Bezos Will Probably Be Sued For Billions By Famous Libel Lawyers, L. Lin Wood

The lawsuits against mainstream media are now operational.  An actual team of top lawyers with a heroically long record of victories are now set to sue all the creeps who own US media systems who defamed and abused children for ideological and political reasons.  I am betting the WP is at the top of the ‘to sue’ list because Bezos is very, very rich.  Soon, the boy at the center of this hideous display of liberal lunacy will be one of the richest children on earth.  These lying bastard media giants and politicians and the DNC and the Catholic Church are in for a hell of a time, and it is about time, too!

The Church, itself, is in danger of being sued.  I hope they are sued.  The behavior of the leftist radicals who run the upper reaches of that organization, attacking their own children they supposed to protect and care for is disgusting, totally disgusting.  But then, look at all the sex crimes of the high orders of that besotted mess of a church!

These two stories are connected.  The internal destruction of the semi-socialist state of Sweden is connected to the cultural deterioration of civilization in general.  The latest fad of wannabe white youth is to have hideous, filthy hair, not merely dirty but deliberately tangled into a very ugly mess or shaving the head entirely or partially.


The point is to be as ugly and ‘primitive’ as possible while having no manners, displaying no intelligence.  This is beyond the ‘dirty hippie’ stuff of my youth.  The boys under severe attack are all ‘nice boys’ who are ‘clean’.  This is no accident.  The fact that these boys don’t have dreadlocks, tattoos and dozens of metal rings all over the body infuriates the radical leftists who use this junk as ‘war paint’.


Back to the lawsuit:

L.Linwood, PC:  they have a very good record of wins in exactly these sort of cases.


  • “lead civil attorney for the late Richard Jewell in all matters arising out of reporting about Mr. Jewell in connection with the 1996 bombing of Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta
  • lead civil attorney in False Claim Act/Whistleblower cases alleging Medicare fraud against DaVita, Inc. in federal court in Atlanta and against Halifax Hospital Medical Center in federal court in Florida
  • lead attorney for John and the late Patsy Ramsey and their son in matters relating to the 1996 murder of JonBenét Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado
  • lead civil attorney for Jeff Greene in libel litigation against The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald related to Mr. Greene’s 2010 campaign for the Democratic Nomination for the U.S. Senate from Florida
  • attorney for Dr. Phil McGraw in connection with false and defamatory articles published by Newsweek, the Daily Beast and the National Enquirer
  • attorney for Herman Cain, 2012 candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States
  • attorney for Sheldon Adelson in defamation litigation in New York and Florida
  • lead attorney for the victim in the Colorado civil case against NBA star Kobe Bryant
  • lead civil attorney for Beth Holloway, mother of Natalee Holloway
  • lead civil attorney for Howard K. Stern, lawyer and companion to the late Anna Nicole Smith in defamation litigation in Texas, Florida and New York
  • lead trial counsel for the Estate of Anna Nicole Smith in federal action for misappropriation and theft of estate property
  • lead counsel for The Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr., Inc. in connection with claims related to corporate governance
  • lead counsel for SunTrust Bank in fiduciary litigation involving Coca Cola heirs
  • lead civil attorney for former U.S. Congressman Gary Condit in defamation litigation against Dominick Dunne, American Media and National Enquirer related to false accusations related to Chandra Levy”


Here is a case they filed just last week:  MSNBC’s Joy Reid Faces Call for Deposition About Trump Bias:


A Trump supporter argues that Reid has opened the door to a query on whether the television host is predisposed to seeing anyone in a MAGA hat as a racist.


A defamation lawsuit against Joy Reid may have avoided one high-stakes legal issue only to raise another. On Monday, Roslyn La Liberte asked a New York federal judge to allow a deposition for Reid so that the MSNBC host could testify about, among other topics, personal bias and animus toward Donald Trump and his supporters.


All the media giants are in court venues run by mainly Democratic operatives.  Most of these cases will move to the Supreme Court due to this political fact.  This is why the DNC is in absolute hysterics about these being heard by Trump appointed SC judges!  And they are desperate to keep the semi-corpse ancient Ruth Ginsberg alive as long as possible.


La Liberte found herself the subject of unwanted attention after attending a city council meeting in Simi Valley, Calif., this past June. She wore a MAGA hat. And in a photo that would go viral, it appeared as though La Liberte was shouting at a 14-year-old boy. Later, commentators on Twitter would accuse La Liberte of calling the student a “dirty Mexican,” telling him, “You are going to be the first deported.”


She was wearing the magic hat and the yelling was taken out of context just like with the present case of the children being harrassed by leftist radicals in DC.


This was false, claims La Liberte. She says her conversation with the boy was a civil one and that the photo was taken out of context. La Liberte has targeted Reid for inciting hatred toward her. She accuses Reid of perpetuating the untruthful impression that she screamed racial slurs at the boy.


That case is 100% identical to the present case only one thing is different: the victims of the present liberal smear campaign is a CHILD.  A 100% legal child.  Not an adult.  So I expect the punishment to be much worse for it includes ‘child abuse’.  A lot of ‘child abuse’.  We could say, ‘severe child abuse’ because the blatant lies caused lunatics on the left to openly announce they were going to kill the boy.


