Major Battle Right Now In Front Of Former Bastille In Paris: Yellow Vests Vs EU Rulers!!!

I used Google to find this latest Yellow Vest demonstration on RUPLY Russian news and there was nothing at You Tube about this demonstration, no matter how I did the search, nothing.  But it is on You Tube today and the anger this weekend is even louder than last weekend.  Macron has made it clear, he intends to crush this uprising.  Leftists and statists marched in Paris last Sunday, demanding the Yellow Vests be crushed.  So the anger this weekend is much, much greater than previous weekends.


All the people badly injured last weekend when the military attacked the demonstrators who were doing nothing bad when this happened, I watched it unfold—these victims of police state violence are now leading today’s mass demonstration, several are in wheelchairs, others on crutches.


For the first time, the communist/anarchists have joined and they march in unison with each other, NOT with the original Yellow Vests.  They also are different: dressed in black like the police who pretended to be marchers last weekend.

The flew red and yellow flags and did the communist fist pumping.  Over the last several weeks, I noticed and wrote about how leftists are beginning to drift into these demonstrations that began being totally patriotic and singing patriotic songs.


The mainstream media will of course, focus on the leftists joining these marches.  Now,  much earlier than all previous marches, at 9:30 EST in the US, the police are out in full military force and are now beginning to fight the archers.  This is happening in a shopping district with shoppers all over the place now running for their lives as the military openly attacks everyone including shoppers.


A person dressed all in black lit this fire, a group of yellow vest demonstrators ran after him and ordered him to stop.  I saw this last week: people in all black doing violent stuff some of whom were actually undercover agents who ran behind police lines when the demonstrators tried to stop them from starting fires.


a guitar playing man wearing symbolic bandages walked boldly up to the police line, singing about the yellow vests when a full scale, very violent attack resulted a minute later.

The police began shooting big tear gas canisters which the demonstrators had complained about after last weekend.  This attack right when the guitar player reached the police line, became very, very violent.  The RUPTLY camera crew had trouble keeping the camera under sontral and the violence escalated rapidly into a full blown riot.


By 10am EST, the protestors retreated only a short ways and then stood their ground as many rounds of tear gas were shot onlly the wing blew much of the tear gas away as it is a very windy day.  Many police explosions as they use explosives to create terror and fear.  It isn’t working, it simply made the protesters very angry.


The anti-Macron chants are now very loud and in unison and people are climbing over the monuments to victory in the square, they are standing their ground, waving French flags, both medieval and modern.


Here are some shots of where this battle is taking place:

The war zone is a huge plaza dedicated to the Spirit of REVOLT.  It is the Republican Square!  There is this huge statue of the goddess:

Part of this plaza is dedicated to this freedom fighter:

A woman who fought the Germans! HAHAHA.  Indeed, here the demonstrators are standing their ground, they are highly aware of the meaning of this plaza.


Very fierce fighting right here in front of the Cafe Republique.

This police riot is happening at the BASTILLE!!  The demonstrators are standing their ground knowing the importance of this particular site.  This is why the demonstrators are standing their ground so ferociously despite all the power of the State focused on destroying them.

Blood in front of the monument to the Bastille Battle.


This riot is growing, the citizens are holding their ground, trying to make barriers, the violence is huge.


After 40 minutes of pitched battle, by 10:30, the French Citizens stood their ground and still occupy nearly the entire square dedicated to the heroes of the French Revolution.  The demonstrators are very aware of the power of this site and the ability of Macron to hide this epic battle is impossible.


Word will get out despite the US media and BBC and French media to hide this battle.  This is a historic moment in French history.  I am in awe to be able to see it live, via Russian TV.


Will Macron order the massacre of French citizens waving French flags in Revolutionary Square?  The police and military backed off a bit and when this happened, the demonstrators became peaceful again.  The only time there is rioting is when the State attacks demonstrators.


Someone opened this container and tried to loot it but the demonstrators stopped this and began putting stuff BACK into the container and as they did this, the police attacked them and stopped them from saving the stuff in this container!

On the liberty monument, the demonstrators hung a huge banner: Act XII March Blanc.

A demonstrator holding a poster about marching ‘for me’ with red paint as blood on it.

A patriotic marcher waving a medieval French flag while facing the police barrier.

When I search for news about this news event, it isn’t news except mainly in Russia.

The thin news coverage is deliberate.  It isn’t fixed a few hours later, I noticed every week that the news about Paris or France nearly vanishes.  The BBC has ceased reporting any news from Paris during the last few weeks.  It is like France has vanished.

Big banner at Revolution Monument demanding Macron resign.  It is evening in cold Paris and as soon as the police ceased attacking, the demonstrators stopped fighting and resumed chatting with each other and singing songs, etc.  This is NOT a riot that is out of control, the only time there is violence, it is done by the paramilitary police.


It is now nightfall in Paris and the marchers are being totally defiant, continuing to sing and hold the Statue in Revolutionary Square. b 12:30 EST, it is night in Paris and the demonstrators are standing in the plaza, refusing to move as the paramilitary stands still, too.


