All Four Former Traitor Presidents Called For Stronger Borders Years Ago But Today, Call for NO Borders!

All our Bilderberg former Presidents are united in calling for illegal aliens to invade America and kill citizens! This is just amazing news which I got from the Daily Mail in England. How dare these stupid traitors call for an attack on our President because he wants to stop invaders. This is disgusting, horrifying and grounds for arrest. Arrest them all. Charge them with treason.

Now on to California DNC power people committing murder:

A top WHITE GAY California DNC donor who is systematically destroying America, caught yet another dead black drug addict in his home, who he overdosed so he could rape him.


Yes, you read me right here.  The males who have been killed by this very rich man who hung out with Hillary (of course!) had killed a black prostitute male in the past but the coroner decided it was ‘accidental’.  Then this week, the guy did it again, the same operation, the same result.  This is obviously rape to me, spiking a drink or shooting drugs into people so they can be helpless and thus, raped, is pure Hollywood which is where this creepy man lives and thrives.  This is the reality of the amoral DNC at work: they want to enslave and exploit their voterbase in horrible, nasty ways.


Wehoville reports law enforcement has yet to release the identity of the deceased male who died in Buck’s West Hollywood apartment. Buck was investigated — and later cleared — following the death of Gemmel Moore, a young man who died of a drug overdose at the 65-year-old’s home in July 2017.


This guy is killing one a year right now.  Sounds like a serial killer to me.


Following Moore’s death, Buck has been accused of having “fetish” for inserting drugs into black men he meets through dating websites. Before his death, Moore wrote of Buck injecting him with drugs during their encounters.


Enabling drug addicts: this is, along with letting in millions of illegal aliens, is the DNC platform.  Sexual deviants, rapists, murderers, criminals, rioters, out of control inner city riff-raff: this is the DNC power base.


Local activists have said the Los Angeles Police Department declined to press charges against Buck due to his sizeable financial contributions to then-California Gov. Jerry Brown and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


Will this killer/rapist be stopped now?  The moralists inside the DNC power machine want to control all our public conversations, they want to persecute and destroy anyone who refuses to bake a cake with gay decorations is the same people who yell at us, ‘How dare you stop us from running wild in public!’


The new governor of California is extremely dangerous: he is encouraging aliens to openly invade our country and take over with his help.  He should be arrested and charged with treason!

New Governor of California is going to fling California’s border totally open to invaders!


Newsom says this just days after Police Corporal Ronil Singh was murdered by an illegal alien from Mexico — and Newsom denied Singh’s death had anything to do with sanctuary city laws.


Any parent who is separated by our borders from illegal entry children should have the children returned home to their real home states.  Duh.  When I left California way back in 1970, I told everyone that the left was going to destroy the state and I was totally right in my prediction back then.


So here we are: all the Presidents and Schumer and Pelosi etc. have, in the not very distant past, demanded more border security.  Now, these clowns, these TRAITORS go forth to openly LIE about this matter!!!  When there is proof easy to find.  Why on earth did these traitor former Presidents lie about this fact?


Didn’t they know ‘you can’t erase’ the past videos and so…that is true.  And these stupid ‘presidents’ gave ISRAEL billions of dollars…to build a huge wall around Israel!!!  Traitors!  They are all traitors.

The latest destructive school scam is for teachers and professors to not correct grammar, spelling or sentence structures when students write.  This is, along with demanding the US be invaded by armies of foreigners, is the same West Coast that hates modern civilization in all its forms and wants to utterly annihilate Western values and Western educational systems.  This way, they can all live like savages.


American University is hosting a seminar next month to teach faculty how to assess writing without judging its quality. In the seminar’s own words: “grading ain’t just grading.”  It’s led by Asao Inoue, a University of Washington-Tacoma professor, and the purpose is to pursue “antiracist ends” through writing assessments.


