DNC Will Destroy Government In Order To Prevent Southern Border Wall

One charming facet of the Bilderberg gang is how they hate patriotism, hate nationalism and desperately want to control the entire planet via ‘no borders’ except for…ISRAEL.  That nice place has the biggest, tallest walls on the planet earth and this is never, ever mentioned by liberals and ‘mainstream’ news like the odious NY Times and Washington Post.  Trump is forcing them to openly oppose any border controls.


As we watch dying Europe pull back from the brink of utter destruction, beset by howling armies of violent Muslim males, the EU voters have figured out that socialism means destroying their homelands utterly and handing over all the wealth to invaders.  Nationalism is on the rise!  What a surprise.


Sweden migrant claims he had to smash up elderly Swedish lady because she insulted his ‘race’.


It subsequently emerged that despite numerous previous sentences, Walid, an Afghan citizen, had not been deported.


He is a one man crime wave.  Sweden is ruled mainly by leftist females.  Here in the US as well as in Europe, leftist females love mad Muslim males and are key to the importation of millions of these men who then get to brutalize women even more.


One of the sentences was 6 years for attempted murder, but Walid served just over three. During the 2012 attack, Walid knifed a man in Hässelby, puncturing his heart and lung, leading to massive blood loss and respiratory arrest.


In my youth, that would be grounds for the death penalty.  But Arizona has been invaded by Hispanics who want no law and order, it appears which is why Tucson is now one of the worst ten cities in the USA thanks mainly to crime.  I used to fight criminals there and we used guns to do this, too, in the past.  Now, people are forced to simply flee as I did in the end.


He was given just four weeks in prison and a €500 for the vicious assault on Ingrid.


Yes, an elderly woman is attacked for saying something that irritated a young criminal thug and…he is barely punished.  Sounds like Brooklyn to me!  This ends badly, of course.  Crime goes up and Sweden, once one of the safest nations on earth is increasingly one of the most dangerous.


Earlier this year, a Syrian migrant stabbed a woman 130 times and beheaded her after claiming the victim had made a “racist” comment during a previous conversation.


All over the planet, Muslims blow up if anyone irritates them.  In return, they gleefully persecute, abuse and kill people in the name of Allah.  This double standard is identical for leftists and liberals: they can say and do anything their little hearts desire but we are all supposed to walk on eggshells and not even tell obvious jokes if this irritates them.


Then, they go on a rampage and get people fired from jobs, drive them out of their homes, beat them senseless in the streets, etc.  From the Gateway Pundit: This brings us to the persecution of Flynn and frankly, anyone who associates with Trump is racked over for some excuse or another and they want to impeach Trump over the silliest of reasons, the goal is to win via persecution and twisting the laws into pretzels.

The entire ‘crime’ Flynn committed was ‘lying’.  But he was chatting with the FBI who didn’t tell him they were there to interrogate him on a criminal matter, they pretended to be friendly instead.  Flynn, unlike me, is naive and has no idea how the Deep State operates (he does now!) so he thought they were simply socializing.


I have had a number of chats with the FBI as well as my phones being tapped.  We have had a charming relationship since I was doing nothing wrong, people working inside the government were doing wrong stuff which is why a number of them went to prison.


It is now obvious to everyone that the Washington DC goldfish bowl isn’t for normal people.  There are many criminals working inside DC and they protect each other.  Outsiders on the other hand, are fought tooth and nail by these insiders who don’t want normal citizens poking around inside their teepee encampment.


It looks like the Flynn trial isn’t over at all and the appeals will be all the way to the Supreme Court in the end.  The DNC fears this greatly and desperately wanted Flynn to fade away, not fight back.  Well, he is now fighting back and about time.  Meanwhile, mainstream media like the Daily Mail here, continues to attack Trump while he attacks the Chinese trade deficit which is the most dangerous of all our trade deficits:

Yes, the DNC won’t protect our borders but have plenty of time to attack our President because he is protecting our borders.  They want the Sweden solution: a terrified population who is forbidden to talk about invaders (you are literally arrested for this) and who want desperately for social services so you put up with hostile rulers who squeeze everyone to death slowly but surely: our fate, too, if the DNC gets its way.


