Democrats And Republican Bilderberg Gang Unites Against Any Border Protection For US Citizens

Trump gave a powerful speech about the border with Mexico and the armies of illegal aliens attacking the US.  At the very same exact time as this speech, the Bilderberg GOP members joined with the ‘invaders are good’ DNC in Congress to offer him even less money for the wall than the previous pitiful amount.  This is a clear uprising by our Overlords against a popular President.


GOP/DNC Border deal: $1.3B for wall, no increase in detention space!


Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have announced that they have reached a deal on border wall funding to avoid a government shutdown. The deal, according to details by the Washington Post, includes about $1.3 billion in border wall funding — a fraction of the $5.7 billion that Trump had requested from Republicans and Democrats.


This funding is set to provide about 55 miles of new border wall along the roughly 2,000-mile long southern border. Much like the 2018 omnibus spending, which prevented Trump from building a border wall out of new materials, the deal is set to tack on stipulations as to what the barrier can be made from and where it can be placed.


This also means that the GOP leaders who ran America for many years in conjunction with fellow Bilderberg Democrats are now in open revolt against the President.  Why is this happening?


CHEAP LABOR.  Importing workers from Asia and the rest of the world means keeping wages of citizens down, it also keeps citizens from being patriotic since new arrivals are encouraged to keep their home state languages and political philosophies which are nearly all anti-democracy/pro-military dictatorship political systems.


What puzzles me most about West Coast and NYC liberals is, the flood of foreign labor is aimed directly at all the drones working for Silicone Valley.  They want to drop the wages of the elite workers who are not being laid off like regular citizens who are being replaced with cheaper labor or their jobs simply sent overseas.


Trump is not surprised at this.  I bet he expected this which is why he scheduled a speech in El Paso, Texas last night.  The GOP secret leadership is playing a desperate game.  They hate Trump.  Even after he gave in to their maniac Russia New Cold War McCarthyism, this didn’t satisfy them at all, they want him destroyed.


The pathetic part of all this is, they are being destroyed instead.  As waves of illegal alien criminals filter in, murdering, destroying, robbing and creating chaos, sucking up public funds due to terrible life style choices, the anger seethes below with citizens in hand to hand combat with illegal aliens.


Zionists in Congress who are DNC members (which is most of them if not all) are happy to keep anti-Zionist Muslim alien born overseas, Ilhan Omar, on House Foreign Affairs Committee even after she attacks Jews.


House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said he takes Omar at her word that she didn’t intend to be anti-Semitic when she said lawmakers took pro-Israel stances because of political contributions from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [sic].


Omar has “unequivocally” apologized for the comments — after Democratic leaders called on her to do so — saying she did not mean offense or to invoke an anti-Semitic trope about Jewish money. At the same time, the Minnesota Democrat affirmed her opposition to lobbyists like AIPAC being involved in politics.


HAHAHA…she told the truth, by the way.  Then she ‘apologized’ saying she doesn’t want to kill all Jews she just wants to…fill in the blank here.  She is against AIPAC lobbyists.  Btu then, foreign powers use people in the US government to run the US for their own benefits and this includes above all, Israel.


Muslims including foreign Muslims, pay bribes to Congress, too.  Everyone does this.  Congress is utterly corrupt and doesn’t represent citizens at all, anymore.  Jewish leaders buy full page ad at the NYT thanking Trump and attacking freshman Democrats in Congress.


Kill newborn babies and it is OK to make fun of black people by wearing blackface Democrats stick to their guns and refuse to be punished for sins far greater than anything any Republican has done in the last 50 years.  Good.


The liberal double standard continues.  It is going to destroy the DNC in the long run.  All the hysteria over sex and race brewed constantly by fake liberals has been shown to be totally fake.  They don’t care about any of this, in reality.  It is simply a political tool. This is also the #1 reason why I now hate liberals: they are fakes.

They are now doubling down on protesting against Trump for the very things they don’t give a damn about . Congressional Democrats intend to impeach Trump on these very issues they don’t give a damn about in real life when they do what they screech, Trump is doing.  ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is an old con job every despotic regime believes.

And the New York Times Jews declare war on citizens.  Am I surprised?  Nope.  Identifying illegal aliens voting illegally?  No big deal for them!  Pleasing citizens who are not SJWs?  Nope, whip them citizens and use illegal aliens to impose rules and laws on citizens that harm the citizens even further!  Yup: TREASON.


Here is something very scary from the deranged lunatics on the left:

OMG.  Make the planet cooler and starve trees and other plants!  Way to go!  Um…this is insanity.  Trigger another Ice Age!  Well…the left has lost its marbles totally.  The new member of Congress want millions of foreign invaders plus freezing us all to death while starving plants which is why all leftist nations end up with millions of starving people.  It is no accident, they work hard to do this every time they gain any power while promising low IQ people that there is some free ride to heaven somewhere where no one really works.


Speaking of low IQ:

Schools that have tests to see if students can do the school work is going to end.  Children will be sent to schools based on skin color only.  This is very racist.  It will also finally kill what is left of the NY public school system which I tried to reform many years ago with ‘Save Our Schools’ wherein I demanded we have school discipline restored.


