Catalonia, Spain Uprising Hits Bilderberg Gang in Gut, Trump Pulling Out of Afghanistan and Syria, Another Big Blow

Another revolt in Europe: the entire EU is ripping apart at the seams at the same time the Bilderberg gang is desperately trying to openly loot England because voters chose to leave that evil empire operation.  Catalonians were crushed last year by the Bilderberg gang, the leaders arrested and tortured.  But once again, the People rise up to fight back taking heart from the French and Belgium freedom fighters, the Yellow Vest movement is growing ever greater!


Once again, Russia and ONLY Russia is carrying live these anti-Bilderberg demonstrations.  As always, I will keep this on my computer until the no one was left to demonstrate against the Bilderberg gang.  Below is a link with Google that shows only last year’s demonstrations, nothing about this present one in EU news:



HAHAHA.  Yes, toads are meeting and trying to stop human citizens from demonstrating!  Actually, that article is from a year ago.  Carrying real news today is verboten entirely by our Real Rulers.  Here is today’s news according to the Bilderberg founding newspaper who has been one of the top members of this gang of international crooks since Day One, the New York Times:


Trump is pulling out of Syria AND Afghanistan!!! HAHAHA.  Way to go, go all the way.  When both the GOP and DNC Congress refused to fund the wall for protecting US citizens, Trump is going to pull all our troops from overseas since Congress won’t protect America, he will, this way.  BRAVO.


Mattis, being a tool of the elites, quit when Trump decided to pull out of the ILLEGAL invasion of Syria.  The CIA coup failed after a short try at assassination and invasion and then got stuck in a long war with Turkey and Russia siding with Assad while Israel and Saudi Arabia pushed for NATO attacks which were a total disaster and utter failure.


And Afghanistan: bin Laden wanted us to re-invade Afghanistan, we did and now we are stuck there, winning absolutely nothing, destroying our own military being ground down relentlessly there as bin Laden wished.  I was against that invasion from day one!


My own darling little blog way back in April, 2014, tying together the Skull and Bones lunacy with our ridiculous invasion of Afghanistan back then:



This entire business back in 2014 was also when the Apache tribe demanded the Skull and Bones return Geronimo’s skull and I was very much involved in the negotiations over that skullduggery and the Bushes and Cheney clans sent a child’s skull instead of Geronimo’s skull.


I am inserting my old cartoons yet again here because I  feel that the grip of history on us is like the talons of a dragon: we can’t escape history.  Trump is pulling a very dangerous and highly admirable game here: he is no longer trying to please Israel or anyone especially our corrupt Congress but instead, has said last night, he is going to build the wall and Congress can’t stop him and he is going to pay for this via pulling out our troops from pointless, nay, war crime invasions and use the huge savings from this to build a wall.


BRAVO.  Now they have no choice but to impeach him on silly sex charges or kill him. As I have said from Day One since the 2016 election, this is their only two real choices.  If they kill him, he will be greater, to paraphrase Obi One Kenobi, than he ever was in life.


Here is a quote from me back in 2014:


4 dead in Fort Hood shooting  Baffling Rise in Suicides Plagues U.S. Military while our rulers barely worry about  Why suicide rate among veterans may be more than 22 a day.  Instead of wondering why our mercenary army which fights imperialist wars is self destructing, the rulers want expansion of our empire in the teeth of hatred of America.  We were greeted with flowers when liberating Europe but since then, we have been a destructive force of evil, imposing unwanted rule on people we despise or want to steal stuff from them.


Despite Past Attack, Security Is Still Spotty at Fort Hood for the same reason our borders were left open to millions of illegal aliens which our media owners want us to call ‘undocumented workers’ since this is how our rulers view their cheap labor.  The reason for the ‘spotty security’ is due to the fact that our police state/KGB-style government is all about controlling oil and gas sales internationally and controlling the world’s fiat currency printing scheme.


Suicide bomber kills six at Afghan interior ministry and Taliban attack Afghan electoral commission HQ in Kabul


The AP journalists had travelled to Tani district as part of a government convoy from the provincial capital, but in their own car. They were waiting in the vehicle at the entrance to the police compound when a police lieutenant named as Naquibullah came over and opened fire on them. No one else was injured.


