Surge Of Illegal Aliens Overwhelms El Paso Detention Centers, Allowed To Go Free, Get Welfare

Over Xmas the invasion of the US shoots upwards as the government runs out of room at detention centers and illegal aliens flood into Texas at El Paso.  Meanwhile, Congress refuses to stop this flood of people seeking welfare money or criminal activity.  Eventually, our country will be utterly destroyed but liberals don’t think ahead, the consequences of encouraging invaders has tons of history to back me up in saying, this kills empires.


Before this news, President Trump (or his staff) posted the above tweet last night  about how the two DNC Congressional leaders, Schumer and Pelosi, said the exact same posting for Christmas:


Last night, President Trump ended the crazy ‘catch and release’ for illegal aliens, a policy began by Obama. I suppose this might be because of what happened in El Paso.  You can bet, news about this successful invasion is being passed down into the southern states where many people want to go to the ‘Golden Land’ where food and money pours into people’s pockets and stomachs via welfare payments.


Aliens trying to enter the U.S. to claim asylum will no longer be released into our country, where they often disappear before a court can determine their claims merits.


Instead, those aliens will be processed by DHS and given a “Notice to Appear” for their immigration court hearing.


While they wait in Mexico, the Mexican government has made its own determination to provide such individuals humanitarian visas, work authorization, and other protections.


Aliens will have access to immigration attorneys and to the U.S. for their court hearings.


Aliens whose claims are upheld by U.S. judges will be allowed in. Those without valid claims will be deported to their home countries.


So, this is going to be the law again.  It was the law before Obama.  Now, things are out of control and the flood of invaders has been rising relentlessly thanks to this Obama program:

Just before the election, the Arizona Sheriff’s Association issued this statement:


According to Border Patrol, at approximately 3:30 a.m., camera operators observed a huge number of illegal aliens being dropped over the border wall east of the San Luis Port of Entry. That group, totaling 108, was part of a coordinated smuggling effort where the subjects were dropped off the legacy landing mat border wall in four places simultaneously. The smuggling facilitators never crossed with the groups and returned to Mexico.


It is apparent to anyone who looks that the immigration crisis has reached a critical juncture. Border Sheriffs were recently informed that due to a lack of available space and resources, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has no alternative other than to release en masse hundreds of detainees. We were also informed of the fact that our federal partners can’t hold family units because of the Flores Settlement Agreement resulting from one judge’s interpretation of the agreement which imposed the same requirements for Unaccompanied Alien Children to Accompanied Children. Simply put, this is judicially ordered “catch and release”, and the government has no choice but to comply. Undoubtedly, many of these persons will be released onto the streets of our communities. Understandably, this is a move that Sheriffs adamantly oppose—both from a community safety and a humanitarian standpoint.


The United States Border Patrol (USBP), ICE, and the Federal Courts do not have the capacity to handle the influx of family units that are pouring over the border. Last year, in excess of 80,000 family units were apprehended. This year to date, there have been in excess of 140,000 family units apprehended at the border, and this number seems to increase daily. Additionally, over 100,000 unaccompanied minors have also been apprehended. This further compounds the crisis we face. It is time we realize that the current procedures/policies are in need of immediate revision. Detaining these family units pending an immigration hearing in Federal Court is not feasible. Doing so is only adding to the problem since the courts are incapable of handling the workload. All evidence indicates that the entire system is past the breaking point.


After the election, the state of Arizona ended up being run now by mainly DNC candidates who want an open border since the DNC voting base is mainly very recent immigrants and their families who need open borders.


As we see in Europe, this is an outright invasion.  Taking care of these invaders who use children…just like the invaders of Europe used children…as tools to pry their way into countries where they squat.  Nearly all the Muslim invaders in Europe who came in the last several years are on welfare.


