Fake NY Times Liberal Reporters Lie About French Yellow Vest Demonstrators

HAHAHA.  Today, totally outside any US news media coverage, no coverage in England, either, the brave Yellow Vest French protesters are back in the streets for the 11th week.  Every weekend, Macron becomes more and more violent and horrible and still, the citizens continue to peacefully protest.  Singing patriotic songs, waving patriotic flags, the only violence happens when the troops attack them.  So this week, the NY Times stopped ignoring all this and published two stories filled with utter lies and defaming French citizens.


No surprise for me.  The NYT defames US patriots, too.  The reporters and owners of the NY Times hates the citizens of America.  They are celebrating, right now, defeating any defense of our borders.  They are pleased they can flood the US with illegal aliens and gain power this way.  Too stupid to see how this is going to backfire on liberals in the bitter end, they are fighting patriotism across the planet.


“We’re building a new form of democracy,” Macron said. “Participative democracy. Information circulates much more quickly. We’ve got to do a sort of hygiene of information.”


This is code for ‘censorship’.  French people get more news about France from Russia than from French news sources these days.


Hour after hour, the president drowned his listeners in proposals, recommendations, observations, admonitions and prescriptions. He bludgeoned them into submission with a total mastery of dozens of different subjects, all explicated without a single note in hand.


HAHAHA.  This is exactly how Pravda would describe speeches by the communist dictators in the past in Russia.  The entire article at the Times is a long screed straight out of Pravda.  Too stupid to see this, they plow on:


And he left his dazed audience in the dust, begging for surrender and commenting sheepishly on his obvious brilliance.


I bet the dictator of North Korea is laughing today, reading this about fellow dictator in France.


“This is a man who is largely superior,” said Philippe Baron, mayor of the tiny town of Loubersan, south of Bordeaux, as he emerged bleary-eyed from the convention center here. “Yes, it’s true, most of us were convinced.”


OK: the author of this story is pulling our legs here.  This is really negative for Macron.  Is the writer being sly here, slipping lots of hidden information past the NY Times SJW editors?  I am fascinated by this.


What is missing, many agree, is less mouth and more ear on the part of the president. And the French are eager to give him an earful.


HAHAHA…yes, this is an attack article about Macron’s failures as a leader!


Each city hall in France, all 35,000-plus including the one in Souillac, now contains a dog-eared “Grievance Book” modeled on those that helped kick off the French Revolution in 1789. The citizens here have scribbled furious demands for lower taxes and higher wages.


Duh.  Only where is the information about the citizens furious about ‘global warming’ taxes?  The NYT wants high ‘global warming’ taxes here, too.  So the reporter has to lie about the ‘tax’ revolt in France.


In the rolling and sonorous accents of southern France, the region’s mayors complained of problems with bears, disappearing local bread bakers, lack of transport, too many migrants and not enough state support for tourism.


No mention of the global warming tax.  Macron retreated on that…temporarily.  Even though it is quite cold in France this year, he is sticking to the globalist lies about ‘global warming.’


The questions rolled in from all the departments — the administrative districts — of southern France, from the high Pyrenees to the wild Aveyron, and he had answers for all of them.


“Look, he knows how to do this sort of thing,” said Mr. Fourquet, the pollster. “He’s got deep knowledge of the subjects, and he has a faculty for listening. He can be very impressive.”


He is so impressive, voters want to tear him to shreds or at least launch a few bears in his direction to do this for them.  His ‘listening skills’ are him playing deaf.


Mr. Fourquet noted that Mr. Macron, with a recent turn toward harsher public assessments of Yellow Vest violence, is making inroads with a right-leaning electorate destabilized by the upheaval.


This is a total lie written by a pro-communist NYT SJW fool.  The demonstrators are singing patriotic songs, yelling about sovereignty, are anti-EU controls, anti-global warming taxes!  They are NOT supporting Macron.

As per usual, no EU/US media coverage of these demonstrations.  I get all my videos via Russian news sources.  Ironically, You Tube now has a warning at all RUPTLY news videos explaining that these come via Russia.


