Santa Barbara Community College Is Run By Crazy SJW Radicals

Entitled students in the utter mess of a school system in California, the kindergarten classes run by the California University system, they demonstrated in Santa Barbara Community School for very childish adults, stormed into the board of directors meeting to demonstrate their skills at being obnoxious and nasty.  They then screamed and cursed at a woman reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Children are taught to hate America at California schools from kindergarten to UC Berkeley.


The hysteria happens in the above video at the 10:40 mark.  The lady with the flag: her father worked at one point with my father in optics many years ago.  I am horrified that she had to be abused so viciously by the anti-American kiddies.


The above video is just amazing to watch.  The students assail the adults and the adults running the school do everything in their power to be super nice to the rude, annoying, pushy students who lecture the adults and even openly sneer at them.


This looks a lot like the dying school, Evergreen State College.  The students are stomping their feet and snapping their fingers as they crowd around the adults, holding signs.  When asked to speak, most of them say…NOTHING.  It is amazing how stupid this is.


The adults at the half round table look like fools and they are fools.  They have to please the ‘students’ because…all of them make money off of these obviously unemployable children who haven’t grown up and will have a terrible time in the Real World since Buzzfeed and Huffington Post and other nests of worthless kiddies are going bankrupt.


At one point, the students stamp their feet as they silently menace everyone, they stomp in unison sounding like…Nazis.  Yup.  It is pathetic.


A teacher at that ridiculous school talked about how much she, a white woman, explains how she hates America because it is racist and she is a SJW teacher who is creating the little monsters we see in this video.  While this leftist ‘teacher’ speaks, the students stomp their feet which I find quite interesting since it is quite childish.


Each of the ‘teachers’ supporting no more pledge of allegiance are obvious SJW in dress, language and body posture.  Their hatred of this nation shines bright, eh?  The stomping feet continues as each teacher speaks about being revolutionaries, how all these WHITE WOMEN talk about ‘letting black men speak’ when…there are nearly no black men speaking!


It is nearly all white women with a few black women.  Or I mean, children, they are so childish.

There is then a discussion about this: a very expensive ‘racism training’ for FACULTY so they are SJW insured to be always careful to talk like a robot and act like Mad Madame Mao.  $45,000 for Maoist thought training so people will be PC all the time.  The purple lady even says, so far, they ‘taught’ 40 people to be robots and all the staff should have this ‘instruction’ that lasts HOURS.  Wow.


YIKES.  And what is scary is, the board agrees with all this junk.  Learning nothing from the chaos of Evergreen State College, this school is trodding the same path to literal hell.  I am just amazed at how utterly clueless these female ‘teachers’ are.


They seem utterly incapable of seeing the obvious end result of all their ‘teaching’ and ‘PC perfection’.  That is, intolerant, entitled, angry young people freaking out while they get more and more deranged and end up after going very deep into debt with zero skills any employer would want, much worse, they would be incapable of working at all, for anyone!


This is child abuse!  The head of the administration, Mr. Beebe, is a Bumbldore, a weak man, with a weak voice, and the President of this disgusting school is Mr. Miller, who looks totally weak, at sea when students stood over both of these men, whacking them in the head with posters the students were holding, shoving them around while the men just sat there like frightened mice.


At the end of the meeting, these weak men spoiling the strong students, talked about how THEY needed more ‘education’ about ‘race’ and ‘sex’.  I would like to teach them.  Haul them off to Bed-Stuy at night and shove them into the city housing for the criminal class.


I will even drive them to the hospital afterwards.




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6 responses to “Santa Barbara Community College Is Run By Crazy SJW Radicals

  1. Lisa

    Off topic. I have mixed feelings about abortion but this is just barbaric:

    “If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother,” Northam said, alluding to the physician and mother discussing whether the born infant should live or die.

  2. Zeke

    That’s monstrous.

  3. lou

    Been there. One of the richest, nicest places in USA.

    Oprah lives nearby, in Montecito, as does Ellen DG.

  4. Zeke

    This story seemed suspicious as soon as I heard it for multiple reasons. Think Tawana Brawley.

    Check his iPhone history to see if he arranged for a Grindr type hookup that went wrong.
    Could he have gotten beat up and rolled on an anonymous homo hookup for sex?
    Checked himself into hospital but too embarrassed to tell what really happened. Fabricated story lifts him out of fool, degenerate category into the hero oppressed victim group.
    Check – just to be sure.

    Oops. Well ….. forget about that …. he won’t allow access to his iPhone.

    Of course – they wore ‘the hats’.

  5. Petruchio

    Elaine: any info on the demographics of this SJW infested Santa Barbara CC? I’m guessing the white male student population has been dropping for the last decade or so. One interesting little factoid about the SJW crowd. When they had little or no power, they constantly chanted for “Tolerance”. Now they are in Power we all can see what they REALLY meant by “tolerance’>

  6. Petruchio

    “They seem utterly incapable of seeing the obvious end result of all their ‘teaching’ and ‘PC perfection’. That is, intolerant, entitled, angry young people freaking out while they get more and more deranged and end up after going very deep into debt with zero skills any employer would want, much worse, they would be incapable of working at all, for anyone!” ALOT of Millenials are already there, Elaine. And more and more EMPLOYERS realize it. I mean, what employer wants to hire an employee who feels entitled, who feels the urge to INSTANTLY trigger formal complaints over the smallest things? IMHO, these Millenials deserve every bit of suffering they get. They are the result of Failed Parenting Strategies.

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