Peckergate: Bezo Sex Scandal Is Typical Of Media Giants Playing With Fire

The London Daily Mail has tons of fun Bezos news today:

Everything the West Coast/NY City leftist billionaires and media giants do to Trump has been backfiring on them every day now.  These sex crazed, out of control, treasonous international gang wants to run riot while screaming at the rest of us to not use fossil fuels while they fossil fuel like crazy and to not have wild sex while they run riot in the bedchambers and to be ‘moral’ while they are utterly without morals.  And so attacks on conservatives are boomeranging back on these fakers like Bezos.


The entire left is utterly hypocritical now.  They claim all women should be believed when they hurl sex allegations at men and then, when women do this to these fake liberals, suddenly we are to not trust women even if they have proof, when they accuse DNC gangsters of sex crimes including being beaten by black politicians as well as raped.


The blackface scam is freaking out the DNC, too, as more and more photos of them doing blackface emerge.  This is fun for me because this is classic ‘punishment by the gods/goddesses’ in that the applicant goes to the Outer Darkness and prays for something bad to happen to someone else and then…it happens to the black magic idiot doing this stupid thing.


I have warned the elites about this since I was a teenager and it gives me the giggles to watch them do it, anyways.  The main thing here is, we have to have the news and this is where I get really mad.  The Bilderberg news gang refuses to report basic news.  But since news reporting is a business, who can resist publishing this sort of real news we are seeing today?


The masses love seeing the very rich and very powerful hoist by their own petard.  What is a ‘petard’?  As a fan of medieval warfare, I am highly aware of this tool for bringing down castle walls.  A ‘petard’ is the earliest form of explosives which came from China hundreds of years ago.  When a soldier was to plant the petard and blow it up, it sometimes went off prematurely, ‘hoisting’ him into the air.

Ronan Farrow has been pestering the Hollywood cabal about raping children for years now.  Yes, the Bezos story was most likely killed because it arose back when the mainstream fake liberal news was attacking an innocent man, Kavanaugh, over supposed ‘nasty touching’ when he was a mere teenager and this, with zero proof even of ‘touching’ or even ‘meeting’ the ‘victim’.


The Washington Post, owned by Bezos, has this front page story about the sex scandal:

So, according to the Post. Ronan is supporting Bezos?  HAHAHA.  The true story is, the owners of the Esquire sent emails BLACKMAILING RONAN to prevent HIM from posting stories about sex charges!


They tried to kill the real news!  ‘Stop digging or we will ruin YOU’ was the message sent by the AMI corporation.  The corporate entity was threatening Ronan to stop him from creating news!  They did a Mafia hit threat on him.  Note how the lying creeps at the WP use clouds of words to lie about all this. Openly lie, hoping no one would go to a real news source to learn the truth.


They lie all the time now, about everything.  I find this funny, actually.  The Washington Post had zero problems with publishing fake sex stories about Trump over and over again.  Every chance they get, they do it.  Now, suddenly, it is evil.  HAHAHA.


Seeing one of the big pushers of the fake rape allegations against Kavanaugh hauled into the spotlight for running wild with sex, destroying his own marriage, had to be squelched so a conspiracy was hatched to hide the real story.  Now, it is blasting across the planet.


So, Jeff and his elite buddies are trying to fix things by hiring private investigators to find out how his dirty secrets (I typed ‘sexrets’ by accident) were discovered by reporters.

These clowns blame everything on Trump so of course, they will allege that Trump did this to them.  HAHAHA.  Trump is GOD.  He has vast powers and controls even the climate, making it super cold right when the scam artists want to fool us about the weather, for example.

And pictures of the Special Prosecutor’s Stasi storm troopers using high powered weapons to arrest an elderly, unarmed man, at dawn as if he were MS13 DNC gangsters in NYC, this is the face of the Police State put in place by Obama and his gang.  Crime in DNC-run cities and states is shooting upwards literally shooting, while the DNC is moving heaven and earth to enable an alien invasion:

Latinos are NOT the true population of the northern half of North America.  The invaders south of the border when Europeans showed up, would attack the Indian tribes in Arizona and New Mexico in order to enslave them or kill them off.


Claiming she and her ilk who invaded us recently are the rightful owners of America is a fraud and shows that she is not a ‘liberal’ but is, like many fake liberals, is an invader demanding power over the rest of us so she can exploit everything for herself and her gang of invaders.


