Trump Visits Troops Overseas, Mainstream Media And DNC Scream In Agony

Click here to see how the dying magazine, Newsweek, gets hysterical about Trump being photographed with troops in Iraq.  It is a long, long article of whining about this and how this endangers the troops who might be blown up because of this!  The goofiest part of this hysteria on the left and the Bilderberg gang’s naked attempt at spooking everyone is…the ‘terrorists’ can easily see where US troops are all over the planet!


Duh!  The troops are often people who are foreigners who look and talk and act different from the ‘natives’!  Figuring out who they are is ridiculously easy!  This whining, whinging article pretending that the writers who are liberals, are genuinely worried about our troops (or anyone who is military/police) is fake as well as nasty.


Here is proof the troops loved Trump and wanted to take pictures of him with them and share these with the world which is how Newsweek got a photo here:


A pool report during Trump’s visit said the details of the trip were embargoed until the president finished giving his remarks to a group of about 100 mostly U.S. special operation troops engaged in combat operations in Iraq and Syria.


The pool report went on to say that Trump paused to take a selfie with U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Kyu Lee, who said he was the chaplain for SEAL Team Five, based out of Coronado, California. The chaplain said Trump told him: “Hey, in that case, let’s take a picture.”


HAHAHA.  So, the pool of fake reporters itching to find something, anything they could report that would be nasty were told to wait…until Trump was done talking to the troops…before they could be unleashed to squawk at him!


While being photographed at the troop meeting, surrounded by happy men (yes, nearly all people fighting in dangerous places are still males!) one of them said he re-enlisted because Trump won the election!

Newsweek, being run by people who hate America with a passion, didn’t mention this business, either:


The horror!  The troops were very happy and enthusiastic.  Why is this?  Oh!  Trump is finally winding down all these fruitless invasions created by the former gang who ran America!  The Bilderberg gangsters tangled our troops into ridiculous and quite illicit wars based on naked lies to the UN and the world.


Meanwhile, back in the good old USA, another police officer was murdered by an illegal alien.

Trump’s staff is very clever.  They included in the tweet the fact that Obama (as well as old Hillary) ran for office while claiming they would stop the flood of illegal aliens.  Yes, I have some memory left even though I am an old creature.  It amazes me how the entire DNC and their voter base has Alzheimer’s disease.


Embedded video

About insanity: Canadian Muslim immigrant, Younus Kathrada gave a sermon about how the Muslims plan to integrate into society:


Those Muslims who congratulate Christians on the Christmas holiday are committing crimes which are even worse than murder, according to Sheikh Younus Kathrada from the Canadian province of British Columbia.


During his sermon at the Muslim Youth of Victoria, which came ahead of Christmas celebrations across the globe, Kathrada expressed regret over Muslims’ perception of what he described as a “false holiday”, claiming that they “must be offended” by the beliefs of Christians.


Kathrada went further by arguing that if a person commits such major sins as adultery, lying or murder, “they are nothing compared to the sin of congratulating and greeting the non-Muslims on their false festivals”.


A viper at the breast.  This is a problem that has to be faced.  Europe is on the verge of social and economic collapse while millions of hostile Muslims invade.  Not all of them are terrible people but the majority of them are young men who are blatant invaders.  Very dangerous people, all armies are made of young males, not females, not little children and not the elderly.  Young men are the troops and this is the vast majority of the invaders of Europe: military age young men,


This Imman in Canada is a foreigner who should be deported for trying to start a religious war.  Here is the evil NY Times whining about Trump and accusing him of treason:

So, he will be impeached for bringing the troops home instead of treating them like servants of Saudi Arabia and Israel and kept in danger for these foreign powers.  He will be impeached for having a rousing stock market…oh, the panic over the Fed raising rates has shifted now and stocks have shot upwards as smart investors take advantage of the Xmas present of the mainstream media and DNC spreading panic.


Here is one stupid story about how the ‘right and left’ both want troops stuck in Iraq and Syria:

Note the photo here that the NYT used: the troops are silent and not smiling!  The ‘message’ this photo is making is pure propaganda.  What the NYT wants readers to think is, ‘Those troops are UPSET with Trump and angry they are being brought home.’  Seriously!  This is straight out of Pravda propaganda.


WASHINGTON — President Trump managed to do something remarkable with his abrupt order last week to withdraw all American troops from Syria and half from Afghanistan: unite the left and right against a plan to extract the United States from two long, costly and increasingly futile conflicts.


HAHAHA.  So, the NYT even admits the wars Obama and Bush Jr. created are costly and futile!  So, what is the solution?


So chaotic was Mr. Trump’s decision-making process; so transparent his appeal to his political base; and so lacking in a cogent explanation to allies or the public that the president’s move short-circuited what many say is a much-needed national debate about the future of America’s wars.


HAHAHA.  Again: Trump ‘short circuited a MUCH needed debate!  Wow.  What we are supposed to do is debate these futile, stupid and very expensive wars…forever and ever.  Not do anything sane.  Yup, that’s the trick.  Hang out and talk while US troops die for nothing.


