Illegal And Legal Aliens Attack Sweden, USA: DNC Loves This, Bilderberg Gang Encourages This

Liberals have destroyed Sweden.  They opened the doors wide to a mass invasion of very hostile and dangerous Muslims who are now systematically destroying the country.  All of Europe is now being actively destroyed and this is 100% the responsibility of the Bilderberg gang, a gang of powerful, rich, spoiled brats who hate the citizens of all first world democracies and want to rule us like Saudi Arabia is ruled by its royals.

From last year: Last year, there were 13 bombs in one month blowing up in Sweden.

The rate of bombings and setting cars on fire are shooting upwards so the gang running Sweden off the cliff announced this last month, they plan to import another 50,000 terrorists.  Yes, terrorists: these are mainly young fighting age men they wish to import!


This sort of suicidal activity continues to amaze people.  Why on earth are they doing this?  It makes zero sense.  The Bilderberg gang is now demanding Japan import a million Muslim terrorists, too.  All of Eastern Europe is being forced to do this and some countries are actively resisting this stupidity.


Meanwhile, in the USA, the DNC has decided in the last two years to be treasonous creeps and encourage foreign invaders.  Sputnik International, a pro-Putin publication, has the real news while US mainstream media owned by Bilderberg gangsters lie about the border dispute with Congress.


Here is Sputnik News from Russia: the real story today about Trump’s visit to the border guards!  Virtually no mainstream news about this visit, of course.


President Donald Trump traveled to Texas on Thursday to meet with forces tasked with keeping undocumented immigrants out of the US.


Trump used his trip to promote his plan for building a long-promised wall on the Mexico border. He delivered a brief address from McAllen, a border town in the Lone Star State, standing alongside members of the US border patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, and law enforcement.

The DNC front is crumbling now.  More and more DNC guys in Congress support a border wall after all!


Sen. Cardin on Border Security: Certainly You Need Barriers and We Support Barriers
Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD): “Certainly you need barriers and we support barriers.”

Sen. Jeff Merkley States That “Some Barriers Are Useful” On The Border
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR): “Some fencing is useful, some barriers are useful. There’s a lot of surveillance technology. I’ve been to some cities on the border that have triple fencing and have more personnel and have the technology to see the people moving in the middle of the night.”

Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell Says A Border Fence Is Something He Can Get On Board With
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA): “Yes, fencing where there are vulnerabilities.”

Sen. Durbin Doesn’t Rule Out A New Border Fence/Barrier
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): “I can tell you, we’ve had fencing in the past, I’m sure we will in the future.”


So the battle is nearly over.  Enough DNC clowns will jump from the Pelosi Clown Car and vote with Trump.  This is why Trump is smiling ear to ear lately.


In normal politics, Pelosi would lose her leadership position if enough DNC clowns jump ship.  But she won’t.  Nothing will happen.  She has too much money and is in Crazy California, a state determined to commit mass suicide.


The brief, 10-minute ‘large-scale operational readiness exercise’ was conducted as part of the federal agency’s continuing enforcement efforts at the border.  Trump triumphantly spoke to the troops down there and they cheered him heartily.  They know they can’t get paid right now but they also know exactly why this is happening and who is causing them to lose pay.  It isn’t Trump.


The DNC is so detached from reality now, they really think the military, police and border patrols, etc. will all hate Trump if they don’t get paid.  This is foolish and stupid.  Now for other Bilderberg news today, Bilderberg gangster Jeff Bezos of fame is getting divorced due to this:


Jeff Bezos sent shirtless selfies, a photograph of his genitals and gushing, sexual text messages to Lauren Sanchez while the pair carried on an eight month affair which involved private jet rendezvous, intimate dinners and sleepovers at each other’s marital homes, it has been claimed.


The Amazon billionaire and his mistress, whose relationship was laid bare by the National Enquirer on Wednesday and Thursday, also stayed in hotels together – including one in Boston hours after the rest of the Bezos family had left.


The magazine, which followed the pair for four months after snapping Sanchez and her sister getting off Bezos’ private jet in October, claims that at one stage, Bezos’ wife of 25 years MacKenzie uncovered their affair when she looked at his plane’s flight manifest and found Sanchez’s name was the only one on the passenger list.


The Washington Post, owned by Bezos, is hiding this news story.  Fellow Bilderberg rag, the NY Times, also is hiding this story.  HAHAHA.  Now on to the other deranged newspaper of note, the NYT:



They advise Trump to surrender to traitors.  Another hit piece by the Zionists who own the NYT.  The owners of this rag claim that the assault on our borders which is obvious as all hell, is FAKE!  Oh, we were all hallucinating the NYT photos of raging men and a few women attacking the border, demanding to be let in and collect money from us???  Hello!


