Real Russian Collusion: Bilderberg Gang Using Putin To Smear Trump Clashes With Reality In Venezuela

The Bilderberg gang is very anxious now to arrest Trump like they arrested Roger Stone and charged him with the equivalent of jaywalking: visiting or communicating with Wikileaks and Assange.  Wow.  Talk about the Soviet Union here!  Now, they want to arrest Trump based on utterly insane junk about ‘Russian collusion’ which is ridiculous.  Trump has been prevented from doing basic diplomacy due to all this.  The clowns accusing him are also big on doing treason stuff like demanding open borders so foreign men can openly invade and attack us.

First off, before talking about DC politics: five police in Houston, Texas, were shot in a gun battle with drug dealers.  The NYT carried a hilarious article all about the shooting all the while being extremely careful to not identify the criminals.  Many people were happy to talk to the Hispanic NYT reporters, one of which is Manny Fernandez, yet not a peep, a hint (this is in a Hispanic neighborhood!) who the drug dealers shooting at the cops, what ethnic group in which they belong.


Nope.  That is ‘verboten’ news.  A young, white male school boy in DC who stood still, smiling at a deranged drummer makes huge headlines with his full name, what school he belongs to, attached are descriptions about what sort of horrid boy he is, smears galore.


Some Hispanic (are they illegals, too?) drug lords probably died in the shoot out: not a peep about who they are, what they looked like, why they were in that neighborhood appeared in the NY Times article.  Nothing.


Three reporters!!!  And near zero factual information, not even rumors about the most important news, namely, who were these creeps shooting the cops.  Nothing.  Not even curiosity.


Now, after distracting myself with that news tidbit, on to the big news again: the deranged screaming about Trump being a Russian agent must bemuse Putin. Once again, Putin is against something Trump is for and they clash! Imagine that! Amazing, isn’t it?

Once again, as I keep pointing out, Turkey is on Russia’s side.  For some strange reason, this barely makes NYT news, of course.  That paper is reaching total uselessness.  Some people posting stuff at my blog (you all know who you are) are freaking out over what is going on and backing the present President of Venezuela even though he is obviously inept, corrupt and stupid.


Some people think the CIA is printing all those zeroes on the paper money in Venezuela.  My assurances that it isn’t the CIA doing this, it is the government of Venezuela doing this.  I must remind people that Chile was headed down that road years ago and the CIA did do a coup (there was no election) and afterwards, Chile prospered greatly.


Ahem.  I thought, in my youth, that it would be bad.  But soon after that coup, my dad went down there to build telescopes which are now quite famous and everything is going quite well there now.  My dad was right and I was wrong.


Venezuela is being systematically destroyed by crazy financial policies that destroy many a nation, the list of leftist regimes that destroyed their home states is extremely long.  Even the EU states that trended towards socialism are falling apart now, too.


There has to be balance!  Meanwhile, in France: Foreign troops, the ‘European Gendarmerie Force’ brutalized anti-Macron demonstrators. I saw it happen, they all wore black like ANTIFA but had this red arm band. I watched them attack and set on fire cars while the Yellow Vest demonstrators either stood aside or asked them to stop. I saw it all, live, via Russian news feeds.


I spotted how these black clad violent rioters then ran behind the state police and hide there! I actually saw this and remarked about it here on my news service.


The marchers against the government are now being blamed for all this just like the Covington School boys were blamed for the deranged, foul leftist or radical racist adults who attacked the kids verbally.


In Venezuela, the government is collapsing due to printing money like mad.  In Syria, the US/EU/Saudi/Israeli attempt at a coup against Assad failed.  I supported Russia’s efforts there because it prevented the sort of religious cleansing horrors the US/Nato etc. created in Libya and Iraq, for example.


In Venezuela, Russia is in the wrong.  What is happening there is terrible, people have been lied to about what is money and how to avoid money traps (a problem here, by the way, too).  Money is magic.  Anyone can make money out of thin air, look at bitcoins.  Utter rubbish of zero real world worth yet people worship it as ‘wealth’.


All money is, very simple: it is a system to assign value to things that are valuable like cattle or sheep or bricks or trees or people.  Gold has been ‘wealth’ for a long time, thousands of years, but it has much less value as anything but decoration or in modern times, electricity, to be worth anything except ‘look at the shiny stuff’.


On the other hand, cattle and sheep are life and death issues.  They keep us alive and warm and protected, just for example.  And the people of Venezuela are not being kept fed and protected!  This is a massive failure of the ruler of that unfortunate country.  Anyone else would be better if they can stop the presses from printing fake money and resume normal banking and money valuation that isn’t running off a cliff.


