Female Climate ‘Scientists’ Assure Us That Extreme Cold Is Really ‘Global Warming’

All liberals are going to freeze to death eventually.  Yes, they certainly will for they are in delusional denial about climate cycles.  Today, in the liberal news media, all the main stories about record cold killing Americans and lots of other people, is caused by global warming, not cooling off of the entire planet.  The news media and politicians ignore that fact that much of Eurasia is also record cold, too.  Everywhere but half of Alaska is way below zero F.


The above global temperature map illustrates how Ice Ages work: never, ever is half of Alaska covered by glaciers at all.  It is so warm in Alaska during all the Ice Ages, mammoths grazed there, happy and fat.  Horses and camels who evolved in North America grazed their way from the West Coast all the way up to Alaska and over into Asia during Ice Ages.


Ignorance of basic Ice Age facts is now epidemic especially in our so-called ‘universities’ which have turned into kindergarten classes for the ill-informed.  These little kiddies leave university dumbed down to an amazing degree.


Here is today’s google search on the topic:

As is usual now, Trump is right and the mainstream media/university ‘experts’ are insanely wrong.  At no time in the history of the planet earth, has ‘warming’ cause record cold over several continents.  The super cold air mass over the Northern Hemisphere is gigantic, thousands and thousands and thousands of square miles.  MILLIONS of square miles.


Most of Canada is below zero this morning and that is around 3 million square miles, a big hunk of the US is super cold, too, around 2 million square miles, and super cold Siberia, Russia is…5 million square miles. This makes at least 10 million square miles of the Northern Hemisphere locked in extreme cold.  China is cold, too, add another 6 million square miles to make it over 16 million square miles.


Of course, the Southern Hemisphere isn’t freezing to death, too, due to it being summer there but our brave leftists are terrified some of the mile thick ice at the South Pole might melt.  Below is a typical attempt at lying about and trying to explain away the thought that we are witnessing Ice Age conditions that are extremely dangerous for humans: The Polar Vortex has Trump confused about climate change.


Trump nails it, as usual.  Obama has posted nothing about the severe cold in Chicago, supposedly his main home base (he is nearly never there) but he did post this week about how warm it is and we have to stop the warm weather:

Soooo….a woman from a tropical country visited the South Pole?  HAHAHA.  And she probably whined that it was melting, too, after touching the one corner of that frozen continent where it isn’t under a mile of thick ice.


Back to the insane article:  the author posted Trump’s amusing tweet as an example of how evil Trump is to talk about global warming being a joke when this writer believes we are all going to roast to death unless me make the planet even colder.


The truth is that neither “Global Waming,” global warming, nor climate change means that it will never be cold again. “Climate change does not eliminate winter,” explains Barbara Mayes Boustead, a meteorologist instructor at the US National Weather Service.


Trump misspells which happens to everyone on Twitter.  I bet he does this deliberately now.  We call this ‘trolling’.  The delusional female hired to TEACH climate stuff at the US National Weather Service is a liar and a fraud and is stupid.


The clowns at the weather service hired by Obama’s gang have yelled nonstop that winter would vanish!  I saw this daily for years.  Suddenly, they are all yelling about ‘climate change’ due to lack of warming and they switched to ‘the sun has nothing to do with the weather’ which is utter lunacy.


In fact, recent research suggests that climate change can cause extreme-cold weather events like Winter Storm Jayden, which has descended on North America this week. Extreme cold in the eastern part of North America is correlated with Arctic warming, according to a 2018 paper published in Nature Communications. Jennifer Frances, a marine and coastal sciences professor at Rutgers University and one of the study’s authors, explained how it could work in a post for The Conversation this morning.


This ‘research’ is a desperate search to explain away the sun spot activity connection to Ice Ages and to explain away why Ice Ages happen.  The fake scientists, many of whom are women who were hired to replace men at universities and government jobs, desperately search for excuses to explain away Ice Age conditions.


They lie about the Ice Ages, pretending this meant the entire planet was cold, not the reality which was, it never was cold on the equator at all.  Things barely changed there.  Ditto, Australia.  The Sahara desert bloomed and was grassy each Ice Age.  The equators thrived.


One of the scariest things is, it rained heavily and even snowed several times in the Sahara Desert in recent years, a herald to change in climate due to increasing Ice Age conditions in the Northern Hemisphere.


The article here mentions Jennifer Frances as the Rutgers professor teaching global warming garbage at a university I once lived next door to in NJ years ago when I hosted students from all over the world there 35 years ago.  The school has definitely dumbed down now.

Karina VR Schäfer is an Ecosystem Ecologist at Rutgers University—Newark, NJ, USA. She received her MSc from the University of Bayreuth, Germany and her PhD from Duke University, USA. Her research focuses on greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems with particular emphasis on global climate change. Moreover, the question of how disturbance is changing structure and function of forests and wetlands and how this influences carbon and water cycling on these ecosystem level are the primary focus of her research. Dr Schäfer recently completed an assignment at the National Science Foundation as a program officer and was also awarded a Presidential International Fellowship Initiative award from the Chinese Academy of Science. Learn more about Dr. Schafer here.


