Fake Liberal News Mass Media Totally Ignore Increasing Yellow Jacket Patriots Marching Against Bilderberg Gang

Massive, energetic anti-Macron demonstrations all over France on Saturday and…mainstream US news didn’t bother covering this at all!!  The Bilderberg gang decided a month ago to bury this news utterly.  This is so delusional, it is deliciously funny for the best road to destruction is to ignore reality.  Russian news, on the other hand, has wall to wall coverage of all the uprisings in NATO countries!  So, if you want real news, go to Russian news.  How embarrassing.  How delicious.  How delusional our Real Rulers are thinking they can hide mass demonstrations against them.


Below is Russian News Today covering sister protests elsewhere in Europe.  This movement is growing, not shrinking.  A refusal to see what is going on is stupid, burying their heads in the sand is a goofy way to address pressing problems so important to the proletariat, is a recipe for guillotine solutions from the Citizens.

Macron promised to double down on the military riots against peaceful protestors who threw no rocks, set no fires, broke no windows: all these marches are 100% peaceful until the authorities brutally attack marching citizens who are waving patriotic flags and singing the National Anthem!


Figuring that via hiding this information, the gang running Europe off the economic cliff can cling to power is pure lunacy.  Yes, the average citizen won’t know about this news unless they know how to use the internet to seek hidden news.  But the anger of all these citizens over foreign invaders invited into their countries by the elites is enormous and growing stronger all over first world countries.


It can’t go away because the invasion is very real, and is hammering workers very hard, driving down wages, and the excuse our Real Rulers are using to freeze us to death is, the fake story of the planet overheating due to citizens living in warm homes in winter is falling to pieces as the climate gets colder and colder.


Yesterday’s demonstrations in France were suppressed after 4 hours of riots as the military attacked the citizens repeatedly.  Even when night fell, the battles continued.  The heroic determination of the French CITIZENS is amazing to see, I thought France was dead and gone and yet, the People rose up again and again and refused to surrender.  Bravo!


The NY Times has zero…yes…ZERO stories about what is going on in France.  They did carry anti-citizen stories back in early December, defaming the citizens for the police violence.  But then, around Xmas, the NYT decided the French workers surrendered to the Bilderberg gang and all was back on track.  So…they now refuse to report this news at all: that the movement is growing in winter which means, it is very strong.


The top story at the NYT is how evil Trump is and how he will be taken down by the Special Prosecutor eventually and of course, stories mocking the attempt at making our borders better.  The NYT wants aliens to invade and have them vote for Bilderberg schemes.



50% of the front page news is all about how evil Trump is for trying to protect us from foreign invaders. This is the very definition of ‘treason’.  I have long called these clowns ‘traitors’ and this winter, they are doubling down on being total traitors.  Arrest them all.

HAHAHA. The NYT has a top story about a handful of communist terrorists hiding in Costa Rica.  They very charmingly want to ‘renew their UPRISING’ and the NYT commiserates with them.  The poor darlings!  They can’t riot!  Meanwhile, zero news from France, eh?


I went to the official Tweet page of this treasonous, evil newspaper gang and there was also ZERO news from anything to do with France.  Period: they did have repeated stories about say, a Saudi woman who fled to Canada.  Wow.  Big news…NOT.  There was a goofy story about not using rubber duckies in the bathtub, too. Wow.  Big news at the NYT, eh?



The NYT claims to be suffering from ‘sensory overload’ while snoozing on the real news.  How charming, childish and stupid this is.  Ignoring real news is hard work.  Need bubble baths to fix.

Oh, the NYT does cover France once and awhile.  The news about the explosion in a store in Paris made the news very briefly.  Not front page news but at least it made a faint stab at reportage.  The next day, huge mass demonstration and police riot against citizens caused considerable battles in the heart of Paris?  No news at all.  This is just amazing.


During the antiwar riots of the 1960’s, at least the mainstream news sort of carried the news in a rather feeble way, this total blackout, on the other hand, is much more amazing considering how citizens globally can access news from anywhere.


Here is the BBC’s coverage of this huge riot in the heart of Paris:

A math genius dying has the same level of headlines as this huge uprising against Macron.  Russia’s broken telescope is much bigger news than a citizen uprising in France…three upperclass skiers die in Austria is bigger news.  This is just amazing to watch the denial and delusion of the elites running Europe off the cliff.

Note how Google does have the Yellow Vest news and note also that 90% of the coverage is via Russia, not mainstream NATO news sources.  All this runs alongside the change in how the internet interacts with citizens.  Nearly all Bilderberg organizations that run ‘news’ (sic) services have terminated all contact with their audience.  Zero comments allowed is now the iron rule except in a very few places like the London Daily Mail, nearly alone, actually.


An actual uprising against a top Bilderberg politician, Macron, is raging onwards with Macron’s fellow conspirators in the media hiding this vital news from the public: this is treason.  Lying about reality is treason.  Claiming to be a ‘news service’ when it is really a ‘non-news service’ is treasonous.  Preventing citizens from knowing what is really going on is treason.  Arrest them all, the entire Bilderberg gang is a bunch of traitors enabling the invasion of first world countries by hostile forces which wish to overturn our democratic systems and replace these with third world style rule which is nearly uniformly all dictatorships.



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7 responses to “Fake Liberal News Mass Media Totally Ignore Increasing Yellow Jacket Patriots Marching Against Bilderberg Gang

  1. Tim E.

    In addition to the Russian coverage https://twitter.com/UnityNewsNet same place here https://gab.ai/UK_Unity is a good place to see what is going on in France.

  2. lou

    Will they cause a run on le Bancs?

  3. AT

    Over the last several years, the powers that be have shown that they will not reorient foreign, fiscal or monetary policy without first throwing a series of tantrums that delegitimize every social institution, one by one: the press, the presidency, law enforcement, Congress, the markets, etc.

    Seems like that’s only going to make things worse when we finally reach the culminating point of unsustainability.

  4. KHS71

    You’re correct. They do not seem to care about the yellow vests in France. They pick and choose their “news” stories. From Zero Hedge.


  5. Aurelius

    @2 Lou

    I’m not sure if you realize that that was one of their announced tactics for this weekend. That would definitely accelerate things wouldn’t it? This story is riveting. No more jokes about the French…

  6. Mewswithaview

    A good write up on the failed Russia narrative by Bernhard Horstmann

    The Trump-Russia Scam – How Obama Enabled The FBI To Spy On Trump

  7. Moe

    Charles Hugh Smith finally writes an article that I would post here.

    Excerpt: “The gilets jaunes / yellow vests are a working class revolt against the elites and those who identify with the elites: the fake-progressive hipsters, the aspiring technocrats and the comfortably secure state unions, all of whom are now on the elite side of the barricades.”


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