I WAS TREATED THIS WAY BY LEFTISTS in the past, at Berkeley, when I was 18 and one half years old!  I was barely an adult and the leftist radicals announced openly that they were going to kill me.  I was not armed at Berkeley but in Arizona, I was armed and people did try to kill me.  They tried in California, one man shot at me six times!!!


I am very annoyed by all this news this week because it is giving me flashback memories that are very annoying.  I was so annoyed, I went outside to practice target skills.  Just to get ‘up to date’ with things here.  I never was a ‘peacenik’ I am a fighter and I try to fight for what is right and I have lived through mass riots, arrests, deportation, attempted murders, rape even when a child…sheesh.


This news of the lawyers makes me very happy.  I never sued the media giants who lied about me, I had my own revenge in my own way over the years, pushing them around all the time to their great annoyance.  By the way, the NY Times and Washington Post has been lying about the news all my long, long life.  They continue doing this and I hope this kid they chose to attack, I hope his lawyers bankrupt all the media, NBC, ABC and CBS…CNN…everyone.  I hate them all and they hate me and the boy will take down these Goliath gorillas.


To hell with them all.


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13 responses to “Bezos Will Probably Be Sued For Billions By Famous Libel Lawyers, L. Lin Wood

  1. Melponeme_k

    All these people can do is attack children and old men.

    Mueller arrested Roger Stone.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next story is about Liberals beating up an old bag lady because she wore a MAGA hat.

  2. lou

    Stone had predicted that he would be arrested.

  3. lou

    NYS makes murder legal.

  4. Melponeme_k


    The elites didn’t release the anti-marriage Psy-Op in just western countries.

    Korean women who refuse to marry.

    Chinese women who refuse to marry.

    I understand in Asia there are more males than females looking for relationships and marriage. And yet many of these women are in areas where there are less eligible men available for them. What a perfect storm, all engineered.

    The average IQ of Asians is 115 with a great many leaning toward 120. No wonder the elites want these women running away from marriage.

  5. Melponeme_k


    In Japan, forsaken male citizens can now hire Big Sisters to give them some sort of socialization with females.

  6. Petruchio

    @#% and 6 Mel: I can tell you for a fact there are ALOT of Bitter Old Maids out there. These are the women that hit their 40’s, they are divorced or maybe they never married. Maybe they just made babies with some guy or guys. These women have all sorts of anger issues towards men. They can’t vent their anger on the guys who “pumped and dumped” them, so they acquire a general hostility towards men. The guys they had relationships with KNOW better than to get back together with them. So what does this kind of history tell a potential Male relationship partner? She’s been “Pumped and dumped” and the ONLY reason she is available is because the guy before you is finished with her. I worked with a female who has THREE kids from THREE different guys and never been married. What does THAT tell you? WOMEN are to blame for their “no marriage prospects” situation. Men are getting more and more used to the fact that staying single and relationship free is a better and better idea.

  7. Melponeme_k


    What should be obvious now to EVERYONE, is that the elites have purposefully used psychology to DESTROY everyone’s ability to form healthy relationships. EVERYONE. What Freud, Jung, Reich and others did was study sexual problems and then later helped the CIA (Jung and Reich in particular) inculcate them in Western society for the MK ULTRA psy-op. Look into these people, all of them ended up advocating the sexualization of children.

    You are a victim of a Psy-op. Read your post. See the insane rage within the text. You are the CIA’s wet dream. Along with every other man seething with rage against women. Just the same as angry females screeching on the street with feminist groups make them wiggle in their boxer shorts. You know why? Because it means their work to divide people is working.

    All the people in those stories I posted both men and women have been cheated and on purpose. Have sympathy for them. Again the world is only created by what we agree to. The elite came with their sexual freedom MK Ultra psy-op and we all accepted it. Along with the now unmarried, lost and confused men and women. MOST of them who never experienced the Sexual Revolution. These are the CHILDREN of the Baby Boomers.

    Are you a Baby Boomer? Look in the mirror and thank yourself for this mess.

  8. Actually, it was something in 1963 that happened: THE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. I was given these by my doctor way back when I was only 13 years old and had nearly died with my first period.

    It really messes up your brains! I considered it to be akin to a ‘drug’. Women on the Pill are very ‘pumped’ with female sex hormones.

  9. fred mrozek

    Tens of millions of children have had their lives ruined by bogus US wars in the ME. Would that they could find teams of heroic lawyers.

  10. We need a Nuremberg Trial. But then we have to also have a treason trial for our rulers who flooded us with very angry Muslim males of fighting age.

  11. Shawntoh

    Please let my offer my apologies and condolences. Furthermore…

    Look, I’m not a lawyer and I cannot make a legal analysis. Thus, if we did apply the Nuremberg Code to every USA President… would they get re-elected?[sic]

    I could care less about Korbel[sic] Brandyant[sic] d****, does that make me a racyst[sic], just because I’m “white”[sic]? Millions of people die every day and what could be more unjust than that?[sic] Everyone is going to die and what could be more unjust than that?[sic]

    Over a hundred years ago, somebody showed up in NYC and said it all went wrong when humans externilized[sic] the roles of “slaves” and “masters” and built something too big called “Babylon”, and he wasn’t “white”[sic] but I’m privledged[sic] to know that, does that mean that I suffer from “white[sic] privlede[sic]”, too?

    By the way you should never end a sentence with a proposition.

    As the late Alan Watts, a personal friend of Elaine’s said in the ’60s, you need a team of lawyers everywhere you go in the future and the future [shock] is now.


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