Political Chaos As Most Americans Support Trump SOTU Speech

All the polls show that Trump won again.  Meanwhile, the DNC is collapsing in Virginia as it turns out even more top politicians there loved making fun of them thar’ n…gers’ by putting on black face.  Or if they are black DNC, it is all about fun stuff like rape or beating the bitches.  Fun stuff, all around these days.  Oh, and killing babies: another fun pastime DNC gambit.


One DNC Senator hung out at the SOTU speech to sit with his foreign buddy, a man from India who exports labor to the US so there can be more cheap labor here, thus breaking up unions and making white males who code computers much poorer.

For Trump’s SOTU, Cramer is bringing Debjyoti Dwivedy, the senior vice president of Immigration Voice


…an organization dedicated to eliminating the U.S. country-caps in the legal immigration system that would fast-track outsourcing of white-collar American jobs to mostly Indian and Chinese nationals imported to the country by business.  Dwivedy is a former visa worker who was originally imported to the U.S. by Tech Mahindra, an outsourcing firm that has attempted to outsource nearly 24,000 middle-class American jobs over the last three years.


Treason is great fun if you are a Democrat.  This is why they want open borders so badly.  Have to import more aliens to destroy citizens!  Here is a comment from a citizen:


Why do we need Kevin Cramer in the Senate making $174,000 if we can get an Indian to do it for 1/3 of that?


Don’t worry, eventually that will happen.


Pelosi refused to applaud African American and Hispanic record low employment at SOTU Trump speech.  She is angry that this cuts into her hiring illegal aliens as cheap as possible and of course, hiring more Chinese spies to work for her.


Now on to the pressing issue: why do so many Democrats including Bill and Hillary, like to do blackface for fun?

ANOTHER Virginia Democrat, Attorney General Mark Herring…also wore blackface for fun when in college!


With Gov. Ralph Northam’s career in peril over a racist photo in his 1984 medical school yearbook, Herring issued a statement saying he wore brown makeup and a wig in 1980 to look like a rapper during a party as a 19-year-old at the University of Virginia.


Herring, 57, said he was “deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that I cause with this revelation.”

All these DNC blackface clowns howled like banshees at Justice Kavanaugh.  It is just amazing how many of them love to do blackface mockery stuff.  From top to bottom: this is a problem.  In between pretending to be ghetto, we have the fake Indians in the DNC:

Fake ‘Indian’ Elizabeth Warren did lie about being an Indian when she signed Texas State Bar papers.


She abused the system.  She should be put in prison for lying about who she really was in order to enrich herself.  We call this ‘fraud’ and punishing her is necessary.  She believes it is OK to lie because she believed her own lies.  Click on the picture below to hear a very funny song about the SOTU speech.

DNC tears from some of the most ruthless liars on earth.


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40 responses to “Political Chaos As Most Americans Support Trump SOTU Speech

  1. Christian W

    The US is collapsing… And as the Savior we have the GOP/Likud fascist right standing there with open arms. Just like in Brazil and Colombia and Venezuela.

    Figure this one out.

  2. KHS71

    Why is this such a stunning poll? Trump has a very dedicated group of supporters, they say 45% or so. Most support him on illegal immigration. This may be stunning to the corrupt media and the Rats but not to the normal working person.

  3. Petruchio

    Watching the DNC part of the Deep State obliterate itself is really FUN to watch!! The Dems really have NO choice but to keep doing what they are doing: groveling to illegals, Feminists, the #MeToo crowd, the ANtifa types. The Dems are stuck with these guys. And it’s going to completely destroy the Democrat Party–eventually. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group. When Bill Clinton sold out the traditional Democrat voter base, he sneered, “Where they gonna go?” Now it’s people like me who can sneer at the Clintonistas, “Where ya gonna go, Dems, DNC?” And the reason the folks running the DNC and the DEm Party will not, under ANY circumstances do the only thing that might save the democrat Party: the DNC, all of them, must resign and leave the Party. Second, they have to renounce their current voter base: the illegals, the rage filled Feminists, etc..These guys love Power. No way will the Clowns currently running the Dem Party give up even ONE tiny shred of their influence. After all, if you aren’t in a position of Power, nobody is gonna bribe you.

  4. Christian W

    @ Pet

    Sure. The Dems sold out it’s real base and became this corrupt mess. But who are they going to vote for when the ZioGOP is all there is on the ballot?

  5. Christian W

    Do note that “The Feminists, the #MeToo crowd, the ANtifa types” is CIA bullshit.

    Don’t believe for a second that the Corporate MSM are truly “progressive” or “socialist/communist”. CNN is the Mossad and nothing else. They are pushing an agenda against the American people.

