Generals Demand Trump Keep Troops Dying For Nothing In Illegal Syria Invasion

The generals working for the Bilderberg gang (NOT America) don’t want to withdraw from the very, very, VERY illegal invasion of Syria, these generals are angry with Trump for doing something sane and above all, legal.


This news story is utterly insane.  Assad has been taking care of ‘terrorists’ and ‘dangerous radical Muslims’ with zero US help.  The US is PROTECTING and SUPPORTING Muslim radical terrorists who were trying to overthrow Assad’s government and make it a fanatical government or a mess like Iraq and Libya which the US ‘liberated’ by importing or allowing crazy terrorists.


Brett McGurk (center) has moved up his departure date two months after very publicly stating the possibly catastrophic outcome that could result should President Trump (right) elect to pull American forces at this time. The veteran diplomat, who got his start in the administration of George W. Bush and was appointed to his current post by Barack Obama, now joins Defense Secretary Jim Mattis (left) in an administration exodus of experienced national security officials. Mattis, who is the most respected foreign policy official in the administration, announced on Thursday that he will leave by the end of February.


Utter bullshit.  There was, from day one, zero reason for the US to enter Syria.  Syria didn’t ask for US ‘help’…far from it!  It was an utterly illicit invasion by Israel, Saudi Arabia and NATO.  Even Turkey didn’t want to invade!  The US invasion failed.  Assad knew eventually, the US would have to pull out.


And Trump is doing this! After all, Congress made it clear, we are so poor, we have NO MONEY to protect our own borders!  This childish ‘politics’ is a sign of a dying empire.  We have zero reason to be in Iraq or Syria.  Israel wants this, not the US public or the soldiers being harmed by being stuck in these ridiculous, useless ‘wars’.

I am now fearful there will be a paramilitary coup in Europe and the US as the Bilderberg gang will gamble to see if troops will follow orders and destroy civilian control of all NATO nations so they can still be used as the bank and troops for distant wars that benefit no one in any NATO country.


We can then rename NATO as ‘Yugoslavia’.


I hope EVERY general in the sick Pentagon quits.  About time.  They have sailed through one total failure after another.  We ‘win’ wars only to lose them as the captive populations rise up and kick our asses.  Year after year, we go hither and yon, invading, bombing, destroying and then…are kicked out again eventually after tremendous suffering and huge deaths.

The salient question, ‘What is victory?’ is never answered.  For example, we suddenly and very illegally lied to the UN and then attacked and destroyed Iraq.  That was years and years ago.  And what happened next?


Iraq became chaos and slowly, the people there kicked us out of much of the place and it is still a very unstable mess.  Afghanistan was a trap, bin Laden said openly he wanted us to illicitly invade Afghanistan and get stuck there and be ripped apart by this and voila: it happened.


That mess we should leave behind, too, fast.  If we fear Muslims attacking us at home, all we have to do is NOT LET THEM COME HERE.  What did our rulers do?


Brought in as many as possible!  And voila: Muslim terror attacks rose here and in Europe, too!  Imagine that!  Wow.  Who could have guessed?

Anyone with brains!  Duh.

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One response to “Generals Demand Trump Keep Troops Dying For Nothing In Illegal Syria Invasion

  1. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Is it me or does the picture of the ‘Kurdish Security troops’ in front of the ‘polling-place’ say it ALL about the vacuousness of US foreign policy?

    Sadly, The Kurds are probably due for another whipping – gratis the US Neo-Cons – for the second time in as many decades. You would think they had learned after Shrub I let Sadam Satan do them in the first time? Or, perhaps they will remember and the blow-backl be epochal?

    Maybe some in that little country throwing bricks nearby are beginning to see the peril of their own pending isolation?

    Shanahan meanwhile, was the go-to-guy for BOING when the 787 project was crashing and burning in 2008-9!

    He spent his first month from 5AM to 8AM each morning on the floor of the 747-767-787 “largest building by volume in the world” production line asking the night-crew what they had been doing.

    The answer was ‘cleaning-up the fuck-ups of day-crew.’ So he fired most of the managers and instituted a rigorous house-cleaning & QA program to get the 787 back on track. It worked spectacularly and the 787 went onto be one of BAs most successful planes!

    When he was rewarded with VP-Operations – Shanahan also made great use of veterans to clean-up ALL production – including my pleasant acquaintance Joe Sutter – the father of the 747.

    Me tinx dah Prez has hit TWO home-runs in the same swing!

    Washington City
    District of Columbia
    United states of America

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