Occasionally-Cortez And The DNC Gang Want To Bankrupt NY City All Over Again

NY Democrats were happily destroying NY City many years ago when SP Giuliani put a bunch of them in prison after tapping my phone…now they are back in power and destroying NY all over again:


Occasionally-Cortez celebrates her victory in helping drive away 25,000 jobs for Queens, NY.  The entire DNC is now focused on destroying civilization once again.  I lived through this hell way back in the 1970’s and it took brute force in the shape of the Special Prosecutor going in and arresting a host of DNC crooks to save the city from destructive DNC policies that bankrupted NYC.  Now, we are going rapidly back into this same hell hole again!  Imagine that.


Earlier Thursday, Amazon announced it will not go ahead with the headquarters, citing growing opposition from city and state officials. The technology giant planned on bringing 25,000 jobs to the city, and investment $2.5 billion on the construction of new office buildings.


This is bringing me flashbacks.  It is insanity.  I remember when the DNC NY pols were overjoyed whenever they chased away people.  For example, when I was forced to leave NYC due to the crummy schools, the Democrats were estatic to get rid of me.  But then, hundreds of thousands did as I did and moved to surrounding communities not ruled by the Democrats.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) cheered Amazon’s decision to cancel the construction of its planned second headquarters in New York City, saying residents “defeated” the “corporate greed” of the e-commerce giant and its billionaire founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.


So, this woman represents lower class people who need the jobs that Amazon.com was going to bring.  Now, they get what?  Welfare?  Not if the state goes bankrupt after chasing out businesses.


“Anything is possible: today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world,” she wrote.


This dimwit doesn’t understand, you can’t organize ‘workers’ unless…they are working.  You can’t go on strike if you are unemployed!  This sort of ruinous business is very familiar to me.  I remember when central Brooklyn had ZERO major grocery stores, nothing, just little hole in the wall, very expensive stores.


I helped Mr. Rosen to bring in the very first major supermarket into Park Slope.  I organized the whole thing but it required the arrest of a bunch of powerful DNC politicians who fought me tooth and nail over the issue of crime and bringing in businesses again.


After they were removed, Mayor Koch suddenly became very cooperative (and fearful) and gave us what we wanted.  The store was a giant success.  The radical leftists claimed, the store would destroy small businesses.  Instead, it made them flourish like crazy!


Why?  No one wants to go into a big store for one or two items.  They much prefer to go to a quick, smaller store as I patiently explained back then.  The DNC attracts leftists who hate business, hate humans, want desperately poor people living off of the State to support them by voting for them while they loot the economic system, live in palaces, themselves, and are very, very corrupt.


Well, NYC, thanks mainly to illegal aliens being allowed to vote illegally, now is going back into the same hell hole it was when I forced the city to change.  I hope someone else can come along and arrest all the present DNC clowns.



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7 responses to “Occasionally-Cortez And The DNC Gang Want To Bankrupt NY City All Over Again

  1. KHS71

    I have asked myself many times, is AOC really as stupid and ignorant as she comes across? For someone with college education and one in economics, she sure doesn’t show it. Shows what college educations are worth these days, basically nothing. No wonder she was working as a bar tender.

  2. jason

    Occasional Cortex does not represent the lower class they did not vote for her. She won by targeting a low voter turnout district by simply knocking on doors. Her competition for the DNC ticket the incumbent did not go to that much effort and lost. She is a perfect embodiment of the European derived post modernists who have infiltrated the education system acrossvthe West.

  3. AT

    Amazon eliminated much more than half the brick and mortar retail in this nation. Those retail stores were building, growing, paying employees a living wage (mostly) AND paying their fair share of municipal, city, and state taxes, as well as their federal taxes.

    Now, if Amazon doesn’t want to pay federal taxes or state taxes or city taxes, or property taxes, and cries for tax breaks, I have no sympathy.

  4. If not Amazon then it would have been someone else doing this. COMPUTERS changed how we did business.

  5. AT

    sure, but computers didn’t make us abandon the appropriateness of moderate or even low taxes, lobbyists and cronyism did that, cronyism made more powerful because of the centralization of thos retail interests under one banner.

  6. AT

    We shipped the factories overseas and then abandoned retail taxes in a supposedly service economy? Just another big reason its falling apart.

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