CNN And FBI Committed A Crime When Arresting Roger Stone


The pre-dawn raid of the elderly, nonviolent Roger Stone was recorded by Stone’s home security cameras.  It is finally on You Tube so I can link to it.  Very interesting.  We shall go through this video scene by scene of the opening ten minutes which proves Stone’s contention that CNN was party to this illicit arrest.


The Special Prosecutor and his staff should all be arrested and charged with making a false arrest.  I was the victim of a false arrest many years ago and the City of Berkeley had to apologize to me.  In this case, it is much more serious an offence.

At the beginning of the video, a cat, perhaps Stone’s pet, is crouched in the driveway in front of Stone’s car.  The cat turns around and observes the CNN van that stops right next to the driveway entrance.

Soon, less than ten minutes later, a car pulls up and talks to the people in the CNN van.

One minute later, a big black FBI van pulls up to the CNN van and after some words, parks nearby.

THIS IS CRUCIAL: a second FBI van pulls up the CNN van, the camera person talks to the staff in the van, the FBI goons step out as the CNN camera person films them.  They walk not towards the house but TOWARDS THE CAMERA.

This is a closeup of the FBI agent posing for the CNN camera.  Only then, do the agents turn to the house and pretend to be scared and needing their guns.

A bewildered Stone opens the door and the agents pretend his a black drug lord who will shoot back but this falls flat so they talk to him and he cooperates with them.


This little snippet is very explosive video.  It will appear in court eventually as Stone will not only use this to show he is a political prisoner but when he sues the Special Prosecutor, the US government and CNN for this whole business, and he will win.


The Bilderberg gang is rapidly turning Alex Jones and Roger Stone into heroes.  They are turning these two men into epic monsters who can bite back, big time.  It is just amazing, watching this unfold.


The gang is making epic mistakes now in their anxiety to shut down the internet and control all conversations on this planet earth.  They are frantically passing laws in Europe shutting down the internet, arresting anyone posting things the Bilderberg gang doesn’t want online, screaming about ‘Nazis’ while behaving like…Nazis.


All of this is causing rising rage in citizens who are, right now yet again in France, marching against this evil gang of crooks and monsters who hate humanity and want us all enslaved.


Poor Tim, a leftist, is figuring out his leftist buddies are actually Nazis.  They are now trying desperately to eliminate all memes that irritate leftist tools of the Bilderberg gang.

Buzzfeed which should be called ‘buzzardfeed’ (dead meat) helped spread the above picture made by a random person who is making fun of DNC females looking like the KKK.  So, Buzzfeed spread this meme far and wide, demanding no one spread this meme.


REEE.  The guys pulling off these online stunts nearly laughed to death yesterday.  They were hoping the leftists working with the elites would fall into the trap of spreading this joke far and wide.  HAHAHA.

Above is Buzzfeed’s logo: it is a lightning bolt!!!  And they have posted a twitter story about how lightning bolts are NAZI!!  HAHAHA.  Tim didn’t even notice this stupid coincidence.


I did notice, immediately.  HAHAHA.  These neo-Nazis on the left are too stupid to see how they advertise their Nazi roots.


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7 responses to “CNN And FBI Committed A Crime When Arresting Roger Stone

  1. Jim R

    Amusing ending of the video. They’re setting up tents and tables, like it’s a county fair. Probably gonna sell “Me Too” T-Shirts and urinating Russian hooker dolls . .

  2. Jim R

    The heck of it is, I didn’t like any of these people before 2016.

    Never cared for Trump, with his “type-A” blustering management style.
    Never cared for Alex Jones with all his crazy theories, even if a few of them are true. His only tone of voice is shouting.
    Never cared for Roger Stone, though I didn’t know much about him. I can’t recall just what campaign it was, but he was profiled in a documentary several years ago, detailing some of his dirty tricks as a political operative. So I didn’t really care for him either.

    But now I’m hoping these guys can all win their lawsuits.

  3. lou

    2–so who did you like? I agree in that I dont like AJ and DT delivery style.

  4. Zeke

    Tents may have been used to protect and make initial sort and evaluation of seized items for evidentiary purposes. Chain of title, photo documentation, etc. Tents may also offer temporary shelter from elements and ironically keep away prying eyes before taking them to evidence room. Occam’s Razor.

  5. Jim R

    Pfft, with the camera crew there, they didn’t need no steenkin’ chain of custody. In fact, this whole clown show has been made-up nonsense from the gitgo.

    I say it was a souvenir stand, for random passers-by.

  6. Zeke

    “I say it was a souvenir stand, for random passers-by.” Kinda goofy.

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