Real News: DNC Cities, Chicago, LA, Phillie and Atlanta FBI Corruption Arrests Yesterday

The NYT is a great barometer for how the US political temperature really goes…in a widdershins sort of way.  Whatever the NYT pops on its front page (hint: it is alway an attack on Trump) the real news is the exact opposite.  Today, the front page story should be the one lower down on the front page: many cities run by the DNC are now seeing politicians being arrested for corruption!  In all these cities, the political machine keeps things firmly in the hands of DNC operatives seeking to use black and Hispanic voters to loot the city treasuries and take bribes.  Here is the real news at the bottom of the NYT opening page:


This is no surprise to me!  Way back in the mid-1980’s, New York City was run by the corrupt Democrats and were systematically looting the city which was going bankrupt and they decided to muscle me because I was forcing them to stop destroying the city.


So they sent a detective from Queens to visit my brownstone in Brooklyn and he snarled at me that ‘You might be hurt if you continue annoying people’ and I demanded his ID so I could arrest him, he ran away, I followed him, he looked at his detective car, saw me behind him, then ran to the subway, I followed him and saw him get on the F train to Queens and then ran off to Captain Hill at the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn who then began an investigation leading to me interacting with Special Prosecutor Giuliani who then put a bunch of DNC crooks in prison or the grave.


Whew.  It was fun.  After the arrests and suicide, NYC then had a much more balanced government instead of a 100% DNC government which meant fewer chances for corruption.  All one party states end up corrupt.  This is always the case which is why having opposition is good.

Today’s big news story at the NYT that didn’t make the top story is this: ‘It’s the Human Way’: Corruption Scandals Play Out in Big Cities Across U.S. HAHAHA. So, cities are corrupt because they are ‘human’ not because every city in this story is corrupt due to being one party states with the DNC using black and Hispanic voters and illegal aliens in order to loot the public treasury and collect bribes.


A senior aide to a former mayor of Atlanta collapses on a courtroom floor after hearing that she is headed to prison.  F.B.I. agents in Los Angeles haul away computers and documents during a raid of a veteran councilman’s office.


News cameras trail the most powerful alderman in Chicago as he walks to court to face a charge of attempted extortion.  Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia accuse a powerful labor boss of keeping a key city councilman on his union’s payroll.


Four of America’s largest cities are under the dark clouds of major federal corruption investigations. Residents, politicians and power brokers in all of them are holding their breath, waiting for signs of how deeply their civic cultures will be shaken.


HAHAHA.  So, all these major cities are being investigated by the Feds for corruption.  All the crooks running these cities are terrified they will be next on the ‘go to jail’ machine.  And the ‘civic culture’ of pure corruption is ‘shaken’.  Duh.


Well, what is this ‘civil culture of pure corruption’?  It has a name, Richard Fausset, Monica Davey and Tim Arango who are the three ‘reporters’ for the very corrupt Bilderberg New York Times!  It is called ‘the Democratic Party Machine’.  And the NYT is totally responsible for this machine destroying our major cities turning these into useless hell holes used only for gaining power to loot.


The investigations raise questions not just about who else might be caught up in them, but also about whether there can be any lasting cure for the chronic corruption problems that seem to dog big cities, so often dominated by a single party or political machine.


HAHAHA.  Don’t vote for any Democrats.  They just took over the House in Congress and are plotting to loot all taxpayers while letting in millions of criminals and illegal aliens so all our cities will be destroyed.  This is treason, as I keep pointing out.


The Chicago and Los Angeles metropolitan areas are the two most corrupt in the United States, based on the number of federal public corruption convictions from 1976 to 2016, according to researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Philadelphia comes in at No. 8.


The deliberate cluelessness of three top reporters is not remarkable.  The NYT has been fake news all my long life and the fake factor has run out of control now, the NYT simply cannot report even the weather without blatant lies.  One would think these three reporters would connect obvious dots.  But they dare not.


Atlanta did not make the Top 10 in that study, but even so, the civic conversation in the South’s most important city is strongly influenced by the 2006 conviction of another former mayor, Bill Campbell, on tax evasion charges stemming from an earlier corruption investigation.


The Atlanta story is very similar to my own story:


But her case is one facet of a wide-ranging investigation examining construction contracts, the use of city-issued credit cards, and lucrative concessions at the city’s international airport. It has already led to the conviction of two contractors, who each bribed a city official; a former chief procurement officer for the city, who accepted bribes; and a man named Shandarrick Barnes, who threw a brick through the window at one of the contractor’s homes, warning him not to cooperate with investigators. He also placed dead rodents on the property.


I was already well known in Brooklyn for the day I and a truck driver, while witnessed by the police and a huge crowd that gathered to watch, as we bludgeoned this big, fat rat to death that I trapped under a garbage can lid when it jumped at me.


The use of dead rats to send messages is an old Mafia thing.  I would, when going after politicians, remind them that I smash rats to death.  After the Special Prosecutor arrests, all the surviving politicians were very polite to me and would do whatever I asked.


Those gangster-movie touches have come with a decidedly Atlantan twist. Mr. Barnes had business ties to a woman named Mitzi Bickers, who has made headlines over the years as a pioneering gay politician, as a president of the Atlanta public school board, as the pastor of a predominantly African-American Baptist church, and as a controversial political consultant. She was indicted in April on charges that she accepted more than $2 million in bribes when she was the city’s human services director. Ms. Bickers has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.


This female ticked all the DNC boxes: black, gay and corrupt.  The NYT notes that in Chicago, the head of the City Council was totally corrupt and his wife is a JUDGE in the Illinois Supreme Court!  And he is running for office again, this being a ‘black’ city and thus, easy to skip over obvious corruption like Newark or NY City.