The Fed attacked the economy right before the election, the bulls in the stock market ran riot with fear and slit their own wrists, as per usual.  Now, it looks like no need to slow down the stock market since the Fed already killed it.  Horrah.


The old adage of buying smart and not going into a panic at the drop of a hat still stands.  If one gets rid of a declining stock, it should be due to internal reasons say, a corporation is being looted.  Happens all the time.  ToysRUs was looted.  My daughter used to work there as a designer and all was going well until the heads of that organization (I knew the founder’s family many years ago in New Jersey) decided to play funny money games to use it as a front to load on a ton of debt to my daughter’s horror.


Now, it is dead and gone.  Good grief.  Talk about insane.  This happens a lot, alas.  The founders of corporations die of old age, the children who inherit want ready cash and bring in others to run it and bang: into the wall.  Happened to my ex-husband’s job at Hellenic Lines.  The Old Man died in the office, the son and daughter feuded with each other, the son brought in German investors who then destroyed the company dumping debts on it and this 60 year old shipping company died.  Boom.  In just one year of being looted, no less.







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27 responses to “DNC Will Destroy Government In Order To Prevent Southern Border Wall

  1. Melponeme_k

    As you’ve always said, they are gangsters. Just with more power and money.

    Some theorists state that the mafia has royal blood. All the same group.

  2. Tom W Harris

    Psssttt…..Elaine, it’s both parties. The Pukes control both houses so they could finance the wall without any Dem help. Just sayin’…

  3. Zeke

    He said he’d get Mexico to pay for the wall. He said that over and over and over again.
    That was an integral part of his build the wall pledge.
    I’m holding him to that pledge.

  4. Aurelius

    @#2 Tom Harris,

    Yes. On a related note, the Repubs lost 6 seats in the House, from California alone, via flipping AFTER election day. Add to that several more — I don’t know how many in total — that were changed from R to D days or weeks after Nov. 6.

    AFAIK, not a peep from any Repub about it, except maybe one tweet from Trump and an offhand comment by Paul Ryan of all people. Methinks the Repubs indeed got tired of winning, really early in the game, and soon settled back to their normal practice of losing. Now why would that be??

  5. AT

    @#2 Tom Harris,

    Spot on there’s no daylight and not a dimes worth of difference between the two parties. Just a bunch of social issues they use to divide us down the middle and box out third parties. Keeps the voters on the bus, because if the other guy wins this time they might actually lose their pet social issue entirely (not) and thus can’t “throw their vote away” with a third party candidate. lol.

    Markets are tumbling. Powell will either raise or lower or maintain rates Wednesday. The government may or may not shut down Friday. Either way, both sides of this charade get to blame it on the other side.

    Even better for the bubblicious bankster who know what will happen and might want to buy the dip.

    Pump and dump, baby; churn and burn.

  6. AT

    Apparently the prosecutors in the Flynn case told judge Sullivan that they had probably cause to indict Flynn for acting as an unregistered agent for a foreigner, a Turkish banker accused of helping Iran avoid sanctions. But, prosecutors declined to do so based on his cooperation, Honestly, that sounds like something they dredged up while he was cooperating and after charging him with the lie in the first place.

    Anyhow, the implication is that where there is smoke there is fire with the lie about contacts with the former Russian Ambassador. . . That way, Mueller doesn’t look like he is creating crimes with interviews rather than using interviews to solve them.

    On the flip side, these are the sorts of missteps that you don’t want made by your National Security Advisor, of all people. He was probably the wrong man for the job. Makes me feel bad for him that he didn’t just retire a General.

    I wonder if Bolton is as clean, but I highly doubt it.

  7. AT

    What’s bizarre is that Judge Sullivan asked the prosecutors whether, in addition to probable cause for acting as an unregistered foreign agent, if they also had probable cause to indict Flynn for “treason.”

    18 USC 2381:

    “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason. . .”

    Under that current AUMF that only includes Al Qaeda and affiliates.

