Online Feminist Brigades Attack And Destroy Men In Media

First off: the EU Bilderberg gang has been hacking away at producing laws that will basically shut down almost all of the internet like it is in Germany, for example, where people are arrested for posting the ‘wrongthink’ stuff decided by government and corporate masters.  Meanwhile, elsewhere below, brigades of vicious females are attacking people who are media figures, accusing them of hugging and kissing people and other utterly innocent activities or chatting with teenagers online, exchanging nude pictures with girls.


I have literally been on the internet since the very, very first days it existed as a government entity tying together NASA and NSA operations between various universities, I got online due to my father, who was a very big person in the government space/security systems and my brother-in-law who ran a computer research facility where I worked when I was still in college way back in 1970.


We very early users immediately subverted the systems by using it to pass on information about political actions like trying to stop the Vietnam War or passing on news about what the hell was going on in the world.


I used it very, very heavily back then.  When it was finally extended via telephone lines, I was able, via my father, to get it set up to tie my house in with his network systems, for example.  It was like the Wild Wild West back then, anything could race through the systems.


Today, for the last decade at least, the systems are shutting down with the Real Rulers in full, screaming panic about how mere peons can use these systems to get and disseminate information, create movements, contest elections, undo obvious lies, etc.


For the last dozen years, one by one, mainstream media systems have banned millions of people from commenting at their news sites, the number of sites by mainstream systems that allow any feedback from readers at all is shrinking daily to nil.


They hate us, they don’t want to hear from us, meanwhile, destructive people are abusing all computer communication systems to ‘brigade’ people by picking up one item or another and then going on hysterical and often very violent attacks as they egg on people to attack someone like, say, a Supreme Court Justice nominee, for example.


Another entertainer is drummed out of the business due to what used to be normal sex adventures back when I was young and wild in California:  the new Victorianism being cooked up by crooked feminists is infuriating. I was one of the instigators of the Free Love movement back in the 1960’s, I knew literally and very really, all the big shot names in that movement especially at Berkeley!  I lived there!  I ran wild there!  I was a crazy teen who knew all the musicians, poets, radical leftists and lunatics, bikers and street people back then!!!


I also helped organize some of the very first Science Fiction cons back then, I worked for the Underground Press back then, all this is now under sustained attack by crazed, ugly, deformed feminists who hate humans, hate men and hate me.


Ryan Adams is suffering some major fallout after multiple women accused him of manipulative behavior and of pursuing female artists for sex in a New York Times expose.


OMG…I ran around Manhattan during the Bohemian Wild Years after I fled Berkeley and had to flee Tucson, Arizona only to land in the middle of Brooklyn, NY and ran riot there for twenty odd years.


We hung out with the budding gay community, the ballet community, the figure skating Olympic champions, the poets and science fiction authors, etc.  I ran in those circles and…we joked about sex a lot.  A GREAT DEAL.  We had wild sex, too.  LOTS OF IT.  I also knew the very first victims of AIDs who got it from Nureyev, the famous Russian ballet star.  Very sad, that was.


The singer has been dropped by three major sponsors, had his upcoming album release canceled and been quickly dropped from the airwaves as radio stations remove his songs from rotation.


Now, if you even merely discuss sex but don’t do it, you are still charged with being a monster and eliminated totally.  This is killing all the life in ‘entertainment’ today.  We are just like England after Queen Elizabeth died and all that amazing Shakespearean style theaters which flourished under her were smashed by the Puritans and the Catholics who were battling for power, both of which hated honest, shocking and sexy theatricals.


Adams has remained silent on the subject ever since issuing a disjointed set of tweets hours after the expose went online in which he apologized ‘deeply and unreservedly’ to his possible victims but then claimed that the allegations being made by these women were ‘misrepresented,’ ‘exaggerated’ and ‘outright false.’


Grovelling just makes the New Puritans even angrier and they scream for death.


This swift response stands in stark contrast to that of R Kelly, who saw streams of his music increase and was only dropped by his record label after public outcry in the wake of a documentary that featured interviews with multiple women who leveled accusations of rape, assault and abuse at the Chicago rapper.


HAHAHA…Blacks are NOT doing this.  Indeed, these same harridans who are white radical females encourage black men and women to cuss, threaten people, sing or dance about destruction and hate and are cheered onwards and protected.


This is called ‘a double standard’ and it is also very destructive because most ‘black’ music is now unrelieved cussing and threats and ugly garbage that I utterly despise.


Now on to what is roiling the comic cons: there has been a roaring war of words and retaliations and firings of people due to some people voting for Trump and the SJWs who have infiltrated and are now systematically destroying Hollywood and the comix business are now attacking Japanese anime at various levels, causing fans of all this to freak out now.


This week, the latest victim was a voice actor for some of the top anime shows who goes to various conventions to hug and kiss fans of his shows and who is very childishly funny because he plays mostly children in anime voice acting.


So he embraces young and old, male and female, he visits children in hospitals, and he loves everyone and was very friendly.  So…he lost his job and has been utterly destroyed after three women joined forces to attack him, out of the blue.  He is now a ‘rapist’ who never raped.

The above two videos try to explain what is going on.  The anime business and the convention businesses are all very angry with fans yelling at them for firing this poor actor after he made them all a lot of money, being nice to fans.