This mixed up idea of ‘who is an invader’ is typical of liberals.  They hate Europeans for ‘invading’ while cheering when anyone else invades.  I call this ‘treason’ and Ms. Ocasio-Cortez whose family has been here for only a very short time unlike the hundreds of years of my own family, she should deport herself as an alien since she is big on ‘do not invade’.


Hello!  I want her arrested but we can’t.  She would merrily kill the rest of us if she could and this is certainly true of many Muslim invaders in Europe and North America.  They want power so they can enslave, not free anyone.  Look at the ethnic cleansing Europe has experienced since WWI.  Look at Asia, the same.


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19 responses to “Peckergate: Bezo Sex Scandal Is Typical Of Media Giants Playing With Fire

  1. Melponeme_k

    “Claiming she and her ilk who invaded us recently are the rightful owners of America is a fraud and shows that she is not a ‘liberal’ but is, like many fake liberals, is an invader demanding power over the rest of us so she can exploit everything for herself and her gang of invaders.”

    He is just a liar all around. He can’t even claim to be Latino. OCasio-Cortez is an “hispanic” (made up name just like Latino) riff on an Irish name. Ocasio (related to the name Cassidy, hails from Northern Ireland. According to Spook Wiki, a number of Irish immigrants settled in Puerto Rico in the 1800s. Where this man’s family supposedly originated. This person is IRISH.

    So I wonder, considering the name origin, would he invite all Irish people to walk right into the US illegally? It’s Native land, right?

  2. AT

    My sense is Bezos was ready for a divorce anyhow, and these two billionaires decided to pretend to feud in order to make people believe they aren’t entirely collusive as s class. And then, Bezos gets to look like a victim while trading in his wife for a younger model.

  3. lou

    Does OC shed tears for all those killed by–lets see–
    This includes those killed by insane Mexican drivers. 1000s killed.

    Someone in New Haven area notes,
    I m starting to think Latin Americans don’t treat woman very well.
    Here in the Nutmeg State, aka Puerto Rico North,
    at least 4 latinas murdered this week so far,
    shot to death in New Britain, Bridgeport and New Britain, and in Fairfield one found inside a suitcase on the side of the road, hands bound, quite dead.

  4. vengeur

    OT: check out what happens to an anti-war democrat:

  5. Pete


    Russian Driver Rescued

    By Camel 🙂

  6. Pete

    Operation Mockingbird started in 1950’s

    Colby testimony before Church investigation 1975

  7. Tom W Harris

    Pecker’s goin’ to jail. He’ll be doin’ black males instead of blackmail real soon now.

  8. Zeke

    Claims have been made (deliberately not mentioning by whom)
    that both AMZN and FB got seed money, ongoing financing, and are projects of CIA and NSA. Even AAPL relies upon and is based on government and specifically military developed technologies (GPS, Internet, Arpanet, image capture photo arrays, and others).
    It is a nice ‘match’. Haven’t decided if it were just fortuitous or planned.
    ‘In house’ listening devices would be particularly useful. In fact – it’s a surveillance state’s dream come true.

  9. shawntoh


    It’s just like your other NYC buddy once said– “….Men of good fortune….”


  10. Bezos did NOT want a divorce. His wife has in writing that he has to give her 50% of all his wealth!!!!

    He is freaking out now due to this. He broke the marriage.

  11. AT

    Of course she gets 50%. They’ve been married for decades, and before he made his billions. No prenup would have saved him.

    But that’s just my sense on this one. I have no basis for it other than that.

  12. lou

    12-13. so his monopoly or attempt at mega monopoly
    [mail order, retail,the cloud, food, now medications] will be broken in half.

  13. lou

    11- I have that album. Someone said it was ‘music for suicide.’
    Lous parents made him get shock therapy.

  14. lou

    Do people here know who De Becker is? he had a best seller about stalkers [his job is to protect celebs].

  15. Petruchio

    @#1 Mel: I have to agree with you about Mr. Ocasio-Cortez. A very Make-looking “female”. I thought of you when I saw this photo meme of Megan Fox. The caption in the picture said, “If it has an apple, it also has a banana.” The picture showed Mr. Fox’s Adam’s apple real prominently. As an aside, I watched a Jessica Biel movie last night called “Valentine’s Day”. “She” was at one time my #1 hottie. Now I watch her movies to see signs of her being a male. I know this. Biel isn’t really aging in a very feminine manner, imho. I think all those testosterone suppressant drugs catch up to a person sooner or later.

  16. Petruchio

    Now Jeff Bezos is complaining about HIS invasion of Privacy!!!

  17. What do nudity, sensuality, eroticism and sexuality mean to me? That is what I want to show in my blog – I will use more than just words.

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