  8. Zeke

    Is that absolutely true or arguable? The US has not declared a war enemy since 1941.
    Others have been found guilty of espionage involving non-declared enemy states, etc.

  9. AT

    Well, I doubt many courts would agree Israel is a “non-declared enemy state.” Unless in your view with Pollard that status attaches from spying itself. Rosenberg with the Cold War were a better example, I think.

    Your reading of Treason is perhaps even stricter than mine. I would argue that helping the opposition during the pendency of any Congressionally authorized military action is treasonable. So, that would include all our wars since WWII, the Vietnam war, the Korean War, the iraq war, and the war in Afghanistan, which has morphed today into a worldwide Al Qaeda hunt. All except the Cold War. Otherwise, we are basically calling those wars illegal and unconstitutional, no? Maybe there’s the rub?

    Arguably, the most intellectually consistent reading of the AUMF is that it has as a declared enemy, a group of non-state actors. Because, our military has been targeting Al Qaeda and affiliates as if that were true.

  10. AT

    Probably, the judge should have asked whether the prosecutors had probable cause to indict under the espionage act, instead for treason. And then they would have replied: no. But come on, he’s a Federal Judge, presiding over a foreign contacts case; crack a book.

  11. AT

    The additional concern is that it might shows the judge has gotten carried away with the whole Iranian tar and feather job.

  12. Zeke

    Judge Sullivan, who is a Republican-appointed judge, gave the opportunity for Flynn a chance to change his plea agreement, but Flynn refused,….
    Despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recommendation of no prison time, Judge Sullivan threatened time in prison. Sullivan said Flynn’s admitted crimes “undermines everything this flag over here stands for! Arguably, you sold your country out!” before suggesting his acts are treasonous.
    The judge asked if a charge of treason could have been considered. After a long pause, Van Grack said he would not answer the hypothetical question.
    The judge called a recess so Flynn could huddle with his lawyers. When Flynn came back, Sullivan backtracked a bit on his earlier comments, saying he did not to mean suggest that the general had committed treason. In fact, Flynn was accused of acting as a foreign agent on behalf on Turkey before he assumed his White House post.


    (Another site said the treason remake referred to the undermining of sanctions against Russia.)

    There’s an overlap between espionage and treason. Do a search. No need to get defensive or snarky. Just asking a question….but you may want to crack a book of your own book. Also, you missed the “etc.”

  13. AT

    I’m typing with one finger and a dishonest, surreptitious spell-checker. And, this blog has no edit.

    Yes, of course there is overlap. Congress passed the espionage act to fill the gap. Why does it matter that an article three judge missed the difference? Because of the history of the founders and the constitution. The founders deliberately curtailed the definition of treason (such as baby writing into the constitution that there needs to be two witnesses, etc.). They did so as a direct rebuke to abuses of prosecution for treason by the British crown. What’s more history is rife with the term treason being used as an excuse to prosecute disagreement, or to go hunting for the estates of political enemies or wealthy imbeciles. Marcus Crassus became the richest Roman of his day by cleverly implicating others with treason, others with property that happened to be on land he wanted to develop into apartments. Once they were convicted, their estates went to Rome. Then, state would hold an auction. The night before, Crassus would have provocateurs gather a mob to burn down the property, ostensibly for reprisal against the “traitor.” Any who showed up to bid the next day would be looking for the original property, not a vacant lot, which Crassus then could bid almost nothing for and win.

    Anyhow I’m not trying to sound snarky. There is a legitimate constitutional question whether Congress can abdicate its responsibility to declare war before the military can act offensively, under presidential orders. The SJC say yes; in an ideal world, I would argue the duty is essential to the constitutional balance of powers and cannot be delegated through legislation to another branch or process. But, we have to look at the treason statute through the SJC lense.

  14. AT

    Incidentally, Flynn can’t withdraw his plea now because while cooperating he has already confessed to facts sufficient to charge him with the failure to register as a foreign agent thing with Turkey, (all in relation to his Company Flynn Intel Group, started before the campaign, rather than his official capacity—and that’s an important distinction as well). Presumably, if he withdraws his plea, then Mueller adds that on too.

