Way Below Zero F Here In NY, Davos Meeting Today About Global Warming!

It was 9 below zero this morning, the sun just came up and it is extremely cold outside.  The cold extends all the way to Mexico so even California is cold.  Only Florida and half of Texas is warmish.  Devout socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) says that the world will stop spinning in a dozen years if “climate change” is left unchecked.  This infantile female thinks it is getting hotter and hotter but then, she is a backwards leftist.

As temperatures plunge in areas of the planet where all Ice Ages begin, namely Canada and the upper parts of the US, the left continues to double down on the ‘global warming’ hoax.  It doesn’t matter how often it snows in the Sahara Desert, the global warmists cling to their fake stories.


Science has been twisted into a pretzel in order to pretend the planet is super warm.  It is colder than the Medieval Warm Period.  It is colder than the Roman Warm Period.  It is colder than the Minoan Warm Period.  And all are colder than the original Prehistoric Warm Cycle that happened over 8,000 years ago and which melted the giant ice sheets covering much of Europe and half of North America.

The reason why we have to worry about what happens in Siberia and Canada is simple: a huge part of the world’s land masses are concentrated near the North Pole.  The Southern half of the planet has half the landmass as the northern half of the planet.  Only Australia and two thirds of South America and a third of Africa are in the Southern Hemisphere.

Even more here: the Tropic of Capricorn has very little landmasses, just the narrow bottom half of South America, the tip of Africa and half of Australia, otherwise it is all ocean and Antarctica which is pinned to the South Pole.


No clue of impending Ice Ages will show up in the Southern Hemisphere.  All Ice Ages had very little effect on this half of the planet.  The yo-yo hot/cold cycles are a Northern Hemisphere thing.  Lying about this is what keeps the global warming scam operational for the Bilderberg gang who lie about EVERYTHING.  They are habitual liars.


And guess where the DNC Congressional delegation is?  Are they negotiating with Trump?  Nope.  Here is where they are today:

Since when have these crooks who are busy looting everyone, worried about ‘global poverty’?  The Yellow Jacket demonstrators in France are fighting off global warming taxes that will force them all to freeze to death in winter.


This is literal life and death for the French people. Macron is now avoiding this gang’s meetings today due to his own people wanting to lynch him.  From last year:


More than 50 world leaders are joining bankers, energy magnates and others Tuesday in Paris for a summit that President Emmanuel Macron hopes will give new momentum to the fight against global warming — despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate accord.

Sean Penn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Elon Musk are among prominent figures joining the world leaders at the summit, where participants are expected to announce billions of dollars’ worth of projects to help poor countries and industries reduce emissions.


Note how the criminal globalist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, pretends to ride this clutzy green bike at the Davos meeting.  Here is how he really lives, this crooked man who is afraid the earth will cook if people do this:

Cute, isn’t it?  It is infuriating.  All these clowns are infuriating.  Screaming that we will all die if we consume fossil fuels, these monsters consume oceans of fossil fuels.  Arrest them all for treason, they are destroying the planet earth!


They should be given the death penalty since they are, according to their own beliefs and words, are destroying the entire planet and will kill everything on earth due to them doing this fossil fuel consumption thing.


I would suggest they all drink some green Kool Aid.  That might save the planet.  Yes, that is the solution.


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8 responses to “Way Below Zero F Here In NY, Davos Meeting Today About Global Warming!

  1. lou

    Coastal California is warm. Ar least in Los Angeles.

    Those who dont like the cold can move, if that is a possibility. [hint].

    This infantile female, she is the Republicans greatest allay.

  2. Rob

    Of course that wasn’t Arnold in Switzerland (too cold to be out on a bike), but is from France last year. He’s riding a Velib docked bike share. The Gobee is dockless and is failing:

    First saw dockless bikes (just park them anywhere) in Charlotte NC. Bikes just piling up anywhere. In China they have now have laws that if left locking entrance or on sidewalks, they get sent to a bike graveyard like as in these pics:

  3. timothy carroll


    We had the same thing here in Greensboro. At first I thought it was a neat idea. I still think it’s an interesting approach to transporting people who don’t have a car and don’t want to take the bus, but the problem of people just leaving them anywhere when they arrived at their destination was irritating. You’d find them smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk in front of somebody’s house (I’m sure the homeowner loved that), so pedestrians would have to walk around them Not a huge problem here, but then again, I haven’t seen any in recent months.

  4. AT

    I predict the partial shutdown will last until after Trump skips Davos. That way Trump gets a fig leaf while dog whistling to his base.

  5. Jim R

    Hang in there, Elaine, the warmists are trying to help you out the only way they know:

    They are flying to Davos in 1500 private jets!

  6. Jim R

    Oops, I messed up the link. The article is still here:
    Apparently it refuses to load unless that parameter is with it. I always like to remove those things to stop the web trackers. . .

  7. Yes, this is a meeting of the biggest, nastiest hypocrites on earth.

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