The USBP is currently using up to 40% of their available staff to monitor family units. In one case, agents are left to provide 24/7 care to a five month old infant and a 1 year old child while the mother is hospitalized for a serious injury sustained while climbing the border fence. The Yuma Sector Border Patrol alone is currently housing on average 700 detainees. Importantly, they are apprehending approximately 150 more daily. Current estimates are that nationally there are in excess of 45,000 currently in custody. The total available housing for detainees has been exceeded exponentially. At what point do we admit what we are doing is not feasible and change the course of action? We contend that it is already overdue to do so.


Despite taking care of this flood of aliens, children dragged around the deserts for weeks end up frail so when they do die, this is blamed on Americans trying to keep these poor children alive.  This, in turn, is used by liberals to force us to take in anyone who charges across the border.


This tactic was used in Europe.  After pictures of cute dead children appeared, the citizens of Europe were shamed into accepting the invaders.  When it turned out that the cute little boy who drowned while his daddy didn’t die, that the father was invading Europe so he could get dental care…this unfolding story was hidden by mainstream liberal news.


The hiding of real news is very annoying, even inside my own family circle, people believe the mainstream news so they have no idea what is going on.  Warnings don’t register, it is very easy to say, ‘let them all in’ so long as the invaders are not at one’s own doorstep.


Just like it is easy to say, ‘Save the Earth’ and plant a seedling when the policies being built are designed to make people who live in cold places, very, very cold in the future.


Looking into the future is important.  Things don’t just happen, they have consequences and often, being ‘nice’ can end up being ‘dead’.


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20 responses to “Surge Of Illegal Aliens Overwhelms El Paso Detention Centers, Allowed To Go Free, Get Welfare


    The Go Fund Me Wall has over $17 million raised so far. This is amazing. Go Fund Me site says:

    Republican Representative Representative Warren Davidson has bill on the table right now HR 7207 that if passed with Gov Funding bill we can give the funds towards the wall, and with our contractual guarantee to only be used on the wall.

  2. My home town of Tucson, AZ, is seeing hospitals go bankrupt due to illegal aliens using services and none are paying for anything if they are illegal aliens.

  3. Petruchio

    I don’t know how it is in other States, but here in MN, when a person uses their EBT card it prints their Balance on the purchase receipt. You don’t have to guess at their monthly Benefit; it is substantial. I don’t know how ANY one person or Family can qualify for a $1500 per month Food Benefit and also get a Cash Benefit of equal size. Too bad long time taxpayers do not qualify. Here’s how it works. When an Illegal hits town, they get “wised up” by a fellow illegal already there. Eventually these illegals apply for and get Jobs in the Social Welfare agencies, such as EBT. Then they can REALLY milk the System. These illegals aren’t stupid. They are being handed more money in ONE month here than they made in their Native countries in a YEAR. Maybe 2 years. Now if you are a Native citizen, you don’t qualify.

  4. lou

    3–Thanks. What can poor citizens get?

  5. tio

    You can have a welfare state or you can have no borders, you can’t have both. This isn’t a particularly difficult conundrum unless you have to take your socks off to count to twenty.

  6. tio

    This trip is for you if;

    You are interested in immersing yourself in other cultures.

    You’re ready to step out of you’re comfort zone.

    You are ready to be inspired!

    You are willing to be a part of a movement that supports women and strengthens communities.

    You want to step up your Instagram and Facebook game with interesting pictures and stories.

  7. lou

    7–foolish women. Is it Paul Watson who lists all the ‘I went there and died’ tragedies?

  8. lou

    yes, its the video in 7 that lists the murders. or some of them.
    How about the couple shot on the road?

  9. timothy carroll


    Thanks, Tio, for including the Paul Joseph Watson clip. I love that guy! I used to feel sad for the libs who get slaughtered again, again, and yet AGAIN by their pets. I no longer feel sadness. Don’t get me wrong, I feel no glee, either. Rather, I am beginning to see it through the lens of Darwinism. To be honest, I’ve done more stupid things in my life than I care to admit to…..and the wonder that I’m here at all is a total mystery.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I realize I can be stupid, so I try to second guess myself most of the time. I find that about 90% of the time my prejudices serve me fairly well (blacks moving into a neighborhood = never a good thing. Anyone I’m not remotely connected to having an interest in my well being = con artist.) Live and learn. There is no fool like an old fool. 🙂

  10. Jim R

    Aww, come on Elaine. We can let a few Germans into Rome. They’ll learn Latin and worship Jove and Neptune.

