike France, regular police were used but I bet next week, they, too, will use paramilitary forces of the EU masters instead like in France.  In the above video, the marchers are actively fighting the police.


In another scene, the men are under arrest and yet are cheerful because they know the government is going to fall.  You can’t arrest the core of the working class of any country. Why?  HAHAHA: the business collapse is monumental!  Duh! Abusing the arrestees backfires very badly if this is a full scale revolt.


The tide is definitely turning.  Nationalism is rising. The global warming scam is collapsing.  The liberal ‘open borders’ world is shutting down as people stand and fight back because another word for ‘open borders’ is ‘barbarian invasions.’  I bet in Ancient Rome, the corrupt Emperors talked often about ‘open borders’ as barbarians poured in until Rome, itself, was looted and nearly totally destroyed.


The next step is obvious: General Strike.  Shut down everything.  All this is happening at Xmas, no less, the biggest shopping period of the year.  It has devastated French retailers who had to shut down stores, for example.  I also notice ANTIFA, the ugly leftist stormtroopers of the Bilderberg gang, have been scarce in Belgium and Paris this fall.


University of Southern California is punishing a law professor for defending ‘due process’ in sex cases. The SJW feminists attacked him for standing for Constitutional legal rights. They all want a kangaroo court run by vicious females who hate white men. Now, they are driving hard to get this professor fired for daring to stand for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. These creatures are ‘future lawyers’ and they should be listed and disbarred when they ‘graduate’ because obviously, they do not understand the most basic elements of the Rule of Law.


The Jews running the New York Times ran an editorial yesterday that calls for HUMAN EXTINCTION to ‘save the planet’!


Under a headline reading, “Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?” Clemson professor Todd May (pictured) writes, “Human beings are destroying large parts of the inhabitable earth and causing unimaginable suffering to many of the animals that inhabit it.”


“This is happening through at least three means. First, human contribution to climate change is devastating ecosystems, as the recent article on Yellowstone Park in The Times exemplifies. Second, increasing human population is encroaching on ecosystems that would otherwise be intact. Third, factory farming fosters the creation of millions upon millions of animals for whom it offers nothing but suffering and misery before slaughtering them in often barbaric ways. There is no reason to think that those practices are going to diminish any time soon. Quite the opposite. Humanity, then, is the source of devastation of the lives of conscious animals on a scale that is difficult to comprehend. “


So why hasn’t this creature writing this, commit suicide?  Nothing pisses me off more than whiners complaining about ‘too many humans’ not fixing this by killing themselves.  It is rotten of them to demand we die while they get to live.  All humans calling for fewer humans must kill themselves now, not in thirty years.  They have to act today!  Hurry up, time is running out!  If we are at ‘end of times’ then end it today. Why wait a week?


These asshats are criminal, nasty, disgusting creatures who don’t deserve to live.  They never practice what they preach.  They fly all over the planet, screeching about how flying in jets and driving armored cars is evil and should stop but…they do this all the time, they never stop, themselves! They want me to stop!


To hell with them all.  I want them to join hands, drink some spiked Kool Aid and keel over dead thus proving they practice what they preach, these noxious little jerks…MUST NOT CUSS!!  It is hard, biting my tongue.  These sort of creeps freak me out.  How dare the NY Times publish this sort of ugly, murderous editorials while not killing themselves.  How dare they all be alive today after publishing this call to murder everyone else.


This is criminal, I want them all arrested for crimes against HUMANITY.  How dare they!  These same clowns are screeching about a Hispanic child who was dragged around by ‘parents’ until she died when caught by the border guards who tried to keep her alive.  The NYT is whining about her dying while telling us all to die!!! This is INSANITY.  It pisses me off greatly.  To hell with the evil New York Times.  They should all be arrested and forced to knock themselves out and cease existing since humans should do this, according to them, the….jerks.  Gah.


I spend a horrible afternoon on May 1, 1968, contemplating all this at Dachau while representing my father at the ‘liberation’ ceremonies there that day.  It was a NIGHTMARE.  It was devastating.


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15 responses to “Belgium Uprising! New York Times Wants Us To All Die Because We Are Bad For Planet

  1. AT

    Looking at the twin hockey stick graphs of population growth and oil production for the last 150 years, it’s clear peak oil is going to be a big problem. The current leadership consisting mainly of a colluding class of billionaires and flunkies has no vision for your future except reducing your fossil fuel consumption under the rubric of “global warming” so they can keep their money machine rolling as long as possible before it all goes kaput.

    Rather than this “global warming” scam, here is what I propose:
    (1) global solar panels on every rooftop, and
    (2) global two-child family planning.

    I think that characterizing the future as a dialectic between rulers who want us all to freeze and die with no fuel, and simply going back to the status quo eventually runs us up against peak oil, with no plan on either side.

    Whatever the plan is going to be it needs to start while oil is still cheap.

  2. Ken

    Many years ago England’s Prince Charles remarked that if he could choose to be reincarnated, he would want to come back as a deadly pathogen. That way he could solve the world’s overpopulation problem.

    The depopulation of the planet has been a liberal dream for a long time.

  3. AT

    Somewhat funny that the SJWs have figured out that they will be as maligned by future SJWs as they have maligned historical figures who incidentally happened to hold racist beliefs common in their day.

