Senate Won’t Fund Border Wall, Ginsberg Dying, Liberals Want Destruction

Citizens fundraising for building a wall on our southern border have raised over $14 million in just five days, this is now a record for online fundraising!  Bravo.  This is called ‘putting money where you mouth is’ and unlike the corrupt politicians in DC, citizens are making it very clear, we are serious about protecting our civilization.  The far left wants to destroy civilization for they love Mad Madame Mao and her young communist terrorists who nearly totally destroyed China years ago.


RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: Democrats should stop opposing the wall and sensible border security.  This story reviews how the DNC leaders change position according to prevailing winds. Now, they want open borders because they want illegal aliens to vote for them and more open borders.  This way, the party expands but the fools at the top think these invaders want to follow a bunch of rich brats and Jews and European stock white leftist males.


Nope.  Anyone who has any basic understanding of human nature knows that ethnic/religious identity sticks like mud.  The US has already long surrendered the old tactic of integration and assimilation: everyone must learn English.  Now, Spanish is all over the place and integration is no longer happening.


In 2006, 26 Democrats voted for a bill that directed the building and maintenance of 700 miles of border fencing. Among those Democrats who supported the bill were Schumer, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and then-Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.


Notice how they play this double game.  They depend on people being unable to remember the recent past.  They hope no one checks to see what has happened before.  This is pure 1984 rewriting history constantly.


In 2013, all 54 Democrats voted to pass legislation to build a physical barrier on the border at a much greater cost than the $5 billion President Trump is now requesting. The bill provided $46 billion for border security improvements and added 700 miles of border fencing. Schumer and Feinstein were again among the Democrats who voted for it.


The DNC and mainstream media never mentions this vital information.  This is typical of them. They never, ever review the past and if they do, they do it to erase stuff.


Schumer said it best that same year: “If you’re going to get bipartisan support and get (an immigration) bill done, you’re going to have to do something on the border.” Back then, he acknowledged what we all know: strong borders are essential for our nation’s security.


Schumer has no shame.  He yaps about taxes and then hands over immense funds with no strings attached to his home state of Israel.  All of Congress does this to voters.  Our money flows overseas to many entities all the time and we are told, it is to make America safe.


Yet, when voters want safe borders, suddenly there is no money! WTH?  Yes, no money for protecting citizens.  Tons of money for every other possible thing on the planet earth!

Mad Man Mattis wants perpetual war.  We lost in Syria.  We lost in Iraq.  We are losing in Afghanistan.  We screwed the pooch in Libya.  We lost the Vietnam War, too.  Hello?  See a pattern here?  Oh my gracious me!  Why we are losing all the time after first ‘winning’…that is, we never win no matter how many bombs and missiles we use…this is the real question our Real Rulers never answer.

All the jihadis are CIA-armed entities including bin Laden’s gang.  The CIA brings these radicals into every possible corner of the planet to sow chaos and fear.  I remember all the flag waving and warmongering after 9/11 and how this ended up with the DNC demanding a flood of Muslims be brought home to do terror attacks here as well as in Europe.


So, the final result of 9/11 was to see Europe and North America invaded by jihadis!  Good lord, this is causing the Goddess of History to split her sides, laughing.  Her snake hair hisses with derision.  Humans are so amusing to her!  Why citizens in Europe and North America were tricked into doing this suicidal move is fascinating and I am certain a future historian will write about his ridiculous situation if there is anyone left free to write any histories at all.

Bravo to the ‘Veterans for Peace’.  At least they are sticking to their guns instead of, like the entire liberal left, are not warmongers!  These vets want to protect America.  The left hates America and doesn’t want any protections at all.  This is too easy to see but it is utterly invisible to the left.  They cannot see how they are now the McCarthyites and Nixonian warmongers.  Aka: they are extreme right wing lunatics.

Ginsberg is dying.  Frantic fake liberals want her to live forever so she can finish destroying civilization.  Have no fear!  The howling mobs at our gates, literally at our gates, will destroy civilization!  She is just hastening it because she is too stupid to understand history.


I am flabbergasted about how a zillion history books are written and I own at least 200 history books, myself…seriously, I have two rooms for a library, books to the ceiling!  History, as I keep pointing out, is a very nasty Goddess who writes with a pen dipped in human blood.


Smart people pay heed to her!  Most people have no personal history, either.  My family carries a few documents and lots of stories going back hundreds of years but that is very rare, most people struggle to get past three generations.  The British royals have tons of written history going back to the Dark Ages but seem unable to learn anything from this fact.


