Illegal Aliens Attack Truck Driver In France, Demand They Be Let Into England


The dictator of France who has a zillion cops and troops to fight citizens peacefully demonstrating in Paris, has no one to stop massive number of riots, terror attacks and chaos inside France thanks to the huge invasion of illegal aliens.  In the US, DNC-run cities and states allow violent, murderous illegal aliens to run riot, too, while doing everything possible to keep the borders undefended!  This is TREASON.  Arrest them all.


Rioting illegal aliens from Africa attack, beat Bulgarian driver at tunnel between Britain and France:


The Bulgarian trucker had attempted to ram through a blockade of flaming pallets erected by migrants on the ring road near Calais, a port hub for many trucks and passenger vehicles traveling to and from the UK.


The driver was taken to hospital after being assaulted by the migrants while he was trying to escape the truck, La Voix Du Nord reports.


This is obvious: why on earth is the government of France allowing this?  This isn’t a one time event.  It happens constantly at the borders of France.  There is, in England, few moves to stop this invasion or the violence of the invaders who succeed in entering illegally.


The States in Europe do have lots of energy…attacking citizens who complain about or try to stop this invasion!  Endless police hours in Germany, Sweden, France, England, etc. is spent on persecuting, putting into prison, fines or even killing citizens who protest this invasion.


Even when a million citizens like in France, protest, they are attacked, arrested, prosecuted and defamed by Bilderberg news operatives.  Below is a screen shot of these frequent attacks by aliens that are allowed to go on and on and on with little response from the Real Rulers of Europe:

This isn’t accidental, it is deliberate.  The Bilderberg gang, controlling the news media in most places in Europe, thinks they can fool everyone forever.  But people can see clear as day that the Rulers are behind all this and the demonstrations in France shows determination to confront the Real Rulers openly, in the streets.


Macron got the green light from fellow Bilderberg agents to attack French citizens with full, LETHAL force if they dare demonstrate this Saturday.  We shall see if the troops want to kill citizens for marching in Paris.


Bilderberg Pelosi angry because Trump walked out on her during yesterday’s negotiations, saying, ‘Bye, bye’ when she said, ‘No money for any wall.’

Yes, the same gangsters who want to run the US off the cliff want to import millions of cheap illegal alien labor or use them as a voting base for DNC schemes.  This is fatal.  It is an empire-killer but our Real Rulers don’t do history, they are ignorant of history.

Banco’s great comics are amazing!  This one was censored for being too dirty but I love dirt so I love this cartoon.  Speaking about filth:

Yes, this is very delusional.  ‘Nothing to see here!’ is one of the stupidest things this evil monster has uttered.  California is the worst state in the Union when it comes to homelessness, filth, drug abuse and chaos.  Soon, it will also be a terrible mess when the San Andreas Fault blows and that event isn’t in the far future, it is beginning to shake like jello right now and will jump quite a few feet when it blows without much warning.


Talking about blowing stuff up the rear end of a donkey:  the big psychiatric organization, the APA, announced that masculinity is a mental illness (while all other deviant sex are sane):  Yup.  Manly men are insane.  Crossdressing men are sane.  Men who think they are cats are sane.  Men who are addicts are sane.  Tough, conservative men are crazy…according to the crazy professors and others in the psychiatric profession.


Muslims will have fun, tormenting all these people once they gain enough power.  How will they do this?  Not even via invading!  What if men decide to join up seeing that men have ‘man power’ via Islam???  Hello!  Like all liberal dogma pushes, no one examines the obvious end result very carefully.




The response from readers at Twitter was crushing.  The lunatics who are psychiatrists should buy mirrors to see how creepy they now are.  On the other hand, they are also the Undead so they can’t cast a reflection in mirrors!


This is insanity.  It is also stupid.  Not to mention, has obvious fatal consequences.  Islam doesn’t have to have an army to take over, they just need new recruits and this insane activity from leftists is the perfect recruiting tool.  Already, men in Europe who were not Muslims, entered Syria to join the Muslim radicals there, and are also in Europe, doing terror attacks, too.


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5 responses to “Illegal Aliens Attack Truck Driver In France, Demand They Be Let Into England

  1. Moe

    Should Macron’s orders kill a couple of Yellow Vests, I predict he’ll have a sh*tstorm on his hands.

    On the other hand, if those protests were in the US, eventually you could count on real bullets. What does that say about America (Land Of The Free)? Barf…

  2. Petruchio

    As an interesting “coincidence” the same people who are pushing for endless floods of illegal immigrants, Open Borders and “sanctuary cities are the same people who are pushing for things like: jail terms for people who support boycotting products made by Israeli companies. In Texas, you won’t get Disaster relief if you support boycotting Israel based/owned Companies. Look at the US Congress. Dual Citizen Senators like Chuckie Schumer are trying to make it illegal to criticize Israel.

  3. Aurelius


    Think you’re right about France. RE the US — yes, the police bullets would probably already be flying, unless it’s commies/anarchists protesting. Then they’re allowed to have at it.


    Alternate spelling: “cohencidence.”

  4. Pete

    Fox editor fired for doctoring President video address!
    Fake News Empire strikes again lol

  5. AT

    Where is the Marquis DeSade emprisoned at the Bastille when you need him?

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