Assaults On Covington Catholic Boys Continue In Media And DNC Racist Silence Speaks Volumes

The Covington Catholic School story still is in the news with interesting developments connected with the Vatican.  It appears to me that the Pope and his gang of global warmist/communist ideology leftists have ordered the boys at that school to stop defending themselves or talking to the press.  This is an important development.  The school, which attacked the students for being ‘instigators’ of the events this week, never retracted the condemnation of their own students.


If I were a mother of one of these kids, I would be assailing the school and ripping the priests to shreds.  My husband was an altar boy at his local Catholic Church many years ago and I am glad he wasn’t raped like so many others.  The Church protects priests and powerful people who rape boys!  It should be shut down.


The administration of Covington Catholic high school and the Diocese of Covington’s first response to the incident was to throw the students under the bus, issuing a statement condemning their own students.


Even after retractions and apologies from the mainstream media for spreading malicious slanders against the kids, the Bishop of Covington has refused to apologize for his initial condemnation of the students. In a statement yesterday, the Bishop even spoke of “corrective actions” against the students, despite their public vindication.


Note the picture above: the school mascot is a rebel general, it appears.

Looks like the gentleman at the center of this story has a very nasty past.  He should join the Catholic Church and trained to molest boys, I would suggest very  ironically.

So…already subpoenas and search warrants are going out to chase down and put in prison all the adults who threatened school boys with murder and rape.  I hope all the Hollywood weirdos are put in prison.  They utterly disgust me.

Seems a suspicious package was sent to the Catholic priest who is the same person who still condemns his own students.  From the above video:

Note the second item: ‘…he commands or ENCOURAGES another person to engage in specific conduct (attacking/killing someone)…’  This means all the Hollywood lunatics and politicians who joined the braying bullies should go to prison.


Here is the other male sex predator story out of Hollywood, the home base of much disgusting behaviors:

The prosecutor explains that he can’t just arrest these creeps who are outside the state of Kentucky but he will push for other venues to do this for him, hello, crazy California!  Put your noxious creeps in Hollywood in prison, please!!!


California State Senator Jackson has a bill in California forbidding using normal English to talk about sex or race but instead, everyone must use ‘hip hop/SJW’ terminology.  This is what is happening to Canada under Trudeau.


I keep wondering how long Tim can avoid the inevitable, that is, discovering why these things are happening to ‘liberals’ who are actually not liberal at all but are rather, raving Mad Madame Maoists.  Duh!


All the people who joined the mob (notice: I did NOT) should not be forgiven, Tim.  He wants the ‘olive branch’ handed to these creeps.  Nope.  They always jump the gun, attack based on little information, are quick to attack anyone even children of not being PC.  This is the sin, not this single example of the obvious.


Punch someone in the nose and then saying ‘sorry’ is not enough, not by a million miles.


I hope CNN is sued to the point of bankruptcy here.  CNN ran endless fake stories about these boys, never did a minute of research, whatever they did research was an attempt to find more reasons to attack young school boys!

Mark Dice points out that the Democratic supporter adults continue to double down on attacking the children at this Catholic School.  If the Catholic Church has any sanity left, they should be suing all the public figures attacking their school. DUH.


Every detail in this unfolding story peddled by liberals is fake.  This is a monumental moment in our history: the utter, total insanity and moral collapse of the left.  The boy at the center of this attack by racist fiends on the left, comedy central creeps, for example, are mocking this child and threatening to ‘punch’ the child.


I want to punch all of these adults.  I do have significant training in punching stuff, having fought for fun much of my life.  I agree with Mark Dice who says, ‘We can’t just let this go…’ it is a still developing story and is at the very dark heart of the noxious evil that is destroying liberalism.

Every sane person watching this nonsense unfold…the left has been misrepresenting all sorts of pictures of these boys which were posted before this media frenzy and claiming making OK hand signs is a sex thing (ONLY BLACKS use it this way!!!)…I wrote in the past how black young males misuse this hand sign…this is all so very insane.


I will note here that the Democrats in Congress have yet to condemn the hate crimes against white male Christian boys.  The silence speaks volumes of how cruel, ugly and above all, utterly racist the DNC has become.  They should all be charged with civil rights violations as well as child abuse in this case.


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5 responses to “Assaults On Covington Catholic Boys Continue In Media And DNC Racist Silence Speaks Volumes

  1. Zeke

    “But the wild, uncontrollable internet kept pumping videos into the ether that allowed people to see for themselves what had happened.”

    “By Saturday, the story had become so hot, and the appetite for it so deep, that some news outlets felt compelled to do some actual reporting. This was when the weekend began to take a long, bad turn for respected news outlets and righteous celebrities. Journalists began to discover that the viral video was not, in fact, the Zapruder film of 2019, and that there were other videos—lots and lots of them—that showed the event from multiple perspectives and that explained more clearly what had happened.”

  2. Zeke

    So many in the MSM and celebrity elite latched onto that tiny edited clip from a now deleted and discredited (as a hate spewing bot) twitter account. It was a ‘confirmation bias’ that outted their prejudiced frame of mind.

    One of her campaign slogans (and the most prominent one) was “I’m with —> Her”. Which may have been inspired by those boardwalk tee-shirts with the arrow:
    I’m with
    But another one of her prominent slogans was: “For The Children.”
    Well …. these are CHILDREN …. but where is Hillary? These are children (13 yo to 17 yo) piled on and vilified and demonised by her Hollywood and New York buddies. Where is she? Who is she with?
    At the focus of their invectives is a 17 yo high school junior. He’s not old enough to shave, or to vote, or to drive a car, or drink alcohol, or to buy a pack of cigarettes, or enter into a legal contract, or to drop/add a curriculum subject without his parents’ signature or to stay out after a 10 pm curfew – yet he is expected to have ‘situational awareness’ and maturely deal beyond his years with a crazy situation not if his own making.

    This is the opposite of “white privilege” – it’s more like white burden. Because he is white, he is expected to behave in exemplary fashion – – even while the adults of color around him are behaving in egregious ways.

    (Of course, during the campaign, she also touted her experience as Secretary of State as making her more qualified to deal with the ominous 2 am phone call.
    Well, there was a 2 am phone call: ~ Benghazi calling ~
    The alarm went off – she rolled over and hit the snooze bar and people died in the service of their (our) country.)

    This would be an opportunity to vindicate herself – she could be magnanimous and say – look, I don’t care what kind of hats they were wearing – these are children – and you people want to do them harm, offering sex in exchange for harming, punching, prejudging, putting out a hit contract on them, etc. Stop it.

    The Hollywood and New York elite seem to be mid-West or wholesome. They impulsively, Harvey Weinstein like, want to sully or foul it.

    Regarding the MAGA hats: I noticed that they all looked new. I suspect that they were given to the kids boarding the buses as part of a school trip package. Looks like the frosh and sophs had white and the juniors and seniors had red. Maybe they were distributed to keep track of the kids – the primary concern in taking students on a school trip.
    Also – maybe in that part of the country, rural Kentucky, those hats are not provocative at all.
    Remember – that was ‘fly over’ country. Hillary’s plane never touched down there. Trump’s did.

    There have been a few retractions and mea culpas but mostly the MO has been ‘middle of the night’ so to speak deletions.

  3. There has been virtually no apologies directly to the students so far.

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