    That had occurred to me previously, particularly with the direction that agriculture likely must move away from meat after peak oil. The SJWs of the near future likely will vilify anyone in history not a Vegan.

  4. timothy carroll


    As Mel has stated many times, the Elite have a plan to eliminate us all. They’re going for the smart ones, the whites, first. Once they’re gone, they’ll continue their mission with the equally despised browns and blacks. Right now, they’re courting these groups with the “It’s all Whitey’s fault! Let’s get ’em” meme”.

    We must first understand this group of (((Controllers))). It’s who they are. It’s what they do. They are so severely deranged, they do not understand that their wish for our annihilation means their ultimate annihilation as well. Witness the constant flirtation with Russia regarding nuclear war. They simply do not care if the entire world goes up in a nuclear fire ball. Their hatred of us (the goy) is so intense, that all rationality goes out the window.

    Mel also hits the nail on the head when she says, “It’s not “duh Jews” as we normally think of things. It’s a cabal of elitist, Satan worshiping Cabalists who have controlled our culture for over one hundred years or more. They have the ear of TPTB, and nothing and no one will ever get in their way. The last goy president who tried to stop them in their tracks was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

    So enjoy the parade of men masquerading as women in the MSM, as well as soy boys taking the helm of masculinity. Their playbook is pretty obvious for those whose eyes are open.

    Hat tip to Mel! Here’s a clip of “female” Laura Dern as a prostitute in a film clip I think you’ll really enjoy. BTW….Thanks for opening my eyes!

  5. lou

    4–feminism is the end of the White race, imo. The other 3 races breed like rats.
    And I think that it is the joos. Like the Erlichs.

  6. AT

    So the current colluding classes have realized for some time now that the current system of money, resources, and population is unsustainable. So they have already written you off and hardened their hearts to the prospect of the four horsemen.

    Then what? Where do you go from there? That’s the question. The plan happens now or or in the power vacuum when they run the bus off the cliff. Either way. But sooner is better for everyone.

    (They’re not escaping anywhere. They can avoid accountability while in power, but in the digital age all the evidence and traces of passing are baked into the cake.)

  7. timothy carroll


    I’d argue that the “current colluding classes” have an Orwellian government plan in line, and they can take down the power (grid) anytime they so choose. They’ve done a good job of dividing us and making us fight among ourselves. I’d further argue that race relations were better 40 years ago than today. At least then, we weren’t afraid of stating our opinions then.

    Let’s face it. We’re now a generation of thoroughly distractible people here in the West. Sixty years of television propaganda has virtualily lobotomized our entire population. Hell, even my 70 plus year old clients think MSM news is honest. The only people who seem to realize they’re being screwed is the Millineals……..and they’re too enraptured with wannabe communists like Occasional Cortez & Beto. Throw in a couple of well-seasoned career politicians like Biden and Beto, and you have a perfect, Communist marriage for the left. Kiss whatever you held dear if any of these frauds advance to the oval orifice.

  8. AT

    Biden is a domestic enemy of the constitution. But so far the GOP has only been able to play the straight man in this act, decade after decade.

    Third party seem the answer for a solution now.

    But look, the solution is now or later. This power structure will not last through the reverse slope of peak oil. It’s barely holding together through a pretty synthetic protest over global warming fuel taxes. And, they’ve put their very best efforts into selling that religion to the masses. What happens when people are really hurting? It all becomes a jump ball. Every democrat and every republican and all their backers become damaged goods, unelectable and shunned, if not arrested.

  9. AT

    Deliberately taking down the power grid and the internet would certainly speed that up.

  10. AT

    So it’s unlikely their plan.

  11. Mewswithaview

    The leftists are no where to be seen in this because they are the wealthy class, taxes don’t impact them much as they benefit from the income transfers from the lower working class earners. In the USA the Trump tax cuts have turned into rises for this wealthy group and I expect the Democrats to push for restoration of the tax breaks for their donors under the moniker of taxing the rich.

  12. Melponeme_k

    @Timothy Carroll

    These “actors” are always used to sell social engineering mind control ideas. Did you see that movie in which Dern starred? She raped a child in that film. In fact at the time that film was released there was a plethora of films and books etc., advocating that adolescents (11 to 19) could knowingly engage in a mature sexual relationship with adults.

    That is their kind of sickness of mind. The ones who are cultists.

    It is important to understand that not all the elites are part of this cult. Some of them are cynically using religion and mind control just to line their own pockets. There is another group, like Trump, who are not part of the cult and are frightened of how they have taken over. Not all is roses and fine wine among the super rich. They menace and fight one another all the time to the death if need be.

    This cult is a messianic doomsday cult. They are also not dualists. They believe in God. They believe that God will either come to this earth when everyone is all good OR everyone is all bad. Since being bad is easier than being good, well, we all know what route they took.

    But know this, they are not dualists. They don’t believe Satan, Devil…whatever, is a separate entity. They believe that it is God. The different face of God.

    We are, literally, fighting for the nature of God itself.

  13. Zeke

    Over 60°F today (Dec. 20, 2018) in NYC.

  14. Zeke

    21 December 2018. Today. ~ 65°F.

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