Anti-Macron French Protests HUGE, Police Can’t Stop Many Thousands

Explosions, paratroopers retreating, marchers sing Marseilles while police run from citizens!  This is now OPEN REVOLT against Macron!!!  NO news about this in Bilderberg mainstream media. Google is hiding 90% of French news, has near zero RUPLY news in searches, they are actively HIDING Russian news sources while the gang utterly refuses to report OPEN REVOLT in France.

The paramilitary keeps blocking the street, shooting teargas and every time, the demonstrators surge forwards, singing, booing the military, yelling for Macron to resign.  Police barriers break down, the police chase, the demonstrators retreat a little then surge back forwards.


This is by far, the loudest, most determined march of the last three months!


In front of the huge official NATIONAL ASSEMBLY building, a huge barrier stands, the protestors try to take it down.  They throw sticks at it.

A demonstrator just had his entire hand blown off.

Demonstrators are screaming for medics.  No one doing a tourniquet.  Medics finally move through the crowd, begin to save this poor man’s life.  Others form a human barricade to protect the victim and the medics.  I used to do this many years ago when I was a medic at the Free Clinic.


This is giving me terrible flashbacks of riots during the Vietnam War.  This battle in front of the Assembly building is like the Bastille Battle last weekend.  It is now a full scale battle.  Paramilitary in retreat.


Part II if the revolt.  This just amazes me, how on earth can this be kept out of the news?  This is a historic moment.  The French Jupiter can’t take too many more weekends like this, it is now going to get warmer and warmer making demonstrations easier.

After the confrontation in front of the Assembly, the marchers regroup and head deep into Paris again, singing and chanting very loudly.

The marchers move away from the Assembly and then, in the middle of passing by a park and shopping street, the paramilitary suddenly attacks the middle of the march and the people fight back, again.

Another victim, the police move in and grab random people and beat them.  FULL SCALE RIOT NOW.

There is ZERO news about Paris in the German media which is next door!

There is a news story about Italy and France at odds with each other.  HAHAHA.  The Italian government is happy with the French Yellow Vest people who are just like the ones who voted the Italians into office.


The German media is worried about Russian spies!  HAHAHA. Maybe they should be scared of Russian NEWS.  Who show reality.

Molotov cocktails thrown at cops.  Every time the police retreat, the violence stops and the march becomes very peaceful.  Here is BBC news which never has reporters next door in France:

Zero news, as per usual.  What a worthless ‘news service’.  French news does have news about all this but all of it is anti-Yellow Vest:

So, the solution is to make protesting illegal!  I keep saying, people just cannot learn from history.  It is impossible.  Macron still hasn’t said, ‘Let them eat cake’ but he should, just to be consistent.  Hours into mass anti-Macron demonstrations and here is how the BBC is reporting it in ‘European News’:

Only mention of France is ‘diplomatic split with Germany’.  ???  HAHAHA.  Oh, a tiger killed its mate in the zoo is big news.  And real news is the big news that the EU leaders totally intend to freeze EU citizens to death via refusing Russia to sell fuel to them.  Talk about stupid as well as cruel.

Two hours later, the demonstrators reach the Eiffel Tower.  Looks like the paramilitary has backed off again.





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7 responses to “Anti-Macron French Protests HUGE, Police Can’t Stop Many Thousands

  1. timothy carroll

    OT (but sick in bed with the flu, so forgive my rantings.)

    Seems I might have misspoke the other day when I lumped Candice Owens in with the controlled opposition group (Peterson I do NOT take back). Anyways, courtesy of GP, Candice gives Chelsea what for!

    As we used to say in the ’70s, Right on, girl!

  2. lou

    I put a link up, a few days ago.
    Police are intentionally blinding protesters.

  3. They shoot straight into the demonstrators, not over their heads.

  4. Ziff

    don’t pick up the stuff police fire at you

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