The case for pulling out, military analysts and diplomats said, is stronger in Afghanistan than in Syria, where the United States is abandoning its Kurdish allies, leaving a vacuum that could allow the Islamic State to regroup, and ceding a strategically vital country to Iran and Russia.


Funny how this stupid story refuses to mention Turkey here.  Turkey is nearly totally at war with NATO over the Kurdish issue.  It is Turkey that wants to stop the Kurds!  Our NATO ally wants this stopped.  The neocons want it to roll onwards. Russia doesn’t give a hoot about the Kurds.  Neither does the US, Israel does, though, to weaken both Syria AND Turkey!


Yet even in Afghanistan, where American troops have fought a pitched battle for 17 years, those who believe the United States should get out are not speaking up. With the exception of a few vocal isolationists like Senator Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican, Mr. Trump’s handling of the issue has been condemned across the ideological spectrum.


Note how the ‘experts’ want our troops who have been in a futile battle for 17 years which is longer than the equally futile and stupid War in Vietnam…well, why don’t these stupid ‘experts’ go to Afghanistan and fight since they are such smarty pants?  Eh?  EH???


Nope.  They want to have poor people who want a job to be sent there to be blown up.  This reminds me to visit the Go Fund Me site to see how our wall funding by citizens is going (Congress refuses even now to pay a penny for this!):

According to Go Fund Me, the American patriots raised nearly $18 million.  This shatters all previous ‘go fund me’ records.  At 6am, a patriot got up I presume on the East Coast because if that person was in California, it would be 3am, to donate $25 to the wall building project.


Reading all these articles attacking Trump for protecting our troops and our borders reminds me of what pure evil looks like.  The same clowns pissed off in Congress about bringing our troops home are the exact same clowns who refuse to stop invaders at our own borders.  Ergo: they are traitors.


Meanwhile, the horrible people in Congress sneer at voters and said, they will compromise with Trump and build a wall but only with half of what he is asking, less than $3 billion.  Wow.  A trillion for futile wars against Muslims and a pittance for border security.  Way to go, mainstream media and our political ‘leaders’ who hate America.


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27 responses to “Trump Visits Troops Overseas, Mainstream Media And DNC Scream In Agony

  1. Petruchio

    I noticed while browsing today that CNN is supposedly reporting a new poll which allegedly shows that a majority of Americans support a Trump impeachment. Who did they poll? The DNC? Are phony polls all these guys have left? Also, Drudge reports that Trump has told Congress to fund the Wall or he will close the Border AND cut aid to Honduras and Guatemala.

  2. KHS71

    The same phony polls from two years ago that showed that b*tch winning. Polls are made up to drive a “news” article and a political agenda. Does CNN even have people watch them any more?

  3. So I took an informal poll from some folks I know in Texas. They told me the people there don’t wan’t a wall. What credence do you give to that?

  4. If you want to know the truth, then get some boots on the ground.

    Lets start out with boots in Central America. To help of course.

    Lets please forget about the spent idea of a wall. Walls do not work. Duh.

  5. AT

    Nice video.

    They disarmed the troops for it. Guys in full battle rattle with flak and Kevlar and loaded magazines but no sidearms or rifles?

  6. AT

    I bet Assad can (and does) visit his troops without official security, and without disarming them.

  7. Zeke

    Makes sense. It would only take one disgruntled or unstable person deliberately or by accident to do major damage. Like in chess, don’t risk your high value back rank pieces unnecessarily.

  8. AT

    I’m guessing you don’t have any military leadership experience.

    The human factors and the show involve some risk, however small. Patton used to visit trench lines where troops were hunkered down with continuous shelling. He’d walk right out there without crouching, knowing he’d only be there a short while, as opposed to day in and day out, and that this slight risk would place him in high esteem by the troops.

    By disarming them he’s signaling mistrust, that he’s not really their man, and not really their leader.

  9. True. If you are a leader then you have to put yourself out there in the line of fire.

  10. Zeke

    If you would like to make public your military leadership experience, feel free to do so.

    I’ve read Patton’s wartime memoir, “War As I Knew It.” In it he states unabashedly that he would stand up partially outside above in his command vehicle with his telltale revolvers, etc. to be readily recognized and cheered and to encourage his troops. He further unashamedly states that when riding back from the front he would hunker down in that same vehicle so as not to be seen by the troops. Read the book; it’s an interesting read.
    He knew more a than almost all of his contemporaries – the acting useful in the “Theater of War.”

    Trump is a divisive character and it would be a mistake to think that the military is monolithic.
    He has no military leadership experience; nor any military experience. “Cadet Bone-spurs” got a draft exemption under dubious circumstances.
    The daughters of the treating bone-spur doctor just recently made some revelations.

    Back to the point – it’s probably SOP for any president for safety reasons. Although there are many generals; there is only one president at any given time. They don’t even come close in high value or risk.

  11. Zeke

    Reagan and JFK were put out there in the line of fire. Big mistakes.