Why on earth are young people paying thousands of dollars to learn absolutely nothing?  Eh?  They can write ignorant graffiti for free!  They can scribble incoherent rubbish for free!  Why pay a ton of money to learn nothing?  This is the top question today: most black students and Hispanics, the few that go to ‘college’ are encouraged to take these useless ‘courses’.  Lazy white kiddies, mostly female, like to do this, too.


In another paper, “A Grade-less Writing Course that Focuses on Labor and Assessing,” Inoue argues that writing teachers should “calculate course grades by labor completed and dispense almost completely with judgments of quality when producing course grades.”


He will lecture about “language standards that just kill our students” by subjecting them to “single standards,” which perpetuate “White language supremacy … despite the better intentions of faculty.”


Good, spend tons of money and enslave millions of students teaching them to not learn English but rather, stick to being ignorant, stupid and foul mouthed.  The downside to all this is obvious to me: it is slavery.


Columbia University, once a top intellectual community, has professors who let their students grade themselves!


According to a December 6, 2017 Powerpoint presentation by the CTL, inclusive grading starts by “trusting students to assess themselves.”Fifteen of the 34 Powerpoint slides specifically encourage professors to let students grade themselves. If students can choose their own grades, the presentation asserts, then they’ll feel less stress and anxiety, and maybe even learn more productively.


According to one study by Nelta Edwards, a professor at the University of Alaska, 86% of students report that “self grading is a great/good teaching method.”


HAHAHA.  Watch out, silly professors!  Soon you all will be eliminated entirely, not even used for babysitting foul mouthed, obnoxious, stupid students who don’t want to learn anything!  A final end to our amazing university systems built up (my family worked with this for generations) bit by bit, lots of hard work.


Now, with zero standards, with zero learning, it is crashing and burning and the DNC celebrates this as a great victory!  Hoorah!  Bravo.



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19 responses to “All Four Former Traitor Presidents Called For Stronger Borders Years Ago But Today, Call for NO Borders!

  1. Hanne B.

    Sounds like the same kind of politicians we have here in Europe. They also want open borders, so that young male migrants from Africa and Asia can pour into our countries and create havoc.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Hollywood is built on slavery. All the “stars” are reversals whose top of the line hormone doses are controlled by the secret elite in charge of that mess. This same group blackmails the majority of the executive class by taking sketchy pictures of them at Hollywood “Parties”. This isn’t even touching the rumors of MK Ultra by the CIA and Child trafficking rings in the industry.

    The whole industry needs to be dismantled. They only peddle propaganda, brainwashing, demonic voodoo and degeneracy now. Honestly, I’m much happier watching Youtube clips of regular housewives talking about their families and showing their tips on how to clean household fixtures.

    “Watch out, silly professors! Soon you all will be eliminated entirely, not even used for babysitting foul mouthed, obnoxious, stupid students who don’t want to learn anything!”

    They are already doing that via online learning. I signed up for a few of these courses. All of the video tape lectures were very well done and presented. However the homework is tied into students grading one another! I never read so many poorly written paragraphs in my life and reading so many muddled passages made me depressed. I thought, how do these people express themselves in regular life? The written examples showed that they are incapable of coherency.

    So they won’t let Professors grade grammar. I remember in my Catholic school, the teachers would make us get up in front of the whole class and diagram our own poorly written sentences. Talk about humiliation. Those teachers today would be hauled off to jail.

  3. timothy carroll


    Yes, Mel, I remember having to diagram sentences in front of the class in high school. I struggled with grammar but received a real boost when a sophomore English teacher commended me on an essay I wrote about my favorite place. I can still see his comment to me to this day: “THIS is the kind of writing you are capable of!” He then circled the “of” and noted “prep” as he revealed he had……gasp….ended his sentence with a preposition.

    There were rules to writing back then. One sticks in my memory, such as: “Pictures are hung, people are hanged”. Yet how often today to we see that rule completely ignored? There is a certain pride when one achieves mastery in English. It isn’t about snobbery. It’s about making sure your ideas are put forth in a way that people will understand the point you are trying to get across.