Here is news of great importance to me: Rep. Duffy wants to give Trump more power to control out of control ‘trade’ with China which runs one way trade with the US, leading us to eventual bankruptcy.

Wikipedia:  Duffy serves on the House Committee on Financial Services. He was appointed Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations in November 2014, taking over from Patrick McHenry.[46] He is also a member of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises. He has served on the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit and the Subcommittee on Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity.[47]


Duffy is a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership.[48]


Oh no, trade wars?  Yes, trade wars.  The Chinese leaders told me they were going to run one way trade with the US, back when they lived with me in New Jersey.  I warned Reagan’s people about this and of course, since Reagan was working for the Japanese exporters, my warnings were tossed aside.  I told everyone of this plan back then!


Well, it is running hot along a rail to hell for us all.  Trump is trying to stop this, the Bilderberg gang wants this to happen…it will bankrupt America and has to be stopped.  It is life and death in our future, I might be dead when this happens, being rather old now, but my grandchild has to deal with it all.


There has been a coup in our country and Trump thwarted this with his election and the freaks doing this to us have been holding meetings about this, the latest being the Davos meeting this last week.  They are screwing up the internet worse and worse, online searches are becoming stupider, You Tube is now beginning to actively hide any videos that are to the right of Mad Madame Mao and her Chinese grandchildren.


The internet is being warped more and more by these creeps.  They hate us, they hate the internet, they want to rule us with brutal inefficiency and they intend to enslave us all.  Or at least, destroy our currency so it is utterly worthless.


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33 responses to “Real Russian Collusion: Bilderberg Gang Using Putin To Smear Trump Clashes With Reality In Venezuela

  1. Melponeme_k

    ” I must remind people that Chile was headed down that road years ago and the CIA did do a coup (there was no election) and afterwards, Chile prospered greatly.”

    Chile has been and is to this day a haven for former Nazis and their families. The country is a success for this group and toadies who cater to them and the international elite. For the poor, dirty blood mestizos, not so much.

    President Sebastian Pinera. The last name is interesting. I think it was Miles Mathis who connected the names like Pinera and even Peron as in Juan Peron to Converso Jewish migrants from Spain. As an aside he even pegged Eva DUARTE (Peron) to the same group. Pinera’s ancestor hails from Asturias Spain. The beacon of ENLIGHTENMENT in Spain so many years ago. What do ya know? Take a look at Sebastian’s father, if that picture truly is his father. The man is Jewish.

    Why do certain “Jewish” elite sectors benefit from harboring Nazis? Word is they let a bunch of them even hide in Israel! They allowed South America to become infested and then carry on like WWII never happened. We even got a crap load of them in the US carrying on their experiments with great fanfare. My deduction is that this is once again creating FALSE events as historical narrative. When the time is right, these groups will rise again and, oh my, there will be Nazis in every hole in the ground. This will push society in ways the elites want it to go. Why else would they allow this junk to go on?

    “They hate us, they hate the internet, they want to rule us with brutal inefficiency and they intend to enslave us all.”

    We are already enslaved. We are in a feudal system and are only realizing it now. I suppose they thought we were too stupid to figure it out even with the internet.

    They control us through money. Money is a debasement of our life energy, our experiences and our own personal integrity. Until we personally become better people, more honest, more caring and more brave…the elite will continue to profit with twisted magic.

  2. Moe

    @1 Mel

    “We are already enslaved.” and “They control us through money.” Elaine wrote: “Money is magic.”

    Enslavement takes multiple forms, but education, socialization and religion (all propagandization) and money creation/allocation are the primary ones.

    It’s only a decade ago that I became aware of how central banks create money. For a couple of days I was bewildered: I simply couldn’t comprehend how such a system functioned, it was so irrational.

    Until I realized that its function was a means of wealth extraction and control. This was a seminal revelation for me of the perfidy of prevailing banking systems and their true function, not as adjunct s of governments but the controlling agencies.

  3. Melponeme_k


    They work their magic by the heavens. They follow star maps and work with the “energies” of the age.

    Right now, they are in the process of a Mithras working. Hence, Bloomberg opening the Temple of Mithras and the upsurge in Nazism chatter. I’ve read online that the Swastika is considered the Chariot of Mithras. This is because, from our vantage point, the heavens turn around Zeta Draco (Which forms a Swastika with other stars). Mithras’ chariot is drawn by 4 horses (4 horseman of the apocalypse?).

    Each celestial time of the zodiac is an age. And I think the elites believe that half of them are evil and other are good. So they embody the energy of the age. Our age, is apparently, evil. So they are evil. What happens when we turn into an age that is good? The elites will attempt to be saints. It’s insane! But this is also why the elites are attempting to merge opposites into one. Then they can stop the swing from evil to good and back again.

