Two Presidents More Chaos Venezuela

Possible coup in Venezuela Rumor has it that Maduro may have already fled.  According to some rumors, ‘Yesterday the presidential plane left Maiquetia Airport. The only ones who could use it are Maduro, Diosdado Cabello, and Tarek El Aissaimi, either way this is the end game here in Venezuela.’  Comment posted at You Tube 20 minutes ago.

From last year:

From today:


Dictatorial communists are beloved by many leftists, note support for Mao!  Insane.  Economic chaos is a terrible thing.  Venezuela is in full social and economic collapse.  Emboldened by Brazil voting for a conservative instead of a crazy leftist bent on social engineering and starving people, property confiscation, perhaps Venezuela can get out of the downward spiral.


The fastest money inflation in history has been going on there.  It makes the German super inflation look like child’s play.

Ben Garrison’s wonderful comic site:


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  1. AT

    A challenger officially backed and recognized by a foreign power that has been griefing them with sanctions. Unless it is already in the bag with the military bigwigs there, how is that going to help? And supposing it were, why bother?

  2. The mess in Venezuela began long before Trump came into office. It was self-created over the last 20 years thanks to corruption and voters wanting something for nothing.

  3. AT

    Unless they had already jumped the fence or been bought by China, imagine how our generals might react if China backed Pelosi as the legitimate President of the US? Just sayin’.

    Guess we’ll see how it plays out but it looks to me more like deliberate blowback than victory, in other words, a way for Trump to fold a bad hand he inherited without recrimination from the oligarchy, like he’s getting in, say, Syria.

  4. Christian W

    @ 2 Elaine

    The mess is not ‘self created’, that’s misinformation at best. The US Freedom and Democracy Movement TM has been pushing regime change for over a decade, including installing crippling economic sanctions aimed at making life as miserable as possible for the Venezuelan people (just like they have against the people of Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Yemen etc) and openly supporting traitors and quislings.

    Unfortunately for the US they can’t overcome the very democratic voting system in Venezuela. The people there don’t want to give up their nation to NWO Zionist Oligarchs and their footlickers. The footlickers are a clear minority so the only way to topple Venezuela is by using a coup.

    Lovely how Trump has morphed into a regime change pushing Swamp Creature working for the Zionist Oligarchs, no? Exactly as I said he would.

  5. tio

    Completely off topic and on an unrelated note, the following Guraniad article has been vetted safe for consumption .. honestly.
    “None of this is to say that the 1% – holed up in their resort and fenced off from the world with roadblocks and men toting sharpshooters – don’t care about the immiseration of others. At Davos a couple of years ago, the New York Times reported that among the summit’s attractions was “a simulation of a refugee’s experience, where [conference] attendees crawl on their hands and knees and pretend to flee from advancing armies”. The article continued, “It is one of the most popular events every year.” ..”

  6. They are insane.

    Venezuela: the two insane dictators are responsible for the messes THEY created THEMSELVES just like Zimbabwe, for example.

  7. And one big problem today is, liberals have this insane agenda. For example, you have to believe in ‘women’s rights’ issues and at the same time MUST believe we are ‘roasting to death’ (when it is below zero F no less) which is insanity.

    So I dump everything due to the iron lock the left has put on their stupid fantasies.

  8. AT

    Generally speaking as intel technique goes, it seems “direct action” has been eclipsed by “controlled failure” and “deliberate blowback.”

  9. AT

    Pretty sure the main reasons are lawyers and information age accountability.

  10. Petruchio

    Maduro had ordered the entire Staff of the US Embassy to leave Venezuela, declaring US Embassy staff persona non grata. The US has simply refused to leave the Country and has told Venezuela that “they (the US War Machine) will take appropriate measures to protect their Embassy personnel/

  11. Christian W

    @ 8

    The ‘dictators’ were VOTED into power. That’s a fact even if you don’t like it.

    Even so it is still the people of Venezuela’s problem, not Trump and the Neocons problem…

    And if you don’t acknowledge US regime change efforts and economic trickery to bring Venezuela down then you are living in a reality of your own.

    I suggest Trump turns his attention to US vassal states Saudi Arabia and Israel if he is concerned about brutal dictatorships and butchery of innocent people.

  12. Christian W

    Spare me the BS about concern for the people of Venezuela. The quisling footlickers have prepared legislation that opens up Venezuela for US Oligarch looting:

    The “transition law” drafted by Venezuela’s US-backed rightwing opposition demands privatization of state assets & a capitalist oligarch-controlled system built on “property rights and freedom of enterprise””

    Wikileaks show the US wants it’s dirty grabbing paws on Venezuela’s oil:

    From 2008:

    The signing of yet another MOU by Gazprom with the
    Venezuelan nationalized company came with few details, and
    TNK-BP officials acknowledged the “political” impulse behind
    the initiative. Russia also reportedly gave a USD 1 billion
    loan to Venezuela for military-technical cooperation. Chavez
    also met with PM Putin and discussed the future of nuclear
    energy cooperation. This visit can be viewed as part of
    Russia’s broader foreign policy goal of advancing a
    “multi-polar” framework and balancing U.S. influence in the
    world, sending a “primitive” message that Russia can meddle
    in the U.S. backyard.