    You’ll see it will be just fine.

  11. Melponeme_k

    It’s not only Hispanic illegal aliens or Muslim “refugees”. In the 80s and 90s, the influx of Russian Jews were all on assisted housing, welfare and food stamps. They drove expensive cars and the women shopped in fur coats then would flash the EBT card. They would claim they had no husband but the husband lived with them incognito.

    Everyone in NY knew about the fraud. But nothing ever changed.

    It will only change when we refuse to foot the bill.

  12. tio

    Timothy, for Heavens sake don’t pay any attention to anything I post here. Seriously, please. The outburst above doesn’t really align so much with my centrist ideals .. more along the lines of enjoying one of my Christmas presents a little too much.

    And just for the record anyone who reads Elaine’s blog is no fool.

  13. lou

    12–on Via Marina street, near venice beach there is a low income housing project. 400? units of russian jews. how many millis of these monsters are in USA?

  14. Melponeme_k


    Oh, they call came in as Refugees from Russia! They got everything. There are millions, most of them centered in NYC, Denver and in South Florida. Supposedly there was a group working in Alaska dealing in poaching wildlife especially salmon and roe. I’ve heard they settled in California too.

    We have a huge Red Mafia problem in the US. But we never hear about it because they are Jewish or at least claim to be.

  15. Petruchio

    @#4 lou: When II was outsourced from my FT job, I applied for EBT benefits. I am a white male. The Idian/Pakistani employee for EBT determined that I should receive a Grand total of $82 PER MONTH. Period. I have been a taxpayer, paying into this system for decades, but the non Native Pakistani thought I deserved the absolute minimum. And I had to meet very extensive requirements. I had to provide the Pink slip for my car. I had to show recent copies of my PT employment paychecks. And I remember, I was told that the first paycheck copies were not current enough Then, I had to provide a photocopy of my current bank account balance. All of this for $82 per month. Total. I worked as a cashier at a grocery store for some time. When an EBT recipient makes a purchase, the receipt will state in an EXACT amount, the EBT recipients actual, real, balance. There is no guessing. People from Somalia who have NEVER contributed even one penny into the System receive $1200 per month food benefits AND an equal amount in CASH benefits. I know this to be a FACT. I personally viewed these receipts. So, longtime taxpayer, white male, receives $82 total benefits per months. Deadbeat freeloader from Somalia get $2600+ per month. And I bet they get a Housing subsidy too.

  16. Petruchio

    @#15Mel: What Russia (Soviet Union) did by allowing citizens to leave is the same thing Castro did in 1980. They opened up travel to all their troublemakers. They exported their criminal problem to become somebody else’s problem: the US of A. As far as the Cuban “refugees”, it’s a mystery to me why that sleazy, lying fraudster Ronald Reagan didn’t get more grief for allowing this. And the Russians/Soviets did the very same thing.

  17. Zeke

    Tyrants love emigration. It’s a safety valve for them. It allows them to release pressure from dissidents, opposition.
    I ask you, how long would the Castro Bros. have remained in power if “we” hadn’t facilitated them by removing all opposition to them.
    I actually witnessed a subsequent wave, those swept out from jail, coming into the docks from Mariel on shrimpers loaded to the gunwales, standing room only, limited freeboard.
    Ronny Raygun was a spiffy corporate shill.

  18. Petruchio

    I try not to think of the despicable fraud Ronnie Reagan. Don’t get me started on Reagan; he should have been impeached AND convicted just for Iran Contra. Reagan also granted Amnesty to 3 million illegals. Raised taxes 11 times, all the while portraying himself as Anti Government. I could go on. I will stop here.

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