Global Warmist Lunatic NY Gov. Cuomo Complains About NYers Fleeing Severe Cold Winters!

This news story is jaw dropping: global warming fearmonger, Governor Looney Tunes Cuomo, blames migration from NY on COLD WEATHER!  HAHAHA.  I kid you not, in his speech yesterday about the coming year, the extreme snow and cold is what is driving people to flee to warmer places.  Even welfare leeches don’t want to freeze to death, imagine that.


I can remember all the way back to two months ago:

Yes, winter came very early yet again just like the year before.  I do snow plowing and shovelling and have done this for many years, for pay.  I remember all the snow storms here in upstate NY.


City dwellers who don’t do the hard labor of snow removal only have vague memories of previous snowstorms.  Ask anyone who plows out blizzards and they can detail various storms easily.


The global warming propaganda is collapsing.  Why?  Because it is now cold and even Tucson, Arizona, is seeing repeated snow storms, just had one this last week!  It is definitely getting colder where it matters, at Hudson Bay.


The 9th Circuit Court is the still-warm West Coast/Hawaii gang who still believe in the fiction of global warming but even they have to side with the Law:


The Trump administration’s battle against a global warming lawsuit brought by 21 youths will continue into 2019 after a federal court handed the government a big win over the holiday season.


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a Dec. 26 ruling largely missed by major media outlets. The court granted DOJ’s petition for interlocutory appeal that decreases the chances of the climate lawsuit going to trial anytime soon.


The 9th Circuit Court is where the remains of warm weather are still happening.  But even they can’t overturn laws to suit the mentally ill people still worried about roasting to death.


Now on to epic news: the Chinese landed their ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ probe!  And they will soon get more information about that mysterious face of our Moon which is very exciting for it confirms what my family thought: that the back side of the moon would have little lava flows and many more craters like Mercury’s backside to the sun.

The probe has landed.  The back side of the moon is the face that took the worst damage from the formation of the moon as chaos pummeled our baby solar system.  The face of the moon towards the earth has mainly lava flows from the Great Bombardment Period, the backside is peppered with craters.


The Late Heavy Bombardment was around 4 billion years ago.


The main piece of evidence for a lunar cataclysm comes from the radiometric ages of impact melt rocks that were collected during the Apollo missions. The majority of these impact melts are believed to have formed during the collision of asteroids or comets tens of kilometres across, forming impact craters hundreds of kilometres in diameter. The Apollo 15, 16, and 17 landing sites were chosen as a result of their proximity to the Imbrium, Nectaris, and Serenitatis basins, respectively.


The apparent clustering of ages of these impact melts, between about 3.8 and 4.1 Ga, led to postulation that the ages record an intense bombardment of the Moon.[4]They called it the “lunar cataclysm” and proposed that it represented a dramatic increase in the rate of bombardment of the Moon around 3.9 Ga. If these impact melts were derived from these three basins, then not only did these three prominent impact basins form within a short interval of time, but so did many others based on stratigraphic grounds. At the time, the conclusion was considered controversial.


My grandfather, an astronomer many years ago, made a photograph of the moon that was six feet tall.  I grew up with that huge photo of the moon in my life.  Grandpa always wanted to see the back of the moon.


As my father (founder of many observatories over the years) suspected, the backside is very different from the front side.  The bombardment of the moon was so furious and violent, huge seas of lava covered the side that was protected from the debris crashing into the moon from the Kuiper Belt (I grew up knowing Kuiper in his older days).


That is, the impact of the material hitting the ‘dark side’ of the moon caused eruptions of lava on the sheltered side!  Any lava on the ‘dark side’ was peppered over by smaller debris that followed in the wake of the huge chunks of material that nearly blew apart the moon earlier.


The alien invasion of the US continues as it does in Europe: the other issue the DNC and liberals are crazy about as are rich people who exploit cheap foreign labor, is the issue of protecting our borders from armies of freeloaders seeking to get on the tax roles here and live the ‘good life’ at our expense.


The migrants gathered at the San Diego sector of the United States border with Mexico on New Year’s Eve tried to force their way over the barrier. When turned back by Customs and Border Patrol agents, some in the group started throwing rocks and attempted to push children over the barbed wire atop the barrier.


“Once again we have had a violent mob of migrants attempt to enter the United States illegally by attacking our agents with projectiles,” Katie Waldman, Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman said. “The agents involved should be applauded for handling the situation with no reported injuries to the attackers.”


The invasion continues!  They are openly attacking a la ancient Rome.  Like in ancient Rome, the rich want slaves and cheap labor so they invite barbarians into Rome and this then led to the full invasions.


The Globalist Bilderberg gang wants an EU army in order to crush any citizen uprisings like the one we are witnessing in France this winter: but Austria refuses along with Poland and Hungary!  Good for them.


“We also need a bit of emancipation from other alliances, what we do not need is a large, closed formation of an army, but more cooperation.”


To avoid redundancies, Kunasek believes the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should be utilized.


“Many EU countries are NATO members, it would be illogical to build duplication, there will be strong cooperation with NATO in the future, but if we are serious about the EU, we need to think about a common defense, serious and emancipated.”