    Venezuela is “in the U.S. backyard” don’t you know…

  13. tio

    “They are insane.”

    Quite possibly, who knows the whole story? However, something in the back of my (albeit impaired) mind tells me that they are quite within their rights to be as bonkers as they want. I know, I know, sovereignty is a privilege not a right, *sigh*. Unless you are suggesting that all fiscally suicidal regimes need to be taken to the woodshed and have their bottoms spanked until they cry “mummy!”? In which case sign me up or am I missing something?

  14. Jim R


    Maduro’s crime is not an incorrect political philosophy, or that is the least of his crimes anyway. The broken Venezuelan economy is a result of several decades of economic hitmen. Maduro’s crime is his failure to submit to the empire’s demands.

    And the insanity you see manifesting has nothing whatsoever to do with capitalism or freedom or empowerment of the individual. It has to do with imperial political power and nothing else. Unfortunately, the empire is doing what empires do. It has already gone to Afghanistan to die.

  15. Christian W

    @ 15 Jim


    Here is a list of recent US economic warfare on the people of Venezuela. This is only a small part as it only covers the last couple of years and the CIA dirty work is not part of this expose:

    Also the US shale price dump to lower global oil prices were aimed at Russia, Iran and Venezuela (this cratered Saudi Arabia but the Neocons don’t care). US shale companies got cheap loans to produce a LOT of oil below market value and outside long term sustainability.

  16. Jim R

    Here is a well informed essay on the topic:

    The new ‘president’ lacks legitimacy, but he has the backing of the US empire. So he may prevail, like the new fascist president in Brazil or the dictator of the Ukraine for the last several years.

  17. tio

    Don’t forget the precious ..

  18. Christian W

    Indeed, the Precious… Must have the Precious…

  19. Christian W

    ‏ @CTPatriot2006
    48m48 minutes ago
    Replying to @wikileaks @noreallyhowcome

    Venezuela is Trump’s 1953 Iran. They should have known better than to use their own natural resource for the betterment of their people. That oil belongs to our multinational corporations just like Iran’s did. #Venezuela #Neocons #Oil #RegimeChange

    Precious…. My Preciousssss

  20. tio

    It’s the golden rule ..

  21. AT

    @Jim R

    Dunno much about Brazil, but it seems to me the salient difference between the current situation in Venezuela and the “color revolution” in Ukraine is that when it came down to civil war and playing for keeps, the Russians pulled their quisling out and gave him his golden parachute retirement at their resort city for broken dictators. But remember, in hindsight the Russians had something to play for, they got to swipe Crimea and make a gambit for the oil in East. Most in the west were anti-Russian, dead-wood from their perspective anyhow. And they still retained their pipeline routes to Europe, just further back.

    In Venezuela, Maduro has nowhere to go and the Russians have no incentive to pull him. What’s more, his generals are nationalists who don’t want the headache of running the shithole.

    My guess would be that things up until now have gotten hot for the opposition, and at this point its handlers are probably working primarily under diplomatic immunity for security and safety reasons. Thus, the blowback from giving the public endorsement of the now doomed opposition is the expulsion of the embassy and the shuttering of the efficient control and support of the opposition.

    My guess is controlled blowback and deliberate failure (so the chickenhawks can’t bust Trump’s balls for throwing in the towel).

  22. jason

    One other aspect to consider is that China has been bankrolling the regime there and is now the defacto owner of Venezuela’s oil resources.

  23. DM

    Oh well, even when Elaine spouts some ill-informed crap, she at least allows the comments without censure.

  24. So, who RUNS THE MONEY PRINTING PRESSES in that stupid country???

    HELLO. I cannot understand how blind people are to the obvious. Look, our own printing presses have been creating inflation for quite a while, too, namely, since we dropped the gold standard.

    I remember when that happened!!! I watched inflation shoot upwards way back in the Nixon era.

  25. And yes, Jason, China is propping up Murdoro. Why people think the CIA runs that place baffles me. They were chased out a long time ago. Just like the CIA doesn’t run Iran since the Mullahs took over and shut the country up.

  26. Christian W

    @ 26 Elaine

    Nobody said the CIA runs Venezuela. The CIA, however, runs Juan Guaido, Trump’s chosen goon.

    Guaido is educated (read: groomed by the CIA) at Georgetown University. He had exactly 0 votes in the last election. NOBODY in Venezuela voted for him, because his handlers in the US told him not to run since only the footlickers (small minority) supports being run by the US.

