Insane Liberals Want To Mass Murder Covington School Children!

Fake liberals publishing utterly fake news have stirred a terrible storm of leftist (very Nazi-like) rage against some CHILDREN based on a false story about kids ‘mocking Indians drumming’.  From beginning to end, this fake story was concocted by extreme leftists and carried like the pox by mainstream Bilderberg media and even today after the entire story was proven to be falsely reported…it continues and gets much worse.  ‘Liberals’ are screaming for the mass murder of these children while they go to school!!!!  I am sick to my stomach about all this. How disgusting.


The Kentucky Kenton County Prosecutor warns all these lunatics that they will be arrested or reported to the FBI if they threaten these school boys.


On Sunday, Rob Sanders, a Kenton County Prosecutor, fired a warning shot to leftists threatening acts of violence against Covington Catholic High School.


Mr. Sanders represents the 16th Judicial Circuit in Kenton County and he made it very clear acts of violence will not be tolerated.


“Threatening acts of violence against educational institutions in Kentucky is a felony and we don’t take it lightly no matter the circumstances. #KYcrime” Rob Sanders said in a tweet.


At the Twitter account of this prosecutor, liberals came in to threaten the boys there and citizens who are alarmed about this complete meltdown by liberals who are led by the nose by the ruling elites, it is obvious a wave of arrests are required to stop this madness.  Here are some examples from the prosecutor’s website:

Some of the lunatics posting tweets that are very homicidal are famous people who are in Hollywood.  That cesspool of a culture should be shut down.  I am sick and tired of them being vile, obnoxious, antisocial and brutal.


Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis admitted Sunday she rushed to judge the viral video showing high school student Nick Sandmann wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat and standing still in front of 64-year-old Native American Nathan Phillips.


At least she apologized.  But she should examine why she falls for obvious fake outrages.  And does she understand how evil she really is, joining in with the braying pack of violent wolves?  These brainless actresses do this all the time.  They never examine what is really going on, they jump every time someone yells ‘Fire’ and never learn from previous events that this is foolish.


“I made a snap judgment based on a photograph & I know better than to judge a book by its cover,” Curtis wrote. “I wasn’t there. I shouldn’t have commented. I’m glad there wasn’t violence. I hope theses [sic] two men can meet and find common ground as can WE ALL.”


Note she calls the school boy, ‘man’.  She still doesn’t understand her evil action totally.  She abused a legal CHILD.  Another, much more evil actress, wrote that it is OK to savage and threaten CHILDREN because this boys between the age of 13-17 years old were at a pro-life march.  OH NO.  How dare they, scream ‘liberals’ who hate fetuses.


I am all for abortions, I had to have one to save my own life due to being an AB negative blood type, each pregnancy was worse than the previous one and it became a literal life and death issue for me.  But women shouldn’t abuse children when children want to stop abortions.


That is just sick, sick, sick.  One can debate the issues but this was no ‘debate’ it was a pack of slavering wolves chasing down CHILDREN because the kiddies didn’t want abortions.  One can only hope all these people attacking these children get abortions, I wouldn’t trust them to care for babies or children with this sort of mindset.


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26 responses to “Insane Liberals Want To Mass Murder Covington School Children!

  1. Aurelius

    IMO their hatred is because the children are white, Trump supporters, male, and Christian. In roughly that order. One needs to understand that cultural marxists wants all such people dead or completely neutered (and not reproducing). It’s no longer about the “proletariat” or any such 20th century concept of Marxism. But it will potentially be just as bloody.

    Hard times ahead……

  2. KHS71

    Here is a story on the “american indian” activist.

    In my opinion he saw the boys with MAGA hats and decided to confront them.

    I don’t get on social media but does the right make the same type comments about the left?

  3. AT

    How is this Marxist when the Russians derisively call it “post-Christian ideology” and the Chinese derisively call it the “white left”?

  4. Pete

    Another video of event

  5. Pete


    77 yellow vests shot in head with rubber bullets 😦

  6. Pete


    The revolution will be televised 🙂

  7. AT

    Those yellow vest fools were done whenever the Intel agency provocateurs convinced them that a fall revolution was better than a spring one.

  8. Zeke

    No one is blaming the group of adults who started it all – they refer to themselves as ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’. Don’t know anything about them – other than ‘confused.’ And ignorant.

    It now seems the Covington students were waiting for their bus(es) to pick them up – when the BHI started yelling disgusting racist insults and taunts at them unprovoked. BHI’s MO is reminiscent of ‘Westboro Baptist’s’ hateful confrontational instigating tactics trying to provoke their targets into reacting which they then capture on video, etc. The students only responded with school pep-rally type chants.

    Presumably the Indian was trying to intervene. The students didn’t know the drum beating was a prayer. (Of course, on the Internet, a frog can be a prince. With military experience being one of the most fabricated credentials (e.g., far more people claim to be Navy Seals than number existing.) any such claims held in abeyance pending presentation of DD214.).

    A lot of misunderstanding. The optics looked bad for the students. I wonder if the capitol police were not there because of the government shutdown.

