Huge Defiant Anti-Bilderberg/Macron Worker Demonstration In Paris! Bravo!

HUGE anti-Macron demonstration today in Paris!  After Macron attacked marchers last weekend, the citizens doubled down today.  Marcon’s rule is on the ropes now.  NEAR ZERO news about this in Europe!  It is astonishing, for example, it is deeply buried yet again with a very small story at the Daily Mail in England!  No news there about the sister demonstration today in London supporting the Yellow Vests in France.

The Tommy Robinson plebes in England are demonstrating, too, as are workers in Poland!  This movement is spreading in Europe.  It is 100% anti-Bilderberg, pro-patriot.  The above video is from Tommy’s group in England.

As every Saturday and any other day of the year, the BBC refuses to carry any real news of interest for British citizens who have to fund that awful organization run by SJW lunatics.  Nothing, as usual, of the demonstrations in Britain or France but what about using a juicer?  Oh, that is top news today!  Have to have those oranges properly squeezed!


Oh, and the Japanese eat sushi!  Wow.  Educate the audience in Britain as to what is real news and no news.  Paris?  The BBC has no idea where Paris is.  Paris is somewhere east of Moscow, evidently.  The Daily Mail has many anti-Trump stories as always, too dimwitted to see how this promotes Trump for Brits who are very angry about the mass invasion of England by hostile foreigners.

I hope the DNC endorses this.  And have them tell us exactly how high all our taxes will go.  A real winner!  The DNC clowns in Manhattan supported this female.  And the DNC will now go to Wall Street Executives for more campaign donations, right?


HAHAHA.  I know Wall Street!  There will be a backlash for certain.  I hope this female yells about taxing her buddy, Nancy of California lunacy fame.

So, multi-millionaire Nancy wants…to be investigated heavily!  Bravo.  I agree.  Make all the DNC clowns reveal the economic truth of exploiting cheap labor.  Like all the DNC persecutions of Trump, this will backfire extremely badly on the DNC itself.  Just like we see over and over again, the cackling witches at the Gates of Death always grant wishes of foolish humans.


The Dow, after being spooked by the Federal Reserve Bilderberg gang, is roaring back after the Fed backed off of rate hikes.  I bet Apple’s executives who screwed up badly for a year, were at the forefront of frantic phone calls to DNC elites begging them to save Apple from collapse.


I bet all the Big Shots on Wall Street funding the DNC are now in hysterics as their allies attack capital holders and stock market players!  I find this very funny indeed.  Shot themselves in the tush, these fools!  They asked for all this and got it.  They attacked Trump and now can see he is their only salvation.  I bet Trump is laughing heartily.

HAHAHA…and Nancy has decided to not illicitly attack Trump with trumped up charges based on nothing.  Imagine that.  This idiot ran around the nation claiming she would do this and now is backing down.  Meanwhile, this idiot blames Trump for the impas with the funding bill he refuses to sign since it has zero money for protecting the USA from obvious invaders.


She thinks this is a winning game.  HAHAHA.  With the media blaming Trump only, they think we believe the news.  It is obvious that news is dying as it cannot report reality anymore even if a gun is to the head so off it goes, into pure insanity.  Ignore reality and reality bites back.


Now for the bimbo working (sic) at the New York Times, one of the dumbest newspapers on earth: she went all over the planet earth, seeking stories and missed nearly all the important stories!  Amazing skill at being clueless.

As per normal at that idiotic Bilderberg ‘news’ (sic) paper, the NY Times has near zero front page news about the mass demonstrations in France.  It did think important to have a major top story on the front page about a silly wench who ran around the world, learning nothing new.  I am not astonished.  Bury that head in the sand, foolish Bilderberg gang!


Conservative AfD Party headquarters bombed by violent ANTIFA leftists.  I got this news from Gateway Pundit, not the BBC or NYT.


German police have detained three men suspected of involvement in an explosion that targeted an office of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) far-right party in the eastern state of Saxony.


No one was injured in the explosion outside the AfD office in the city of Doebeln late on Thursday. The blast set the office on fire and damaged vehicles and nearby buildings, Saxony’s LKA criminal investigation office said in a statement.


The LKA said its anti-terrorism unit had determined that the explosion was an escalation in politically motivated attacks targeting AfD offices in Saxony that are usually limited to acts of vandalism.


I wonder about people reading mainstream news.  Don’t they understand, getting no news or fake news is fatal?  How many lunatics reading the NYT go off to France expecting a France that existed 60 years ago only to land on a human tornado of chaos, rage and crime?  I have a person at You Tube whining to me that I write fake news about violence in Europe.


He falsely claims, there isn’t an army of unemployable Muslims hanging out at train stations, assaulting and robbing citizens.  I saw this first hand way back in 1968!


Pro-border defences rally in St. Louis today.  We shall see this more and more in the US.  This is a fight to the death.  The anti-patriot Bilderberg gang is now openly fighting the entire concept of ‘citizenship’ and ‘patriotism’ turning both into crimes instead of virtues!




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23 responses to “Huge Defiant Anti-Bilderberg/Macron Worker Demonstration In Paris! Bravo!

  1. The Military is attacking the French citizens now, full force like previous weekends. Macron went on TV three days ago to boast about how he wasn’t even slightly bothered by previous demonstrations and was going to be ‘nice’ in the future. Which plainly means, homicidally violent.

  2. OT – but I don’t know what else to try…

    (This is meant for the article dated Jan 1 in response to the other Ken who posts here, but WordPress would not post it there – this is the second time this has happened….wonder if this will post….)