The Bilderberg gang is very anxious now to have a way of strong arming EU citizens into continuing the invasion of Europe by hostile populations.  This lunatic activity continues to just amaze me.  The gang really really hates the citizens of the Nato Alliance.  They want foreign troops to attack whoever the gang wants to loot.


Too stupid to figure out the obvious: these foreign fighters will turn on them!  Just way too stupid to figure this out!




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21 responses to “Global Warmist Lunatic NY Gov. Cuomo Complains About NYers Fleeing Severe Cold Winters!

  1. lou

    NY and NJ have Whites fleeing.

  2. jason

    Let’s see a large unemployed body of young men…why not bring back conscription (the call of national service)…then when the natives get restless you can turn the armys on them Except conscripts are not that motivated to fight determined opposition unless there is easy money involved. Most of Europes population is disarmed so I guess the army has the upper hand.

  3. KHS71

    Maybe Cuomo should read this article about the coming ice age. Even NASA is now thinking that a cooling cycle is upon us. From the article,

    “While NASA has now confirmed that the outer atmosphere is getting cooler. In fact, one of the top NASA scientists has broken camp and warned that the surface temperature of the sun has collapsed so much, he fears a new Ice Age is upon us.”

  4. Ken

    Wow. The sun has an effect on Earth’s climate. Who would have guessed. Our tax dollars at work.

  5. Ken

    At the risk of feeding into the conspiracy theorists on this site, let’s do a thought experiment. Supposed you wanted to take over the Earth. The best way to do that would be to have a single government, and then gain control of that government behind the scenes.

    In order to push the globalist agenda, and move toward a world government, you would need some threat to the entire planet which could best be addressed by a globalist agenda. Global warming fits that bill nicely.

    But let’s say that reality doesn’t cooperate, and instead of a fake global warming threat the planet faces a real threat from a real ice age. Even better! The end result is the same. A globalist agenda must be pursued in order to address the global challenge of a new ice age.

    Either way, the globalists win. The secret players get to control things from behind the scenes.

    Of course, in order to make this work everyone must be on board. Countries which resist, such as Russia and China, must be made to feel like outcasts. No one can be allowed to make peace with them.

  6. Ken


  7. Ken

    Darn, I can’t seem to load the picture. Just the title.

  8. I used to have a fairly big sheep herd. Our herding dog was a Scottish herder who looked exactly like the sheep which was very funny. Her name was ‘Colleen’ and she never saw a sheep until we adopted her. It took less than ten minutes for her to fall in love with the sheep and begin herding them for me.

  9. shawntoh


    I’d like to dedicate this Erza Pound poem to you and all suffering from this early winter…

    “Winter is icummen in,
    Lhude sing G_ddamm.
    Raineth drop and staineth slop,
    And how the wind doth ramm!
    Sing: G_ddamm.

    Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us,
    An ague hath my ham.
    Freezeth river, turneth liver,
    Damn you, sing: G_ddamm.

    G_ddamm, Goddamm, ’tis why I am, G_ddamm,
    So ‘gainst the winter’s balm.

    Sing g_ddamm, damm, sing G_ddamm.
    Sing g_ddamm, sing g_ddamm, D_MM. ”

    Hope all who read this are having a very happy, happy NEW YEAR for 2019!


  10. AT


    Right now world domination depends two things: nuclear weapons and the oil boom.

    I predict that after peak oil, world domination will depend on two things: asteroids as weapons and asteroids as resources. In other words, the power to move asteroids from the asteroid belt to earth orbit.

    Pretty sure even the Arabs realize this.

  11. Greskault

    If you are not taking a global average of temperatures, you are not qualified to say whether the world is heating up or cooling down.

    Right now in Illinois, it’s warmer than usual (around freezing).

    A year ago, it was cold (below 10F). I remembered this vividly walking outside for 20 minutes.

    Based purely on December/January temperatures this year, a fool might say we have global warming. A year ago, that same fool would say the world is cooling.

    You are doing the same foolish thing talking about how cold New York and Arizona is.

  12. Pete

    *warning* > Off Topic

    Oh, the humanity 🙂

  13. ‘Global temperatures’ are not a good guide about Ice Age dangers. Not even slightly. During all Ice Ages, the Equator remained nearly the same. The great variation in ‘cold’ was everywhere else outside of the equator.

    Therefore: one must leave out equatorial temperatures when predicting the future! Where do you look for clues about impending ice ages? Not Antarctica, it is perpetual Ice Age there! Not even the North Pole which has no land so the ice is always off and on to some degree even during Ice Ages!

    Nope: you look at Hudson Bay. This spot is where all Ice Ages begin and end. If Hudson Bay ice doesn’t melt in summer, we have an Ice Age! Imagine that! It is purely logical.

  14. lou

    Governor Looney Tunes Cuomo, blames migration from NY on COLD WEATHER! He should have said snow and blizzards, not cold weather.

  15. jfr

    I live in Illinois also. I’m a hour west of Chicago. We had a major snow storm this past November! That’s unusual.

  16. shawntoh

    Net Energy Decline seems likely under any of the scenarios as I note that…

    “China: Our Population Is Getting Way Too Small”

  17. Moe

    Armstrong on current cold wave:

    Excerpt: “Parts of Canada could become the coldest spot on the planet…”

  18. My snow plow is ready to go!

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