Joe Moore, another Chicago alderman, said the mud from corruption cases tends to splash unfairly on all the city’s politicians. Corruption, he said, is “not the ‘Chicago Way,’ as people like to say — frankly, it’s the human way. Humans are fallible creatures.”


Note how the NYT ends the story: this is normal!  Being corrupt is OK since humans naturally want to lie, cheat and steal as well as threaten people.  Mafia morals, this is what the NYT says is ‘normal’.


There is no suggestion about ending this corruption because the cure is what the NYT hates: political opposition which keeps people from being corrupt.  Instead, even after arrests, it is ‘business as usual’ since only one party rules all these corrupt cities: the Democratic Party.


What irks me the most is, that party thinks it is very moral and upright.  Talk about insane.


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19 responses to “Real News: DNC Cities, Chicago, LA, Phillie and Atlanta FBI Corruption Arrests Yesterday

  1. Gurrker

    Speaking of lying about the weather I thought it would be interesting to check out NOAA’s winter forecast from late last summer.

    BTW, today’s post was another excellent look at reality.

  2. AT

    FBI trying to burnish the shitstain off their badge for closing the Vegas shooting investigation, and covering up obvious Saudi instigation as part of a larger coup attempt against MBS, despite the fact that they rescued MBS from the Tropicana as soon as the shooting started below ABT’s Four Seasons hotel.

    They’ll round up some pedophiles next.

    At least some good will come of it.

  3. Petruchio

    Here in the Twin Cities of MN, you will see more and more people wearing Chicago Cubs shirts and hats. Likewise with Chicago Bears stuff. And Chicago Bulls jackets. You can tell, living 350-400 miles from Chicago that the proverbial Sh#t has hit the fan in Illinois. In my opinion, these fleeing Chicagoans and others from Illinois should STAY in Illinois! YOU caused the problems in that State and City, YOU get to fix it. I know, I know. Not everybody in that State or City caused the problem, but they should fight the fight instead of high tailing it and running. AND: my home State (MN) does NOT need any more of the DNC types. We got enough; thank you very much. I can remember when this State got invaded by a bunch of DNC political radicals from New York And Yes, I’d like to send THEM back to New York. Let New Yorkers deal with them.

  4. Christian W

    The Saudi Crown Prince – Mohammed Bin Salman.

    He has survived at least a couple of assassination attempts so far, if the Vegas shooting counts as one (I didn’t know he was in Vegas)

  5. lou

    5–was there A shooter? I read there were several shooters.

  6. Christian W

    I don’t know. The Vegas story stinks and looked like a false flag. But I havent heard anything about MBS being in proximity. That would change the whole picture for sure.

    I suspect MBS was wounded in the attempt in Riyadh. He was not seen for several months after the shooting, maybe he was just lying low.

  7. AT

    This is the video of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia MBS being escorted out of the Tropicana on the night of the Vegas shooting. Reportedly he was supposed to have been in the hotel where the shooting occurred, where the top floors were owned by coup plotting prince ABT’s Four Seasons Hotel.

    He got lucky or was tipped off to go play poker somewhere else that night.

    MBS is the tall one in the back with the skinny bodyguard beside him. In front are two FBI agents, one in a dour helmet the other looking chipper, along with four Nevada State Police (Highway Patrol) SWAT officers, and one Saudi consular security officer they dressed in a yellow medic shirt, who is presumably the one originally given the stretcher to carry. Most likely MBS refused to move without one of the SWAT officers giving a weapon to the consular security officer in the medic disguise. That’s why that animal is pointing the Rifle in all the hotel guests faces and shouting,trying to impress MBS. We can hope that since his finger can be seen wrapped around the trigger while he’s doing the pointing and shouting that they at least downloaded that animal’s magazine first, but that’s probably wishful thinking, Of particular note is the very unhappy blond haired Highway Patrol SWAT officer walking in the middle of the front, deprived of his weapon and carrying the stretcher instead.

  8. AT

    But the case is closed because Paddock acted alone, despite his posthumous promotion by ISIS?

  9. AT

    And why did MBS have ABT’s flunky Khashoggi executed, vivisected alive and face scalped off as a souvenir, in Turkey, one year to the day, adjusting for time zones since the zvegas shooting? Khashoggi who had expatriated from Saudi right before the Vegas shooting?

  10. AT

    The Vegas shooting is Trump’s 911. He succumbed to the evil of the coverup, but at least he never bit on the ISIS bait left by Khashogi (the taliban straphanger and bin tal alwaleed flunky), to drag us into more war.

  11. AT

    Of course the FBI has evidence that Paddock did not act alone. That’s why they brought the stretcher to rescue MBS that night.

  12. AT

    Watch the video.

  13. AT

    The larger implication is that our system of secrecy is broken, and needs to be revised when dealing with matters essential to an informed electorate in a democracy. If voters don’t know, they can’t hold elected official and politically appointed agency heads accountable for their decisions before and after such an incident.

    I’m all for protecting techniques, but democracy trumps Intel techniques in these matters. And, if someone’s life is actually at stake, then in cases like this, pull him or her and make it public.

    Otherwise we are left with a garbage in garbage out democracy with voters kept in the dark and fed shit like mushrooms.

  14. I am against all state secrecy. I spent my childhood penetrating and revealing Operation Paperclip. It was quite a fight inside my parent’s home and directly led to them not having me live there after age 16.

  15. Tom W Harris

    Speaking of Chicago, Al Gore just endorsed Bill Daley for mayor.

    Worthless sonofabitch.

  16. Did Gore demand the city stop burning oil? Ban cars yet? HAHAHA.

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