Democrats Are Traitors, Deliberately Open Borders To Alien Invaders

The DNC has decisively chosen to betray our nation.  Inviting invaders is treason.  Aside from passively encouraging illegal aliens to invade, these same politicians are screaming that we are all roasting to death and have to stop consuming oil because we are all going to die.  Meanwhile, it is bitter cold, blizzards howl.  This is like watching the End of Times, isn’t it?

Just the other day, it was -35 F in Minnesota.  This is a clear sign of either mental illness or Mad Madame Mao Syndrome: a complete denial of reality.  The global warming dogma is all about eliminating humans.

We can see this clearly as global warmist fanatics openly call for the elimination of most humans.  I have pointed out in the past that the elites have this program for eliminating humans.  They are allowing people of lower IQ and few to no skills to invade Western countries because they know it is easy to starve these people to death once they clamp down on the food supplies to the liberal cities.


Joy Villa who is rarely in US news made news with her ‘build the wall’ dress at the Grammy Awards.  Meanwhile, degraded black male ‘entertainers’ scowl and cuss their way through life, showered with awards and money.


Chelsea Clinton Slams Democrat Ilhan Omar for Antisemitism: and the DNC is in a fight within.  This party is full of contradictions the biggest being the Muslims versus everything else the party represents.  This is a alliance made in hell.  It is impossible to keep rolling onwards, foolish to even try.


Migrant and Muslim populations skyrocket to record heights in German prisons: all over Europe this is happening.  This is called ‘an invasion’.  Killing, looting and raping and burning are all features in all invasions.





Tommy Robinson has made a video about his battles with the corrupt British government which is putting women with small children in jail for arguing with Muslim radicals online.




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9 responses to “Democrats Are Traitors, Deliberately Open Borders To Alien Invaders

  1. Melponeme_k

    They need to replace first world populations because people are getting wise to who and what the rulers really are…

    In the above essay link, it reveals almost all of the names they use can be equated with money, usary, lending and borrowing. Oh and even though they pretend to look down on the word, Jew really means Leader. The Bee symbol is a pun on the world leader. The Roman Salute, Nazi wave and the hidden hand etc? Yeah, It’s their sign.

    They’ve been in charge for millennia, just by creating fakola credit systems. And they have been assiduously tracking their own bloodlines so that they know who is who.

    I could say, yeah, it could be possible for people to break away. But that would require all of us to turn away from their debauched systems of money, credit, free pornography morality and average petty lies. I’ve yet to see anyone do it. We’ll see where the yellow vests take us.

  2. AT

    When is Trump going to order the FBI to make an example by arresting a few big employers for harboring illegals by giving them jobs?

  3. Zeke

    YES. WHY no crackdown on the illegal employERS. They are the facilitators. Without them, illegal aliens would ‘self deport’ (à la Mitt Romney).
    It is not illegal for an already illegal alien to become an employEE. It is illegal to be an employER of them. So, why the foot dragging in this ‘state of emergency’?
    42 million want to come here; 5 millions planning or on the move:

    One obvious reason is that Trump himself is a huge employER of illegal aliens at his golf courses and hotels. Probably likewise for his rich buddies.

  4. Pete

    Emperor Trump Parade in Italy


  5. Ken

    Off topic. But on topic with earlier posts.

    It is snowing in Hawaii. In some areas for the first time ever in recorded history. (Apparently there has been some snow in the mountains in the past, but never as low as this time).

  6. Petruchio

    It’s been mentioned here multiple times before, but it bears repeating again. Most of these illegal invaders are young, military age MALES. Not hard to determine the real purpose–one of the purposes anyway.

  7. Lou

    5–41 degrees in Los Angeles.

  8. Thanks for the snow news, Ken. Just like all that snow last winter in the Sahara desert.

  9. Lou

    5-Having lived in Hawaii, the only snow I saw was way up on the volcanic mountain.

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