Paris, Everywhere: Nationalist Workers Battle Bilderberg Internationalists

The French Yellow Vest protestors show up yet again, in utter defiance of Macron and the EU overlords.  This is one of the least reported stories of the last 50 years.  Utterly hidden from the US public, for example.  Not even ‘alternative’ news is carrying this story consistently.   I have been increasingly interested in it due to the longevity and the radicalization of the marchers as they are repeatedly attacked by the State.  It is huge news and nearly totally hidden.  The next door BBC gang utterly avoids any news about what is happening in France, for example.

As usual, the marchers gather first at the Arc de Triomphe.  You can just see the heads of the State Police who are lined up at the entrance to the Arc.

We can see the Arc in the distance as the marchers, as always, head into the elite shopping districts.  Note that despite regular violence by paramilitary, women are still marching with the men.  Bravo.

As usual, the paramilitary stop the demonstrators.

I see this a lot in the parade: couples who hold hands or wear matching hats, in this case, Viking horn hats.  Already, there are explosions as Macron begins the usual ‘break up the march by being very violent.’


What makes all this highly important and why it is totally concealed from the news systems in Bilderberg-run countries is, these marchers are PATRIOTS singing patriotic songs, waving patriotic flags and are against ‘globalization’.


Popular anti-globalization is sweeping through the working classes of Europe.  And it will, here, too.  The fight over the border fence is another aspect of all this.  The DNC has this horrible alliance with half of the GOP, the half that Trump didn’t help into office, who want ‘open borders’ and ‘globalization’ which is Bilderberg talk for ‘export all jobs to China and collect the profits’.


The French are marching against GLOBALIZATION.  Brexit is anti-globalist.  Trump just told the Brits who are taught to hate him by the mass media, he told the Brits, we can have more trade with each other.  This barely scratches the news, too, it is concealed just like all anti-globalist news.


I know how this works, the media has always done this at the behest of the international conspirators who have been desperately trying to crush workers in all first world countries ever since the overthrow of communism in Russia.


This is why our media always tells everyone, people who are anti-globalists are really communist Russian agents even though Russia is anything but ‘communist’.

The elites fear the masses.  They want the masses poor, dependent on the State and weak.  Seeing them take history by the horns has created huge fear in the Bilderberg gang.  They dare not show their faces in Paris these days.

The BBC isn’t reporting anything from Paris but have this as the top story!


The entire Left has sided with the Real Rulers for the last dozen years.  This is now quite obvious.  They want open borders, enslaved workers and they actively work, like in New York and California, to chase away jobs.  Meanwhile, they demand more illegal aliens to be their voter base.


At the BBC, one of the worst news services on earth, the #3 story today is ‘Who declined to sing at the Grammys?’  HAHAHA.  Really, that is a top news story!  The only story about France is about a feminist ‘reporter’ whining about being teased by those soyboy reporters who made fun of her.


I don’t see a single stupid French or British female news person at the demonstrations, covering this historic series of events.  Below is a video about Paris in 1968.  I was in Strasbourg inside France back in May, 1968 and witnessed and was part of developments there that historic moment in time.

In the US, this was all about the Vietnam war and the draft.  Leftists took advantage of all this.  But now leftists run many systems and are destroying civilization so the political resistance is now on the right, not the left.  The left is the State and the Rulers and the right is fighting for civil rights and freedom of speech.  Talk about a total reversal of roles!


Even funnier is, the leftists are also pretending Russia is communist and should be attacked and destroyed because of this!  I call this ‘utterly batshit insane’.  And it is insanity.  3 hours into the demonstrations today, the police try to block the marchers, there is a brief confrontation and then the police yield and let the marchers continue onwards.

Last weekend, the police rioted when they tried this, today, there is no violence, so far.

The paramilitary are now pushing against the marchers, trying to stop them.  The State is increasingly trying to control the marchers and now are openly attacking them like always.  Now it will turn into an outright battle…again!

Just like two weeks ago, the same battle at the same bridge!  The response of the State is quite violent.  Once again, the State will blame the marchers who are always nonviolent, for the violence.


All the violent reaction of the marchers comes after being attacked, first.  If any of this makes the news, it will always show the workers being violent and not how this develops.  Only Russian TV shows the truth which I watch each weekend to get the Real News.