They continue to chant and sing songs about Macron.  The police are mobbing nearby hoping to attack again, I am supposing.  Now, half an hour later, the paramilitary occupies half of the square.  Fireworks break out, the crowd cheers.







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19 responses to “Major Battle Right Now In Front Of Former Bastille In Paris: Yellow Vests Vs EU Rulers!!!

  1. lou

    MEANWHILE IN UK—The Blacks cant make the grade [pun intended], as usual,

    United Kingdom universities will be required to close the “grade gap” or face fines.

    There are 2 basic ways to do this:

    1. Segregate students into majors aligned with their abilities so that they will have equal average grades in unequal areas of study.

    2. Have distinct Black and White grading curves for the same classes, so that Blacks will get much higher grades for the same level of work than Whites.

    Given the trend toward mandated equality of outcomes, we can expect this to go towards #2 and utterly destroy the value of a university credential, at least for Blacks. Or perhaps Tommy Robinson will become prime minister by popular acclaim and, to use a Britishism, throw all this PC crap into the bin.

  2. It is happening here in the US.

  3. Jim R

    The mainstream media will of course, focus on the leftists joining these marches. Now, much earlier than all previous marches, at 9:30 EST in the US, the police are out in full military force and are now beginning to fight the …

    Here’s a clue: if the ‘leftists’ arrive on the same buses as the media camera crew, they aren’t really leftists. Likewise for the looters.

    Too bad we don’t have some real news reporters on the ground over there to observe such things.

  4. Jim R

    @lou #1,
    Harvard is already worthless. Didn’t Fauxcahontas go there? And I think they still have that worthless Larry Summers in some sort of administrative position.

  5. And Yale. 🙂

    You know, my family was big at Yale 170 years ago. I was born at Yale Observatory where my grandfather then my father worked.

  6. Christian W

    If the French break the Zionist rule in France it is a major victory and a body blow to the AngloZionist Empire. The real leftists, in Europe that is the working class, are all marching with the Yellow Vests from the beginning. The YV made the strategic decision to be apolitical with the express idea that the Deep State would not have a target to focus on. The Yellow Vests are the people of France rising, not the Communists, the Left or the Right or any specific party.

  7. Christian W

    Fights reported between the Yellow Vests and Deep State tool ANTIFA now.

    Thatcher sent in the UK Army, dressed up as the police, to destroy the striking miners in her day. It would not surprise me if Macron did the same. Some unionized police were very sympathetic to the Yellow Vests at the start of the protests.

  8. Tim E.

    Are the police that attack the yellow vest protesters French or are they from other countries? We did seen the EU flag on some vehicles in previous weeks.

  9. Duski

    If this is the state of our freedom and democracy in EU, the day it breaks up totally can’t come too soon. Really, I don’t see any news here in Finland about EU anymore… although I don’t bother following news (propaganda) anymore at all so not sure if they have covered any of it.

  10. Zeke

    No coverage on MSM about any of this.
    Protestors got Macron’s fuel tax rescinded.
    Supposedly they want more now – but what?
    What do the various factions want?
    I know Russia’s RT Ruply group loves this. Anything that divides the West. Divide and conquer. That’s their agenda – but it’s still good that they’re reporting on it.
    “The movement, which began in response to planned fuel tax hikes, has since ballooned into public anger over general living standards. It has brought people together from the far-left and the far-right, citizens who differ in their politics, but have found common ground in their core belief that it’s harder for them to get by.”
    Sounds like general discontent à la mode de Brexit and Trump. The ‘system’ ain’t working for them – only for the ‘elites.’ Or some rioting for the sake of rioting. Mayhem. Chaos.
    Les Misérables.

  11. lou

    I read protesters are being shot in the eye, intentionally.
    You tube, Martensons latest talk.

  12. lou

    #2 and 4, yes.
    But Harvards endowment makes it a lot more than worthless.

    As far as Prof Gates and Harvards Hiphop museum, well….

  13. Timothy cheng

    it was his endorsement of guaido that did it for zero hedge

    when it used to be all trump, all the time, fuck what you think, now it’s never trump, all the time, fuck what you think.

    ranking of articles used to be based on the number of years the author was PRO Trump, but now it’s based on the number of years he was ANTI trump

    zero hedge is exhibiting the signs of a jilted lover.

    zero hedge, go ahead and change your name to zero edge (“edge“ as in EDGElord).

  14. Christian W

    @ 8 Tim

    I’m pretty sure a lot of them are hired muscle, not the real French police.

    These guys definitely do not look like regular police, I doubt some of them are even French.

  15. Correct, I noticed this last week. Yes, these are ‘irregulars’.

  16. Tom W Harris

    Five days ago, from

    “Emmanuel Macron planning to ship 130 suspected ISIS members from Syria BACK TO FRANCE”

    What could possibly go wrong?

  17. England did this already, so did Canada, etc.

  18. lou

    17–Why? What are the motives?

  19. They are insane. The lunatics ruling us want us terrified of terrorists so importing these is great for our Real Rulers…but not much longer.

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