HAHAHA…they should brush up on the War of the Roses and the execution of King James…would be instructive. My own family has tons of memories of all that.  Due to fighting and doing crazy stuff, that is.


The looming problems for the US are very obvious to me.  I doubt the US will exist in 50 years, it will break apart along language/religious lines.  The huge number of mixed up people with no cultural background will be destroyed by armed believers of various sorts.  There will be little communication due to lack of a common language…EXACTLY like the end of the Roman Empire.


Last thing here: the mainstream media and the Bilderberg gang are doubling down on screeching about ‘global warming’ as the planet cools down rapidly.  This insanity would be amusing except they want to kill millions and millions of people in the Northern Hemisphere via freezing us all to death.

They are protesting Global Warming rules in France that double the fuel taxes so money can be sent to tropical countries with zero winters.  The People of France are not backing down.


It is going to snow here today, on my little mountain.

It went below zero F here before Thanksgiving, a record broken for severe cold dating all the way back to the American Revolution.

The North Pole is totally frozen, Hudson Bay is 90% frozen.  There is zero hint of this ‘global warming’ going on.  Siberia cold: 88 below zero is even colder than Mars just this last winter.  Just 12 years ago, it was warm!  And we loved it but were told, we would all roast to death.

Well, no one is roasting now yet the propaganda roars onwards.  These fake scientists have resorted to outright lies now which would be funny except I have been very, very cold this fall.  It is painfully cold sometimes!  Here is a very funny picture of Brits wearing heavy coats due to the cold, demanding the planet be colder!

Click here for lots of great views of the Planet Earth showing how very cold the Northern Hemisphere is, look at Siberia: in the deep freeze again.




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47 responses to “Senate Won’t Fund Border Wall, Ginsberg Dying, Liberals Want Destruction

  1. honeybagder don't care

    The “personal history” of any family in this discussion boils down to, “Gee, how great things were when we ruled things”.

  2. lou

    Ginsberg is pro pedophile.

    Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg favors decriminalizing pedophilia and child sex trafficking

    Click to access 20050608_Ginsburg2.pdf

    Click to access cr12se9.pdf

  3. Jim R

    In other news, the British police have arrested a couple of people who were apparently flying a toy aircraft over the runways at Gatwick, shutting down the whole airport for a day.

    Still, with all the lies coming out of the ‘news’ lately, I’m not sure what that was all about. I would think, with modern radio technology, the ‘experts’ should have been able to locate the drone operators in a matter of a few minutes.

    Was this whole incident part of some larger gaslighting campaign?

  4. Ziff

    Just in , Canada is studying letting anyone join the RCMP , no skills needed

  5. Petruchio

    ” This way, the party expands but the fools at the top think these invaders want to follow a bunch of rich brats and Jews and European stock white leftist males.” For the life of me, I can’t understand why or how ANY white male would support this DNC/RNC Agenda of “No Walls”. It just indicates a level of Stupidity that is hard to cure. And of course, no one in the Media asks these people, like Schumer and Feinstein, why it is No Wall for the US, but Israel can build a huge Wall and have an Apartheid State.

  6. Aurelius

    ” …Back then, he acknowledged what we all know: strong borders are essential for our nation’s security.”

    This is a great illustration of the NPC meme. The point is, this is NO LONGER something that we ALL know. There are plenty of people who no longer know that strong borders are essential for national security and other common-sense facts. I am acquainted with many such people.

    Why did they flip on so many common-sense things? Their programming was updated How did the programming update? Via “downloads” from the mainstream media and opinion-leaders whom they look up to by virtue of having a similar ideology.

    NPC is a great explanatory meme. It doesn’t mean that citizens in mass society are literally simple characters in a video game who can be coded to believe whatever their masters want them to believe….or does it??

  7. Ask Hitler’s ghost!

    This is why the Real Rulers fear the internet and us little people talking with each other.

  8. Melponeme_k

    “It doesn’t mean that citizens in mass society are literally simple characters in a video game who can be coded to believe whatever their masters want them to believe….or does it??”


    That is exactly what it means. Many of the Paperclip lottery winners were advanced neuropsychologists who were researching how to control the masses via mass media. They were allowed to do anything they wanted in the Concentration Camps.

    Our government allowed them Carte Blanche here in the US.

    Our mass media is the end result of their research. Everything else extends from mass media.

    They build their false world around us via their fake news, fake TV shows and fake movies.