    As for moneyprinting. You didn’t read the links I provided about US enforced economic sanctions and economic theft of Venezuelan assets did you?

  27. Christian W

    Current CIA meddling in the affairs of Venezuela includes:

    The US National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) own current webpage admits to extensively interfering in every imaginable aspect of Venezuela’s internal political affairs with funds directed at:

    Building Strategic Capacity for Local Democratic Actors
    Cohesive Strategic Communications
    Defending Human Rights Victims
    Developing Tools for Agile Communication
    Empowering Citizens through Local and National Policy Dialogue
    Facilitating Humanitarian Aid Relief
    Formulating a Comprehensive Public Policy Reform Package
    Fostering Scenario Planning and Strategic Analysis
    Fostering Small Business Enterprise in Defense of Democracy and Free Markets
    Improving Democratic Governance in Venezuela
    Improving Local Democratic Governance
    Leadership Empowerment and Socio-Political Participation
    Monitoring Human Rights Conditions
    Monitoring the Human Rights Situation
    Promoting Access to Justice and Public Services
    Promoting Checks and Balances
    Promoting Citizen Journalism
    Promoting Citizen Participation and Freedom of Expression
    Promoting Democratic Governance
    Promoting Democratic Values
    Promoting Dialogue and Reconciliation
    Promoting Freedom of Association
    Promoting Freedom of Expression and Access to Information
    Promoting Human Rights
    Promoting Independent Journalism
    Promoting Political Engagement and Advocacy
    Promoting the Rule of Law

    It is clear that the US is funding virtually every aspect of opposition operations – from media and legal affairs, to indoctrination and political planning, to interference in the economy and the leveraging of “human rights” to shield US-funded agitators from any attempt to arrest them.

    Phew, what a load of BS. US based NWO “Freedom & Democracy TM” at work.

  28. Christian W

    Pompeo appoints arch-Neocon Elliot Abrams regime change tzar for Venezuela

    Elliot Abrams is the asshole who cooked up ISIS for Israel. This is the run up for Trump sponsored death squads in Latin America. Booyah.

    The Trump ‘presidency’ is a shitty re-run of the Dubya Bush idiocy. MAGA.

  29. Christian W

    Btw, Elliot Abrams is also one of the Deep State crooks that pulled strings on the failed US coup against Chavez back in 2002.

  30. AT

    Given its reserves, a truly independent Venezuela might be able to pick its price after peak oil really starts to bite. It would quickly join the ranks of the superpowers.

    In many negative sum games, game theory dictates that the big guys should secretly gang up against the little guys while pretending to remain at odds.

    Similarly, pushing Venezuela into the arms of another major power (like Russia or China) is the next best thing to keeping her, as long as all the major powers want to collude to keep oil prices low. What’s much worse is a truly independent Venezuela.

    Deliberate blowback and controlled failure seem to be the game of the day.

  31. AT

    However many neocons and dogs of war are behind the opposition, publicly declaring him the ruler of Venezuela was a kiss of death.

  32. tio

    The Phantom of Fine Hall .. LIVES …

  33. Listen very carefully: Murdoro and others like him get votes when they loot countries and hand out goodies. HE, not the CIA or American groups etc. did this. He did this on his own lonesome self.

    This is happening now to South Africa, too. The groups discussed here that supposedly are US schemes to run Venezuela are DNC gangsters!!! Put there by OBAMA. Hello???

    Zero votes for the guy who went to school in the US in previous ‘elections’ was due to these ‘elections’ being rigged by the two men who have run the country into the ground via PRINTING MONEY LIKE MAD.

    Got that? The US didn’t do this. The gang destroying Venezuela did this and their co-conspirators here are the lower classes who were fooled into looting the treasury via money printing scams.

  34. tio

    On the off chance that was leveled at me, I made no assertions otherwise. Personally I don’t know what happened, I am however a member of a small tribe whose currency was (once upon a time) kicked squarely in the balls by Uncle Sam, so I tend to keep an open mind on these matters.

  35. Sorry, I was addressing anyone who thinks that the US is printing money in Venezuela. All similar dictatorships with fake elections end up making the exact same mistakes.

  36. Jim R

    I didn’t see anyone comment that the US is printing money in VZ. If anyone is printing money, it’s probably G&D.

    But the fact is, the CIA is at the center of many of these things, always, everywhere, for the last sixty years or so. They were extremely proud of installing the ‘Shah’ in Iran in 1953. Does that mean they were ‘running’ Iran? No, all they do is overturn a weak government and install a stooge. For another example, Pinochet in Chile. He may not have been an official employee of the CIA, but they stirred up riots, and armed the ‘opposition’ until the elected leader was dragged off and killed.

    So, it’s fairly obvious that this Guido character is ‘their man’ in VZ. And, with no doubt some arm-twisting, a list of the usual suspect countries have ‘recognized’ this human turd with 0 votes as the ‘legitimate’ governor of the 58th US state of Venezuela. Whatever. We have seen similar happen in Ukraine, and in Brazil, for recent examples. In other places the result has been chaos, and due to intervention by the Russians, they have utterly failed in Syria.