After this skirmish, the marchers regroup and continue relentlessly onwards. 50% of the French want the protests to end is one of the very few news stories in mainstream media today.  Here is another story: Paramilitary ‘ready to intervene’ in France:


A key figure in France’s “gilets jaunes” (yellow vests) movement has been secretly filmed claiming paramilitaries are ready to intervene in the anti-government protest.


Christophe Chalencon — whose recent meeting with Italy’s deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio intensified a diplomatic row between Rome and Paris — made the assertion to journalists from Italian television show Piazzapulita.


“We have guys, paramilitaries, who are ready to intervene,” said Chalencon. “Because they too want to topple the power.  “So today everyone is calm, but we’re at the limit of a civil war, I’m telling you.


“I will go to the end of my convictions. If they put a bullet in my head, the people will take Macron to the guillotine.”
Fresh protests are set to hit Paris and other French cities on Saturday (February 16).


Yes, this happened in the 1960’s: radicals went paramilitary as did the Government. Battles raged.

Yellow Vest protestor gets one year in prison for hitting a cop.  This is ‘prison only at night’ as he is released during the day to work.


The married father-of-three, who had no previous convictions, apologised for his actions.


“I wanted to stop an injustice but I ended up creating another,” Dettinger told the court.  He expressed remorse for his “mistake” which he said was sparked by anger at the “violence” used against demonstrators.

This is a race to the bottom, it appears.  The protestors are showing remarkable sturdiness.  They aren’t giving up.  This is hugely expensive.  On top of government spending, commerce in France is being hurt, too.  The protestors know this, the workers have to do this to stop ‘liberal’ policies which hurt workers.


Liberals are the ones fixated on ‘climate change’ and want to make life hell for everyone in order to freeze us to death.  This is a literal fight to the finish.  Four hours in: the paramilitary attacks the marchers again.

This is, once again, evolving into full scale battles in the streets.  And this is not going to fix anything.  The marchers go home, seething with indignation.  Meanwhile, industrialists in the US and EU continue to get rid of pesky workers: General Motors is expected to lay off about 4,000 salaried workers under a reorganization announced late last year, a person familiar with the matter said Friday


The layoffs are part of a cost-cutting plan GM announced in November, which will slash 15 per cent of its salaried and contract staff and shutter seven plants, including five in North America.


Media reports estimated the total job cuts of salaried staff and union workers at about 14,000, including about 6,000 union workers. GM said the actions – which were roundly criticized by US and Canadian politicians – would save US$6 billion in costs.


GM has not estimated how many workers would be involuntarily terminated as a result of the cuts.


A GM spokesman declined to comment on the timing of the layoffs after CNBC and the Detroit News reported they would begin Monday to get ahead of the company’s earnings report.


We might see Yellow Vests here in the US if our Real Rulers insist on hammering the workers.











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8 responses to “Paris, Everywhere: Nationalist Workers Battle Bilderberg Internationalists

  1. AT

    These folks were duped into starting their “Spring” in the fall. Now, they have the rest of the winter to freeze their butts and lose interest, before any chance of a Spring protest really catching fire in the Summer.

    Having said that, I’m crossing my fingers and wishing them the best.

  2. I disagree: this shows amazing determination! In the summer, life is easy. Right now, the economic necessity to FIGHT is greater.

  3. Pete

    Macron just blamed Yellow Vest for ant-semitism
    Will not be tolerated

    Agent provocateur?

  4. Macron is desperate. And a traitor of France.

  5. Moe

    Repeat after me:

    The State is our enemy.

    The military is our enemy.

    The police are our enemy.

    Getting the picture?

  6. AT

    Go through the history books of successful revolutions and find one that started in the fall. Maybe there was one I missed? So, I’ll just say the vast majority of successful revolutions started in the Spring. Maybe this will be an exception? But, you can be certain this was not lost on the organizers and provocateurs.

    The CIA knows this. Hence all the “Springs”, Arab springs and color revolutions in the spring, etc

  7. DUH…but ALL of them start when people are DESPERATE and…read up about revolutions like the Russian one. It wasn’t summer.

  8. Moe

    Interview with Marine Le Pen. (Long, 1/2 hour).

    At least Le Pen has the handle on the migrant invasion. If her party is as socialist as the rest the French will still have multiple economic problems.

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