BBC Totally Hides Real News: Virtually Nothing About 10 Weeks Of French Protests!

This was one of the top BBC stories today!  Yes, I spent hours watching the latest mass demonstration against Macron all over France, sister demonstrations in Belgium and England…and zero news from the BBC. But look at the cute puppy…IT DIED!  Booohoohoo.  That is the #2 story at the BBC alongside the sad story of a bunch of Mexicans who were blown up when they tried to steal oil from a major pipeline.


Here is some of what happened today in France: after Macron surrendered two weeks ago, he has been backtracking bit by bit behind the scenes.


DESPERATION: Migrant quotas are but the latest in Macron’s lame attempt to save his presidency!!! Support my channel by getting our gear and accessories that celebrate all things nationalist, populist, and traditionalist!…


But all this was temporary.  Macron said he would review his retreat in July and then…impose it all on the French voters.  The voters are not fooled, they are continuing the pressure.  Today’s demonstration was loud, even more organized than previously, more songs and banners and flags than before.  And as usual, Macron’s troops start a fight when the demonstration was totally peaceful up until the marchers were attacked by goon squads.


The BBC last week discussed Macron’s future efforts to rule France via brutality and loss of civil rights.  Kind of like in England today whereby if one says or writes anything critical of Muslims, you are punished.

This story was from last week so I would assume the BBC would have full reports of the defiance of the French populace and explain what this means.  Of course, the BBC would never do this because they are the ruling elite’s propaganda arm!  Duh!  HAHAHA.  Here is a screenshot of what the BBC considers important news today:

How silly.  A supposed female (?) wearing a pink mask/hat is ‘pushing to make the world a better place’?  HAHAHA.  I hope she means ‘hiding my ugly face makes the world a better place.’  There was a funeral for a mayor in Poland who was assassinated.  A soccer match was won by a team in Britain.  Someone swam with a shark.  Wow…talk about ignoring obvious news!


I searched the BBC for news about their big, nearest next door neighbor, France.  I had to be very exact to get anything about the Yellow Vest movement:

The same news three times about last week’s protest.  None of it nice, no interviews, etc.  Just pronouncements by Macron about suppressing any future protests.  The poor level of coverage is true Bilderberg blather.  The Bilderberg gang tries desperately to ignore incoming information and they have no desire to pass onto populations, any real news that is important.  Below, the BBC is mocked on You Tube for trying to hide real news and how ratings are plummeting at the BBC due to this stupid habit:



The NY Times has studiously refused to report any real news from Paris.  They are now ignoring fashion news from Paris due to the desperation of what this revolt is interfering with fashion hoo-haw goofy junk.

Nearly all the news in my search at the NY Times is old news which isn’t news, it is olds.  I try again:

HAHAHA.  Now I learn from the NYT that ‘yellow vests attack…several violent episodes…’ two weeks ago.  HAHAHA.  The violence was mostly one sided: government thugs attacking people who were simply marching in the street, singing songs and holding hands.  I watched it.


Now on to fellow Bilderberg goofball, the totally insane, unhinged Washington Post:

Never, at any point, has any demonstration in France make the front page of that befuddled mess of a newspaper.  So I used google to find what was on the back pages for the last three months:

As per all fellow Bilderberg global tyrants, the WP blames protesters for all the violence.  This is disgusting.  Only when troops face the marchers who never, ever did anything bad until trapped and attacked, only when the troops try to stop marching in the streets, does violence happen and 90% of it is from the military and police, not the marchers.


I watched around 48 hours worth of marches this last three months and always it is the same, the people are peaceful until attacked.


Here is some of what I saw today in Paris: in the case below, there was only some teargas but when a marcher bared his tushie, the military blew up and attacked the marchers.

Then, out of the blue, a bunch of guys dressed all in black and with orange arm bands and vests, suddenly attacked this car and smashed it up and then blamed the marchers.  Some yellow vests tried to stop the vandalization of the car!  They were attacked by the paramilitary thugs while the guys seen below, smashing the car up, ran behind the troops showing how they were really working for Macron.

