Sen. Chuck Schumer Media Aide Fired Last Fall For Sex Fiend Mess

This sex scandal was allowed to run silent and deep while all the politicians in the DNC and the New York media giants like the NY Times and CBS/NBC/ABC all knew about this sex scandal that Schumer allowed, this omerta silence was deliberate, it was a conspiracy and this week, was blown out of the water by the only conservative paper in NYC: the NY Post.


Fake news isn’t the only thing the conspirators who run media in New York use, they also censor news and hide the news even when it is in everyone’s face, they will refuse to report news they don’t like.  They did this to me for years and years which I still find rather funny.


We learned this week that all the leftist media giants were collecting many millions of dollars from Obama’s government, money fed to them which I reported in the past because whistleblowers leaked this information.


The money set up by Obama’s gang ran out this last week and no more is coming in and all the mainstream/online media operations that supported Hillary and the Bilderberg gang are now going BANKRUPT which is utterly hilarious.


I called these media giants ‘Pravda’ many times and lo and behold, they were all exactly like Pravda: fake news produced by the government.

Published on Jan 30, 2019

Over the past week I finished outlining the FTC complaint against Patreon and PayPal for collusion in their banning of Sargon of Akkad and attack on SubscribeStar. I then worked with the volunteers on developing precise tasks designed to support the complaint and improve the chance of its acceptance by the FTC. This is the Week 05 update to our case against collusive attacks on the competitive marketplace.


This lawyer and a bevy of equally dedicated lawyers are working on a class action lawsuit against all the online businesses like Patreon and PayPal who are attacking users in a political scam designed to deplatform people who oppose the Bilderberg gang.


This will, I hope, go to the Supreme Court.  This is why the left is freaking out over the dying judge, she is very liberal and blind to liberal abuses, she judges people based on their political views, not on the Constitution.


She also voted to not allow anyone to sue for Uniform Voting when the justices forbade any use of their ruling in the Bush vs Gore case.  She hates legal Constitutional rulings, she wants dictatorship as do other justices.



The growing discontent among Republican national security hawks was most evident on Tuesday when Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader and perhaps Mr. Trump’s most important partner in Congress, effectively rebuked the president by introducing a measure denouncing “a precipitous withdrawal” of American troops from Syria and Afghanistan.


The senator’s repudiation came on the same day that Mr. Trump’s own intelligence chiefs, led by Dan Coats, a former Republican senator, gave Congress a radically different assessment of international threats facing the United States from the president’s own. They warned about fresh Russian efforts to interfere in American elections, predicted that North Korea would never agree to give up its nuclear weapons and made clear that the Islamic State is still plotting attacks around the world. They made no mention of Mr. Trump’s top security priority of building a wall along the southwestern border.


Most of Congress (not the new members in the Senate elected by Trump supporters and of course, Senator Rand Paul) are Bilderberg gang members, that is, the older gang there.  Young members join over time if invited to go to Europe and learn all the secret stuff.


The Bilderberg gang is also very Jewish and at the same time, suicidal.  So, they push for Islamics to invade Europe and North America and at the same time, enslave the Palestinians and lock them down in huge prisons that prevent anyone from seeing or interacting with Jews in Israel.


This apartheid business runs right alongside the same Bilderberg gang screaming about racism and forbidding anyone in Europe from ‘dissing’ Muslims, for example.  It is, in short, utterly schizophrenic.


Jewish leaders are furious that Trump was going to pull out of Syria so they are forcing him to stay there and then these same people will blame him for the messes there.


These same people who force us to pay for Israel’s massive China Wall program are the ones screaming we cannot protect our own borders.  I call this ‘treason’.  Americans will have to die in Iraq and Syria to protect Israel and Saudi Arabia.  This, with little to no debate.  It is just being imposed on us all.

The Pope hates Christians so of course, the Saudis love him.  Also, mainstream media isn’t reporting the news that they all are being sued up the yin yang by Covington boys, oh boy, oh boy!


The list of potential lawsuits includes presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, the New York Times, CNN, Maggie Haberman, Savannah Guthrie, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and many many more.


Preservation letters were sent out on Friday.Others who will be receiving preservation letters include the Washington Post, NPR, Andrea Mitchell, Joy Reid, Chuck Todd, The Hill, The Atlantic, Kathy Griffin, GQ Magazine, The Guardian, TMZ, Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., Diocese of Covington, Diocese of Lexington, Archdiocese of Louisville, Diocese of Baltimore, Erin Burnett, Sara Sidner, Ana Cabrera, Amanda Watts, Elliot McLaughlin, Michelle Boorstein, Emanuella Grinberg, Cleve Wootson Jr., Antonio Olivo, Joe Heim, Michael Miller, Eli Rosenberg, David Brooks, Isaac Stanley-Becker, Kristine Phillips, Sara Mervosh, Emily Rueb, Shannon Doyne, Kurt Eichenwald, Bill Maher, HBO, Warner Media, Ilhan Omar, Noah Berlatsky, Elisha Fieldstadt, Eun Kyung Kim, Noah Berlatsky, Elisha Fieldstadt.


The Pope’s minions are being served because they let the boys be harassed by screaming, obscene adults, stood aside, then lied about the attack on the students…I hope the Church members who did this to the children are put in prison…and ditto the owners of the Washington Post, Mr. Bezos (a good name for the devil) and the gang at the NY Times who slime everyone with impunity.


A huge number of Jewish celebrities and media gangsters are being sued.  HAHAHA.  About time.  David Brooks: NAIL him!  These are all child abusers.  They scream about how we have to be careful what we say and no one can do sex stuff while they rape, pillage and defame merrily, themselves.


This stupid double standard has to end.  And Trump is key to all this: they slander him daily.  He will get the last laugh, if he survives this mess created by this stupid gang of globalists.

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  1. Petruchio

    OK, I didn’t see it in this article so I will ask the question outright. Were these “inappropriate encounters” by Schumers aide Hetero ‘encounters’ or Homo ‘encounters’? Will Chuckie “Dual Citizen” Schumer be subject to blackmail over this sex scandal??

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