    Then at the other end there are convenient Savior figures to save you all from the deprivations of the ‘enemy’ figures. As Herman Göring said, tell them they are under attack (illegal aliens, DNC traitors).

    It’s basically a variation of this theme:

    Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

    — Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

    It may even be true, at least the perception. “The Caravan”, “MS-13”, Illegal Drugs that can kill MIllions of Americans, are recent MSM hyped stories. They are good at perception management.

  6. Christian W

    The Corporate MSM is part of the Military Intelligence Industrial Complex. There is nothing “progressive” about them. It’s a front to create the illusion of choice. It’s a front to preserve the facade of a democratic discourse. In truth there is no such thing; there is just manipulation. No real issues are EVER solved by any “democratic” process in the US.

    It’s all perception management, corruption and a WWF style game show. Sure, the mafia turf wars for the best morsels of profit can be vicious, but those are also exploited for effect.

    Usually the worst thing that happens to a loser is they have to retire to some cushy but less lucrative position, it’s rare any of the crooks go to jail.

  7. Zeke

    Sen. Kevin Cramer (R, ND) is a Republican, not a Democrat.
    please correct.
    Disparaging and demonizing the DNC and Democrats crosses the line there. Now that he’s ID’d as GOP RNC Republican – maybe he’ll be suddenly ok.
    The type of immigration that he is championing is even worse than unskilled labor.
    India subsidizes professional schools for engineers, doctors, etc. In this country, students have to incur huge life-long crippling burdensome debt for such professional education.
    India then exports these professionals to US where they bring their extended families and, or send back remittances to India.
    If India were subsidizing steel and sending it to the US, it’d be called “dumping” and there would be remedies.
    This ‘human capital’ form of “dumping” is favored by our elite Rulers and thus facilitated.
    It only hurts and disadvantages native born middle income and upward aspiring citizens who are used to getting right sized, down sized, out sourced, off shored, etc. in “fly over country.”

  8. AT

    Trump’s speech was articulate and aspirational, and free of gaffs or errors, excepting of course the intentional whoppers like the miracle economy and energy independence.

    Given that Trump’s reading skills are not strong enough to keep up with a TelePrompTer at conversational speed, it is clear that, unlike most of his previous speeches, he actually practiced this one! He obviously wants a second term even more than he wanted the presidency.

  9. AT

    Half of pelosi’s face was drooling like she had a stroke.

  10. AT

    100 years from now, Trump will be known most as the president that failed to galvanize NASA into investigating Oumuamua. As its velocity vector lines up with another perfect gravity assist at another star, it will become clear that we missed our perhaps one and only visitor in our own backyard as it drifted along its slow boat galactic survey. They may end up chasing that thing for hundreds of years to catch up now.

  11. Tom W Harris

    No, “Most Americans” did not “Support Trump SOTU Speech.” Most Americans didn’t watch. Those who did are a self-selecting group.

  12. JimmyJ

    Caucasian Liz Warren claiming Indian heritage on her Bar cert is exactly like Caucasian Rachel Dolezal claiming she was black, (and they both still claim so). It’s the “magical thinking” tendency of extreme liberal thinking where all you have to do is believe, like Peter Pan, “We can fly, we can fly, we can fly!”.

  13. Zeke

    Big difference: Warren does have some (tiny) amt. of Amer-Indian heritage.
    Ditzy person was trying to pass. More like ‘black face’ appropriation.
    Certainly not “exactly like.” That may be magical thinking to think they are exactly alike.

  14. AT

    No, Warren has less than half the Indian genetics than the average WHITE American. She is whiter than white.

  15. Zeke

    Citation. Reference. Proof
    (or relying on ‘magical thinking’?)

  16. Floridadandy

    Warren is apologizing, for crying out loud.
    She’s turned it into an apology tour.
    She can’t let it go, because Trump got to her. 😛

  17. Zeke

    Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren has apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test to prove she had Native-American ancestry, taking a step to smooth over the lingering controversy as she prepares to formally launch her 2020 presidential campaign.


    “Senator Warren has reached out to us and has apologized to the tribe. We are encouraged by this dialogue and understanding that being a Cherokee Nation tribal citizen is rooted in centuries of culture and laws, not through DNA tests,” Cherokee Nation spokeswoman Julie Hubbard said in a statement.

    She apologised TO the Cherokee Nation because it is opposed to DNA testing. She was challenged to prove her ancestral heritage by DNA testing. She did that but the Cherokee Nation is opposed to DNA testing for tribal credentials. Out of sensitivity to the Cherokee Nation and tribal sensitivity she apologised. No ‘apology tour.’
    Please people, get your facts straight before you post.