    They are also melding the Mithras myth into the Judeo-Christian Apocalypse. So that they can enter the new age with their own reborn Mithras/Jesus/whatever god name they are equating at the moment and enter the house of eternity.

    Click to access swastika.pdf

  4. Ziff

    Thats exactly what i was thinking this morning the Stone thing was their fantasy of staging a military coup

  5. tio

    I used to eat there. Really good noodles …

  6. Melponeme_k

    Even the smallest action can make a difference.

    I believe part of the reason why the Stone story is going lopsided is because there was a citizen out there studying the gematria involved with Stone’s arrest.

    There are a few others like him. But they are only a few people. I imagine the elites have fleets of people working the numbers for names, dates, places etc. However revealing just part of their work messes with their mojo.

  7. AT

    The ridiculous thing about the Stone charges for lying to Congress under oath is that he told the truth about who he contacted and what they discussed. He lied about it being on the phone instead of email, presumably because he didn’t want to have to produce the emails.

    Considering all the bald faced lying about substantive issues that goes uncharged in front of Congress, Mueller is truly making an ass out of the law.

  8. AT

    It’s interesting to compare Turkey with Venezuela. Both had western backed efforts aimed at regime change. Both were half-assed. In Turkey, somehow the two hand picked air force pilots sent up to capture or kill Erdogan in his private jet, somehow their missiles failed. In Venezuela we assured the continued loyalty to Maduro by even the poorest and most gullible Venezuelans by openly declaring his opposition as the ruler of Venezuela (and our puppet).

    My suggestion is that both are examples of deliberate blowback and controlled failure.

  9. tio

    Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by stupidity ~ Napoleon.

  10. Christian W

    Elaine: I must remind people that Chile was headed down that road years ago and the CIA did do a coup (there was no election) and afterwards, Chile prospered greatly.

    Wait a second. Are you saying Pinochet’s dictatorship was a great success for the people of Chile?

  11. Melponeme_k

    Napoleon was one of them TIo! HAHAHAAHAHAHA.

    Most of his career was one big hoax. He was all about selling you BS. In his quote, he was pushing the idea that knowing 2 + 2 = 4 would make you look stupid. And since no one wants to look stupid, obviously 2 + 2 makes 3 or 5. HA!

    It still amazes me what Mathis finds through just researching family ancestors.

    Click to access napoleon.pdf

  12. Christian W

    @ 1 Mel

    “They hate us, they hate the internet, they want to rule us with brutal inefficiency and they intend to enslave us all.”

    Brutal (in)efficiency. I like that even if it may have been a typo. But that cuts to the core of fascism.

    Americans are under full blown ZionistDeep State attack on all fronts, including politics, history, language, economical.

    The alt-Left/alt-Right cottage industry working for the Deep State is huge now. Very few independent sites are left. I don’t know of a single purely American one anymore.

    Recently I’ve started to see that Zionists have started to change words in the online dictionaries to create proper American GroupThink . For example the word “Comprador”, obviously a Latin (Portugese) word in it’s origin

    Merriam-Webster (US) gives:

    Definition of comprador

    1 : a Chinese agent engaged by a foreign establishment in China to have charge of its Chinese employees and to act as an intermediary in business affairs
    2 : intermediary

    Oxford (UK) gives the uncorrupted meaning

    A person who acts as an agent for foreign organizations engaged in investment, trade, or economic or political exploitation.

    Brainwashing at work. China bad. China bad. China bad.

  13. Christian W

    @ Mel cont.

    We are already enslaved. We are in a feudal system and are only realizing it now. I suppose they thought we were too stupid to figure it out even with the internet.

    They control us through money. Money is a debasement of our life energy, our experiences and our own personal integrity. Until we personally become better people, more honest, more caring and more brave…the elite will continue to profit with twisted magic.

    You are absolutely correct Mel. So many people sell their integrity for a few shekels.

  14. AT


    Playing dumb is hardly a new form of conspiracy.

  15. KHS71

    It’s interesting that they want to indict both Trump and Pence. The end game may be to get them removed from office so “botox face” can become president. She is in line after Pence. What are they going to do? Raid their houses and haul them away in handcuffs. Set bond at billions of dollars and then elevate “botox face” to President while they are in jail. Wouldn’t put it past the Rats. They will do anything for more power and absolute power. They are now proving that they are lower than pond scum.

