Jeep Makes Pro-Male Patriotic Ad Shaming Gillette

This isn’t news but it is culture: I was visiting You Tube sites and up popped this commercial, the first time I have seen it so I am guessing it was made in retaliation for the awful Gillette commercial.  It is 100% wave that flag, patriotic, pro-male Jeep commercial.  I own a very old jeep which we hope to rebuild.  It is a great work vehicle on my mountain.


I am reposting the awful Gillette white male guilt trip mess so readers can compare the two.  Gillette is pretending that ‘everyone is talking about this ad’ as if this is a positive but nearly 100% of the chatter about that ad is highly negative and laced with promises to never buy any Gillette products or even from Proctor and Gamble, the home corporation that decided to cut off white men’s reproductive organs.

Everything that had proud, white males is being attacked nonstop now.  Star Trek’s new season has basically been cancelled due to lack of interested viewers just like Dr. Who is falling off a cliff.  The culture of these shows originally appealed to many people especially young men.

For pure ideological reasons, Hollywood and the studios in England have gone on this rip of hating white European young men in particular.  They absolutely loathe this demographic and are openly contemptuous.


This is bankrupting entertainment systems.  In football, which is still being hammered for being Black Lives Matter headquarters, is losing money at a mad rate now with no end in sight due to the black players openly hating their own audience, their fans.


This suicidal approach to marketing is interesting to watch.  How far will it go?  The infiltration of all entertainment systems by SJW students pouring out of our top universities is translating into collapsing entertainment systems.


Now, the SJW marketing staff are focused on attacking white males and this will translate into a collapse in sales of many items.  Meanwhile, smart business people like Jeep will roll in dough and make oodles of money, catering to their real customers.

These three stories from the London Daily Mail, a paper the SJW gang has labeled ‘fake news’ which is funny since that paper is very SJW-friendly, it is being attacked due to carrying a tiny bit of real news.


The US is under attack by illegal aliens demanding to invade. that owns the awful Washington Post, now one of the dumbest papers on earth, is worried they will lose money and I hope they do.


And Mr. Bezos supports the DNC lunatic fringe and one of these, the Muslim lady, wants to tax HIM to death and I hope she does, it will teach a harsh lesson to Mr. Bezos.



Old Chinese curse: may your wish come true comes to mind here.

And Bernie ‘give me and my wife lots of money’ wants to pay for his goofy junk via a giant death tax.  It won’t be just for ‘billionaires’ who park their wealth like Obama, the Clintons and Gore, overseas at safe banks, this will attack people inheriting businesses built by their families.


All the politicians collecting bribes, all of them hide this overseas.  That is the real corruption.  I want 77% of the wealth of Congress to be taxed.  A 90% tax on overseas money.


And…murderous Muduro is attacking his political rival.  I am puzzled…not…that leftists support that crazy Muduro who has run the money printing press to hell.  Remember: HE runs the money press there.  He does this.  Not the US.

End of the road… for fake mainstream news.  So, the Russian garbage is hauled off and dumped in the trash yet again.  There is no ‘there’ there.  This is ridiculous and how media pushes these ‘stories’ is a scandal and Trump wins again.



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6 responses to “Jeep Makes Pro-Male Patriotic Ad Shaming Gillette

  1. AT

    “All the politicians collecting bribes, all of them hide this overseas. That is the real corruption. I want 77% of the wealth of Congress to be taxed. A 90% tax on overseas money”

    Yeah that sounds like a farm killing tax.

    For starters, billionaires already hide money and influence and power by creating huge foundations, endowments, and nonprofits, all exempt from taxes.

    The foreign money is a problem, but nothing the NSA and the fed can’t track and enforce right now if they chose to do so. It’s income tax evasion after all..

    The larger problem is that much of what the super rich “own” (after the first generation) is not owned in the traditional sense.

    For example, Ted Turner owns a ranch larger than a small state but pays no property taxes because it is held in a vehicle that provides some limited public access on the days he isn’t using the place.

  2. AT

    One way to really get at the corruption money while leaving the entrepreneurs and farms alone would be to tighten the screws on the tax exempt entities.

    For example, an entity could lose its tax exempt status if it could not show that at least 10% of its total assets were spent on specified charitable causes in any given year, regardless of how much money it took in that year.

    That would crush the corrupt foundation business and the generational wealth hiding in the form of patronage and sinecures.

  3. AT

    Bernie won’t propose that, however.

  4. Zeke

    Don’t confuse ‘marginal tax rate’ with real or averaged tax rate. A progressive tax schedule breaks income down into different tiers or margins or brackets and has higher tax rates at the margins of the upper tiers. All lower tiers or brackets are taxed at lower rates. The 1% oligarchs like to try to befuddle you by only citing the marginal upper tier tax rate. That’s not what anyone pays on their whole income; it’s much less.
    There is no such thing as a “death tax”. That misleading term was coined by oligarchic sycophant spin master language perverter Frank Luntz. The Estate Tax is a tax on the unearned windfall transfer of wealth above millions of dollars.
    Exclusions could easily be drafted to exempt the family farm or the family business – but the 1% oligarchs don’t want that. They want to include those unintended parties in the tax in order to get them ‘on their side’ of the argument in an otherwise untenable position that their unearned multimillions windfall go untaxed.
    Don’t be bamboozled.

  5. AT

    The foundations aren’t taxed at all. No income tax. And control passes without any estate tax.

    Why do you think Clinton wanted to make a foundation and then use it as a family grab bag of mansions and private jets.

  6. Zeke

    Sounds almost as bad as the “Trump Foundation”.
    Of course Fox (mouthpiece of the Republican Party) puts a powder puff spin on it but even it had to acknowledge the situation.
    Nepotism, use of charitable contributions as personal piggy bank. Court took somewhat unusual proscriptive action forbidding members of Trump family from ever engaging in such activity again.
    IMO, the majority of the proliferation of these charities, funds, foundations, trusts, etc. are suspect at least.
    It’s one of the ways the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

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