Disabled Vet Kolfage’s Go Fund Me Wall Account Shut Down By Fake Liberals

Congresswoman Pelosi, head of the DNC, said on camera, she would give the border wall Go Fund Me $1.  So severely disabled former soldier, Kolfage who has raised over $20 million in just two weeks, came to Congress yesterday to collect the $1 donation from her only to be turned away because this freaky woman doesn’t honor any promises she makes.  Go Fund Me today announced they will not hand over the $20 million to Kolfage and will, instead, return it to patriots who donated.  Kolfage has a new fundraiser site now.  More about that later.


Below is a comment by one of the readers of this story, when Kolfage was not allowed into the Pelosi’s office so a fat employee met him in the hallway:


That was utterly unprofessional as well as stupid.  I have lobbied Congress in the past even and especially when Congressional leaders were freaking out (such as after the 2000 election!) and yes, you can normally walk into the office and talk to the front desk there!


In this case, the cowardly Democratic leader locked out a very disabled veteran.  Today, mainstream media is running hysterical hit pieces on Kolfage.  He isn’t perfect!  Oh my!  To bad these same ‘reporters’ never cover the stories of all the crummy things DNC agents do over and over again.

Here is Kolfage’s story in his own words:


Kolfage said in a Business Wire press release:

We are grateful for the president’s steadfast commitment to border security, the single most important issue plaguing our country. Rather than subsidizing the federal government, which has betrayed the American people by obstructing President Donald Trump’s agenda, ‘We Build the Wall’ is taking the president’s signature campaign promise into our own hands. I personally will not take a penny of compensation from these donations incurred in the furtherance of this mission.


The news story goes on to say:


In less than a month, Kolfage raised more than $20 million from more than 300,000 donors, with an ultimate goal of $1 billion. The effort included working with lawmakers and legal experts to find ways to allow Americans to help fund a border wall.


He proved his point: citizens are quite anxious about building a better barrier to illegal criminal invaders!  Naturally, the mainstream media reporters pretend to be stupid about this.  Kolfage continues to explain: he is going to use this money to build a private barrier on private land.


Better equipped than our own federal government, we have made significant progress in less than a month, having begun extensive due diligence and commenced feasibility studies. We are already taking action on identifying the most densely crossed areas of the border, soliciting affected landowners along the Southern border, and ascertaining the willingness of border landowners to provide no or low-cost easements on their property for wall construction.


Since Go Fund Me is a fraud operation run by SJW lunatics on the West Coast, it is now officially useless as a tool so Kolfage will do his fundraising in a slightly different venue.


The new 501(c)4 called We Build the Wall, Inc., has formed a board of directors that Folgate will lead and a team of advisers “to provide critical guidance on the project’s legal, engineering, contracting, environmental, accounting, maintenance, and real estate issues and serve on the advisory board and or the construction, finance and or audit committees,” the Business Wire press release said.


The board of directors is quite extensive and has top talent including former Sheriff Clark!  The Go Fund Me gang is very pissed off and here is them, snarling about all this patriotic stuff:


“When the campaign was created, the campaign organizer specifically stated on the campaign page, ‘If we don’t reach our goal or come significantly close we will refund every single penny,’” GoFundMe spokesperson Bobby Whithorne told The Hill on Friday.


BUT the return of funds would be ‘via request’ not ‘draconian and across the board.’  Naturally, Go Fund Me lies about this.


“He also stated on the campaign page, ‘100 percent of your donations will go to the Trump Wall. If for ANY reason we don’t reach our goal we will refund your donation.’”


AT the request of the donors, not totally.


“However, that did not happen. This means all donors will receive a refund,” Whithorne continued. “If a donor does not want a refund, and they want their donation to go to the new organization, they must proactively elect to redirect their donation to that organization. If they do not take that step, they will automatically receive a full refund.”


I am betting that the donors will all choose the option to transfer the funds.  The open hostility of the Go Fund Me gangsters is obvious here.  This was an epic amount of money raised in a very short time frame!  It broke nearly all records.


Below is a picture of what is happening on the other side of our border right now, today:

The invaders continue, cheered on by the DNC leaders all of whom are traitors.  Nearly all the leaders doing this in the DNC all called for better border controls in the past which makes them not only liars but traitors.

AND the DNC push to destroy any diplomacy in the real world continues, too.  They openly talk about WWIII, the #1 reason I was 100% against Hillary was her joyful talk about launching WWIII via a hydrogen bomb sneak attack.

And in Europe, the little French poodle midget, Macron, is going to destroy anyone who protests his evil rule.  They will have to be invaded by more Muslims and they have to pay high ‘global warming’ taxes, the entire Bilderberg garbage will be imposed on them all no matter how much the citizens protest!


This will cause probably lots of interesting violence!


Now for some very irritating news: I was very ill for a while off and on due to getting the Norovirus from my family in New Jersey.  My grandson was sick a number of times and his school closed down several times due to this pesky virus.


Well, it is back!  Yuck.  And the same tool of transmission, too: those huge cruise ships:

Good lord, those things should be stopped.  They are carrion carriers.  Diseases run through these sick ships over and over again.  Open air venues are not nearly so dangerous.


These ships are mainly like being trapped inside a mall for several weeks.  Yuck.


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4 responses to “Disabled Vet Kolfage’s Go Fund Me Wall Account Shut Down By Fake Liberals

  1. Tim E.

    Cruise ships aren’t very nice for other reasons either.


  2. Jim R

    Heard on talk radio the other day, I don’t know who said it first:

    “If Trump woke up one morning and said oxygen is a good thing, all the Democrats would start holding their breath!”

  3. Pete

    Hope you are feeling better Elaine.

    And in Paris the beat goes on.

  4. Thanks for posting the RT video of Macron’s attacks on peaceful demonstrators.

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