And our empire spent a trillion dollars for all this in Afghanistan.  Bin Laden sits in a peculiar hell, laughing with Geronimo whose skull was stolen by a Cheney and Bush Skull and Bones ancestor.  At least they are both very amused.  After all, they get an annual visit from power lusting Skull and Bones initiates!


Trump is now in full combat with the Bilderberg gang.  We all should pray that he wins this battle.  Indeed, patriots should flood into DC to demand Congress support Trump.


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14 responses to “Catalonia, Spain Uprising Hits Bilderberg Gang in Gut, Trump Pulling Out of Afghanistan and Syria, Another Big Blow

  1. Melponeme_k

    Skull and Bones consider themselves some kind of modern day Oracle of Delphi.

    You ever ask to speak to their oracle, they own you…for life.

  2. Tom W Harris

    “If they kill him, he will be greater”

    Puh leeze. Drumpf ain’t nuthin’ but chit now and he won’t be nuthin’ but chit when he’s dead.

    But I hope they leave him alone. Our establishment is pretending all our problems sprang newborn from Drumpf’s mouth or his tweets. But as bad as he is, I could not bring myself to vote for Hillary either. In fact, if she had been elected, chances are we would already be vaporized in a pointless criminnal war with Russia.

    They never give us a choice we can live with. Maybe they’re trying to kill us off so they can have the whole globe to themselves..

  3. Aurelius

    I miss the old EMS cartoons with the Cave of Wealth and Death and various dragons and goddesses. Those were very entertaining and enlightening. However, I appreciate this blog even more in these perilous times.

    Trump has tremendous latent power represented by his base. It’s a matter of activating it, and keeping the promises of Candidate Trump is the way to do it. All this — Syria, Mattis, Afghanistan, standing firm on the wall funding — is great news, if it’s more than just words…

  4. Petruchio

    Skull and Bones. A more accurate name is Numbskulls and Boneheads. A bunch of overly pampered, pverindulged, spoiled rotten rich kids who couldn’t get a job as Chief Dog poop Pooper Scooper in ANY City, USA.

  5. Melponeme_k


    Yeah, their gene pool is getting very shallow. Most of them are working out of networks that were created by people 50x smarter than they could ever hope to be. Those networks won’t last forever without someone smart and in possession of most of their marbles to tinker and repair and maintain. It doesn’t seem that they have those people.

    Hence things are breaking down now and they have no Plan B.

  6. Jim R

    It’s interesting to see the history of your blog in the bylines of the cartoons, Elaine. I always loved these works of art.

    Yup, today looks like a continuation of the decline that has been predicted since the Club of Rome published Limits to Growth, back in the ’70s. The same stuff that has been observed by Dmitry Orlov, John Michael Greer, and several others.

  7. Ziff

    The problem is, Trump is surrounded by ‘Numbskulls and Boneheads ‘ and he is such a unique character ! i often wonder that i see no other down there that could replace him , not one in your whole country.

  8. Jim R

    trying to burn EU flag but it won’t burn because it meets EU regulations on flammable materials…

  9. I never wait passively for perfection. NO humans are remotely perfect. Look at me! I do believe in being active, oneself. We and only we can make things happen. Our rulers are desperate to prevent us from doing anything, they want us to be passive.

    Lots of people are trained to be passive and helpless. I keep saying, EVEN YOU ALL can change history! I did it several times. I am now elderly and retired but really…it isn’t all that hard to interrupt history, it just takes naked courage.

  10. lou

    Lots of people are trained to be passive and helpless > fluoride.

  11. AT

    It’s all shits and giggles until the oil runs out.

  12. Moe

    Moar Armstrong on Yellow Vests: ”
    Blog/Civil Unrest
    Posted Dec 21, 2018 by Martin Armstrong

    “France is now preparing to use chemical weapons against its own citizens around Paris”

  13. The Yellow Vests marched today. I watched it all via Russian TV as usual. The vile President of France used mass forces to fight the citizens. He is losing the battle, they are very determined, these pesky citizens!

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