    Trauma is the best way to control a human being. Since they obviously can’t torture all of us directly, they do it through fake attacks, wars, crime, horror films, and debt based societies. When the brain is in a constant state of paranoia/fear it will let down its guard. It will cease to operate logically and allow many subliminal messages into the brain and influence the citizen. They pair this with substances (sugar, caffeine, flouride plus hard drugs illegal and legal) to weaken the brain further.

    Our music is filled with specific word combinations that support what we see on TV/Film. This confirms the fake reality fed to the subconscious brain.

    Even the corporations of various types are used as brain washing mechanisms. There are loads of subliminal triggers that are tied to McDonald’s! The introduction of, popularity of and destruction of various companies are tied to how useful they are to the MK Ultra techniques. Sometimes they will even go about destroying good companies because they want to insert something new (example K-Mart. They destroyed it by denigrating it in a hit movie called Rain Man). Some companies are bomb proof because they are too jacked in to the MK Ultra narrative and have nothing of equal quality for replacement. The aforementioned McDonald’s being one of them.

    Even our clothing is part of the brainwashing. The colors we choose, the patterns we choose are symbolic of the programming we are attracted to in mass media.

    One of them being animal print clothing. When a female wears animal print, it indicates she is prone to Beta Kitten programming. Basically it is programming that makes females promiscuous, unreliable and unstable with minimal ability to form strong relationships.

    Mostly they target women because women have more influence in society.

    So yes, the elites counted on all of us to be brainwashed robots. They put entirely too much faith in their technologies. Now it is falling apart and they have nothing to use to replace it. After all it took since the 1800s to build this reality. They would need equal time to build another reality.

  9. timothy carroll


    Interesting points, Mel. Regarding Kmart, I remember another feature film of the era, Ruthless People, making fun of K-mart. Heck, even in the ’70s when I was in prep school, the meme going around was “that (sweater, etc) must have been a Blue Light Special – a K-mart advertising gimmick back then.

  10. timothy carroll

    Mostly they target women because women have more influence in society.



    Well, since Sweden is now run by SJW femi-nazis, that country is effectively dead.

    OT: Today at work I was chatting with a 72 year old female and a 50 year old SJW female. Long story short, the 72 year old was commiserating about her failed marriage(s), and a long ago episode in a bar many years ago where she and a group of girlfriends were standing in a circle on a dance floor in a bar and a guy she doesn’t know walks up to her and puts his arm around her.

    “Get your arm off of me!” she says.

    The guy leaves, especially after a male compadre says, “Better listen to her. She’s small, but she’s feisty!”

    So the (gay) SJW female says, “That’s what was acceptable back 50 years ago, so no surprise there!”

    And I say, “Ummm no, even 50 years ago, that was never considered acceptable behavior.”

    “No, no, no! It was!”

    “Ummmmm, no. I was around back then. Most guys with any sense at all knew that women find such approaches completely distasteful.”

    “Well…..maybe SIXTY years ago….”


    Straight white men bad. Must be destroyed…..bleep……..bleep……bleep…..

  11. Melponeme_k

    @Timothy Carroll

    “Heck, even in the ’70s when I was in prep school, the meme going around was “that (sweater, etc) must have been a Blue Light Special – a K-mart advertising gimmick back then.”

    I was never in Prep School but I remember that joke. I think the time frame was around late 70s/early 80s. I was under 10.

    Lets think, who were they trying to make room for and K-Mart was occupying that niche? I can only think that they were making room for WALMART! The family that owns Walmart were probably more important to the power structure than the people that owned K-Mart. So K-Mart had to go. And now we know it took many years of seeding to create disdain in the minds of the people. Shame, K-Mart was really a nice chain store. Much nicer than Walmart.

    “Long story short, the 72 year old was commiserating about her failed marriage(s), and a long ago episode in a bar many years ago where she and a group of girlfriends were standing in a circle on a dance floor in a bar and a guy she doesn’t know walks up to her and puts his arm around her.”

    The whole story is like a portrayal of double blind programming. The woman was at a bar, which already indicates to anyone that anyone there is ready to be “picked up”. And yet there was feminism programming that made the woman aggressive against any male attention. I’m not surprised woman of my mother’s generation were crazy. They were bouncing back and forth between sex revolution beta kitten programs and SJW Feminist militant behaviors. It used to be a joke that the baby boomer men would all prey on women of my age or younger. This was because that programming wasn’t as prevalent in us. And, of course, since much of us were latch key children of single moms…well we weren’t adverse to Daddy figures.

