Female Hormones Makes People Very Emotional, Even Irrational

I know it is dangerous to discuss things that are real, people want to live in a fantasy world wherein they can do as they please.  Reality, on the other hand, is very firm: it rules the roost.  I want to discuss the dangers of men taking female hormones in order to be happy or to gain some goal.  Women’s hormones are very volatile, one might even say, deadly.  That is, women’s strength as mothers is that they are very emotional and this is also their danger: emotions can be too powerful.


I am a woman.  I began menstruating when I was 13 years old.  My first period was a catastrophe, I nearly died and had to be operated on due to damage from being raped when a child.  So it was quite traumatic.


The one thing I noted once I began to take birth control pills…you see, in 1963, the pills were a new thing and my surgeon thought it would control my periods so I wouldn’t bleed to death.  So I took the pills.  IT DROVE ME NUTS.


I was suddenly quite ill-tempered.  I had no patience.  I was in this emotional storm that was quite baffling.  I had no idea why.  So I began to research the issue of ‘girls going nuts because of puberty’.  I then learned from a study that was very new back then, that the birth control pill affects one’s emotions.


So…I know this isn’t a science report but I feel the issue of how birth control pills and other female hormone stuff can screw up women’s minds, we now have a number of men taking these pills in order to transition to ‘female’.  And I have, from direct experience, seen how this causes them to be very emotional.


Birth control side effects:


But hormones are complicated, and the relationship between birth control and mood is confusing, with both scientific and anecdotal evidence suggesting that some methods may actually make some people feel mentally worse, not better.


“Hormones are instrumental in regulating and effecting our emotions,” clinical psychologist John Mayer, Ph.D., tells SELF. “The action of birth control pills is directed to hormonal regulation; therefore you have the perfect storm to set the table to have consequences on mood.”


Licensed clinical psychologist Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D., agrees. “I have worked with numerous women whose birth control has appeared to suppress their mood,” she tells SELF.


“When non-hormonal forms of birth control have been substituted, I have noticed a consistent trend in mood and energy elevation.” Now, she asks patients who complain about their mood if they’re on hormonal birth control for that reason.


I have seen this in myself in the past.  I see it now in others.  I feel that the feminist/transgender need to validate their various medical systems, refusing to understand this issue is life and death for them.


Suicide rates for LGBT youth is very high.   But the dogma is, this high rate is due to people being mean to transgenders, not something deep inside the way the human brain works and how hormones affect the brain.


Research has found that attempted suicide rates and suicidal ideation among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth is significantly higher than among the general population.[1] LGBT adolescentshave the highest rate of suicide attempts,[2] which scientific research indicates is linked to homophobic attitudes and heterosexist discrimination, including political attacks on the civil rights of LGBT people, such as in the contemporary efforts to halt the establishment of same-sex marriage.[3]


We have had same sex marriage and other things in liberal communities yet this does nothing to fix the emotional well-being of the people who are affected by taking powerful hormone pills of various sorts.


I remember vividly how the birth control pills which were very, very potent, was in the early days!  I was enraged with my doctor for not warning me about this.  My very rage itself was irrational and out of bounds, too.


I stopped the pills and my rage fits went down to normal levels.  The inability to examine how hormone therapy has a downside that is very powerful is due to politics: anyone trying to examine all this is touching a liberal third rail and gets electrocuted, so to speak.  So instead, we have many more people taking profound medical stuff that changes how the brain works and no one wants to check out how to prevent this from making people go crazy.

TEENAGERS ARE CRAZY PEOPLE!  I was one such, once!  Here are some other examples of how crazy the left is getting on all issues concerning men and women and reality:

The insidious thing in the video above is how ‘feminist professors’ are angry that men might look at commercials about strong young ladies doing exercises.  ‘The male gaze’…is evil!


This is the Muslim doctrine: women have to cover up entirely to keep the male gaze off of them!  This is horrible.  And it is also at the very core of the schizoid lunacy that has gripped the left for the last several years.


The women’s movement is dying due to ‘inclusive’ junk such as siding with anti-feminist Muslims.  In California, ground zero for leftist lunacy, we have a story about how evil it is that nearly all the pussy hat females are white women.


Organizers who had been planning to hold a California Women’s March in January have now canceled the event, claiming the attendees would have been “overwhelmingly white.”


Earlier this month, the Washington state chapter of Women’s March disbanded over concerns of anti-Semitism circulating within the organization’s national leadership.


The statement from the California Women’s March chapter comes just days after the Chicago chapter announced it would not continue with its plans to have a 2019 rally commemorating the national group’s third-anniversary march. The Chicago chapter cited high costs and insufficient volunteer hours as the reasoning behind the cancellation of the event.


The pussy marchers are now attacking each other.  This doesn’t surprise me, all leftist organizations fall apart this way, I saw it first hand at Berkeley during the 1960s.  We are still a very long way from correcting things that are way out of whack now.