    And all over Africa, they are competing with the spooks from China and Russia in similar campaigns to control various resource-rich places there.

  37. Christian W

    The voting system in Venezuela is more democratic and less corrupt than the US voting system. Every vote in Venezuela is tied to voter ID and finger prints. That’s why the CIA can’t flip the votes

    It’s ‘funny’ as hell (it really is not) that Debbie Waterman Schultz, the US Election Fixer Specialist, who obviously is a criminal who should be in jail, now is DIRECTLY INVOLVED in bringing democracy to Venezuela:

    American Establishment hypocrisy is utterly unhinged.

    The second reason is that the clear majority of the people do not want US stooges to loot the mineral resources on behalf of US based NWO Oligarchs/Robber Barons and US Murder Inc. corporations. They know they will get exactly nothing but death and misery out of it. The part who expect to profit, maybe 30%, loves their US masters. It’s the same old ruling upper crust and their servant class.

    Already the US stooge, Guaido, has called for Venezuela to accept huge loans from the IMF, so the same neoliberal template that has impoverished post-US Coup Russia (Yeltsin) and post-US Coup Ukraine (Poroshenko) is what is planned for Venezuela. Of course the Venezuelan people know they will be crushed like bugs in that scenario. They know what the US did to Chile in 1973. They know all about US interference in Latin America. Venezuela is their HOME, not America’s backyard.

  38. Christian W

    Oops, I translated Wasserman Schultz to “Waterman Schultz” heh. No biggie but still an error 🙂

  39. Christian W

    Anyone who believes Fake Election Specialist and Zionist DNC gate keeper and operator Debbie Wasserman Schultz and war criminal Neocon Elliot Abrams,

    who has a long history of creating and backing death squads and dictators in Latin and Central America,
    who was deep in the Iran Contra scandal and convicted,
    who tried to overthrow Chavez in 2002,
    who planned the invasion of Iraq 2003
    who planned the proxy Islamist destruction (Al Qaeda and ISIS) of Syria 2007 onwards,
    who has the blood of hundreds of thousands of women and children on his hands

    now come riding in as a Heroes of American Democracy and Champions off Human Rights for Venezuela

    is simply crazy.

  40. Hello, everyone, I want you all to remember this fact: it is not merely WHO gets to vote but more importantly, who COUNTS the votes! This is where the major fraud happens.

    I used to be a poll watcher in corrupt NYC and I put a number of politicians in prison years ago. I saw the inner workings of the media/political corrupt machine close up.

  41. Jim R

    It also has to do with who prints the ballots.

    If your dude is depending on write-in votes, he’s not gonna break out of single digits. Write-in votes frequently are frequently ignored completely.

  42. Jim R

    Oops, an editing error.

    And thanks, @Christian, for filling in the details up there — I knew the list of shenanigans was a long one, but don’t have a handy list.

    But one thing you said, I disagree with. You said Guaido is “Trump’s chosen goon”, and I am not sure whether Trump can even find VZ on a map.

    The goon was chosen by some committee inside the CIA. Trump is just along for the ride by now, and no swamp creatures will be harmed.

  43. Christian W

    @ 43 Jim

    Trump’s ignorance is very dangerous, absolutely. Obviously he cannot know the name of every little US agent. Hell, even Pompeo called his sock puppet for ‘Guido’ when his real name is Guaido.

    Also, Trump is on the record as supporting regime change in Venezuela. He started talking about sending in US troops back in 2017. Trump may lack in education, but he knows Venezuela has a lot of oil and gold.

    Here’s Trump pushing the ‘let’s save the poor innocent lives so we can get our paws their mineral resources (and destroy their economy with IMF loans on top)’ scam.

    Straight out of the Economic Hitman template. Trump is no lil’ victim here.

  44. Christian W

    @ 41

    Hello, everyone, I want you all to remember this fact: it is not merely WHO gets to vote but more importantly, who COUNTS the votes! This is where the major fraud happens.

    I used to be a poll watcher in corrupt NYC and I put a number of politicians in prison years ago. I saw the inner workings of the media/political corrupt machine close up.

    There were international observers present at all Venezuelan elections and they did not detect any irregularities. Yet, you are saying because US elections are extremely corrupt therefore Venezuelan elections must be corrupt?

    To solve this problem Venezuela must accept

    A. Debbie Wasserman Schultz – a CONVICTED ELECTION FRAUDSTER to tell them how to run fair elections?

    B. Elliot Abrams – a hardened war criminal who PERSONALLY is magnitudes more brutal, deadly, corrupt (part of looting $6 TRILLION in US tax payer money for Israel’s wars and US Oligarch & MIC tax haven accounts. And killing 2 million plus in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc) than any Venezuelan government official.