The Chinese are happily pushing very hard for global warming junk because they got exempt from trying to not use fossil fuels and are happily building fossil fuel power plants all over the place and driving cars, etc.  They want the NATO/SEATO nations and especially the USA to go non-fossil fuel so we can be destroyed!  Duh!


This female is part of the army of delusional women who has confused cause and effect.  As the sun warms the planet, CO2 is released from the oceans where most of it is stored.  When it cools, the oceans suck up the CO2.  They have this reversed and despite considerable data proving them wrong, cling to this like it is their life raft.


After this article yaps on and on about how a ‘wobble’ in the jet stream causes super cold air to go southwards, it doesn’t mention that nearly all the North Pole is very cold from the ‘wobble’ parts to the ‘normal’ parts!  The female author of this stupid article goes on to admit she and her gang of female lunatics just might be wrong:


To be clear, this isn’t settled science. Researchers are still working to understand how all the interrelated mechanisms of Earth’s climate fit together to create local weather patterns. Frances admits that “this is a relatively new hypothesis that is not yet widely accepted by climate scientists.”


HAHAHA.  There are some brave scientists refusing to obey the Maoist females attacking the roots of science, demanding that factual information is important.  This ‘science’ by these lunatic leftists isn’t ‘settled’ only because they refuse to let go of their crazy ideology no matter how powerful real events prove them totally wrong.


Another thing these stupid females do is mock us for pointing out salient information of vital importance:


In any case, weather does not equal climate change. “Extreme cold weather events are not incompatible with climate change,” says Becky Bolinger, a climatologist at Colorado State University. “I’m not sure that they’re increasing in frequency because of climate change, but they’ll certainly still happen in spite of climate change.”


Whenever a hurricane hits, it is climate change.  Every time a blizzard hits, it is local weather.  This very severe cold event which covers millions of square miles of the Northern Hemisphere, locking much of it in ice, is ‘weather’.  When this retreats as it will (WE HOPE) by the end of winter, the radical feminists infiltrating our schools and government will sneer that there is no global cooling because it is now springtime.


This childish behavior is encouraged by the Bilderberg gang who wants to kill us and freezing us to death is a fantastic way to do it.  Madame Mao used to do this and these are Maoists I am discussing here, pretending to be ‘scientists’.


The important thing to remember, if you’re shivering in the eastern part of North America and wondering what the hell is going on with global warming, is that the extreme cold you’re experiencing is local. Right now, Alaska and Greenland are unusually warm. In the southern hemisphere, Australia is experiencing an extreme heat wave, with temperatures soaring above 40°C (104°F). And 2018 is expected to rank as the fourth-hottest year ever recorded.


First, Greenland isn’t ‘warm’.  It is bitter cold there.  Secondly, Australia never, ever had any glaciers at all during any Ice Age.  Thirdly, neither did the warm parts of Alaska which was actually green and had huge herds of mammals happily grazing there even the relatives of African elephants, for crying out loud.  Try grazing elephants there today!


This very stupid woman delights in lying about her field of study.  She has to lie because she is paid to lie by rich people who hate our democracies and want these shut down and reimpose the sort of society that is how much of South and Central America and Africa are run.  And here is the anthem of the feminist climate scientists:



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15 responses to “Female Climate ‘Scientists’ Assure Us That Extreme Cold Is Really ‘Global Warming’

  1. Jim R

    LOL @ the Stephen Foster song! With a banjo on my knee!

    Common sense and logic have NOTHING to do with anything any more. The Gods are laughing at us!

  2. lou

    Heck, Naomi Klein has a whole book,

    How is this for an eye catching title?This-Changes-Everything-Capitalism-Climate

  3. Ziff

    Beause of 100 yrs of warming it is now -39 instead of -40 !!!!!

  4. Ziff

    there isn an amateur ‘ astrometeorologist ‘ on the FB AGW skptics site . he has been predicting since last Jan that real winter would start in Feb 2019 and run till april and this would be the first indicator of a move into a magor
    decadal cooling

  5. Ziff

    mews , how to measure temps of very thin air ? a few atoms in the vacuum of space can get very hot , but no one would be able to notice

  6. Jim R

    Hmm, yeah that’s true @Ziff. All the layers are in sync. And there is a huuuuuge storm over Hudson Bay right now. Low pressure, CCW circulation, and low temperature.

  7. OC

    Sooo..if u r freezin 2 death; it’s global warming. If u r roastin 2 death; it’s due 2 mini ice age.

  8. Widdershins: black magic.

  9. AT

    Fantastic graphic.

  10. lou

    12-Online I listened to an Asian gal who repped the UN talking about cold cycles being part of AGW.

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