This entire editorial is laced with insanity especially since the Jews writing this are 100% for border walls with armed guards but only for Jews in Israel!


The entire editorial is laced with lunacy.  Here is one silly example:


3. A failure to understand Nancy Pelosi. Apparently, Mr. Trump never got around to reading “The Art of War,” or at least not Sun Tzu’s admonition to “know your enemy.” If he had, the president would have tried to develop at least a basic working relationship with Ms. Pelosi. The White House clearly assumed that, at some point — maybe after she secured the speaker’s gavel — Ms. Pelosi would bend to Mr. Trump’s will. But the speaker is not impressed with bluster. She is seldom cowed by political pressure from her own team, much less the opposing one. She plays the long game, and her will is as formidable as Mr. Trump’s, possibly more so. One key difference: Ms. Pelosi knows how the legislative process works.


Nancy Pelosi has to negotiate with Trump.  She is doing this via being very obnoxious, refusing to give so much as one penny for improving our border and is openly attacking Trump.  Naturally, fellow Bilderberg gangsters running the wretched NYT  blame only Trump for this impas, not Pelosi!


Some ‘negotiations’!  She offered nothing!  Nothing at all!  And the NYT knows this.  Lying is so common with that hideous paper, they cannot see how nakedly they lie.  It is obvious to any outside observers.


This battle is literally life and death.  Illegal aliens kill people here, they steal stuff, they drive wages down, they do lots and lots of damage including sucking down lots of public money, bankrupting DNC cities where they congregate in great numbers.


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13 responses to “Illegal And Legal Aliens Attack Sweden, USA: DNC Loves This, Bilderberg Gang Encourages This

  1. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie

    Even Cher is telling Pelosi to knock it off and let Trump have the money for the wall and border security.

  2. Melponeme_k

    What the general consensus is in regards to this mess is that the elite want to get rid of competing religions.

    They structured our societies so that our ties to religion were destroyed. They broke the power of Catholicism with the creation of Protestantism. Protestantism is an early Psy-op by these people. In the Jewish religion, the Sabbatean-Frankists created the reform movement and various other movements to divide the Jewish people in their own religion.

    They pushed enlightenment to break the power of the churches and their participation in society.

    Then they pushed the sexual revolution because obviously people with no moral compass touchstones are ready to attach to anything that makes them feel good. E. Michael Jones calls this society, The Big Gay Disco. In that we are all stuck in a cycle of meaningless entanglements for a few minutes of pleasure that have nothing to do with building a family or community. It has made us weak. It has cut off the very thing that makes us fight. Who wants to fight if they have nothing to fight for? Would anyone fight to die for the last sexual encounter they had? NO.

    Because the elites are Satanists and want everyone to be Satanists. Or whatever it is they think they are…I honestly don’t know their religion. They had to converge the religions. They are just about done with Christianity (in all its forms). They are seeking to totally control Judaism through the Sabbatean-Frankists and that is just about complete. So now they have to take control and subvert the Muslims. I’ve seen commentary in the conspiracy sites that Crowley built the OTO on the Muslim Caliphate structure. So I can only deduce they want everyone being forcibly converted to Islam as a kind of one world religion, then ultimately destroy THAT which only leaves their religion standing. The New World Religion of a Thousand Points of Light.

  3. Moe

    @1 WIAAA

    Cher advised Pelosi to accede to Trump’s demand for funding but places the blame for shutdown and its negative effects completely on Trump. Typical celebrity, suffering from Trumptardness.

    To call Cher a retard is to insult the truly mentally challenged. She is a libtard though.

  4. Aurelius

    @#2 Mel
    Good commentary. Christianity itself was hugely disruptive to the older, Indo-European religious philosophies, in my opinion. Both in the coercive way it was imposed, and more importantly, how it corrupted the natural development of religious thought among those peoples, with foreign, Semitic modes of thinking.

    Also, Judaism itself caused big problems for European peoples (and other “gentiles”) long before the Sabbatean-Frankists came on the scene, whom I admit I know very little about. (For instance, the Talmud dates back to at least the 6th century CE.) It looks to me like this line of reasoning is an attempt to get Judaism off the hook. That’s just my opinion and I’m not attempting to start a debate.

    “Big Gay Disco” — good one, E. Michael. Others call this New World Order “Globohomo,” although “Globoschlomo” can be substituted……….

  5. Melponeme_k


    “Also, Judaism itself caused big problems for European peoples (and other “gentiles”) long before the Sabbatean-Frankists came on the scene, whom I admit I know very little about. (For instance, the Talmud dates back to at least the 6th century CE.) It looks to me like this line of reasoning is an attempt to get Judaism off the hook.”