    Talk about destroying a population. Its amazing that we even have a yellow vest uprising.

  12. Petruchio

    To be honest, almost every SJW feminist has absolutely NO reason to fear being approached by straight males and having one put their arm around said SJW female. That might actually be the source of the REAL rage issue SJW womyn have with men.

  13. Really smart young ladies like ahem…myself…happily made tons of money in tips from gentlemen who wanted to make various sex/fun jokes at the stripper clubs. It was ridiculously easy to get tons of loot.

    And now that is gone. Girls have to do much heavier lifting to get a pittance.

  14. lou

    13–My understanding of the skin trade is this, the women are addicts or crazies, nowadays.

  15. shawntoh

    Elaine, but what about right now?

    What is it like to strip now as career, though?

    Here’s something interesting I found and here is a review of what it is like to strip in the “strip capital of the USA” by a Californian type that I know that Elaine just loves (I’m being sarcastic, of course) …

    Warning: this person does use realistic language that some folks may find offensive so it’s not work-friendly or something for grandma and the family dog to view on a warm and fuzzy holiday winter morning…

  16. Melponeme_k


    That stripper looks suspect to me. But since the whole culture is built to make women act like Drag Queens, maybe it’s a real female. However the hip to shoulder ratio seems off. The head is huge. And when she isn’t hunching the shoulders could fit 3 head widths. The hands are big enough to cover the whole face. All around just a very masculine demeanor. However the trachea looks small and I don’t see evidence of an adam’s apple.

    But something is off.

    The powers are now pushing their “actors” in channels since many young people are leaving TV/Film behind.

    What is interesting is the background changes. All of a sudden she has a strange picture of Amethyst or Purple Diamonds. That is MK Ultra imagery. It could be she is just taken in by mind control imagery. Or this is s set, this person is an actor and they are trying to push the “stripper” beta kitten personality on all of us. As in young girls need to copy this masculinized female and men should find masculine behavior attractive.

    Honestly, if this came at me at a club, I would be terrified. HAHAHAHAHA!

  17. Petruchio

    @#13 Elaine: But you are an exception to the Rule. Today, most of the women strippers are doing it for money. And some of them, in part, to it because they like to turn men on.
    @#14 lou: Chicks who are doing drugs have a hard time keeping their bodies looking good. that’s a problem for a stripper. Usually this women are owned /controlled by some guy who collects some of their stripping money. Sometimes not.
    From the video: this alleged stripper uses the term “pussyhole”. I have NEVER heard that term used. She sounds a little phony. And, this stripper is suspect when she says she will do this, she won’t do that. LOL!!! Who does this chica think she is? I suspect the female(?) in the video is a phony.

  18. Moe

    @ 17 Petruchio

    She’s sitting in a trailer, either a prop or she’s not wallowing in cash.

    Ditto on ‘pussyhole’, but maybe we’re just out of touch with current slang.

  19. Melponeme_k

    This looks more and more like a set up.

    Look at the mirror. Who films in front of a mirror where lights are reflected? In Mind Control symbols it represents Twin Programming. This is when programmers create a separate personality that is like the original personality of the person but with slight changes. Then they are told they are twins.

    On some of her video entries she calls her fans, “dolls”. Another weird term for accessing programmed personalities.

    She doesn’t do full nudity? Who is “she” kidding? Full nudity is pretty much in the job title. Unless she is unaltered and the duct taped extra part will show.

  20. Melponeme_k

    They show us how they do it. The elite are many things, but being liars isn’t one of them.

    Or the Comedy Version

    Some of the stories out there are really wlld. While I don’t doubt they are able to make mind controlled slaves, I think the majority of their work is directed at us. They don’t need to make us drop our drawers at certain trigger words and walk around like drooling zombies. All they have to do is create an association in our brains that INFLUENCES us toward something they want. So we walk around thinking we are free, meanwhile they build a Skinner Box around us and ring Pavlov’s Dinner bell.

  21. Moe

    @ 20 Mel

    “The elite are many things, but being liars isn’t one of them.”

    So their commentary is vague, indirect, disguised, couched in metaphor and imagery. This ‘truthful’ dissemination is equivalent to entries in the back pages of a newspaper, where it will go unnoticed.

    This is a perfect equivalence to ‘lying’. To claim they are not “liars” is to conversely grant them status as truth tellers.

