NY Senator Chuck Schumer SOTU Evil Face Moment, Mutters ‘Bulls…t’

My Senator, Chuck Schumer, made a fool of himself at the SOTU event the other day.  When President Trump talked about the new NY abortion laws put in place via fiat by Democratic Governor Cuomo and the DNC with zero voting, NO debate at all, just fiat changes…this has started a firestorm when some of the supporters of this third trimester change openly talked about killing babies AFTER birth, too, based on this new law.


In the above video, they talk about the tunnel opening in Europe when the celebration was all about serving Satan.  It was pure satanic rituals as I pointed out back when the tunnel was opened.  The Real Rulers are big believers in black magic.  It permeates everything they do.  When they meddle with the powers of the Outer Darkness, it irritates me greatly and they are doing it right now, desperate to stop Trump any way possible.


The term here is ‘make a deal with the devil’.  Schumer is probably totally unaware that his face looks utterly evil as he listens with hurt pride and arrogance as Trump calls him out over this issue.  What is most impressive is, Trump, the father of a number of children, his face is pretty serene as he talks about Schumer and Cuomo’s desire to kill actual born babies.


Schumer should have had a poker face when this happened but he didn’t, he can’t.  This is why being evil does: it etches itself on the face.  I will note that all DNC/SJW cartoons of Trump shows him angry and twisted and ugly.  They don’t know that they, themselves are the real mirror, they really look ugly now, particularly the females.


A number of our allies are ruled by angry, childless adults who seem to have a deep desire to destroy children, it appears.  The issue of children being forced to take classes in grade school to learn about gays and other sexual differences is part of the SJW/DNC push to eliminate traditional families just like the vast voter base of this party is anti-marriage.


Proof is obvious: around 80% of black voters vote for the DNC and this is nearly exactly the status of children born out of wedlock in that community.  In states run by the DNC, they are passing laws forcing schools to teach sex ed adult stuff to small children now.  This is going to backfire in the long run.

The outraged parents and some staff at these ‘schools’ raised such a political ruckus, the devious plan to teach little children about LBGT…etc. was killed last May.  Then, in the following election, the state voted for the DNC to double down on all this and so…we go on and on with one horror after another thanks to foolish voters.


So here we are this month, Chuck Schumer does everything in his power to kill NY citizens:

Congress critter Ocasio-Cortez is OK with all this violence in her district.  So is Schumer.   Both want to kill babies, too!  

Europe is literally dying.  Its internal political systems is collapsing rapidly.  The above screenshot is from the front page of the London Daily Mail and that paper hates Trump yet complains about the collapse of Europe.  

As we watch socialist states collapse internally, demands here in the US on the left to repeat the same mistakes here rises.  This is because few people learn anything from history.  History is this terrible bitch of a goddess who has a devilish sense of humor.  She knows humans can’t learn any lessons from history.  This delights her.


We got to great lengths to make up histories and some are actually somewhat truthful.  Most aren’t.  History is written with a bloody pen.  The fights in the future can be foreseen today.  It will follow the same course that previous violence flowed.  It is inherent in the landscape of time.


Unleashing violent criminals on urban populations is going on in Europe, in the US, in all Western type countries which are turning suicidal.  Here is a fine example of the DNC going insane:

A DEMOCRAT in North Carolina, Roy Cooper, called for the Virginia racist DNC governor to resign only for his own, like Bill and Hill Clintons, pictures of him making fun of blacks, making fun of lynchings, hits the internet, too.  I suspect this must be a requirement to be a member of the DNC: do blackface/lynching/KKK fun stuff in school, first.



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6 responses to “NY Senator Chuck Schumer SOTU Evil Face Moment, Mutters ‘Bulls…t’

  1. timothy carroll

    Question: Are all our CONgress critters being blackmailed?


  2. Melponeme_k

    These people are not dualists. They are not serving some entity separate from God. They believe in God. They believe that God created all. They also believe that God has two faces like Janus. In their belief system, Satan IS God and God is Satan. They are the same.

    What they are attempting to do is a spiritual pole flip. In their hubris, they think it is within their power to change the nature of God.

    “We got to great lengths to make up histories and some are actually somewhat truthful. Most aren’t. History is written with a bloody pen. The fights in the future can be foreseen today. It will follow the same course that previous violence flowed.”

    This is done on purpose by the ruling elite who have been in charge for centuries if not a Millennium or more. They repeat the same road because they know the variables of that road. They can control it. They made cultural jokes about it with all the Time Travel BS. They will direct society into these same patterns over and over again because if they don’t that will lead them into waters they don’t know and won’t be able to control.

    “Congress critter Ocasio-Cortez is OK with all this violence in her district.”

    This person is not a woman. It was a male that was transgendered from birth. It has been on hormones and testosterone blockers for so long, I’m surprised it can still tie it’s own shoes.

    “Roy Cooper, called for the Virginia racist DNC governor to resign only for his own, like Bill and Hill Clintons, pictures of him making fun of blacks, making fun of lynchings, hits the internet, too. ”

    This is payback for the Christine Blasey-Ford Yearbook they tried to erase from the internet. Full of racist jokes aimed squarely at the few black students who attended the school at that time.


  3. Pete


    JFK 21 Party Leader
    Yellow Vest Party in Denmark

  4. AT

    The analysis of abortion is two prong: is it murder, and, if not, does a woman have a right to end the pregnancy on her own? Does she has a personal or privacy or liberty interest in her own body to do so (in the absence of a legal murder)?

    The first question: Is it murder? In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme court said it is not murder before viability, and implied it is murder after viability. . .

    What’s more, medical science has made the age of viability younger and younger, yet the issue of viability has not been revisited in all these years since Roe.

    The idea that we can legalize murder is quite bizarre and shows to what great lengths these charlatans will go to in order to keep a hot-button-issue hot and distract the populace from the three biggest issues that both parties are in lockstep over. Those three issues are foreign, monetary, and fiscal policy.

    This “child death abuse” also includes inducing children (ages 12-21 who are at the greatest risk of death by suicide, often greater than auto accidents or illness) into committing suicide by killing others at school at the same time. All with full knowledge that publicizing suicide sensationalizes and induces the same type of suicide in the minds of the suicidal, particularly in that vulnerable age group. Of course, the real intent is to distract from the two-party charade with the hyper-perpetual, ancillary, hot-button gun debates.

    Why is killing children such a politically effective political distraction? Human nature. Evolution has given normal people a visceral reaction to the death of children. We are all programmed to want to protect children. This is being abused, and we are all being psychologically abused, by our politicians, high level appointees, and the media.

    These psychopaths need to be locked up.

  5. Life doesn’t always have easy answers. I am ABnegative blood type and each child I had, killed me more and more until my third attempt had to be aborted because I began dying nearly immediately upon being pregnant.

    I am the classic ‘save the life of the mother’. And worse, I really, really wanted this child and still mourn her death.

    What is going on now is, fetuses are being debased. I used to have sheep and whenever a mother lost her babies in a blizzard or premature birth, the mother still would lick the baby lying on the ground and make a ruckus if the baby died.

    I have seen horses and cows mourn each other’s deaths not to mention cats, dogs and birds, etc. It is universal in animals. We are now being taught to be indifferent to deaths like this. It is dehumanizing.

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