Nope, there is no discipline in black schools, no sane person wants their child in black schools and everyone wants to pile into white or in NYC, Asian schools which will then collapse into chaos and the Asian parents will flee to NJ.


Asians vote DNC while hating DNC policies but want the open borders.  But then have to flee DNC run cities and move to GOP run suburbs where they…vote DNC and the schools collapse and they flee to GOP-run communities, again.  This is very similar to the Jews who have been doing this for 70 years now.  Ask the NYT staff about this, they are all doing this, nonstop, mindlessly, stupidly.


BYT, the NYT Jews are not allowing any comments to any of today’s articles which I find very funny.  What a total collapse from the days when the NYT had this massive, open forum I used nonstop but then, this is why they shut that down after 9/11.






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13 responses to “Democrats And Republican Bilderberg Gang Unites Against Any Border Protection For US Citizens

  1. Ziff

    BillStill has it that a judge has given a green light to emergency wall funding

  2. Petruchio

    I think Trump might actually want a Wall along the US Mexico Border, but I think his #1 objective in promoting the Wall is different. I think Trump knows that the DNC–and their confederates in the GOP–will oppose the building of The Wall. Trump is making them oppose it openly; the Dems are willing to shutdown the Govt over it. And the DNC MSM can’t spin this subject to cover for the Dems on this one! A poll published yesterday shows Trump’s approval rating at a record level for this time in a President’s term in Office. And the GOP members who are riding along with the dems on this issue are going to pay for this betrayal on The Wall as well. Trump is making these Political Wh#res openly display their corruption for all to see. Nothing is gonna change until the Voters WAKE UP and demand alternative candidates to the GOP or the Dems.

  3. Petruchio

    Also: does anybody have information on that SC Hag Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Is she still even alive? I think she has kicked the bucket.

  4. Melponeme_k


    Yeah, she is 100% deceased. They are now pushing her embalmed body around while they search like mad for a close enough body double actor to impersonate her.

  5. AT

    The lobbyists would force Congress to give Trump the money for his wall if Trump simply ordered the FBI to start jailing a few employers for harboring illegals, rather than giving them a bye for three decades.

    Then Trump could say he accomplished something when he’s running for his second term.

  6. AT

    As far as impeachment goes, I might add that even if the house impeaches Trump (absent evidence of a real constitutional “high crime”) there are not enough votes in the Senate to convict with a kangaroo court.

    But, it’s all a kayfabe game of bread-and-circus for the masses, to be distracted and entertained. So, it doesn’t much matter.

    What’s interesting is that underneath the theater is a very real Mexican stand-off. Trump as commander in chief is sitting on classified evidence that would allow him to start carting these folks off to jail if they really made a move against him. For example, if Mueller tried to indict him, he could have Mueller arrested for a few thousand counts of accessory after the fact to the 911 murders because as the then FBI director Mueller put all the Saudi handlers on the first planes out of the Country.

    For the voters it’s just another form of gridlock, good for established monied interests and federal agencies, but bad for democracy.

  7. Christian W

    @ AT

    Indeed. Throw all people who employ illegal labor in jail.

    Trump could order an FBI strike against Sheldon Adelson’s Vegas casinos for example, that would be a hoot…

    All this illegal alien crap is so stupid, which is why it is used by both sides as political theater. Trump is pushing for an increase in H1B visas so the real jobs have competition from the foreigners….

    Jan 11, 2019

    Trump says will unveil overhaul ‘soon’ of visa rules for skilled workers ‘including a path to citizenship’

    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said Friday that his administration is planning an overhaul of U.S. policies for specialty visa holders from other countries working in the United States.

    “H1-B holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship,” Trump tweeted.

  8. Lou

    Trump is not the answer. He was the lesser of 2 evils.

  9. The enemy of my enemy is my ally. Geeze, I wish people could figure that out.

    I said way back in the beginning that Trump and I tangled and I made fun of his casino operation by going there every week and getting free money, free ride and free food so he could trick me into gambling more than a quarter in a slot machine.

    I made lots of loot this way until he stopped me. HAHAHA. But look, he is a real person and not a BILDERBERG MONSTER conspiring to enslave me!!!

  10. Petruchio

    Trump doesn’t have a magic wand; it is unrealistic to expect anybody to “drain the swamp” in a couple of years. I don’t think the Fake News Media and the Deep State would attack Trump with as much venom as they do just to fool the Public. For one thing the Deep State couldn’t care less what the Public thinks.

  11. Christian W

    @ 11 Elaine

    Slavery is Freedom. Trump is leading you deeper into the Zionist controlled Deep State. Trump is one of many Zionist tools. Bilderberg = ZIonist Deep State mafia lackeys

    In Trump’s America the ZIonist owned Congress attack elected representatives in Congress for speaking the TRUTH about Zionist controlled America.

    And TRUMP is leading the baying pack of traitors attacking free speech and the Truth. That is the problem. Ultimately it is not about Trump personally, it’s about the corruption represented by Trump & the US Establishment Dem & GOP and lackeys, domestic & foreign.

    Trump/Obama any US ‘president’ = Gov. Kleptomane
    Zionist Deep State mafia = Hedley Lamarr

    You know who the ‘harrumphers’ are

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