Bilderberg News Media Still Carry ‘Poor Polar Bears Have No Ice’ Propaganda As Millions Freeze In Super Cold

The London Daily Mail which the Bilderberg gang announced yesterday is a ‘conservative news’ organization and thus, ‘fake news’ carries daily stories about how we are actually roasting to death due to global warming which is a Bilderberg lie set up by our Real Rulers which baffles me.  The Daily Mail has worked nonstop to attack Trump and the rest of us, supports the stay in the EU junk and kisses up to the insidious, annoying ‘royals’…and yet is classified as ‘fake news’ alongside Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit and Alex Jones!  I find this hilarious.  The stories in that rag today peddling fake global warming news is along the same lines as the rest of the fake mainstream news lies!  Yet they are being attacked for not being ‘PC’ enough.


The above story is all about how there is no ice at the North Pole which is totally encased in solid ice.  Either the pictures are from last summer or it is from the edges of Alaska that never, ever are closed off by ice even during Ice Ages.  Either way, this is a fake news story and even Europe is shivering with the cold though nowhere near as badly as where I live where it is right now, at 8am, -9 F at sunrise.  It isn’t even January anymore, it is February which is supposed to be warmer than mid-January.  Even the NYT has decided it is actually very cold and even had this as NEWS on the front page, no less.

I guess the deaths forced them to report the news.  About time.  Of course, this is caused by ‘global warming’ according to these lunatics.  The Daily Mail in England even reported this amazing news that it is very bitterly cold and people are dying.

Below is proof that the polar bear story at the Daily Mail is pure fiction.  Everything is frozen solid in the parts of the Arctic where all Ice Ages bury things under a mile of ice.  Note that in the last few days, the Great Lakes are freezing up and one of them is totally frozen.  Still, the Daily Mail featured at the top of the page, the fake story about polar bears dying due to no ice.  Polar bears travel and I am betting they moved over to where the ice is because this is their happy hunting grounds.


They eat marine mammals like seals.  Seals have to come up for air in pockets where there is no ice.  Polar bears stake out these air holes in order to catch them.  Polar bears don’t like open oceans for hunting, they do swim for miles in open seas, looking for ice to perch on and catch seals.

Today, the California Washington Post decided to tell us that it is very cold.  But then they included a video of how extreme cold, record breaking cold, massive parts of two continents, millions of square miles of extreme cold is…GLOBAL WARMING which they cleverly call ‘climate change’.  Since this new name for global warming was invented and used by the Bilderberg gang, it covers all types of weather and hot and cold and everything so it is fake, it is useless, and it is funny if you don’t mind freezing to death.

The above is a screenshot of the three ‘reporters’ working for the WP on this story.  Note that all of them live and work where it is super warm or at least a million times warmer than Chicago or even Washington, DC.  Why did the WP tell these three southerners to report on super cold in the north?  They tried hard to make it sound like it was fairly easy to survive brutal cold.  As if they had even slight first hand knowledge about extreme cold.  Doesn’t that goofy Bilderberg paper have even one reporter in Chicago or NYC or Minneapolis?  Nope.



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10 responses to “Bilderberg News Media Still Carry ‘Poor Polar Bears Have No Ice’ Propaganda As Millions Freeze In Super Cold

  1. AT

    Global warming is an attempt to mitigate the effects of peak oil while removing any type of informed democratic debate about where the loss falls.

  2. Jim R

    #1 @AT,
    That sounds about right. They want to slap taxes and quotas and stuff on everyone in the name of “the environment”, so the price of hydrocarbon fuel doesn’t skyrocket.

  3. lou

    Jim, their con includes ‘Its for the children’ or fear mongering over AGW.

  4. Tom W Harris

    This denialism is just a buncha BM. Sad!

  5. Mewswithaview

    In only two years President Trump has fixed global warming.

  6. Yup, with help from the sun! Amazing powers!

  7. lou

    How is the weather in NYS? Polar vortex?

    meanwhile, interesting article about bezos news,

  8. Moe

    Armstrong on cooling trend. (Armstrong is big on trends…)

    “February has been the COLDEST month in 83 years!”

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