For example, the fact that women are now 60% of college students is a signal that something is very wrong in our higher educational systems.  Men need more support and they need more studies and systems that appeal to men!  Duh!


Instead, the feminists and other radicals are doubling down on the ‘hate all white males’ regime and this is already backfiring very badly on them.  Anyone suggesting that men have different brains, different hormones and different interests from women is shot down by enraged feminists who want desperately to have everyone thing all sexes have the same brain/emotional systems.


Anyone looking at Nature can see that male animals and female animals have different brains from each other, different goals in life (males: inseminate and females: birthing).


The recent, very recent attempts by politicalized feminists to wipe out these fundamental differences and pretend everyone functions exactly the same way is insanity and very dangerous.  It is dangerous for everyone!


The leftist professors are going insane, too, both male and female.


Aaron Herbert Doering, a 47-year-old well known climate change ‘expert’ and tenured professor at University of Minnesota was arrested after he brutally assaulted his fiancée.


The global warming gang is going nuts, too.  As the planet cools down, they are in denial.  Furious with reality, they first tried to pretend there was no cooling cycles at work, then they lied openly about the weather forgetting that people experience weather first hand and thus, can obviously see they are not roasting to death.


Doering’s fiancée told police she feared for her life after Doering brutally beat and choked her then dragged her across their shared apartment by her hair Wednesday evening.


This man is seething with male emotion.  Beating a woman and dragging her about by her hair is classic caveman behaviors.


A University spokeswoman said Thursday that Doering is still employed and that the school is ‘looking into the matter.’


Because he is a leftist feminist, he won’t be fired unless someone kicks up a fuss about this.  Just like many of the men accusing Trump of being a skirt chaser and thus, should be impeached, are falling, one by one, into the gutter due to being creepy males around females.

Last of all is this video of a typical store run by SJW young people who hate Trump.  A man deliberately wore his MAGA hat to the store to buy something.  This triggered the employee behind the counter to go insane with rage and scream at the customer and try to drive the customer away.


This is happening all over the country.  A comic book store that told a young man asking for a comic book the owners hated, if they could order it for him.  He was a regular customer.  But on this occasion, the owner screamed at the kid, ordered him to leave the store and never come back.


So the kid told everyone about this and within just two months, the store went bankrupt.  We have football: an ironclad rich business that made oodles of money for the owners.  Now, it is steadily going more and more into the red.


Customers, furious with the employees who diss the customers in profound ways, are boycotting the business.  Ditto, movies and TV shows.  As each system panders to angry leftists who hate openly and attack anyone who has a different opinion or entertainment choices, these go bankrupt.


Cutting out the majority of customers is a great way to not make money if one wishes to be ‘pure’.  Toning down the rage would help greatly except the DNC has been very loud about how they are doubling down on attacking 50% of the country.


This is very bad for business but then, look at our Congress: they also want perpetual war and for conservative men to serve overseas in futile wars forever and ever while the SJW youth run riot at home.  This is stupid, it won’t last long at all.  It is also suicidal.


I wish the left would be sane leftists!  It isn’t hard to do!  All one needs is some boundaries.  Screaming at strangers or family members isn’t a great way to win hearts and minds, it leads to conflicts.




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11 responses to “Female Hormones Makes People Very Emotional, Even Irrational

  1. Melponeme_k

    Transgenders can only take female hormones and testosterone blockers for a short time. Then they must be taken off the hormones and blockers because of an extremely high risk of cancer. This can be an extremely dangerous choice and the elite’s fake society is pushing it as if it is no big deal.

    I’ve never been on birth control. But even still, I was a monthly mess. Things started to get better around late 30s to early 40s when it all starts to wind down.

    Women are extremely level headed when taking care of young children. I suspect breast feeding controls hormonal surges, so women won’t go into a rage and hurt their own babies.

  2. Moe

    I wonder if this guy referenced below was on hormones?

    Note that the Daily Mail article is politically but not factually correct when it refers to this person as a ‘ transgendered woman’, he’s a transgendered man. The Mail is obviously part of the problem, not solution.

    The second link references the Daily Mail article but maintains conventional titles, also a bit more information, but disparagingly references the person as a ‘tranny’ (transgendered is correct but that’s not the term used).

    The manipulation is becoming tiresome…

    From DM: ‘Furious transgender woman rages at store clerk’


    ‘Tranny Flies Into Rage…’


  3. If you read my story above, Moe, I posted a video of that event at the very top of the story.

  4. Moe

    Oops, missed that, my apologies.

    With reason: often I won’t watch videos because they’re so time consuming. Text is so much faster for me.

    Thanks again though for your daily efforts.

  5. Ken

    This post may touch some raw nerves, especially since Elaine has a son/daughter who underwent a transgender procedure.

    It occurs to me that gender identity suicides may actually be a product of deeper, underlying psychological problems. People who are fundamentally unhappy may simply convince themselves that if only they were the opposite gender, then all would be right in the world ant they wouldn’t be so depressed.