  16. Floridasandy

    They’re not going to do anything to Trump and Pence. While screaming about everything, they want to be rich and stay rich
    Notice no high level government official refused their own pay during the government shutdown -with the exception of newly elected Rick Scott, Florida
    They don’t really care. It’s easier to understand all this when you see it is posturing.
    Meanwhile, there is real suffering in Venezuela under Maduro, because he’s serious. 💀💀💀

  17. Tom W Harris

    None of our goddamn business what Venezuela does in its internal affairs. Period.

  18. Christian W

    Yeah, because “think about the children”!

    Maduro, under crippling US economic sanctions and constant CIA attack, is so much worse than:

    apartheid Israel and Netanyahu butchering children in Gaza, the West Bank and Syria,
    Obama and Hillary butchering children in Libya, Sudan and Syria,
    Elliot Abrams death squad creator, rapist of Nuns, Central America, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria
    Madeleine Albright who systemically starved half a million children to death in Iraq… and that’s just scratching the surface.

    Are we supposed to ignore all these crooks?

    Venezuela was improving until 2014 when the US, as part of the economic attack to crater Russia and Iran, started to push cheap loans to start US shale fracking boom, well below the point of profitable returns, to crash the global oil price.

    How did the frackers get cheap loans? From the FED banking system using
    it’s limitless DOLLAR PRINTING MACHINE.

    ZioGlobalism is rooted in the US FED banking system, the Mossad and the Pentagram.

    Take care of the corruption in the US and Israel FIRST.

  19. So….developing OUR energy ‘with cheap loans’ is criminal????


    Good lord. At the same time, you accuse the US of using the money printing machine. Yup, it was used this way. And…guess what? The dictators in Venezuela did this even more, much more, to historic levels of ‘more’.

  20. A vital part of widdershins black magic is for people to freak out and fall apart and become irrational. The news business, now that it is fully devoted to lying about even obvious events like the weather (screaming global warming while freezing to death is a perfect example of widdershins at work) is driving people nuts.

    Note the marchers in Europe, bundled up due to the cold, are no longer marching against ‘global warming’ they are marching against GLOBAL WARMING TAXES.

    The counter demonstrations are marchers for ‘liberalism’ even as it is destroying the EU internally. These marches are enraging the working class which has to live with the downside of liberal policies. This is going to end up as revolution and warfare in the bitter end especially if this cold cycle gets much worse as I expect it will.

  21. Christian W

    Lol. The US printing money to develop energy GOOD. Venezuela printing money to develop energy BAD. Doublethink.

    The reason Venezuela is in economic distress is because they are under US enforced sanctions. Why US sanctions? Because

    1. Venezuela does not want to support the US ability to PRINT money ie the USD/Petrodollar scam. And
    2. Venezuela does not want to be ASSET STRIPPED by the AngloZionist NWO Oligarchs.

    Venezuela, Russia, Iran etc are all under US attack because they strive to be INDEPENDENT. They want FREEDOM from the Petrodollar and CIA etc.

  22. Christian W

    In 1973 Kissinger led a coup in Chile that ended with the fascist dictator Pinochet ruling Chile. This coup was the starting point of the Neoliberal Global Asset Stripping System. Kissinger then made a deal with the UK owned Saudi Arabian regime and created the PETRODOLLAR system.

    Today, 2019, we have KISSINGER TOADY TRUMP enforcing this same scheme against Venezuela.

    The epicenter of all this is the US FED, Wall Street, New York, USA.

    The Yellow Vests want freedom from the AngloZionist banking system, this very AngloZionst Asset Stripping System that has empoverished them over decades, since Reaganomics/Thatcherism/Voodoo economics (ie Kissinger “Neoliberalism”) was exported to Europe from the US.

    Watch how the Zionist Macron Regime will reveal itself as the totalitarian cousin to the Netanyahu regime in Israel. The Yellow Vests will be more and more brutally suppressed. This Zionist Totalitarian Dystopia is the future of America too, and any nation not strong enough to stand against the Zionists.

    Elaine supports Trump, yet Trump is but another arm of this Zionist System.

  23. Christian W

    Btw. the Kissinger coup against Chile took place on 9/11 1973. Very powerful date apparently.

  24. AT

    Maybe we ought to get out of all “foreign entanglements” on the other continents, pull all those troops home, and then go back to the Monroe Doctrine, boot everyone else out of the Americas, cancel the other phony “war on whatevers” and declare a “war on non-American intervention in the Americas,” and then have the CIA take off the gloves down there to remove foreigners, while we invade Venezuela with everything we have and make it the 51st state. Heck, let’s role Canada and Mexico too. I mean really, if you look at a map, Canada is like a huge gaping hole in between Alaska and the lower 48 that we never consolidated.

