French Female Feminists Utterly Destroy Naughty Soy Boy Leftists For Mocking Females Privately

Far leftist French Male media executives are caught online making fun of females and sex stuff.  Look at the face of the French soy boy here: he is a ‘monster’ who drove sensitive, weak females to despair, making jokes about them and talking dirty!  OUCH.  My Victorian Wild West Great Granny is probably turning in her grave.  These supposedly super strong, as strong as men, females reveal themselves as weak, fainting virginal ladies who gasp at the sight of a man’s crotch.


A group of young French media executives was condemned Monday for running a macho ‘boys’ club’ that harassed female colleagues online.


They made fun of the women.  This was kept secret until someone sent some of this private discussion to the ladies who then all fainted and screamed in terror.  Geeze.  I am flustered by all this.  I was raped when I was young and I don’t faint when talking about sex or hearing men tell dirty sex jokes.  Indeed, when I used to play in the Society for Creative Anachronism years ago, I told dirty jokes at war games, for example.  I even ran a group called ‘the Wenches’ Guild’ which was immense fun.


Their closed Facebook group ‘League of LOL’ – made up mostly of men in their thirties – ridiculed women journalists for years, sometimes using pornographic memes to attack them.


What the modern feminists want are weak, feeble soy boys.  Oh, look at the leader of this gang of ruffians: he is totally a soy boy!


Women seen as feminist were the group’s favourite targets.


This is easy to understand: many feminists are really Victorian fainting females running around, squealing about everything and grossed out by anything and utterly incapable of leaving home without their smelling salts.


The founder of the group, journalist Vincent Glad, was suspended Monday by left-wing daily Liberation after an investigation by the newspaper’s own fact-checking unit exposed its existence.


HAHAHA.  This shows how the entire leftist gambit is a fraud.


Set up in 2009, the League of LOL also had members in public relations, graphic design, and media eduction. It had been much less active in recent years.


The head of a porn culture website stepped down Monday and suspended his Le Tag Parfait (The Perfect Tag) blog, apologising for his part in the activities of the group that gets its name from the acronym for ‘laugh out loud’.


Here is a picture of the fainting female who gleefully and maliciously exposed these soy boys joking about the harridans who surrounded them and who annoyed the boys no end, in secret.  Note how smug she is, destroying these soy boys.

Darling, they are pushovers.  They have no fighting spirit, that was beaten out of them years ago, forcing them to hide in the dark to do what men would do openly if they had any powers.  Females, on the other hand, on the left, openly gloat about enslaving and abusing and even killing white European males after cutting their sex organs off.


Journalist Melanie Wanga, who said she quit Twitter for several years because of abuse, tweeted that the harassers were finally getting their comeuppance.


‘Imagine being a young, black woman journalist talking about blackface and apartheid and getting this stuff (racial and sexist harassment) multiplied by 20 from your ‘colleagues’,’ she said.


‘You can see these harassers erasing all their dodgy tweets and talking about equality and regurgitating the work of all the feminists they attacked to buy themselves a new virginity,’ she added.


HAHAHA…the powerful black woman can talk about race and sex and attack white men but white men are to be silent.  This is happening in the USA, too.  It is a huge part of the ‘destroy white males and make them into sexless drones’ movement which is being encouraged by people like this man:


France’s minister for digital affairs, Mounir Mahjoubi, described the men behind League of LOL as ‘losers’.


HELLO!  The minister in charge of the internet is a Muslim!  He licks his chops, sneering at the mosque with his buddies how he is fooling the foolish French and is going to increase the ranks of the Faithful via having all the French males join Islam so they can once again be men.  This is so obvious to me!


It is also totally verboten to be discussed.  When only Muslim males in Europe can be strong men, guess what?  It isn’t a race, it is a religion and all other men will eventually flock to it and the foolish females who whine about being touched or looked at funny or talked about in private, will be locked up again and utterly helpless.


‘It is a group of guys high on their power at being able to make fun of other people. Except that their mockery had an effect in real life,’ he said.

The Muslim man probably laughed himself silly, seeing how the media faithfully recorded his insane words.  What power do these white SJW males have?  NONE!  It is painfully obvious, they can’t even joke in private, much less, in public.


Equality Minister Marlene Schiappa underscored that online harassment was outlawed, and said she was considering extending the six-year cut-off for prosecuting alleged crimes.


And note how the insane feminist wants to put people in Europe in prison for JOKES.  Yes, all over the EU and England and other places run ruthlessly by the Bilderberg gang, telling JOKES can put you all in prison.  Some comments at the Daily Mail site:


Pythos, Kiruna, about 6 hours ago

Harassing people is wrong. However, ridiculing the excesses of radical feminism is entirely legitimate.

doei, Pretoria, South Africa, about 7 hours ago

This is only one of the consequences of the feminist persecution of males. Think of the other consequences that affect the innocent every day.