    Ken – (a different Ken than me….as you yourself have made clear).

    Thanks for your feedback and you do have a good point.

    I think my plan is a bit different though in that it entails boots on the ground.

    Incidentally, here is what seems to be a fairly factual site on immigration:


    I haven’t checked anything about the origin of the site above, so they may be biased – I don’t know. Plus, I haven’t had time to read through it closely. Even so, a surprising fact I saw (for me), well actually two, is how many immigrants have come from China recently and how low the asylum numbers are relative to the totals. I was also a bit surprised by the percentage of “immigrants” in the current US population – it was higher than what I thought. You know, some countries out there are kind of desperate to keep their population stable/growing, others have way to many already.

    Anyhow – boots on the ground is the difference per my plan versus past aid and boots on the ground does not mean invasion. As for walls, however they are constructed, if the distance is too much they make no sense. What a waste. A wall in Central America though would be easy. We could help with that.

    In fact, I kind of thinks if the US is gonna provide aid, a condition of said aid is that we can put a proportional number of boots on the ground – just to make sure the aid is used wisely.


  3. lou

    The plan is depopulation.

  4. Depopulation of whom Lou? Explain what you mean by G5 please.

    (Lets see if this crap post – obviously an easy way of censorship is just to keep those with different ideas from having a chance to join the forum).

  5. Petruchio

    I want to see how this ‘Government shutdown’ plays out. Is Will Trump going to stick to his guns or will the Political Wh#re Class win? I think that could be a defining moment in Trump’s Presidency. I think dragging this Wall issue out is going to be a benefit to Trump AND a harsh negative on the Political Wh#res who oppose a Wall. Trump is making them come out–PUBLICLY–against building the Wall. Oh well. Maybe the DNC thinks they have the voting systems so rigged they can fix Elections regardless of what the actual vote is.

  6. Two days ago, a Yellow Vest protester was arrested and charged with a lot of things and it is one of the reasons twice as many protesters showed up today.

    It isn’t losing support, it is gaining support.

  7. Yellow vests may be gaining support, but here is a bet for you Petrucio. I bet you are wrong. Propose a wager a why don’t you. I have a bad track record here (think “Bitcoin”), so you might win something special.

    You’ll never get me to agree that a Wall is a solution for anything.

    Of course I have aspirations beyond history.

  8. Tim E.

    With France and the “green” tax going on Dr Tim Ball had this interesting news tweet.

  9. Ken

    I have a modest proposal. Elaine reports frequently on what is happening in Europe, based entirely on reports from foreign news services. It would be great if she could actually take a trip there and report on things first hand.

    She is fluent in English and German, so she could interact with the locals on a personal and direct basis. Getting her interpretation of events, based on personal observation, would be informative and entertaining.

    Who knows, she might even change her mind on the basis of direct information (unfiltered by the media). I know that all of us on her blog would find her insights very valuable.

    Perhaps we can start a mini-crowd-funding campaign to raise the money.

  10. shawntoh

    Imploding Whig party for the 21st Century?

    When Elaine has to use the Russian media no less to get to Правде concerning L’anarchie Pour Le France, well then something is fishy in Denmark– or was it Sweden? Silly me, I can’t keep track anymore for some odd reason and it must be me, of course, isn’t that right, Elaine?

  11. Pete

    Sat 5th January

    Central London Protests

    French Stock Exchange

    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  12. Petruchio

    @#7 Buffalo Ken: I was thinking of The Wall strictly in Political terms. Trump has held out on The Wall issue for so long if Trump caves in on The Wall it’s a BIG Political LOSS for The Donald. Trump almost has no choice but to insist on building The Wall. As for ho effective The Wall would br, I DO think it will help restrict illegal immigration. Not the Drug trafficking so much, but I thinka Wall stop the Anchor Baby invasion.

  13. Ken

    Pet @ 12,

    Speaking of the anchor baby invasion, when Trump was running for president he talked about ending that policy (apparently he had been advised that a challenge was possible to the ancient Supreme Court case on this issue). After he was elected – nothing.

    During the mid-term elections he brought up the issue again. His base was once again enthusiastic about the issue. After the election was over – nothing.

    Trump must be taking lessons on how to act like a traditional politician.

  14. Zeke

    There’s a tendency among heads of state to have the power go to their heads. They have a bent toward being dictators …..
    …. and that has to be opposed everywhere and the sicko heads of state need to be put in their places.
    They think they’re elected kings and forget who they’re supposed to be working for as public servants.

  15. EVERY attempt Trump made so far was stopped by DNC-run JUDGES!!!!

    Blaming him for this is stupid. Stop it.

  16. Petruchio

    And we don’t really have a Democracy if it only takes ONE appointed Judge to overturn almost any decision by the President. Or if all that is needed is to go “Judge shopping” to challenge a decision you don’t like.

  17. AT

    Everyone knows what the judges were going to do to get a pat on the back from their peers and handlers.

    With the DOJ and the IRS, Trump could start jailing the managers and employers of illegals. Then, with no jobs, most would go home. He hasn’t started yet.

  18. AT

    Successful protest movements always start in the Spring, to reach runaway critical mass in the summer. This movement was sabotaged by a poison pill a priori.

    If this is still going strong in March, then we will have something to watch this summer.

  19. WRONG. The ‘party fun time’ revolts happen in nice weather. The grim ‘we have to fight to the death’ happens in winters.

  20. shawntoh

    Never invade big countries like Russia that have long and nasty winters or things can really get grim. Peace.

  21. Moe

    Perhaps never invade, period. Kumbaya. 🙂

  22. lou


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