    C. America’s Economic HItman template, now promoted by Trump, that worked so well in Chile, Argentina, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine etc


    Sort out America FIRST.

  45. Christian W

    Honestly I find it extremely creepy that American’s just take all of this crap as normal. NO, it’s NOT NORMAL. It’s called DOUBLE THINK.

    It goes something like this:

    US elections and officials are corrupt. If they are from the DNC they are INSANE. Therefore we must send corrupt US officials to Venezuela to liberate them from corrupt officials and elections. America’s corruption is good, or irrelevant, or conveniently forgotten. Venezuela’s corruption is bad, because they are not acting in our (corrupt) interests.

    We are good, because we mean well. We will take all your money and resources for ourselves, but we are good, because we liberated you from corruption. If we kill you, it’s because we mean well. We mean well, because we are inherently good, even when we kill you for your resources or to empower ourselves.

  46. Christian W

    Talk about Black Magic……………

  47. You would support a totally corrupt leader, Christian, right up your alley.

  48. Jim R

    Pot meet Kettle, Elaine, you are supporting this Guaido character.

  49. Christian W

    Resorting to Ad Hominems again when your claims and your superficial narrative fail to deal with reality and facts.

  50. AT

    Even if Trump were the devil incarnate, I would support him over anyone declared to be our ruler by a foreign power.

    It’s a kiss of death. And, I might add, very deliberate.

  51. AT

    Pushing VZ into the arms of another superpower (as long as that superpower wants to suppress oil prices too) is the next best thing to keeping her, especially if the alternative is she becomes another superpower on her own after peak oil.

  52. AT

    What’s more it also suggests a possible internal divide in US policymaking, particularly given its backhanded nature. With the predictable closing of the US embassy in VZ. the foreign rulership proclamation effectively shuts down most of the opposition support from the US. without Trump (or whoever) actually giving the order to do so.

  53. The Bilderberg gang still run international affairs and…how can an outsider like Trump stop them when people here at my blog complain about the news but blame TRUMP for being surrounded by Bilderberg gangsters????

    Eh? We all are! I certainly am. I even worked in the same venues as Bilderberg people this is how I know them!

    Trump needs support for his America First work and you guys kick him in the knees. Well…go work for Clintons! OK?

  54. Jim R

    Here is a good essay on the VZ coup attempt from a guest author at The Saker. And, yes, the Saker provides a ‘Russian’ point of view.

    Flagrant, Cynical, Public attempt at coup d’état – Venezuela

    And here is the fairytale theater: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that since Maduro is no longer the legitimate president he has no authority to sever diplomatic ties with Washington and Trump and Pompeo threaten that “all options are on the table” – meaning military action – “if US personnel are endangered.” Wait a moment, let’s parse this down. First, they say Maduro is no longer President. Second, despite being no longer President, they hold him accountable for acts of violence against protestors? So, mob protestors can run free and create mayhem, because Maduro is in any event responsible? Truly Alice-in-Wonderland ‘off with her head’ methodology.

    You don’t have to like Maduro to realize that this is exactly the same machinery, using exactly the same methods, that were used to replace Allende in Chile 40+ years ago, and Mossadegh in Iran 50+ years ago, and a long list of people since then. I don’t think I’d really like the old Communist, personally, either. But I seriously doubt that the average Venezuelan’s life will be improved if they replace him with another nascent dictator who genuflects to the Washington mob.

    The bottom line, it all probably depends on the Venezuelan military. Which ‘president’ they support, and which one they arrest . . .

  55. Christian W

    Trump’s “America First” is Alt-Right language for the SAME OLD RACKETEERING for Wall Street, US Murder Inc and the Zionist Oligarchs Smedley Butler described so well:

    “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

    I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912.

    I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

    HIllary is/was a WASP Establishment (CIA) Racketeer. Trump is a Jewish Mafia (Mossad) Racketeer. That was his ticket to the Presidency. Trump took the traditional GOP position as a champion for the “conservative” working White man used by Reagan and Dubya Bush before him.

    “MAGA” and “America First” are code terms for bringing home loot for the White US working and middle class, now diminished and desperate after decades of Reaganomics and voodoo economics (US Establishment & Zionist Oligarch looting of the US itself).

  56. Christian W

    War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

    – Smedley Butler

    Example in this case, the looting of Venezuela on behalf of the Insider Establishment in the US/Israel and their hatchet men. Never mind the talk about Freedom from Socialism, Democracy for the People (US puppet rule), the Terrible Suffering under the Dictator (leader outside of US control) and so on and etc. You’ve heard the stories and nonsense a gazillion times.

  57. AT

    “how can an outsider like Trump stop them when people here at my blog complain about the news but blame TRUMP for being surrounded by Bilderberg gangsters????”