    At best, this is akin to a mob guy informing his intended victim that: ‘I’m gonna kill ya, but it’s only business, it ain’t personal’. Yep, that’s the kind of ‘truth’ I’m looking for. (sarc)

  22. Melponeme_k

    @ Moe

    That is their crazy mentality. But technically, no they are not liars.

    They don’t withhold, they put the truth right in front of you then stand a strangely shaped Stripper wearing big fake breasts next to it. If you are conditioned to respond to big fake breasts, well, you can’t cry you were lied to…you just weren’t paying attention.

  23. Moe

    @22 Mel

    It is the elite that conducts the conditioning, or alternatively exploits human inclinations, even normal ones, or weaknesses to deflect attention from their intentions and goals.

    You are technically accurate in the claim of their frankfullness, but intent does count. They have no intent to accurately, frankly and openly disclose their purposes, methods and goals.

    I seldom disagree with you, but on this issue I’m not inclined to parse meanings or words, aside from noting that the elite is not a disseminator of Truth in the real sense of the word.

  24. Melponeme_k

    We don’t have to agree. But after all my researching and reading…I have discovered…yes, they do tell everyone outright what they plan. They do tell us outright and honestly. HG Wells, himself, pretty much laid out the plans in his non-fiction books.

    These books are not out of print and are in libraries, as far as I can tell.

    The elite can point to his books and his contemporaries along with a plethora of fictionalized accounts in other books, plays, TV shows and films as evidence of the truth. Just because Well’s non-fiction books were published in the late 1800s/early 1900s is no excuse. As far as they are concerned, you should have been reading. They read. They read extensively. In fact they are all quite keen to showcase their libraries any chance they get.

    So because you didn’t seek out the books that their theorists write doesn’t mean they were lying or withholding. As far as the are concerned they give both knowledge in one hand and Pleasure Island in another. If you choose Lotus eating over grabbing a book…well that fault isn’t on them.

    But think of it this way. When were the times you have sneakily misdirected a bit in regards to information. Hmmmm? This is related. We are all on the saving living field as it were. Our disassembling makes theirs possible. If we were all astutely vigilant, educated, logical and fair…this reality we are in now would be IMPOSSIBLE.

  25. Moe

    @24 Mel

    Thanks for your lengthy elucidations.

    “They do tell us outright and honestly.” I would say they do this duplicitously. Your assignment of responsibility is usually referred to as ‘Blaming The Victim.’

    But you make an interesting point regarding the relative level of truthfulness, honesty, integrity, credulity and curiosity of the general populace. IMO, all are lacking.

    Using my own experience, upon reflection, I have been lied to all my life. Sometimes insignificant, almost benign lies. Parents, wife, children, friends, those closest to me. On larger scale, union leaders, teachers, corporate management, politicians, etc. Wanna be lied to? Just watch TV commercials. We’re so inured to lying we often don’t recognize it.

    And of course I must admit to indiscretions. I never lie to family or friends, or even casual contacts when selling a personal item for example. But I have no scruples in lying to a government representative, or the police, revenue agent etc., and feel zero remorse for what I discern as a mechanism to protect myself from the iniquities of government or other perfidious agency.

    Nevertheless, your point is well made, regarding the pervasiveness of sloth, ignorance, dishonesty, irrationality and credulity in the general populace, and that on both a physical and esoteric level they are precursors to exploitation. That also brings up the interesting observation that we may invite exploitation via this weakness.

    And I have come full circle: the victim might indeed be to blame. 🙂

  26. Melponeme_k


    No, don’t think of it as victim blaming or self blaming. Remember we are sensitive to words and statements. That is how the elite structure programs us.

    Look at it, cast it as Taking Responsibility.

    Personally we can’t make a dent in the power structure. But what we can change is ourselves. How we interpret personal events and how we react to them. The elites want us to be overly sensitive with knee jerk anger reactions. The first order of business of every person, is to take control of emotions. When you aren’t getting up on the high horse/anger outburst, you’ll be able to see what is going on within yourself and other people.

    I can attest this is so powerful that taking this simple step is like magic. In fact controlling emotions is the first step in any magical or spiritual system. But please note, I said LIKE magic. I’m not advocating any system or religion. But if that works for someone, good.

    When we are under control emotionally, we can make the right choices in our personal and social lives. Automatically everyone around you will be inspired to make breakthroughs themselves. You will see everyone around you change from family to friends to strangers on the street. I’ve experienced it. This is one of the reasons why I really believe that we are all living, experiencing and creating a unified living field.

