Insane Judge Claims UN Controls US Immigration And Thus, We Cannot Deport Even CRIMINALS!

These are NOT ‘refugees’ they are illegal alien males!  Of fighting age, no less.  And since when has the UN dictate how we control our own borders?  This ruling isn’t legal, it interferes with diplomacy.  This is overstepping one’s bounds.  If this ruling stands, we must leave the UN and let it die, it is pretty useless, anyways.


The concept of sovereignty of the citizens continues to be attacked by globalists working for the Bilderberg gang.  All over the planet, this is happening EXCEPT in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc.  Hello!  What??? HAHAHA.


As a violator of all borders back when I was very young, I even evaded customs when deported to NYC’s Kennedy Airport as well as swimming the Rhine to escape the French authorities and climbing over mountains and swimming rivers to come and go at will…ha…but seriously, many of the illegal aliens are full time criminals.


Wherever they settle in Europe, in North America, crime shoots upwards.  Cities with vast illegal alien populations have high crime rates.  Duh.  So why are judges attacking the citizens by forcing us to take in violent, criminal illegal aliens??? No sane nation does this but then, the Bilderberg gang wants no borders.


The DNC has been crystal clear that we are to have no borders at all what so ever and only Israel gets to have borders and deportations.  Take that, you silly people who think you are a ‘nation’, they sneer.


A Washington Post ‘reporter’ tried to shut down the severely disabled war vet’s Go Fund Me money for building Trump’s wall.

These evil dwarves hate this nation, hate the citizens, want us all to be killed or robbed by aliens, they really, really hate us.  Here is a picture of this complete idiot:

If you google ‘smug nerd’ Tony’s picture shows up.  From his own website:


Chronicling Silicon Valley’s political renaissance: In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, the tech engineers, executives and investors who dominate the country’s tech capital are leading the charge to fight the White House — and rethink the Democratic Party. I wrote in May about a tech-inclined group that’s aiding long-shot congressional candidates in places like Montana. I broke the story on the launch of Higher Ground Labs, an effort by President Barack Obama’s former aides to invest in better campaign technology. I covered the launch of Hillary Clinton’s new nonprofit, Onward Together, which has invested in a group that’s notorious for prodding Facebook, Google and others on civil-rights issues.


This utter creep is also a clown!  What a surprise.  He wants to destroy Trump and destroy Trump voters and this means he hates citizens and patriotism.  He is all about being a traitor, full time.  So of course, Bezos hired him. He tried his best to destroy this fundraiser.  I want this clown shipped to one of the cities like Acapulco  so he can see first hand how wonderful it is down there with no laws, no controls.


Today MSNBC said they are hiring this nasty piece of human garbage and I agree: he fits in perfectly there.  By the way, the fund is over $7 million and is continuing to rise rapidly.  Trump probably will be speaking about this citizen’s movement in the near future.


I want him deported.  I don’t care where he goes, he doesn’t believe in borders so we should send him to some borderless country…hey, France?  HAHAHA.  There is no such thing outside of Europe and North America!




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7 responses to “Insane Judge Claims UN Controls US Immigration And Thus, We Cannot Deport Even CRIMINALS!

  1. lou

    Deporting killers is bad for the bottom line of privatized prisons.
    Prison Industrial complex.

  2. Zeke

    Stock prices of three of the larger private prison corps. dropped even more than the overall downturn on news of the possibility of more states decriminalising marijuana possession and use.

    Luzern County judge(s) got kickbacks from private prisons to keep cells filled.
    Kids from poor families were most susceptible.

  3. Zeke

    What a business plan.
    Kids from poor and broken families were most at risk.
    Those most in need were betrayed most by the system.
    Diabolical business plan.

  4. Aurelius

    IMO the private prison industrial complex is not politically powerful enough to influence the overall plan. That’s a meme from the Bush Jr. years — “they want to fill the prisons to boost profits” — but in light of all the efforts of “criminal justice reform” (ie, decriminalizing black/brown crime), I try to look deeper than that.

    I think they want an army of criminal/terrorist muds that they can spread around the country and turn on when needed to further their political goals. These will be people who cycle in and out of prison. Like that Chekatt guy who terrorized the Strasbourg Christmas market last week. The monster had 27 crime convictions across three countries, at age 29, before killing 3 and wounding others last Tuesday, finally being put down three days later by police.

    I read about so many horrific crimes perpetrated by blacks or browns in Europe, things natives would never do, that are punished by a slap on the wrist. It’s sickening, and defies belief for the civilized person who craves justice. IMO that is the model they are aiming for here, although granted America is not Europe, thankfully.

  5. Jim R

    “Judge Emmet Sullivan” … is that the same Sullivan who called Flynn a traitor?

    Swamp creature, how do we get rid of him?

  6. Tom W Harris

    Send Glozell Green over to envelope him in a scandal.

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