  12. If you spend all of your time worrying about getting shot then you are basically already a failure. Patton didn’t achieve a real level of leadership because he was basically a jerk, but Bradley wasn’t and there are many others who put themselves in the line of fire willingly.

    Bottom line is if you want to lead the country then you must know possibly getting your brains blown out is part of the deal.

  13. AT

    Yes, Platoon commander and company commander (infantry).

  14. AT

    It’s a leadership failure.

    His security guy is supposed to make the disarm recommendation.

    Then, he’s supposed to say no, how would of it look if he forced people to disarm who are standing in harms way on his orders, military service members, subject to the UCMJ, brace professional soldiers who have dedicated their lives, and then leave the only armed people in the room as civilian secret service employees of the Treasury Department. No, he was safer on Al Assad airbase than with the likes of Peter Strock’s counterpart lurking in the Treasury department. Lol.

    As far as generals go, last time I was on al Assad airbase a general visited my company inside the wire, to give us a speech about being his linebackers, and the cheeseball had a private contractor guarding him with an FN 5.7 submachingun, rather then his own uniformed MP unit, or whatever. So, this shit is pervasive. And, was not lost on anyone.

  15. Zeke

    Yeah, they’re in the military, they’re armed and they have armed staff, they’re generals and there are a lot of them.
    There is only one president at a time.
    Whoever the president is, he or she must be protected from even outside minimal unnecessary risk. Consider ‘calculus of risk.’
    The military is not a monolith. McVeigh, Oswald, Walker family,
    Marine guards at US Embassy in Moscow, Randy Cunningham, that monster who struck at Ft. Hood, and
    and on and on.
    BO probably had the same deal. Who the heck would have a president exposed, walking along trenches for showboat reasons.
    Protection makes sense; it’s prudent.

    That’s not “part of the deal” and that’s an execrable thought.
    Will not further respond no matter what is said.
    Over and OUT.

  16. AT

    Anyhow, Zeke, I used Patton not because I am a fan, but rather to show that even a cynical, mediocre at best military leader will at least put on a show of being a real leader.

    My recommendation is the World War I platoon commander’s notebook entitled: Attacks, by Erwin Rommel. He kept winning battles at extreme odds and the Wehrmacht eventually put him in charge of a regimental sized unit modestly called “the Rommel detachment” because of his low rank. Father of modern combined arms maneuver warfare. Father of modern small unit machingun tactics. And, probably one of the three best military leaders of all time.

  17. AT


    Just read your last. Oswald was not active duty and had pretty much expatriated before being picked up by rogue elements of our national security apparatus to play patsy to an assassination.

    Fact is 10% of sitting US Presidents have been assasinated; none of them by any active duty service members.

    By those odds I stand by my assertion that Trump is safer on a carrier or a marine base than in DC.

  18. Pete

    Russia builds a “wall” along Crimea/Ukraine border.
    Just completed.

  19. Our military no longer has any ‘dress uniforms’ for special events for our soldiers. Just inside the Pentagon which is a zillion miles from the fighting except on 9/11.

    So our soldiers wear ‘fighting gear’ when ‘dressing up’ for events. I am against this, keeping form is important here and wearing these camo suits is unsuitable but then no one ever listens to my advice.

  20. AT

    Where do you get that? It’s wrong. I have a closet full of dress uniforms (stuff without camo), from the civilian equivalent of business-casual to black-tie.

    Yeah the service uniforms look like garbage, literall, I agree.

    Overseas deployments like Iraq require troops to wear service uniforms (camo or one-piece jumpsuits) and have weapons with them at all times, including exercise and dining, even inside the wire. A real pain. Showers are overlooked. Maybe that has changed a bit?

    At any rate, I guarantee you that special-ops unit planned to bring their weapons when they got ready for that photo-op. Because, I have never seen a team photo of operators without their weapons. And, that photo without them is going to look a bit lame because of it.

  21. As I said, at HOME yes, overseas, no. Note that people like the Nazis did have ‘proper uniforms for officers during WWII. This is how my father penetrated deep into Nazi Germany wearing the formal Navy uniform that looked very much like a Nazi naval uniform.

  22. AT

    What you said was “just inside the pentagon”, not just overseas. Ever attend a military ball? Anyhow, besides checking into new units, you’re not that far off base. Touché.

  23. Sigh. Look, the idea behind ‘uniforms’ is to project an image of power. The general gear worn by everyone these days in the military is not ‘power inspiring’ stuff.

  24. Better to be subtle with your power and only display as necessary and then display it with Gusto so there can be no uncertainty.

    Hey Central America – do you want some help?

  25. shawntoh


    As you pointed out…

    They can’t impeach him due to not having the votes in the senate but this language on the first of the job by this house democrat is not something you will tolerate in your blog and I feel embarrassed to have to mention this latest story–

  26. Moe

    Tlaib was raised in a Muslim household of 14 children. No more needs to be said,

    First day on the job and she projects her radical perspective.

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