    But this is getting very spiritual, woo woo now. If that isn’t what you want to think about, I suggest a completely logical method to this change…read Richard Wetherill’s book “Right is Might”. He also has other good books in the same subject. But Right is Might is really essential.

    Once you get emotions mostly under control, the next move is to solve sexual problems. This is why we are under constant bombardment of sexual images and subjects and wrongful treatises on relationships. This is all Freud, Jung and Wilhelm Reich psychology. Reich in particular thought that most of our problems stem from sexual traumas we suffered before the age of 5. Going back and recovering those memories solves our problems from neurotic behavior to allergies to general aches and pains. I haven’t gotten that far, so I can’t say if this is true yet. XD

  27. Moe

    @26 Mel

    Thanks, I’ll find Wetherhill’s book.

    I can attest to the accuracy of your comments on emotional control. I have been accentuating this for the past few months and the effect is extremely calming, to say the least. And I meant to include a comment on personal responsibility in my last posting but forgot.

    My comment about victim liability was intended somewhat tongue-in-cheek: what I could have additionally stated was that weakness does not warrant attack, but in this world usually attracts it. Your last contribution provides the corollary: genuine strength, arising from self-control and realization, inoculates the individual.

    The balance of you posting will have to stand without comment: my ignorance is profound.

  28. Melponeme_k


    “The balance of you posting will have to stand without comment: my ignorance is profound.”

    So is mine, I admit. Reich, in particular, was one of the members of the Frankfurt School. Their aim was to destroy American Culture and rebuild it as a Communist NWO. He used his research to advocate for all the sexual revolution ills. And yet, in his book “The Function of Orgasm” he states outright that we mostly experience healthy relationships with a monogamous partner.

    I wonder what motivated him from truly helping people’s emotional problems to using his discoveries to destroy?

    What they use to brainwash us can be used to help us. The same methods can put us all back together again instead of ripping us apart mentally. However, they make more money when we are broken.

    This film is a fictionalized account of L Ron Hubbard. It is said that Hubbard was trained in psychology and programming. What he knew could and probably did help people. Initially. But instead what he did was take away extraneous problems to rebuild others in their place. Mainly belief in his own cult, Scientology.

    In this scene the Hubbard character helps the other man admit to an incest attack and made the connection on how it related to why he left the love of his life. There is a flashback that is really long but the session ends with the younger man feeling free from both his mental problems and the physical manifestations of those problems.

    All of these techniques can help people. But we have people looking at it as a way to take advantage. Our job is to make sure they have little to work with and use.

  29. Petruchio

    @#18 Moe: I do “research” from time to time on this very subject of strippers. I make no apologies for this. I like ogling hot women. Depends on how ‘elite’ a Gentleman’s Club you go to. The High End ones will of course have better looking women than the moderate priced Gentleman’s Clubs. The High End ones will have more of the “professional hottie” type. Former NFL cheerleaders. That type. Or some hottie strippers are good looking enough to travel around the Country, working at the High End places. I think the women of this type are in it for money. The chick in this video? Awful! I can tell you for a fact there are a lot of much better looking women than her who are actual strippers. And the Chick in the video here would even have a hard time getting a job at a moderate priced Gentleman’s Club. She’s too plastic, too fake boobs looking. As I mentioned earlier, I have sone a lot of research on this subject. I do not expect to be thanked for this, but I will continue to soldier on.

  30. Moe

    Guess you’re more conversant with the slang then. Pussyhole indeed.

    That’s the kind of ‘research’ that produces genuine results! Wonder if I could get a grant?

    Like Mel said, looks fishy.

  31. lou

    #14 lou: Chicks who are doing drugs have a hard time keeping their bodies looking good. that’s a problem for a stripper. Usually this women are owned /controlled by some guy who collects some of their stripping money. Sometimes not.–maybe. one stripper told me ‘even the married ones are sluts.’ I figure sped and coke keep one thin.

  32. So…we now know your secret, Lou: you hang out with strippers! HAHAHA.

  33. About successful strippers: it isn’t the looks, it is the ACTIONS. The art of the tease is a skill. Anyone can look like a rutting cow and act like a cat on a fence but being artful and cunning and teasing is a skill.

  34. lou

    33–No, I am in Los Angeles and lots of gals strip. I knew one. I dont go to clubs.
    But thanks.

    Merry Christmas.

  35. Jim R

    Merry Christmas, dear Elaine! And happy solstice!
    we start getting more daylight from here .. it should start warming up in about three months. 🙂

    #20 @Melponeme,
    They are too liars. It’s just the the lies don’t always work, and sometimes there’s a glitch in the matrix. And a glimmer of truth comes shining out.