So people watching are highly aware that only Russia gives real news!  Isn’t that the funniest thing on earth?


Demonstrations in many French cities and towns today, the police are lining up in Rouen, preparing to attack citizens again.

Below is another story at the NYT:


“This is new, in terms of the density of the violence,” Mr. Bellon said. “It’s a resurgence of anti-parlimentarianism, and it’s the expression of a malaise, an uneasiness, in France.”


Unlike the other article, this NYT reporter is a full SJW tool.


Television journalists now travel with security details. One guard was taken to a hospital in Rouen this weekend after angry Yellow Vests set upon the journalists he was trying to protect, punching and kicking.


No mention of mass police violence against demonstrators or the rising number of protestors killed by authorities.


Another team from BFM-TV, the dominant all-news channel and a particular target of the Yellow Vests hatred for what is perceived as bias, was force-marched from the city of Bourges as insults rained down, in a scene filmed by the Yellow Vests.


Naturally, the reporter doesn’t post the videos showing this.  The NYT misreports many events as we saw so much this week, with the fake news about the kids from Kentucky.  This inability to show real news is a problem in all US and EU mainstream news.  We are very fortunate that Russia lets us see real news.

Late afternoon, the paramilitary is moving in to attack the demonstrators once again, using armored vehicles and will begin shooting at the demonstrators as always.  The hostility shown to these troops is immense now, people are very angry with them.


The paramilitary is once again, shooting at the demonstrators who were totally peaceful, as always, before being attacked. I believe that as the planet cools, the sun remains with few sunspots, the entire global warming scam will collapse along with the Bilderberg gang.


They are so stupid, they don’t see the hypocrisy here of them all living high off the hog, living in huge mansions, multiple mansions, flying private jets, riding on giant yachts, etc.: this is the crux of the matter.  The masses notice all this.  It is growing clearer by the day, the lower working classes are all going to pay for ‘no inflation’ via flooding labor markets with illegal aliens and ‘global warming’ efforts that hammer the working class.

Fellow pro-Tommy Robinson Yellow Vest protesters in England today.


Here is NPR, paid by taxpayers in the US, lying about the Yellow Vest demonstrations:

Yellow vest protesters are mostly white. Ethnic minority groups have been noticeably absent from the protests.


The French people are mainly ‘white’!!! DUH.


There could be another potential factor. In December, French security officials opened an investigation into possible Russian social media interference, following reports by cybersecurity experts of activity by a network of hundreds of Twitter accounts. Depending on their findings, it could reveal another example of Russia’s efforts to stoke social tensions in foreign countries, similar to the Russian propaganda campaign researchers have described in the United States.


So, with zero commentary online, the Russian news media simply records events.  OMG, that is terrible of them!  They should copy the government tools of NPR and refuse to let us see any real news at all.


Here is the English Daily Mail reporting French news:

Utter insanity: Macron tells the dictator Maduro to have better elections!!!  The riot troops are now attacking very violently in Paris.  This is the ‘conversation’ Macron, Mr. Jupiter Babblemouth, is doing.  Brute force.


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5 responses to “Fake NY Times Liberal Reporters Lie About French Yellow Vest Demonstrators

  1. The paramilitary are once again attacking demonstrators in Paris, shooting at them, running them over, etc. like all previous weeks. Macron isn’t using ‘words’ to ‘persuade’ he is using military force yet again.

  2. It is night now and a full scale battle with explosions in Paris.

  3. Petruchio

    The NYT and the rest of the Fake News Media have no choice but to LIE about the French Yellow vests. How could they spin this story?? They can’t, not without looking completely fake. The MSM is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they don’t report on this story, they look like they are covering up the story. And they can’t report on this story without either outright lying about the Yellow vest protest or ignoring the reason for the Yellow vest protests.

  4. timothy carroll


    Pet, they’re trapped into a corner like the rats they are. The whole double down on the Catholic school boys was an excellent display of the vitriolic hatred they have for white boys and men. They want us dead, in case you or anyone else had any delusions that they merely want to help us “see the light.” Prepare accordingly.

  5. This is now an open race war.

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