    The “Jewish” Globalists promote Anti-Semitism themselves because it keeps the Jewish people isolated and insular. The main Globalist family in charge of this are the Rothschilds. Since it is said this family are Sabbatean-Frankists and follow a Gnostic Satanism form of Judaism, it is within their interests to keep the Jewish populace in thrall. These Satanic/Luciferian Gnostics believe in blood magic and the Jewish lines are among the most magical. They want to control this or otherwise they could lose power.

    True Jewish people do not consider the Talmud valid and consider it a Babylonian document. They only follow Torah.

  6. Aurelius

    This is what I meant by letting Judaism off the hook. Have you just invoked the “No true Scotsman” fallacy by claiming that “true” Jews don’t consider the Talmud valid?

    What is your personal definition of a “true Jew”? And approximately what proportion of people in the world who self-identify as Jews would agree with your definition?

  7. Melponeme_k


    Scotland’s major families are Jewish. As admitted by Jewish people themselves.

    “When Scotland was Jewish” by Elizabeth Hirschmen and Donald Yates.

    So no there are no true Scotsman. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

    In fact most of the prominent families in the power heirarchy are Crypto-Jewish, including the aristocracy.

    Read Rabbi Marvin Antelman’s “To elminate the Opiate” for more information on Gnostic- Luciferian Judaism.

    Do a search on Youtube, there are plenty of Jewish commentators speaking out against Zionism, The Rothschild power bloc and Luciferianism. I’ve heard it from a Jewish Woman, Doreen Dotan, on Youtube that Torah is over the Talmud. Talmud stands in front of Torah imposing interpretations that could be correct and/or extremely wrong. The reason why Torah is called the living word is because of how Hebrew is formulated. The words that can be pulled from one word are many. When you add Gematria it adds more interpretations. This is why there is Torah scholarship!

    She hasn’t been excommunicated for this view. Incidentally she cleared up a misinterpretation of Torah that gave birth to a Gnostic belief. She stated that Sophia is not an entity. It is a feminine form of ending in Hebrew. She interprets it as the wisdom of the Jewish Women. But it has been taken out of context and turned into a whole Gnostic Goddess worship concept due to a wrongful reading of the Torah.

    Against Zionism:

  8. Aurelius

    @ Mel

    I know that you’re sincere and that you make a lot of good observations here. But the sources you cite are “fringe” and very few people are going to dive into them and go down those rabbit holes. “Fringe” doesn’t mean “uninteresting” or even that they don’t contain elements of truth. It means that they’re not authoritative and they don’t have much effect in the scheme of things. It’s Mark Passio-tier stuff that can certainly be absorbing, if that’s what you’re into.

    Yes of course there are lots of Jews speaking out against Zionism (eg Brother Nathanael), but what effect do they have on Jews at large? I asked you to estimate what proportion of Jews would agree with your assertions, which you declined to answer. I have been acquainted with plenty of Jews and I would guess that the large majority have never even heard of your sources.

    I even missed the main point in my previous comment, though. The point is that, religious or not, the Jews stick together as an ethnic group, perhaps more than any other group in the world. This is the main factor that allows them to wield such out-sized control in the world. (And this is why Israel will reject Africans identifying as “Jews,” because it is primarily ethnic and not religious.) Their ability to use “crypsis,” as you said, is another important attribute. I don’t hold any particular animosity towards everyday Jews; it’s not their fault, but they were born into a group in which ethnic solidarity is expected/demanded and it’s very hard to turn away from that.

    Your “no true scotsman” joke brought me a smile.

  9. Good grief, the European royals were all NORMAN STOCK, pretty much. I am 50% that, myself.

  10. lou

    Mel, Doreen Dotan is a strange one. I have listened a bit, months back.

  11. Melponeme_k


    “I asked you to estimate what proportion of Jews would agree with your assertions, which you declined to answer. ”

    You make the most ridiculous arguments for oneupmanship. How would I know how many? That would require ME TO WRITE A BOOK OR PAPER. Yeah, I could do that. I could do the leg work. It would take me some months to a year or so to get an approximate answer. Would you see it in print? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Do you think the Rothschilds would let a goy blow their psy-op cover? The paper would never see the light of day. And if I published it on my little blog, I bet the blog would crash the same day with all information lost.

    All I can do is speculate. Dotan and the rest of the videos I posted have decent views. And since I hardly think many gentiles are seeking out videos of protesting Rabbis, the audience is mainly Jewish.

    You know the public discourse is so tightly controlled even Jewish people can’t get coverage if they go against the party line. In fact they are hounded as apologists and self hating anti-semites.


    Yes, Dotan is out there. But she makes very good points in many cases and explains her positions well. The fact that she isn’t excommunicated yet leads me to believe she is being watched and considered by many.

  12. Aurelius

    OK OK, I yield the floor. I’m out….

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