    When they undergo surgical and hormone procedures to actually change their gender, they find that they are still fundamentally unhappy. They find that they have done this terrible, drastic thing to themselves, all in the pursuit of happiness, and it has not solved anything. Cognitive dissonance can help them rationalize their actions to a degree, but only to a degree.

    Transgender individuals may be more prone to suicide than the general population, but not because of discrimination, but because they were always more prone to suicide. Fundamentally unhappy people are more prone to suicide than the general population regardless of gender.

    To claim that transgender people commit suicide more often because people are not accepting of their gender change is simply confusing cause and effect. Unhappy people are unhappy as either men or women.

    It may be too personal to ask Elaine to comment from her personal experience with her son/daughter, but I suspect that he/she was unhappy before, and is still unhappy now.

  6. Social pressure works on all of us. The point I am now making today and it is due to thinking back to my own life on female hormone drugs is…I became suicidal briefly. It was really horrible.

    Women MUST be emotional: this is why they make generally good mothers! But it has a downside: this is why women kill their own children, too.

    It has evolutionary power behind it all. Unlike other mammals, humans have much more complex relations because we have…BIG BRAINS. This is our power and our vulnerability at the same time.

    Our very big brains, awash with sexual hormones, can be very difficult to control even when one is tempered by culture. Our culture is now breaking down so brains struggle to deal with all this, all the time.

    I wish I could convince everyone to look into this essential business of human emotions but this means facing down ideological people who run all our universities.

    These are mainly females who want to believe they are more perfect than men. They want to believe they are sensible and calm when it is obvious they throw temper tantrums like spoiled children.

    This is why they don’t want any debates about any of this and certainly no studies to try to understand all of this. It mean perhaps they would have to change! Nothing freaks out humans than being told to change.

  7. shawntoh


    I am a male. I promise NOT to take ANY hormones of ANY type.

    What you mentioned about the birth-control pills is interesting because a girlfriend I went out with years ago gradually went insane as we were dating and she was on those pills– she had other problems as well, to be sure, that weren’t apparent when we were first dating. However–

    After what you mentioned, this perhaps may explain my ex-girlfriends more erratic behavior when we were dating and especially as we were in the beginning stage of breaking up as a couple. The rest of how the tale ended is pretty bad but I survived to live again!

    Concerning this business with birth-control and prescription drugs, I have to ask–

    Who benefits? Big Pharma, of course!

    I note most senior citizen aged women are on over a dozen prescriptions– including drugs to counteract the side-effects of other drugs being taken!

    Hey, I know because this was explained to me once by some elderly woman years ago and later I read the studies that backed up what she mentioned, all of which I questioned at first when this elderly lady informed me of how many drugs she was taking for her medical conditions.

    Okay, so everybody could be in favor of better living through chemistry but this is ridiculous at best and dangerous, as Elaine has warned us, once again, at worst!


  8. PFO

    WoW Elaine,

    I marvel at the speed of the global breakdown of ALL systems of oppression, as people wake-up to the reality they have had imposed upon them and resist. Best to simply withdraw and let those systems wither away with minimal damage to society at large.

    In a real-news world you’d have your own nightly reality show by now . . . 


    Looks like Millennials are starting to ask the wrong people the right questions:


    Stay in there and pitch!
    Washington City
    District of Columbia
    United states of America

  9. tio

    I’d like to chirp in here and say that one of the least understood effects of the pill is its manufacture. I read a study, I have no idea when but some time ago, that asserted that the waste water from these places was extraordinarily dangerous. This because estrogen (and its derivatives) are effective on males in the p.p.b. (billion) range and, of course, whistle blowers came up against the grinding teeth of big pharma. The effects included decreased sperm counts and brain altering characteristics in infant boys. Quelle surprise, I know and now you do too. I’ll leave the other destructive aspects of the pill to others.

  10. Blissex

    «how birth control pills and other female hormone stuff can screw up women’s minds, we now have a number of men taking these pills in order to transition to ‘female’.»
    «I am a male. I promise NOT to take ANY hormones of ANY type.»
    «the waste water from these places was extraordinarily dangerous. This because estrogen (and its derivatives) are effective on males in the p.p.b. (billion) range»

    As suggested above males are being exposed to significant doses of hormones whether they want it or not, as women on the pill do piss it away, they get used in meat/darify farming, etc., and also because other chemicals inhibit natural hormone production; we are living in a giant experiment on survival of humanity’s gene strains most resistant to pollution.

    Also, many males might eventually benefit from taking testosterone supplement in older age, as natural production declines (or to contrast increasing doses of other hormones through environmental pollution).

  11. Petruchio

    “Women MUST be emotional.” That may make them good Mothers, but it also makes them LOUSY politicians. Angela Merkel and Theresa May are prime examples of what I’m saying. Nikki Haley. Nancy Pelosi. They ALL have to prove that they can “Out Macho” any Man. Margaret Thatcher, another example. I think it’s one reason why the Elites are picking them for positions of Power.

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