  15. Zeke

    Flynn is an admirable person. He did wrong and he admits to it. How rare is that! A mensch.
    And is trying to reconcile by helping the investigation.
    In my opinion, the judge was way out of line. He shouldn’t have injected emotion into the proceedings. Nobody needs another Roland Freisler.
    And since when does a ‘neutral’ judge suggest additional charges to the prosecution? Judge should rule on the charges as presented by prosecution. He is not part of the prosecution’s team. Did he also suggest defences to Flynn’s team. No.
    Those may be grounds for sentencing appeal if Flynn’s defence team thinks it’s worth it.

  16. AT

    How about a real protest: everyone register as a foreign agent for every country?

  17. AT

    Apparently it’s AOK to have $500,000 a plate fundraisers in England with nobles, and get dossiers sourced from active MI6 assets. This whole case is a sham by comparison.

  18. AT

    FYI, most of what the judge asked about, voluntary plea, etc, is pretty standard at any sentencing and specifically designed to avoid appeals. Judges are sometimes allowed to consider stuff at sentencing that isn’t part of the actual case. That’s why he was asking about the other stuff, to see how good the deal he was getting was, if it was too good, if it should impact his decision, etc. As for the rhetoric, judges are supposed to say something to bolster the legitimacy of their position, the court, and their sentence. We pay them for that. It gets dicey when the charges are rinky dink and the media expects blood. Then, the’re also using the speech to psyche themselves.

  19. Zeke

    That’s not my understanding. Seems like the judge was upset because Flynn’s advocates submitted new material at the sentencing hearing that they never raised at trial. Thus throwing shade on the trial outcome and attempting to re-litigate after the trial portion was completed.
    The judge thought rightly that he was at a sentencing hearing and the trial was over. The judge had to stop the sentencing hearing and go back and get Flynn to say under oath statements that refuted the challenging documents submitted by his advocates.
    That’s my take on the unusual events at the sentencing hearing from various reports and analyses in the media.
    Those were serious charges. And with prosecutorial discretion the charges could have been more severe. Maybe the prosecutor didn’t want to overcharge or maybe Flynn was undercharged in light of his cooperation.
    That’s my opinion. You have your opinion. I don’t know where you’re coming up with some of that stuff you wrote but I certainly won’t stoop to be snarky or insulting. It’s an opinion blog. With that I’m outta here. I’m not going to respond anymore. I got other stuff to do.

  20. AT

    That’s not that uncommon.

  21. AT

    Lawyers are always writhing around like that on both sides.


  22. The entire Flynn business is a deliberate destruction as to how our diplomacy operated for many, many years. Most diplomacy is ‘subterranean’ and I HAVE DONE THIS MYSELF in the past!!

    Good grief. This nickel and diming going on pretending we have this ‘rule of law’ is insane and destructive. I want all the deals going on to be made public now since our Real Rulers insist on the ‘rule of law’ and not ‘muck along somehow’ which is the normal system.

    We shall note here that Hillary and Bill and the Obamas still haven’t been arrested and charged for this.

  23. And the reason is obvious: Flynn and Trump NEVER attended ANY Bilderberg meetings! Not a single one! THIS is where the criminals are. And they conspire with foreign powers all the time.

  24. lou

    Are the Bilderbergers Jews?

  25. Petruchio

    Hillary and Bill Clinton haven’t been charged in the Uranium One scandal because the FBI are refusing to release documents they are obligated to do. Now there’s a REAL scandal.

  26. Petruchio

    I’m wondering how the puppetmasters have this ‘Build the wall’ story scripted. Sen Mitch McConnell has come up with a “stopgap” measure to avoid a Government shutdown. What sleazy, despicable, Political Whores. And yes, the two issues are tied together. Why not just get a real Budget deal done instead of a ‘stopgap’ one? Political cover. As usual, the REAL budget deal, the final one, will have loads of disappointing details, so the Political Whores have to be able to say, “well, I hate the budget Deal, but it was the only one that we could pass. They play this charade over and over again.

  27. Until Rome is burned and looted by barbarians.

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