Rita Ora, a ‘singer’ who can’t sing very well, imitates young men with yodeling and tattooing herself silly. She got a ‘power’ tattoo on her hand to show how ‘strong’ she is.  All the girls want to look like boys and act like boys while being feeble females.



Girls are now being trained to view themselves as identical to men.  Worse, movies and TV are showing girls who are slender and smaller flipping huge, heavy males all over the place and with a kick of a dainty foot, send 250 pound males flying backwards.


I have trained fighters and fought men for fun and sport and fought men on the street when stopping crime years ago and I know how to take down a man who is bigger than I but that has its limits.  Very big, very strong men, I run like hell.  Nope, a person half the size of a large man can’t take him down except with a gun, the Great Equalizer.


Well, all modern movies beg to differ and are teaching girls foolish lessons that life has to undo.  It is so pathetic.  Feminism means being realistic and the feminists today are living in a fantasy world where even French soy boys mock them in secret and wish them ill due to these feminists being little monsters and spoiled brats.


To see real French men, go watch my many videos about the Yellow Vest marchers!



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14 responses to “French Female Feminists Utterly Destroy Naughty Soy Boy Leftists For Mocking Females Privately

  1. Melponeme_k

    These problems only exist in mass media. They push these straw men and people watching their fake media think that their fake stories are real. The human brain can not differentiate between virtual reality and reality. Any form of media, books, TV, Magazines, Newspapers, movies and video games are VIRTUAL REALITY. When you put something in any of these media forms, the brain will suck it in and treat as FACT! This is the main building block of Mind Control. It is their keystone, in fact. Which is why turning away from their mass media is so important.

    Do men make silly jokes? Yes. Are they a menace? No. I’ve worked on Wall Street. Just before and at the height of the internet boom. Walking in the broker bull pen was an odyssey to say the least. But was I mocked, hurt or menaced? NO. The worst they ever did was try to find ways to grab my attention and flirt with me.

    There is a basic misreading of body cues in this situation that the elites are exploiting. Men are aggressive psychologically. When they flirt, they are fortifying any doubts they are having and take ACTION. Women used to be aware of this fact that the person trying to flirt was using all his courage just to make contact. But now young women see the determined fortitude in the body and eyes and think they are being attacked.

    Where did they learn this wrong idea? TV.

  2. Petruchio

    ” These supposedly super strong, as strong as men, females reveal themselves as weak, fainting virginal ladies who gasp at the sight of a man’s crotch.” Nope. Ya got this one wrong, Elaine. The attack on Men by these French tarts, the #MeToo crowd and their followers are NOT fainting females. The motivation for these females is HATRED. A deep, bitter, FURIOUS hatred towards Men, especially White Males. A War on Males. White males in particular. These females are unaware of the ‘Blowback’ from engaging in this war against white males. Example. Would YOU hire the French tart who leaked this information? Would you as an employer hire this French b#tch, knowing full well that if you do or say something that pisses her off, she’s gonna go Public with it? That she is gonna try to destroy you? The best examples are the actresses that “go Publc” with their harassment charges. Kiss your acting careers good bye, Sweethearts. NOBODY in The Industry is gonna hire an actress who is gonna squeal like a piggy at ANY and EVERY inappropriate comment/joke. Aside from anything else, it is very easy to cast great looking women; they are a dime a dozen.

  3. Melponeme_k


    Read what you are writing. YOU are the one with intense hatred. What else can be reflected back at you but intense hatred?

    And everyone, get this through your thick heads. YOU NEVER WATCHED ANY HOT WOMENZ IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. What you paid for, was to watch hot teenage boys shake their bums in your face. At least in Shakespeare’s time they were honest about their sex.

    Believe me, I’ve SEEN the great looking WOMEN in the industry as an actor over the years. They are NEVER cast. In fact they pick the most obvious transgender and laugh when y’all hail it as a great looking woMAN.

    This drive to transgender our children just didn’t suddenly arise from nowhere. It has been a part of 100 years of propaganda through the mass media. WAKE UP.

  4. AT

    We’re heading off the cliff of peak oil with a peak population, and a credit and fiat based monetary system on the verge of collapse, with potentially even another ice age if a few sun spots don’t come back soon.

    Given all that, are these social issues more of a distraction?