    Fast forward twenty years and I find myself in college earning a masters degree in teaching. Our professors admonished us to NOT correct student papers with a red pen, as that was damaging to their self esteem. So you see, this lunacy has been going on for a very, very long time.

    I’ll never forget the teachers who DEMANDED that I excel to my highest potential. They gave me no quarter. They are the only thing, aside from my parents, who kept me from living a life of squalor. Sadly, these teachers are leaving the profession in droves as children are encouraged to act out and sneer at being self controlled and intellectually challenged. It’s the reason I left the profession after ten years of babysitting and teaching to the test.

  4. Ziff

    Lots pointing out Trump should run those Schumer spots then say ” i support this message ! fer f*k s sake

  5. Petruchio

    “Good, spend tons of money and enslave millions of students teaching them to not learn English but rather, stick to being ignorant, stupid and foul mouthed.” And of course this is done deliberately. Of COURSE you aren’t going to teach students something truly valuable, like Critical thinking skills. If you can think critically you are much more difficult to fool with propaganda. People with some Critical thinking skills are much harder to brainwash. This is why the Left focuses on Colleges. Students there are still impressionable; they tend to thinkthe good ol’ teacher wouldn’t EVER lie to them. Oh no.

  6. Zeke

    You’ve been scammed:
    If Trump REALLY wanted The Wall he would:
    > get Mexico to pay for it as he
    promised in the campaign –
    and about which we are all
    supposed to develop amnesia.
    > cut back on just a small part of
    the mega tax breaks he gave to
    his buddies, corporations, and
    the super wealthy.
    > do away with the misnomered
    “carried interest deduction”
    that gives special low tax rates
    to ‘hedge fund’ operators and
    the parasitic Bankster class as
    he promised in the campaign.
    They were supposed to start
    paying ‘ordinary income’ tax
    rates like the rest of us.
    Instead of having special
    super low tax rates.
    — realising that taxes generally
    go into a general fund – it
    would still go a long way by
    ‘ear marking’ those funds as
    intended for The Wall.

    Wake Up People.

  7. AT

    The argument is Kayfabe. The problem is both parties.

  8. Tom W Harris

    If Trump really wanted a wall, why didn’t he get it passed into law when both houses were Republican?

  9. Ken

    I agree with Tom @ 11. All of this drama seems unnecessary, and suspiciously political.

  10. Tom doesn’t read much news. How many GOP leaders hated Trump from day one? ALL OF THEM.

    THEY prevented laws from passing, NOT Trump. Sheesh. Read my blog once and a while, Tom and AT.

  11. Listen to me very, very carefully: Trump is an OUTSIDER in the GOP. The insiders of the GOP did everything in their stupid powers to stop all and any Trump initiatives so they could get back into power.

    Romney is a fine example of this as was McCain.

  12. lou

    The Republicans are at least 2 factions, Repubs and RINOS, the face of the Rinos being Ryan.

  13. lou

    When trump brought in Bolton, it became clear to me that there is no “swamp draining”,
    Bolton has been a “swamp creature” going back to Bush jr. admin,
    He is also a war criminal.

  14. Jim R

    Interesting revelation. Not too surprising but interesting. The gang apparently wants MORE refugees in Europe, and if everybody goes back to Syria, well, they won’t be going to Sweden, will they?

  15. Petruchio

    @#16 lou: You gotta realize that Trump is battling a HUGE, DEEP bureaucracy. Call it The Deep State. Trump, strange as it might sound, is only the President; he can only do so much at a time. You could look at Trump appointing Bolton as a good move! The deep State will have a hard time ripping Trump when one of their own, Bolton, is in charge. Trump is playing a Long game here. He doesn’t have the power for a quick kill of the Deep State.

  16. lou

    18–some say he is doing 5d chess.
    With 5g, I doubt it. those towers are dangerous.

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