Professor Boghossian To Be Punished For Revealing Corrupt SJW University Journals Are Very Stupid

Here are the professors celebrating getting a feminist/far left university publication which was totally fake and was about ‘dog park rapes.’  The three professors decided to do a ‘study’ whereby they would send out very obviously rigged, fake papers to publishers to see how little these operations police themselves or confirm their press has high standards.  Obviously joke ‘studies’ were treated like these were real research by SJW publishers!


So…the result of all this, was it reforms?  NO.  It was to attack the professors showing the poor quality and obvious insanity of many SJW type university funded publishers.  That is, the entire system is run by utter fools who are very stupid.  This is criminal for ‘studies’ are referred to by ‘reformers’ who use these fake studies to impose their bizarre beliefs on younger students.


The professor posted this on New Year’s Eve at his Twitter account:

Here is a group photo of the three professors who yanked the SJW chains on the attack hounds of the far left:

The professors who exposed academic lunacy by convincing radical feminist professors to agree to publish fake studies that were very openly and deliberately made ‘fake’.


Portland State University professor Peter Boghossian and his partners successfully published seven fake articles in the academic. Seven others were rejected. Boghossian was the only one of the three hoaxing researchers who was also a full-time university employee. However, he says that may change, as PSU’s Institutional Review Board has now accused him of committing research misconduct, according to a report by Inside Higher Ed.


The school’s IRB claims that Boghossian and the other two researchers’ plan to dupe journals constituted research involving “human subjects” and IRB policy dictates that researchers should obtain “informed consent” from these subjects, reported Fox News.


So, Portland State ‘University’ (sic) is angry that smart professors ‘duped’ journals!  The entire point was to submit obviously insane papers including simply taking a chapter from Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ and changing a few words…a paper that was highly regarded by the SJW lunatics who run many of our University systems.

The minute the threat to destroy the professor who exposed crummy science and outright fraud hit the news, many good professors wrote letters of support for the victims of this SJW mob lynching crew:

The professor’s Wikipedia page was attacked:

Here in the above video, is one of the ‘studies’ of ‘dog rape culture’ written by a feminist professor in Portland, OR.


Our school systems are collapsing.  Very stupid things are being pushed very hard now and it is all being done by Maoists who are the same ideological lunatics who nearly utterly destroyed education in China years ago.  This has to be stopped.  Our schools are rotten to the core.  The SJW gang is now attacking the last parts of the school system that still operates in reality: the STEM professors are now under sustained attack.


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5 responses to “Professor Boghossian To Be Punished For Revealing Corrupt SJW University Journals Are Very Stupid

  1. This was due to the Fed saying they were going to raise interest rates so the surge in markets would collapse. So it did collapse…duh. Now the Fed changed their minds.

    It was all a dirty trick during the election cycle by Bilderberg agents.

  2. Tim E.

    The funny thing about the video is that they aren’t “right wing”. Which in my mind makes this even better.

  3. Jim R

    The funniest thing about it was taking a passage from “Mein Kampf” and publishing it as a serious academic study. It absolutely proves your point, Elaine, that these people are repeating the idiocy of Maoist China. If that’s what replaces real science, we are heading into that dark age a whole lot faster than anyone expected . . .

  4. Zeke

    Combination of “Gonzo Journalism” and “Project Veritas.”

    Hunter S. Thompson meets James Edward O’Keefe III .

    “For his first video, he and other Centurion writers met with Rutgers dining staff to demand the banning of the cereal Lucky Charms from dining halls because of its offense to Irish Americans. O’Keefe said the leprechaunmascot presented a stereotype. He intended to have officials lose either way: to appear insensitive to an ethnic group, or to look silly by agreeing to ban Lucky Charms.[16]They expected to be thrown out of school,[17] but the Rutgers official was courteous, took notes, and said their concerns would be considered. Rutgers staff say the cereal was never taken off the menu.[13]”

    Histrionic gaming the system for yucks.
    What’s a misdirected theater major to do.

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