    I don’t blame him for folks who are working against him, but he could have surrounded himself with others. And, he could have made good on at least some of what candidate Trump promised.

    Instead we get this endless charade that allows him to appear benevolently stuck in the middle and unable to accomplish anything through no fault of his own. It that’s his aim he needs no ones help. This strategy worked really well for Louis XVI too, until it didn’t.

    What could he do? He could start by de-classifying lots of stuff, He could start by making some arrests of those who covered up 9/11, like Mueller. He could do much that he isn’t.

  58. AT

    What I like best about Trump is what the anglophile neo-tories hate most: Russia.

    I figure, any businessman with a Russian speaking wife who was planning to expand into Russia probably isn’t going to get us into a nuclear war with them, unless it really has to be.

  59. AT

    @Jim R

    It’s not just Russia. The Saker also provides a Chinese point of view, from what I’ve read.

  60. Trump HAS been declassifying stuff! I actually read the news.

    Look, everyone is being trained to freak out every time Trump does anything at all. As I keep pointing out, he is not a Bilderberg person at all.

    They HATE this with a seething passion!!! I hope everyone figures this out by now. At least read my news service, it helps greatly.

  61. Jim R

    @AT, the Saker provides an objective, realistic point of view. His first language was Russian. Note that I put ‘Russian’ in quotes, because there are many different sorts of Russians, with different points of view. If you read his blog regularly, sometimes he talks about himself, and you can figure it out from there . . .

  62. You know, I was one of the most proficient students of the German language when I was a teenager and my second language was RUSSIAN. I read Russian and German newspapers back then, regularly, I did translations for my father.

    This whole business of our DNC/Bilderberg gang junk about Russia is a total replay of the 1950’s Red Scare garbage which terrified my father back then because the House of Unamerican Activities aimed at HIM at one point.

    I grew up in the shadow of this. EISENHOWER, a war hero general, could NOT STOP THIS and even though he trusted my father, he had to sit silent while that committee began to focus on my dad.

    THIS HAPPENS VERY EASILY and is IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP when the mass media is attacking the President and the ‘Russian agents’ exactly like in 1955.

  63. What saved my father was Barry Goldwater who was introduced to him back in 1955 and they became friends and we lived next door for two years. Red Scare hysteria happens regularly in governments and it is just amazing how toxic things can get when powerful people want to persecute people.

  64. Christian W

    Trump: I will declassify the JFK info

    Trump: I will NOT declassify the JFK info


    The Neocons are FULLY in charge. The CIA is doing CIA shit. The Pentagon, increasingly dysfunctional, has more printed money thrown at it than ever before. More QE. More money printing. More Debt. China is being pushed to war by various nefarious tactics. More rotting of the Empire, conveniently blamed on “illegal aliens”, “the Bilderbergs” and “socialists”.

    And now Venezuela is appointed as a volunteer by Bolton to pay for the latest round of QE. The real wealth has to come from Somewhere.

    Look at Trump, Bolsonero, Guaido. All leaders for populist ZioNazi movements, open in their support for Netanyahu.

    And now the Zionists are pushing anti-BDS legislation throughout the nation. Promise fealty to Israel or lose your job.

  65. Excuse me: the Chinese openly planned AT MY HOUSE how they were going to destroy America back in 1986. I told the State Department this. I told Bush Sr. this.

    Look, the Chinese said they would go capitalist in order to take over the world. DUH. I think this is normal, they took advantage of dumb Americans. I don’t blame them.

    But…the Chinese government is our enemy. They want you all, even silly people here like Christian, enslaved. DUH.

  66. And yes, the Jews want to forbid anyone from doing stuff about the Zionist control of our country which I talk about all the time.

  67. lou

    66–you should have poisoned them, not fed them sweets.

  68. Christian W

    @ 66

    Stop with the false narratives.

    Reality check:

    It is the US spying on me. It is the US military boot stomping on my nation. It is the Zionist US banking system that enforces obedience of US/Israeli war crimes and US/Israeli policies. Not China. China may in the future, but that is hypothetical, the US/Israel is ACTUAL present time.

    Again you evade the FACT that you are, right this minute, being enslaved by the Government of the USA.

    You say you talk about Zionists running your country, but your ACTIONS SUPPORT them. Your ACTIONS support the enslavement and destruction of the US along with other nations (Venezuela is an example) on behalf of the Zionist NWO which is the US Military and Banking Empire + vassals (EU, most of Latin America, Saudi Arabia).

    The Zionists and the Neocons, and their tools the corrupt Dems and GOP including the puny “Bilderbergs” who are ALSO Zionists, are all false choices.

    You can’t have it both ways Elaine. You can’t be against them while you are for them.

  69. I am also a realist. I am not a crazy leftist. I know how the world works. I am angry with the Bilderberg gang not because they rule the planet but because they are STUPID.


  70. AT


    Israel doesn’t do anything the queen doesn’t want. You have taken the bait.