    The school and the students are going to need protection against some deranged emotionally unhinged person or SJW who only knows part of the story. It’s sad. No one wants a repeat of ‘Pizza-gate’. It’s sad that a group of students can’t go to our nation’s capital and exercise their constitutional right of assembly without being defamed and threatened and blame transferred from actual culprits to them.
    That’s a heck of a bus trip civics lesson they got.

  9. That jerk, Shapiro, the guy who has been courting conservative youth, he joined in the attacks on the students along with the mob of baying creeps on the left. I have been watching Shapiro closely lately and am not surprised now that he is often on mainstream fake news that he has decisively joined the Bilderberg gang.

  10. Flaherty mentions the many ‘conservative leaders’ and supporters who fell for the fake story and who then attacked innocent boys for nothing.

  11. And here is a very funny video by Alex Jones:

  12. lou

    I hope lawsuits and prison sentences follow.

    It’s time for the parents of the Covington Catholic High School students to take action. There needs to be major lawsuits and massive attention brought to the hate crime committed against these young men. This just proves the point of how White people are nothing more than second class citizens.

    If the colors were reversed in this situation and a group of Black students had been harassed by old White activists the activists would be in jail at this point, and the entire White population would be mandated to take diversity training courses.

    But because these teenage boys are White it is open season.

    If you were thinking somehow you would be able to ignore this you are dead wrong – and it is coming to a neighborhood near you very soon!…

  13. lou

    According to Fox 19, the school had readied additional security at Covington Catholic High School for when students return Tuesday following
    threats of violence issued against the school and its students since the weekend. The American Indian Movement Chapter of Indiana and Kentucky are scheduled to protest at the Diocese of Covington at 10:00 a.m. local time.

  14. timothy carroll

    @ lou,

    If they want a race war, they’ll get one. Most blacks are too stupid and ill trained to shoot accurately They do excel at the “point and spray” assaults, which is why you hear (locally) about very young black children getting hit randomly in the hood. The white pussies who support the blacks don’t so much know how to change a tire let alone load and reload a shotgun. And they’ll be the first ones their black “bros” will turn on. Good riddance! So yes, there will be blood spilled, and it will be the SJWs and negroes who suffer disproportionately.

    And for all the whining about how ebil whitey is and how they must get rid of us, they sure do love our neighborhoods. Jeezus, every time I see one move into my neighborhood my heart practically stops as the inevitable fall in property values always follows. There’s getting to be nowhere for YT to run.

    Oh, and how many of you out there have been affected by the gubmint shutdown? Only proves to me how utterly worthless 90% of it all really is. Time for Trump to clean house @ .gov.

  15. timothy carroll

    My local paper just had a headline celebrating our “diversity” now that whites are officially a minority in Greensboro. Now that I’m a minority, does that mean I can qualify for some free gibs? I think we all know the answer to that one.

    It will be interesting to see the hammer come down on all the “oppressed minorities” and SJWs as they scream to get rid of the Bill of Rights and the last remnants of Constitutional protections. I hope I live long enough to see them finally receive all of the Marxist love they so desperately long for. Makes getting old seem not so bad after all. 🙂

  16. lou


  17. Zeke

    So – it looks like it was a set-up. A heavily edited video – short clip taken out of context of surrounding events.
    Partially automated (whatever that means) twitter account – for pay tweets – malicious intent.
    (In a way I think the students (13 yo to 17 yo) behaved with remarkable restraint. Being viciously verbally assaulted by BHI crazies while waiting for a bus. Then some strange man invades your personal space – in yo face – banging a drum – – and student responded with only a smile. (The Indian’s permit for their gathering was expired and was for a different location on the Mall. The drum beater waded into the group of students waiting for their buses. He approached the students, not the other way around.)
    That’s my impression from the latest info.

  18. lou

    twitter approves

  19. Zeke

    “The new information has people who had so eagerly cast the first stones hastily deleting their tweets.”

    “Best-selling author Reza Aslan tweeted that the high school junior had a “punchable face.” Former Democratic Party chief Howard Dean opined that Covington Catholic is “a hate factory.” GQ’s Nathaniel Friedman urged people to “Doxx ‘em all,” i.e., make their personal information public.”

    “Far from the boys confronting Mr. Phillips, he confronted them as they were waiting near the Lincoln Memorial for their bus.
    It also turns out that Mr. Phillips is not the Vietnam veteran he was reported to be in most stories.”

    “Most of those who so eagerly maligned these boys will face no lasting consequences, while the boys themselves will always have to wonder, when they are turned down for a job or a school, whether someone had Googled their name and found only half this story. This is an ugly moment in America …. ”

  20. This is why they must sue EVERYONE especially the New York Times and other Bilderberg publishers and CNN, etc. Just gobsmacked amazed by all this.

  21. Petruchio

    At #16 Timothy Carroll: blacks will have a HUGE disadvantage IF there is a Race War: their skin color!! NO black person is gonna be able to say “don’t shoot me, I’m not Black!” Identifying your Enemy will be very easy. I do not advocate violence, I’m just making an observation.

  22. lou

    those that operate Dark Arts web sites.-meaning?

  23. I haven’t the faintest idea here.

    Perhaps that person did send me an obnoxious email? Seriously deranged.

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