  36. Petruchio

    Moe, lou, elaine: the alleged stripper in the video is imho a fraud. She aint no stripper. Any stripper that cops the attitude the one in the video does, gets frozen out of money. The guys in a Gentleman’s Club can smell a b#tch from a mile away. A stripper with a “Pay me first” attitude gets minimum tips. Every real stripper knows that if you want to make money, you gotta give the guys what they want: a show. That means doing a little more than the minimum. And to get more money through tips, a stripper has to know her audience. Figure out who gives the best tips and who doesn’t tip much. And a dancer has to find this out by giving out more than the bare (HaHa!! Pun intended!!) minimum. And, it all depends also on how hot the stripper is. If she is a thoroughbred, she can play the stripper game one way. A Major League looker can play a little hard to get/see. If she’s just OK looking and average body, she gotta bump and grind it to get the gold. I don’t know about the strippers being sluts/ho’s. I’m sure some of them are. I think a few dancers are strippers because they have boyfriends who get turned on by their wife/girlfriend being a stripper and having men pay the wife to see her naked. Some strippers have “Daddy” issues and some do drugs to one degree or another. And some women get turned on sexually by being strippers. According to researchers on this subject, being a stripper is a common sex fantasy among women. Most women with this fantasy don’t actually become strippers though. And Moe: I always welcome data input. Dig deep into this subject and let me know. What part of the world are you from, btw?

  37. Moe

    @37 Petruchio

    “Dig deep into this subject…” Hmmm, Freudian slip? 🙂

    Married and content, won’t be pursuing this avenue.

    Used to in my (misspent) youth though. My father was such a wonderful influence, had me drinking in bars with him at age 16. We used to go to the strippers’ club too (we called them ‘Dancing Girls’ in those days). Our favorite we appellated ‘Betty Boop’. This girl had an amazing ability to rotate her breasts in any direction, clockwise, counterclockwise, counter-rotating, etc. It was great fun, gotta love a true artist at work! My only wish is that it wasn’t exploitational, but not too sure about that.

    Not too sure the above is apropos for Christmas content, but at any rate, Merry Christmas (Christ-mas: remember your heritage?) to all.

  38. HAHAHA. Sounds like a Southern Hoochie Koochie joint. Did bikers hang out there, too?

  39. Moe

    EMS: Yeah, always some bikers. Usually just working stiffs. (Stiffs: damn, there’s that Petruchio influence again!).

  40. Melponeme_k

    Hoochie Koochie…Working Stiff… All of these are MK Ultra terms. Words to simplify our thinking and in the process add more sexual trauma to our lives. So of course all these words are demeaning and they demean us when we use them.


    Strip clubs are the MK version of debauched reality. You are looking at dolls. You are looking at broken women who, by and large, dislike men and only seek to take money from them. They even have doll names.

    In turn, the men who attend these places are horribly broken. Maybe even utterly. They were taught to look at women as apart, as mercenary. And yet, some get under the delusion they can have relationships with these women or save them. These are all BIG MOTHER ISSUES!

    The more I think about it, the more I agree all our problems are sexual in nature. And our society is built to traumatize us in this way to stop us from forming natural relationships. Men and women can heal one another. All it takes is absolute trust and ignoring our FAKE culture.

  41. Petruchio

    Sometimes things aren’t complicated. We just make them complicated by adding our personal opinions. Men who go to Gentleman’s Clubs are merely horny bastards, that’s all. Now if you go to these places all the time, such as 3-4 times a week, every week, THAT’s a problem. It’s like drinking alcohol. Used in moderation and sensibly, nothing wrong with it. Go to Gentleman’s Clubs once a month, nothing wrong with it. It’s completely normal for men to find hot looking women attractive. Ad you should do some research on female sex fantasies! They fantasize about being strippers, about being hookers, about being Porn stars, about having sex with strangers, etc.. I think this kind of fantasizing is normal–as long as you always know that the fantasy is just a fantasy.

  42. Melponeme_k


    I NEVER had a fantasy about being a Porn Star (most of whom were sexually abused as children) nor a Stripper (again childhood sexual abuse), not being raped or having sex with complete strangers.


    If a woman has those fantasies it is a deep indication that she has been abused and therefore it has disturbed her sexuality. She believes in a subconscious level that she must be abused in order to enjoy sex. Eventually that will come out in her real world existence in which she chooses men who will outright abuse her or push her non-violent partner to enact violent fantasies

    I advice any man who meets a woman like that to RUN. RUN for the hills!