  71. lou

    71–Queen of England?

  72. lou

    Are people here aware the ‘anchor baby nurseries’ are being busted?

    Feds are indicting companies for cheating the system to bring in Chinese women to have babies in the US for citizenship.
    Then the families will be allowed in, and wow the Chinese have families.
    Our own immigration laws are sowing the seeds of our destruction.


    They bought Smithfield for about as much as “The Wall” would cost – 25% of the US pork industry. $5,000,000,000.
    Got their loan from the Bank of China in 1 day.
    Part of their 5 year plan.

    And we debate for months which bathrooms to use. They’ve built 17,000 miles of high speed rail in 10 years while ours and Bulgaria`s run neck and neck.

  73. AT

    72- Think who made the nation and why and as payback for what?

  74. Christian W

    @ 71 AT


    The Queen is a SUBJECT, the Rothschilds and the City of London, which is independent of the United Kingdom, OWN her. This is symbolically represented by the fact the Queen has to ask official permission from the City mayor to enter the City.

    The Queen is but the military arm of the City of London. The UK Monarcy is a front, the Pomp and Circumstance needed to keep the “British Empire”, or the PC version “the Commonwealth”, together under one Monarch.

    The City of London branched out (ca 1870 to 1913) to create the
    District of Columbia, Washington DC, and the US FED. Now the US FED is the much more powerful arm of the same beast.

    You are OWNED by the same people owning the Queen. You are not citizens, you are political subjects to DC and economic subjects to the FED, which uses YOUR work as the FULL FAITH & CREDIT of the USD.

    You are ruled by the District of Columbia, which like the City of London, is NOT part of the United States of America. BOTH the City of London and the District of Columbia are run, at their core, by a conglomeration of Zionists, Masons and their financial, intelligence and military henchmen. There is a reason the Pentragram is inside the District of Columbia.

    The US FED later branched out and created the European Central Bank. The EU is a US (ZioNazi) idea to make Europe into a US style borderless federation, much easier to rule. The “Bilderbergs” are corporate and lower level policy making henchmen to this system. One of MANY similar organizations.

  75. Christian W

    The reason the US Deep State (the Rockefeller/WASP/Ivy League Establishment prefers the Clinton/Obama clan to the Neocons (Jewish Mafia clan) is the Neocons are such monumental bunglers in comparison. Unfortunately for the Deep State Hillary is ALSO a walking disaster, which IS kind of comical.

    Bill achieved:

    *Yeltsin coup in Russia (monumental strategic success)
    *Destruction of Yugoslavia, creation of Kosovo (Muslim enclave in Europe)
    and Camp Bondsteel (NATO’s largest base in Europe in what used to be Yugoslavia.
    *This laid the foundation for CIA Mafias in Germany (Merkel), Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltics, Poland, Ukraine etc

  76. Christian W

    @ 70

    Elaine: I am also a realist. I am not a crazy leftist. I know how the world works. I am angry with the Bilderberg gang not because they rule the planet but because they are STUPID.


    Yes, I know. You want BETTER HENCHMEN.

    I want freedom from the HEGEMON.

  77. Christian W

    What gets on my wick is that you are two faced. Stop pretending to be for freedom, when you really are not.

  78. List all countries run by your sort of ‘people’, Christian.

    What is ‘freedom’? In your case, it must be chaos. Or perhaps you think Europe which is spiralling down into utter chaos and bankruptcy, is ‘free’???

    HAHAHA. Europe is run ruthlessly by the Bilderberg gang. South America? I bet you think Venezuela is a ‘democracy’. And it works just great. OUCH.

  79. lou

    You are OWNED by the same people owning the Queen.
    That may be but she lives a bit bigger than we do.

  80. Christian W

    I don’t confuse Authoritarianism/Totalitarianism for Freedom.

    Yes. Europe is under US occupation.

    That is why I find it interesting to read what Americans think. I learnt during Reagan (my late teenage years) that whatever madness cooks in America always finds it’s way to Europe.

    The BIlderberg gang is run by, from and for America and the City of London using powerful UK and European corporations and US controlled political and think tank figures.

    They are but one of many similar US/UK controlled organizations keeping Europe under the boot. Even Bannon is exporting the alt-right madness to Europe now. So many sellouts in Europe take the short cut to riches and the NWO Establishment.

    Europe is being destroyed ON PURPOSE by:
    America’s toxic “culture”
    America’s wars & NATO
    America’s refugee machinations
    America’s political assassinations and regime changes going back decades
    America’s blackmail and control of the political scene (Merkel is one of the main CIA agents in Europe) etc
    and so on.

    The alternative does not have to be perfect, but it was never allowed to get a chance by the US/UK. The US is RESPONSIBLE for the Western condition as it is today.

    That is why it is important that America starts to sort itself out. To use the famous blue pill/red pill metaphor. Take the blue pill and things remain the (((same))). Take the red pill and it leads to (((Zion))). The real option is not to get caught by false choices.