  18. KHS71

    How many reader remember reading the book “Black like me”. About a white guy who darkened himself enough to pass as black and then went around interacting with black communities in the south to try to feel what it was like to be black at that time period. He then wrote a book about his experience. I had to read it in the late ’60s for school.

  19. AT


    Look it up yourself I’m not your maid. Warren has less Native American heritage than the average white American.

  20. AT

    Fauxcahontas is more damaged good than a retread of cankles for the DNC.

  21. Zeke

    Just as I suspected.
    Baseless accusation.
    No citation, no reference, no proof.
    Case closed.

  22. You want to know how my family got ‘native American blood’?

    Via the French/Indian Wars several hundred years ago! Kidnapping and rape.

    I have interfaced with tribes all my life, I grew up part time on a reservation, myself. The natives liked my family not due to blood but due to us being friendly and not trying to outdo the natives in their own culture.

    Many, many people try desperately to ape the natives and this puts them off badly. It is frankly, embarrassing. The DNC supporters love doing this and it is a cause of considerable tension since the tribes also like welfare programs even though these are utterly destroying the tribes in a dozen horrible ways.

  23. Moe

    Warren’s apology is nothing more than damage control. She had zero misgivings about exploiting her falsified Native American heritage for personal advantage her entire adult life. Now that she has been outed she’s desperate, but she has no remorse.

    I don’t see her apologizing to her constituents or the American people at large for foisting a fraudulent history for decades for personal gain. Anyone with scruples would resign: good luck with that.

  24. Petruchio

    @#23 Elaine: your comment reminds me of the Big Controversy over the University of North Dakota using the term “Fighting Sioux” as their sports team name. For years and years, the U of North Dakota Fighting Sioux existed with nary a peep from the Native American community. Almost NO Indians objected to the school calling themselves the “Fightin’ Sioux’. But then the DNC crowd dot offended by it. So UND changed their team’s name. What arrogance. Of course now, numerous Native Americans have income from operating Casinos, reducing the need for DNC handouts.

  25. All gambling cities vote DNC.

  26. Zeke

    Warren didn’t falsify anything. She only apologized to the Cherokee Nation because it doesn’t accept DNA as proof of tribal membership.
    She only took the DNA test in response to attackers falsely claiming she had no Indian DNA.

    She chose to honour her (1/64th ?) ancestral heritage by mentioning it on public forms. Her admission to the Texas Bar did not turn on her heritage. Completely immaterial.

    It was alluded to that that encounter could have been an adversarial one.

    That’s a tiny amount but when you get out to the 6th generation – – there are 64 people out there ‘in the tree’ so to speak.

    Each individual at that level contributes a tiny YET essential and unseverable part of the genome of the descendant.
    EW would not be the person she is but for that individual – as well as the other 63 at that level.

    What to do with that knowledge: how to treat that person: ignore the person, gloss over the person, deny the person – Warren chose to honor that.

    A person who needs to apologize to all POWs of all time is Trump – for his outrageous statement slurring McCaine in that he liked people who weren’t captured.

    Then during the SOTU speech he honors concentration camp survivors liberated by US troops and others.

    It might be different if he himself were not a draft dodger. New evidence has recently come to the fore regarding his doctor at the time and the supposed disqualify ‘bone spurs.’
    Where is the outrage there?

    Your elite Rulers are attacking her personally because they can’t refute her ‘the game is rigged’ message.

  27. AT


    Again, you can look up your own statistics.

    Possibly as much as 1/1024 is nothing to write home about. And, she did this as a grown woman, not a high school kid. (Modern medicine and psychology have recognized that the brain does not finish developing, neurologically and psychologically in areas of judgment until as late as 26 years old.) It’s bizarre to me folks can compare what she did with what someone did in a high school yearbook as a kid.

    She took a spot from a putative real native American at an institution with very few real native Americans. She did it as a middle aged woman and a law school graduate., not some twentysomething kid. It’s a serious character flaw, even if it wasn’t your tribe she offended.

  28. Zeke

    There is no evidence that “she took a spot” from a person with a higher amount of AmerIndian ancestry.
    In fact, admissions panel personnel when interviewed regarding the matter stated that ancestral heritage played no part in admission.
    If you have any contrary evidence please present it so we can all evaluate it.
    (What does play a part is the crony nepotism of the “legacy admissions.” The scion of your elite real Rulers gain entrance that way.)
    You stated that “Warren has less than half the Indian genetics than the average WHITE American. She is whiter than white.”
    When I asked if you had a citation, reference or proof of that , you did not provide any and back stepped slightly to ” Warren has less Native American heritage than the average white American” became perturbed.
    If you have anything to offer – maybe we could all learn something.

  29. lou

    28–1/1000th does not count.
    sorry but not sorry.