    Strip Clubs cater to the broken males who were the product of abusive mother relationships.

    An independent, well adjusted man would find no need to go to a place where he is demeaned by subconsciously told he is only worthy of female attention if he waves around fake rubber dollars. Eventually this will cater to a growing hatred of women because, subconsciously, the strip club will grow to encompass ALL OF REALITY.

    The only reason you think going to strip clubs is a right and a fantasy was because the CIA ripped apart the former, well formed society in the 50s to 70s and sold you a crazy story that it was your right.

    Well, it is your right. Again they gave you a choice. Go to it. But then don’t cry about women and MGTOW when you CHOSE TO TREAT other human beings as dolls to pay to use.

  43. Petruchio

    “Strip Clubs cater to the broken males who were the product of abusive mother relationships.” BALONEY. I said earlier, if you frequent Gentleman’s Clubs 3-4 times a week, that’s a problem It’s like drinking too much. Everyone has a sex drive and the sex drive pretty powerful. I have thought for quite awhile that people really need to research the subject of the Sex drive. It motivates human behavior in a lot of ways. Whu we date, marry. The products we buy. Men have been ogling women’s bodies since there were women, even in the 50’s and 60’s. Having a healthy sex drive should be something people strive for. As far as your sex fantasies–or lack of them–I was just quoting the research that says women who do have sex fantasies fantasize about. They call ’em sex fantasies for a reason. When you can’t separate reality from fantasy, then you have a problem. Nothing wrong with checking out the strippers now and then. There have always been strippers in one form or another. It aint going away.

  44. Melponeme_k

    Do you honestly believe the research that comes straight from the powers that want to tear us apart through sexuality?

    Do you really believe anything they say? You are taking their definitions of who you are, what you are and what you are supposed to want/think.

    Pre-1920s and earlier, everyone was relatively well adjusted except for the few that had serious problems. The powers studied these problems as TEMPLATES to spread the damage. THAT was the aim of Freud, Jung and Reich. They have inculcated these problems in the rest of us. Order out of Chaos. Except they continually make the chaos themselves and then give the order too.

    We don’t know how much sex influences us. Because we have never lived in a society that hasn’t shoved it down our throats.

    Every child’s movie is filled with sexual innuendo in order to cause small but continual breaks in the psyche that eventually causes trauma.

    The only one who can’t separate reality from fantasy is not me in this conversation. I don’t buy Elite BS anymore. They don’t tell me who I am. And my fantasies don’t involve degradation. But yours do, if you go to clubs and the same for any man.

    Go back to sleep. Again, the Elites TELL THE TRUTH! If you don’t listen or you believe them or ignore them, it is the same to them. It gives them permission to go on.

  45. Moe

    Lately I have become aware of the limitation imposed by language and concept, buttressed by comments here at EMS. Examining a simple one I recently used, the term ‘working stiff’ (which appears innocuous upon first sight), I contemplated some of the unexamined attributes of the term.

    I have no idea of the origin of this term nor whether its introduction was intended as a limiting concept as Mel projects, though acknowledging the importance of this factor. My present interest is primarily be the realization of a limiting construct, and how it impacts our self-perception.

    What are the connotations of ‘working stiff’? Its primary conceptualization appears to be ‘Not Us’ or ‘Not Them’, that is, not of the educated and important, or the intelligentsia, wealthy, privileged, elite, or even more insidious, the successful. It is a classifier that implements separation and a sense of inferiority: one could posit that all class distinctions have a similar effect.

    But as Mel points out, it is also degrading. We might wear this appellation with a note of pride, proud of our class and the importance even of lowly level work (which is factual), without realizing that its utilization by our ‘betters’ is to distinguish those of lesser capability, intelligence, social status, importance and ultimately and most importantly, value. As invidious as this is, even more debilitating is the integration of theses concepts by the individual, inducing separation accentuated by an attendant sense of inferiority.

    And this is the effect of a single disparaging term! Multiply this effect by many factors of ten to garner some appreciation of how we are conditioned and indoctrinated, by family, society at large, religious instruction, and particularly and perniciously by media.

    Postscript: the simplest analysis as above reveals that thoughts (concepts) are perceived as reality by the brain. It’s interesting to envisage that thought might also have an external reality, and the implications of that.

  46. ‘Working stiffs of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your wallets.’

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