  5. Petruchio

    @#3 Mel: You are doing projection. I didn’t make that French tart leak ANYTHING. SHE did. And my point about NOBODY is gonna want to hire a female–or a male, for that matter– who is gonna leak damaging information to get revenge. You should check in to the fierce backlash against the #MeToo movement. Employers are reluctant to hire women. ALL of the male employees–if they have even ONE brain cell–will not speak to female employees. Male Supervisors/Managers are going to STOP mentoring women for fear of potential complaints. POTENTIAL. Know what that word means? In this case it means will-NEVER risk even the possibility of a sexual harassment complaint. This isn’t about hatred on me the White Male’s part; it is about SELF DEFENSE. When you are put in a position where you can be fired from your job just because you MAY have made an inappropriate comment, you will understand how Men can be angry about such unfair treatment. And exercising Self Defense with Women is NOT hatred. It is simple Self Defense. That’s a normal reaction. If Women are going to use Sexual Harassment complaints as a weapon, men will make the logical response to that attack. Anybody would. Even YOU. As for The Industry, I will concede that numerous “females” are actually trannies. BTW: have you noticed that Hollywood is VERY aggressive about casting non American Actresses? That’s how The Industry avoids Sex Harassment complaints. By not casting American Actresses at all Again, a logical response.

  6. Petruchio

    @#3 Mel: You are doing Projection. I didn’t force that French tart to leak information. SHE DID. And my point is a very valid one; NO employer is gonna hire anybody–male or female– who is gonna leak damaging information if they get pissed off. The solution to this problem is the logical one: you don’t hire them in the first place!! This is NOT about hatred, it’s about SELF DEFENSE. Because of #MeToo and the like, employers are reluctant to hire women. Sure it’s unfair; lots of women just want to work for a paycheck, but employers just won’t want to risk it. Also: Supervisors/Managers are no longer going to Mentor women. Too much risk of a sexual harassment complaint–of the kind that can get a man fired. There is ALOT of backlash to the #MeToo movements. Male co-workers–if they have a brain cell–will not even speak to women unless absolutely necessary. A lot of these male reactions are common sense and logical. Why risk your job mentoring a woman or even speaking to one when the women can use sex harassment as a weapon? They won’t. As for The Industry, I will grant you that some of the women are trannies, but not all of them Have you noticed though that the folks who hire actresses are extremely focused on hiring NON American actresses? As an aside, I’ll note that one of my (former) faves, Jessica Biel, did a movie called “Powder Blue”. The movie is about a stripper played by Biel. I discovered that the movie used a Body Double for the movie. Even at the time I thought that was weird. WHY would an actress need a Body Double for certain body shots? I mena, lots of women have great looking bodies. Why would Jessica Biel need a Body Double? Because she is a HE.

  7. Petruchio

    Sorry for the double post. Something is acting up when I try to post. I don’t know if it’s on my end or the website.

  8. Melponeme_k


    The elites don’t care who leaks what. They are completely convinced they are going to have computers and robots do everything for them.

    And the female that “leaked”? A total psy-op plant. Look at that red rose on her cardigan paired with the red shirt. Pure Lilith Whore of Babylon symbolism. Then notice the EASTERN Star on her LEFT ear.

    Pure Luciferian, FreeMoron BS.

    WHICH Transgenderism is the keystone to their whole insanity.

    Rita Ora is not a woman. Women don’t have Adam’s apples. To see the equivalent in a woman’s neck, she would have to be so thin as to be on death’s door or on MASSIVE amounts of Testosterone.

    They have never given us big stars that were truly female.

    When they aren’t useful or showing signs the hormones are not working, they hoax death them out. Kudo points for faking a pregnancy with a silicone belly add-on.

    And we don’t see real men either.

    Any of you guys out there who were ever disappointed that you didn’t look like any of the “Stars”….thank God that you didn’t. Because you probably weren’t looking at men but at women on T.

  9. Pete


    Last year 2018, Amazon paid no Federal Income Tax.

    And he spent Millions on a Superbowl ad to tell
    us how great he is *#$@&*$!

  10. I hope everyone understands my utter sarcasm about ‘fainting females’. These modern girls are pretending to be Victorian virgins who faint. IT IS FAKE.

    And Victorian ladies fainted because of tight corsets, not sex.

  11. Lou

    10–I recall some photo from North Korea. The gals were fainting because the dictator was, sick? I forget.

    9–Bezos has a lot more than Amazon.

  12. Young ladies can also fake fainting. In the case of women in North Korea, they probably got really good at pretending to love their frightful dictator. They knew how to turn it on and do the things that would please that frightful dwarf.

  13. Petruchio

    Amazon is also cancelling their planned NY Headquarters. Don’t know how many jobs Amazon is backing out of.

  14. Yup, thank you SJW Mayor and Governor.

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