  30. Floridadandy

    Zeke is trying to hang onto the Fauxcahantas candidacy.
    It’s over for her before she officially launched. Even WaPo went after her.
    She declared herself a minority’to get an advantage, otherwise there would be no point in lying

  31. AS DID OBAMA, claiming to be a foreign student, no less.

  32. Zeke

    Nonsense. 1/64th at 6th generation. 1/1024 at 10th generation.
    Due to geometric progression. That’s how genealogy work.
    I referenced the 1/64 or 6th generation figure because EW said the story of AmerIndian heritage was part of family lore. Don’t know if that lore would have survived for 10 generations.

    1/64 would be enough to establish oneself as credentials for the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

    Posters wrote: “Possibly as much as 1/1024 is nothing to write home about.” and “1/1000th does not count. sorry but not sorry.”
    Really? But I know of several people who trace their ancestry back to “Plymouth Rock.” Are You similarly offended by members of the DAR and Plymouth Rock descendants?
    Of course not.

    Oh, ye hypocrites.

    If you watch the Skip Gates TV show “Finding Your Roots” you will see that he traces heritage back even to the kings of England and France, etc.
    Gates does a form of genealogy referred to by some genealogists as ‘telephone pole’ genealogy.
    I don’t approve of that because it is straight line and leaves out other lateral relations. Nonetheless, that’s what is done.
    People claiming heritage from a king might have (guessing) 1/2000 or 1/4000 because of the geometric progression of genealogical research.

    Warren chose to acknowledge or honor or cite her Native American heritage maybe because she chose to align or identify herself with oppressed peoples in keeping with her message of ‘the game is rigged.’

    There is no proof that I am aware of that she advantaged herself in any way by so doing. If you have proof, please present it so we can all learn something.

    One of the things that you fail to comprehend is that by ad hominem attacks on the messenger they hope to discredit or silence her ‘the game is rigged’ message.

    (Never mentioned but I suspect that BO ‘got into’ Harvard via the “legacy admission” route. His father went there as a foreign student.)

    And the powers that be have done an excellent job at derailing or sidetracking the debate on the message that ‘the game is rigged’.
    You have been bamboozled.
    Wake up people.

  33. AT

    If you are a European Caucasian you are 1% Neanderthal. That’s 1/100

    I was born and raised in MA. What’s rigged is that your tribe is comfortable with Warren’s support, but that’s simply not enough.

  34. Petruchio

    @#26 Elaine: not to put too fine of a point on it, but the Native American Casinos are on Reservation lands. I assume these Native Americans can also Vote in Elections, but I doubt their numbers are significant. And since these Casinos are on Native American Reservations, I’m not sure what amount of taxes they pay into the City, State, County Federal Governments.

  35. AT

    There’s an argument that everyone is a native of wherever they are born, because if not there then where? But, that’s not the definition in question.

    In fairness, I would be happy to call someone a “Native American” (meaning someone of indigenous descent) with very, very little genetic heritage, IF that was a deep and personal part of their identity, such that they perhaps lived on a reservation or made a career working with indigenous peoples.

    For Warren, she felt fine calling herself and documenting herself a Cherokee, with full knowledge from law school of the benefits of affirmative action, but without any tribal affiliation whatsoever, and based simply on the murky oral tradition of her own Caucasian family, an oral history that placed such recollection so far back it was beyond the age of the family’s collective memory.

  36. I actually DID live on a reservation in Arizona. About elder lore: my family has been literate and wrote books, made notes, wrote laws, etc. etc. since the Middle Ages.

    So we kept records including the very vital inheritance records that ALL nobility keep close control.

  37. Zeke

    Congratulations to the Bilderbergers and other powers that be.
    Note that not one mention was made of EW’s main message that “the game is rigged”.
    No. They can’t allow that.
    They got everyone distracted to a mostly meaningless sideshow attraction of the blood quantum of the heritage she chose to honor.
    (btw: still no evidence: citation, reference or proof that EW in any way benefited from her heritage claim. In fact, just the opposite is available: https://www.lifezette.com/2019/02/elizabeth-warren-wrote-american-indian-on-her-texas-state-bar-registration-form/ ).

    I know their ways: when they can’t refute the message – attack the messenger.
    Gotta give the Bilderbergers and real Rulers credit; they are smart people and very manipulative.
    A largely dumbed down population doesn’t recognize their tactics and makes manipulation easier.
    Gotta hand it to them.

  38. Moe

    Slightly OT, if you ever wondered what side Coulter’s bread is buttered on, wonder no more.

    This woman is shallow, as deep as your foot bath..

    Coulter: I Could Vote For Bernie Sanders If He Returned To Original Immigration Position


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