One convention site this week warned fans that if anyone talks about this destruction of Vic, they will be ARRESTED and removed.  So now fans are freaking out and getting extremely angry.  Some people who report anime news online have been told, they cannot attend any conventions, either, lest they file the wrong news stories!!!  This is insanity.  Below are comments to the video:

My comment:

OMG…interesting that the female who tried to smear and destroy Nostalgia Critic is one of the witches who successfully destroyed Vic? Talk about TOXIC! I remember when she wrote the screed against the Awesome Channel and how she tried to wreck everyone’s business and many people believed her utter lies and attacked that online channel which moved onwards and tried to ignore all this toxic junk. It was appalling to watch!


Clem Crozier11 hours ago

Did it seem odd to anyone else that at the beginning of all of this there were three different types of allegations (homophobia, anti-Semitism and sexual misconduct), and when two of them failed to gain momentum, they were dropped almost instantly, turning all the attention to just one of the three? To me, it looks a lot like some people were hell bent on ruining his career, and have no interest in any kind of “justice”.


That’s why they launched a number of different allegations, knowing that only one had to work to get him into serious trouble. His critics have mysteriously stopped talking about the homophobia and anti-Semitism claims ever since the harassment claims started to snowball. That’s the basket they’ve chosen to put all of their eggs into.


I think it’s worth noting, just as his critics are saying “sexual assault claims are rarely false”, the very same could be said of racism claims and homophobia claims. But those were debunked at the very start of all this, and it’s the same people throwing these allegations around. If they were willing to lie on two other allegations, why should they be given the benefit of the doubt again with no proof?


That – Cat11 hours ago

This “MarzGurl” lying parasite is a total psychopath on social media… And she keeps on going,Lmao! I wanna see her behind bars


Generation Sigma10 hours ago

RIP Funimation, RIP Anime News Network, RIP Monica Rial, RIP Jamie Marchi, RIP MarzGurl!…Karma will have it’s 100% take on them!…


I watched one of the women who is attacking and destroying an innocent actor, try to do this to another actor who does film reviews online.  I was astonished when I read her tract against the Nostalgic Critic and now have learned she did the exact same words when attacking the latest victim, a voice actor in anime.

This is just amazing to watch.  The SJW attacks via the internet are intersecting with our Real Rulers who want to destroy and enslave us and they back these witches who are systematically destroying everything we love, hoping to isolate us and bedevil us and make us utterly miserable.


Hello!  This reminds me of the 1960’s when the left was infiltrated by Maoist lunatics.  Same ugly junk we see today.


One last thing:

Crazy Catholics.  Sheesh.  HAHAHA.  Yikes.


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9 responses to “Online Feminist Brigades Attack And Destroy Men In Media

  1. honeybagder don't care

    So, an entertainer does stuff with underage girls and that is “normal sex adventures” but when a politician does so he’s a creep.

    Got it.

  2. timothy carroll

    Elaine has been following this fake news story since its inception. Latest wrinkle on the homosexual actor who screamed that white, pro Trump, MAGA hat wearing men beat him up and racially abused him. The SJW attack on white males continues…….

  3. timothy carroll

    From the above link: “Jussie Smollett paid for the rope — The Nigerian brothers were paid $3,500 before leaving for Nigeria and were promised another $500 as soon as they returned back to the US.”


    As if we don’t have enough nogs here in the good ole USA to cause general mayhem, we are now IMPORTING them from Nigeria?

  4. Mewswithaview

    The Cycle Of Copyright: Originally A Tool For Censorship, Attempted As A Tool For Incentives… Back To A Tool For Censorship (2010)

    Copyright always has been about censorship and control.

  5. ‘Doing stuff’ is NOT RAPE. I was raped as a child and physically damaged not to mention the psychological damage. I was also a 16 year old girl once upon a time and back then in the 1960’s no one batted an eyelash at 16 year old rock star groupies, there were ARMIES of these chicks desperate to have sex with powerful men in the alternative culture. I saw this first hand.

    When I was 16, many people thought I was much older. This is not uncommon. In most cultures, 16 year old girls are marriage material even in Europe and the US.

  6. Petruchio

    “Meanwhile, elsewhere below, brigades of vicious females are attacking people who are media figures, accusing them of hugging and kissing people and other utterly innocent activities or chatting with teenagers online, exchanging nude pictures with girls.” This is the kind of stuff that can and, sadly likely WILL start a War. Just as sadly, I am not talking about a War of Words. If these hate filled b#tches create a system that is so unfair to males, and the penalties are sooo severe, sooner or later the targets/victims of all this hate will strike back. Violently. I’m talking physical violence. Bullets flying kind of violence. Then we all will see how well these over pampered, spoiled rotten, overgrown children hold up when males launch counter attacks. You can’t viciously and often unfairly attack people and not expect a angry response. It doesn’t matter AT ALL who instigated the venting of all this rage against males or for what purpose; the hate filled female side will suffer enormously. I do believe that when it comes to violence, men are FAR superior to women. Women are equal to men? We will see about that, future Cat Ladies.

  7. honeybagder don't care

    Personally I have always felt that anyone who isn’t mature enough to decide if they are ready to be in a sexual relationship is probably not mature enough to safely operate a motor vehicle, for example.

    But whatever, for example “Weiner of child porn fame” was never accused of rape, right?

    Or do you make your assessments of who is or is not a creep based on who you might be sexually attracted to, rather than behavior?

  8. Petruchio

    I just want to make crystal clear about my comments in #6 here. I do NOT wish or want to see violence! However, I DO believe that this is what will happen. It is a natural result of putting people in a situation that is so unfair–and the penalties so severe–that lashing out is a normal human response. A lot of innocent people will be hurt before the ‘dust settles’.

  9. Women going to war against the men who should be the fathers of their children is suicidal. Look at the innercity ‘families’ with near zero fathers: high crime, high murder rates, etc. We already know what happens when only women run families.

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