You can see one in a white helmet and another with the arm band, behind the paramilitary who are attacking the marchers.

You Tube is joining other entities online to prevent Tommy Robinson from doing anything online and thus, ‘deplatform’ him like they are doing this all over the place.  These lunatics who run various websites are now our enemies. Google is now pure evil, they even understand this which is why they removed their ‘do no evil’ motto.



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9 responses to “BBC Totally Hides Real News: Virtually Nothing About 10 Weeks Of French Protests!

  1. Ritchie

    Hi Elaine from Brittany,

    We had big protests and blocades here before christmas but things have moved on to the hunger games capital as the playground is more rewarding.

    The plain clothes police with the orange armbands are the BAC…the anti-crime brigade.

    Everything is building up nicely. Innocent people are getting ‘flashballed’ and it will be interesting to see how far the government/the european elite will go to maintain the status quo.

    As a farmer I am happy to see the Confederation Paysanne wading in behind the movement. There is a real convergence of protests.

    Chaos reigns.

  2. AT

    I bet he flashed the Union Jack from under his jacket first.

  3. Zeke

    RT is a valuable news and commentary resource.

    Granted: Russia Today is Russian propaganda funded by the Russian government and it has its own agenda; namely sowing discord and division. RT’s motto is “Question more”. It’s product is doubt.

    RT was pro-Brexit, pro-Catalan secession from Spain, pro-Scottish independence, anti-NATO, anti-Hillary, anti-Brussels, pro-Occupy Wall Street …. always eager to cover mass demonstrations in the West. Anything that will divide and weaken the West.

    It soft peddles or more accurately ignores internal Russian problems and Russian misdeeds and controversies, e.g., Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine …

    It is lamentable that RT is being systematically dismantled and removed from media channel availability. They choose carefully what they want to cover and how in depth – but I’ve never known them to lie.

    A Russian émigré reminded me that propaganda must be overwhelmingly true to be believed and thus be effective. Truth with a spin.

    I miss RT’s critique analysis of economic issues. All we have now are cheerleaders for the stock market. Buy, buy, buy, buy more …. believe, believe, believe vs. RT’s doubt and “Question more”.

    RT has been purged from broadcast and some cable networks – under bogus rationale. It’s still available online on the Internet. But when it was broadcast, there was no tracking record of who was watching what, when, or what segments or for how long. Maybe that’s paranoia.

    When used intelligently, RT is (was) a useful and valuable resource.

  4. For Europe, RT News is the ONLY real news now! It is insane. I just went to the BBC and in the line of ‘last week’s news’ for every week this winter, there are ZERO mentions of any of the French Yellow Jacket activities! Nothing at all. It is just gobsmack insane.

    News from all over the place that is meaningless for Brits to know is all the BBC pedals now.

  5. tio


    Elaine has maintained that, on the whole, national media excludes ‘truthiness’ about domestic issues and includes it in foreign coverage. It’s not hard to figure out why, it’s just that you have to pinch your nose when you partake. RT is well funded and available to the peons on Airstrip One but I can take it or leave it, I do however, appreciate that it is an irritant to TPTB. I mean, it’s not like they would ever lose their sense of humour ..

    IMHO the thrust of this article is that the ‘truthiness’ component has long since expired, the domestic media of the Axis of Debt has gone full widdershins. And I don’t blame the BBC from excluding coverage from France, Westmonster normally has loose bowel movements when Paris burns. I do blame them, however, for transforming themselves into the other, more pornhubby definition of BBC. Not something to consume over your evening meal, that’s for sure.

  6. tio

    @Elaine, err .. yup, that’s about it.

  7. Moe

    @3 Zeke

    Truth with a spin is much easier to dissect than lies with a spin.

    “RT was pro-Brexit, pro-Catalan secession from Spain, pro-Scottish independence, anti-NATO, anti-Hillary, anti-Brussels…”

    Yep, so was I, on all issues.

  8. lou

    Was there a French bank run? Or an attempt at one?

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