    The Satanists are destroying the humanity and the creativity of people wherever they can.

  81. So, this is why the EU leaders are making US taxpayers pay for everything, right?

    Sheesh. We are being exploited by EU rulers. They are key power inside the Bilderberg gang but then Christian, you seldom read my stuff much less, try to understand what I am saying.

  82. Christian W

    Your story of US victimhood is nonsensical.

    Europe, Japan and South Korea are all vassal states allowed to export to the US, IN RETURN FOR PRINTED FIAT DOLLARS, to keep the populations docile… Otherwise why on earth would they accept Full Spectrum US Hegemony?

    Europe is not running the CIA and the NSA and the Pentagon, nor the US FED.

    EU “rulers” are CIA tools, CIA operators (Merkel)… The CIA created the Bilderberg gang and the EU Parliament. The Pentagram created NATO. This is basic history. The US chose this model to fight the Cold War against the Soviet Union. It was their strategic nightmare to lose Europe. There is a reason the US keeps Europe, Japan, South Korea, much of the Pacific and Australia under occupation.

    Paying for NATO is the price the US pays to keep Europe under occupation. This is basic simple stuff. If the US pulled a hard occupation it would be eaten up by the resistance, so they opted for the soft model.

    That is why the US refused to accept Russia into NATO when Putin offered to join. The US MIC, which is 1/3rd or more of the US economy, would not have it…

    This system, combined with Reaganomics/neoliberalism, has made the US Establishment exceedingly rich. They are all multi millionaires or billionaires. It’s not Europe’s fault the US Owner Class sold out the US working and middle class to China for asset stripping. The neoliberal rot started in the US and spread to Europe. From Reagan to Thatcher to France, Germany, Sweden etc. If you had voted for Ross Perot the damage might have been less…

    European, Japanese, South Korean, Latin American etc independence is the US’ worst nightmare. Second only to Peace breaking out. How they hate that Putin slipped the leash…

  83. Christian W

    If you truly believe the (CIA created) EU ‘rulers’ rule over the US Military Industrial Intelligence & Financial complex (Boeing, Raytheon, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Apple, Microsoft etc), the US FED, the US Congress, the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, Wall Street etc you need to read up on economics, history and politics.

    It’s obvious the EU are subjects to the above power structures.

  84. honeybagder don't care


    Former ruling families have personal histories that tout how things were great under their rule, and they were – for the ruling families themselves.

    That’s what going on here.

  85. Christian W

    @ honeybadger

    I know. It’s just more of the same elitism. You don’t get to be a member of the Bilderberg Club unless you are approved by CIA, Mossad and MI6 (the AngloZionist Empire). They created the BIlderberg Club as a tool for their interests.

  86. It is the Ancient Regime at work as I keep pointing out. Duh. A relative of mine, Steele, played this game this last two years, for example. My own family has caused political chaos since 1046.

  87. Christian W

    Sure, but you don’t understand how the system works if you say your taxes are wasted in making MIIC gear for NATO. Your taxes make your Owners, in NEW YORK richer. That’s the whole point of you paying taxes and them not paying taxes.

    Your taxes = Trump’s MAGA.
    Your taxes = Good for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and the rest of the MIIC
    Your taxes = meal ticket for US soldiers
    Your taxes = mortage & marriage ticket for US officers

    US military occupation of Europe. All of the above.

    This is the American business plan at work. I agree it is very stupid, but it’s your job to change it.

    Germany should be allowed to buy Russian weaponry, such as the Su-27, Su-34, Su-35, S-400 and T-72s and T-90s etc far better quality and much cheaper than US bloatware. That would save you taxes but nope, the US won’t allow it. That’s why the US has imposed the Bilderberg gang on Europe as gatekeepers and policy enforcers.


  88. AT


    The whole Cold War thing is just the British playing superpowers off against each other, just like they played Germany and the Soviets in WWII. It’s sort of a divide and be kingmaker if you can’t be the king kind of spoiled sport approach to losing. In WWII the Brits lost badly to the Germans right after successfully displacing the Italian conquests. Then, they turned around tricked the Germans into attacking Soviets, (and inadvertently started the final solution as retaliation at the same time).

    Since then it’s the “new” in New world order that chafes their asses, I guess. Because they’re not in charge. But they still outplay us in the diplomatic sphere.

    That’s where all this Russophobia comes from. England backs Hillary’s people.

    What historical America would put troops in the Middle East and Asia before Venezuela?

    How did a nation made by pilgrims fleeing religious persecution and revolting against nobility end up with its three biggest allies being two monarchies and an apartheid religious state?

    What the hell is a “special relationship” and what good does it do us, particularly after fighting two world wars and one Cold War because of it?

    These issues are not quite so simple as “who is in charge?” Or “who has more military might?”

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