Schizophrenic Sex: Women Are Stronger Than Men/Women Are Helpless Victims Of Male Power

All over Hollywood and mainstream media and both political parties and in our courthouses, we have this new trope, this new belief system that girls are stronger than boys, women are better than men, tiny women can easily beat beefy, huge hunk males in hand to hand combat.  This new ideology is destructive, stupid and insane.  And the ultimate victims will be females who will become harridans in schools and end up miserable the rest of their lives, struggling to stay alive with zero support from stronger, smarter men.


Look at the stupid children’s cartoon created this last year, rewriting the ‘New Hope’ movie.  In this cartoon, all the male heroes are buffoons, inept and stupid as well as physically weaker than Princess Leia.  It is horrifying, this new ideology.  The original Leia began as a snotty female trying desperately to push around and belittle both Luke and Han Solo and both men put her in her place.


They made fun of her pretensions to power and she learned how to be more feminine and cooperative and this made her a much stronger woman and better character.  In the cartoons, it now appears, she is an obnoxious harridan shoving the men around and sneering at them all the time and this was created by Kathleen Kennedy.


This destruction of male power in entertainment systems is aimed squarely at destroying young, white males.  These attacks are across the board and are responsible for Trump winning an election: white males in particular are under very serious, sustained fire by SJW lunatics trained our our ‘universities’ which are seeing a massive drop in the number of males attending these SJW schools.

Here is this week’s example of SJW hysteria aimed at destroying white boys in particular.  Esquire Magazine which is for MEN ran a big story about a white high school boy. This set off an army of crazed fake feminists howling about how dare they even mention there are ‘white male high school kids’.  Here is one tidbit I find fascinating:


But there’s this thing that still bothers him. It has to do with an incident last year in the computer lab. It was a Friday, near the end of the period, and Ryan waited by the exit. He began absentmindedly opening and shutting the door.


The reporter doesn’t bother to mention, he was opening the door to let people in and out in a gesture of gallantry.  I do this, too, and I am a woman.  Generally, people say ‘thank you’ when you do this.


This girl he didn’t really know told him to stop. When he did it again, she smacked him in the face. He smacked her back. She clawed at him, and he fell into a row of computers. The bell rang, and the girl ran off. “The teacher asked me to report it right away,” he tells me, “but I had a bus to catch.”


Modern young females are told, they can hit anyone they wish.  They see this in movies, nonstop.  Girls smack a man and then if he reacts, the movie females easily beat up the males.  This doesn’t happen in real life.  I have been in many fights, I am a trained fighter.


I also hung out with men who were at the top of the ‘trained fighter’ pyramids and knew that I could never, ever beat any of them in single combat at all.  But I could take down the average person, often quite easily…years ago. I am old now and want to avoid this sort of fun.


The fact is, men are bigger and stronger and faster than women.


When the boy in the above story hit the girl who hit him first, he had a right to do this, he was physically attacked.  This is called ‘defending oneself honorably’.  The girl then did the girlie thing I hate greatly when fighting females: hair pulling and scratching.  My own method of dealing with this in high school was to punch them in the nose.  That usually sent them crying off to find some male to retaliate for them.


Ryan went home with a cut on his eyebrow, two on his forehead, and another on his ear. Tori told him to take pictures. “That girl could go home,” Ryan recalls his mom saying, “slit the whole side of her cheek with a knife, and come to school Monday and say, ‘Hey, look what he did to me.’ ” That was news to him. He’d never even been in a fight before. In middle school, he and this other kid had agreed to punch each other in the face because they wanted to know what it felt like, but when the time came, they just went home. “I guess girls sometimes just do that,” he says. “It happened once when my mom was in high school. A girl purposely broke her own arm just to get another person in trouble.”


When I was his age, I was already a legal adult, traveled the world and gotten into a huge number of fights, by that time, fights with military tanks attacking in France, outwitting the German State Police and avoiding the Kennedy Airport authorities, arrested for jaywalking in Berkeley, etc.


This mild young man had a single tiff with a very rude young lady who thought she was ‘tough’.  Yup.  And her rage was due to him being a gentleman, not a thug.  How insane is this?


On school days, Ryan wakes up around 5:30 a.m. “It sucks,” he says. “It’s not hard to get up, but I wish I could just stay in bed.” He goes to the local water-utility headquarters at 6:30, where he has an apprenticeship that earns him course credit and a small paycheck. “It’s kind of like a job thing,” he says. He hopes to get hired once he graduates


So, he rises very early to go to work!  This looks like good work ethic, no?  He wants a job as an environmental expert.  Alas, a girl, any girl, will get his job because women have to invade every possible job a male may want.  He will have a great chance to do the dangerous, cold, dark, harsh work women absolutely refuse to do.  This shoving of all men into menial labor is racism and sexism.

Girls are weaker than boys.  So the mantra now is, all the easy male dominated jobs should go to women and the jobs that women can’t or don’t want to do that kill people, those will go to the hated white males.  I find this most infuriating.  I did ‘men’s work’ all my long life and it is hard and you break bones and you get smacked around and at the same time, it is also satisfying and yes, all my co-workers were men.


Women today are cheating bitches.  They don’t want testing of anyone for anything lest white (and Asian) males get all the coveted jobs requiring brains.  This slide into pure hell is deliberate and the gang pushing this don’t care, it appears they hate civilization and want to ape Mad Madame Mao’s Chinese experiment in wiping out all humans.


I tangled with the Chinese communists more than once, my father defied Madame Mao in her face, in Beijing when she was at her most powerful.  These sort of lunatics are evil, dangerous and destructive.  My father faced down real Nazis in Germany at the end of WWII when they were still fully armed.  And he faced down Madame Mao, years later.