  25. Zeke

    The ‘Guaido’ guy probably has a more valid claim to being Pres. of Venezuela then the ‘Maduro’ guy but –
    imo – other than issuing opinions and maybe sanctions – – there should be no meddling in internal affairs of foreign countries – and no attempt at regime change.
    That’s for them to work out.
    Just a bad track record for interventions.
    Granted: Venezuela is now a failed state and its people are suffering. Health care, etc. is in collapse; people are rummaging thru garbage bins for scraps of food and subsistence sustenance.
    The causes may be a blend of:
    1) over reliance on a single asset: oil which used to be high priced and in demand and now is neither; and
    2) over reach of a welfare state, and
    3) an out of control central bank trying to paper over everything with ‘funny money’ fiat currency.

    Humanitarian aid yes but certainly no military intervention.

    (Historically – the next stage is the ascension of the ‘strong man’ supported by the military – to bring ‘law and order’ out of the chaos created by or enabled by or exacerbated by the central banksters.)

    In this country there hasn’t been a real stock market in about a decade and a half at least. Notice today’s stock market chart shows stock prices soaring vertical upwards at the precise moment that the criminal so called Fed Reserve announced that it would continue to debase the currency at the “accommodative rate” thus shrinking the measuring stick and thereby increasing the prices of stocks, housing, etc.

    The lesson for us and the rest of the world are the dangers of stratospheric national deficit and national debt levels and the horrors of an over active money printing authority – – which is the express lane to a failed state and cultural destruction.

  26. Christian W

    The lesson for us and the rest of the world are the dangers of stratospheric national deficit and national debt levels and the horrors of an over active money printing authority – – which is the express lane to a failed state and cultural destruction.

    Yes, yes.

    The FED is preparing to print, print, print $$$$$$ baby! QE4 Incoming….

    Venezuela is trying to paper over the US IMPOSED ECONOMIC SANCTIONS… doh.

    Yet who is $22 TRILLION in debt. Which Central Bank is printing $TRILLIONS of dollars to keep Wall Street and the US afloat…

    If money printing and debt is a crime regime change the Trump regime.

  27. AT

    the overarching issue is total energy returned minus total energy invested (globally). As long as that was rising, there were more and more goods and services, and thus we could print “free” money to account for them all. What’s more, because it was a buyers market on the front side of Peak oil, consumer banking nations enjoyed the lion’s share of that largess due to competitive pricing, with prices much nearer to extraction than actual work done by the product in engines. Peak oil potentially ends and reverses that.

    The near term problem is that consumer/banking societies, being now the ones with all the wealth and might, have an interest in keeping oil prices low, so they don’t lose that wealth effect. (Or see it shift to militarily weaker upstart producer nations). This is the reason for Libya, Venezuela, Etc.

    Unfortunately, low oil prices only accelerate the depletion of the world’s most valuable resource while at the same time economically hindering the mitigation of the problem with other energy sources, mitigation at least by volume of energy, if not EROEI. For example, suppressing oil prices means less solar panels are built in the run up to the shortages.

    Lots of bullshit is used to cover this up: Squeezing a few sponges with fracking, jiggering markets by delivering into low bids, refining imports and then exporting it and calling that US production.

    So this culminates in a perfect storm when all at once: (1) the curtain gets pulled back on all the bullshit, (2) oil shortages develop, and (3) rising debt and fiat become unhinged as placeholders for underlying, now diminishing, goods and services.

  28. Jim R

    “”Elaine supports Trump, yet Trump is but another arm of this Zionist System.””

    @Christian, you might try actually reading what Elaine writes some time? She has never ‘supported’ Trump. Similar to my opinion, she doesn’t even like the guy.

    But it has just been so hilarious to watch the Neolibcons barf all over themselves for the last 2 years. .

  29. Zeke

    Elliot Abrams just appointed Trump’s envoy to Venezuela.
    Elliot Abrams is the personification, embodiment of the “Deep State” “Shadow Government “.
    Watch out. Beware.

  30. Zeke

    The swallows return to Capistrano.
    The vultures return to Hinckley, Ohio.
    One by one, ‘that ‘ole gang of mine’, the neocons, are returning to seats of power in DC.
    Josh, meet Elliot. Elliot meet Josh.

  31. Christian W

    @ 29 Jim

    They are barfing on everybody else too. Not funny. Kindly restrain your crazed government.

  32. Christian W

    “Freedom” is slavery to the NWO ZioNazis.

    Two big rallies in #Caracas yesterday. The opposition rally carried Donald Trump masks and Israeli flags. This pro-Maduro-anti-coup rally, which you won’t see in the colonial media, said “Yankee go home”. #Venezuela

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