He is my hero!  The crazy stuff going on right now are aimed squarely at destroying civilization.  The mobs of invading people heading towards Europe and North America and other first world nations are attacking civilization, itself, determined to end Western civilization.


At our universities, they no longer teach ‘Western Civilization’ they teach Maoist junk that ignores or mocks or lies about Western Civilization.  This is amazing to watch and at the same time, infuriating.  The NY Times and other noxious publications hammer away at destroying civilization and claims that this is going to make a better world when I see looming, dangerous chaos and civil wars and ethnic cleansing as victim populations recoil from all this leftist lunacy and fight back.

The backlash is coming.  And it has to come, young men can’t sit around, trying to get along with murderous Maoists.  They have to fight back or die as slaves.




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12 responses to “Schizophrenic Sex: Women Are Stronger Than Men/Women Are Helpless Victims Of Male Power

  1. In England now, if you refuse to call a transgender male who is ‘female’…you can go to PRISON.

  2. Lou

    well, thats what the left gave us. ‘Thought Police.’

  3. KHS71

    93% of work place deaths are men. Men still dominate construction and other dangerous jobs. Women usually get into office jobs and education which gives them more flexibility and safer jobs. When women are 50% of the deaths, then maybe they will be equal. Every so often I see a women in construction but very unusual.

  4. Yes, it is very, very rare. So rare, in my life doing construction work, I very, very, VERY rarely met a woman especially on the roof.

  5. AT

    Reducing female populations is a much more effective game population management tool than reducing male populations, for obvious reasons.

    I suppose this is preparation for drafting young women too for WWIII.

  6. Petruchio

    “This girl he didn’t really know told him to stop. When he did it again, she smacked him in the face. He smacked her back” Women like this are going to get a dose of Reality rammed down their throats. I don’t want this, but sooner or later the Final Taboo for Women will be thrown out the window. The Final Taboo is that as a male, you do not hit women. If women like this one insist on War, then War it will be. All of the screeching Feminist types are going to be hunted down–and dealt with. This will-in part– be a tragedy; lots of innocent women will be hurt. Well, women started this war. I think the Historical record of the kind of violence White males are capable of clearly shows that they take a back seat to no one in this area. I see LOTS and LOTS of future Cat Ladies here. Some women just can’t seem to figure out that if you antagonize men to a certain point, they will stop wanting or needing anything to do with them. I know at my age, when dealing with women at or within ten years of my age there are PLENTY of Bitter Old Maids. At a certain point, men stop needing what women got. Women figure this out too late. Enjoy your cats, ladies.

  7. AT

    Funny thing is Chinese and Russian propaganda are doing the opposite by reinforcing warfighting as manliness, civic duty and honor.

  8. Melponeme_k

    Whenever I see females on construction sites, they are always the tiniest most delicate looking females and many times very pretty. I feel sorry for their male colleagues who most likely spend their day with extra anxiety because they are worried the female will come to some mishap. And its all well and good to ask everyone to act equal. However instinct can’t be turned off. It is the instinct of men and women to care for one another in their own ways. For men, it is to protect females.

    As far as Star Wars, it is an over rated, trashy LOTR in space rip off. Honestly even as a kid, I was impressed by the visuals but the characters were obnoxious. Princess Leia was the first GIRL Power character. No one put her in her place. She gave everyone put downs and they just kept silent especially when it counted. Fisher herself was so unfeminine. She walked like a lumberjack which the big sheet she was forced to wear made her look even more odd. It was quite obvious even from the beginning they needed Leia to be one of the main people to direct the battlefield.

    Lucas’ best work was THX1138. However that didn’t make him a multi-millionaire.

  9. His student film I saw was the genesis of THX1138.

  10. Moe

    @4 EMS & @8 Mel

    I worked a decade in various refineries during my thirties and can recount a couple of experiences working with women, the employ of which then was a rarity in that occupation.

    I was tasked once with a crew of three others to open a manual four – foot steam line valve. Two of the crew were female, both in their early twenties. One was petite and attractive, the other built like a linebacker and plain. I was paired with the petite one (not my first choice!). The other pair was first to swing the large valve wheel and the linebacker gave as good as her male counterpart. When it was time to spell them, I climbed the scaffold only to observe my partner still standing on the roof, It was obvious that she expected me to perform the labor while she idled her time away.

    “What” I asked, “are you waiting for?” “Well”, she said. “I thought you could do it.” I was always chivalrous to women but hardly inclined to swing this valve on my own for the next two hours while this entitled priss sat on her posterior, and I told her so. She begrudgingly complied but she never really put her back into it.

    On another occasion at a different refinery, I was paired with a female coworker from a different crew that I had never worked with before. We were to muck out a large outdoor sump which had partially filled with congealed bitumen. This was a very difficult and onerous task and I expressed my reservations to my supervisor about her capability. “Don’t worry” he said, “she’ll do fine.” We drove to the site, emptied the truck of tooling and started to muck out the bitumen. Well, that woman could outwork me! I had to push myself just to keep up, and we correspondingly emptied that pit in record time!

  11. Yes, that illustrates things very well, doesn’t it? If men and women were chosen based on SKILL as well as COURAGE, yes, it can work. But what is happening now is, in many hard jobs, the females are handed all the ‘easy’ stuff now and the men have to be worked literally to death doing always the dangerous and hard stuff.

    I am highly aware of how this is happening and it pisses me off, greatly.

  12. Moe

    There’s a postscript to that story. Some months later a number of my crew members and I met at a local bar (where-else? 🙂 ) to plan an upcoming long-distance canoe trip. The fore-mentioned woman who had cleaned the sump out happened to be there and joined our table. I had never socialized with her but she turned out to be down-to-earth gal, quite sociable and funny. A bit of a party girl it turned out, but a load of fun. And no, we had no other ‘relationship’, I was and remain happily married. 🙂

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